The “what does rain feel like?” weekend report.

Well, I thought I was in for a quiet one this week. Not so, it seems. A fair amount was going on from racing to running to getting massively dehydrated on the hill (mark harrison) and general amusements up in Yorkshire. Thanks to Ian and Pete for sending stuff in for me to copy/paste/adulterate, apols if you have great times and I havent posted them up, its probably because I couldnt find/couldnt be arse to find them.

Aldermans Ascent

Ian “the man with the words” Crutchley sent this in: A good number of Harriers turned up in Greenfield to take on the very hot and dry Aldermans Ascent race on Thursday.  In fact so healthy were the blue and orange in number, many were asking if this was a club champs race.  Fortunately this area had escaped the recent wild fires, but evidence of their close proximity was all too plain to see. Caitlin Rice was on hand to inform us that she had tackled the race twice, and lost the route twice.  This didn’t bode well some (no names), but the organisers assured us of the improved marshalling and markers.

The route begins with a lap of the sports fields, before a mixed climb turns into a uphill battle to Pots & Pans and the war memorial.  This hands on knees climb really split the pack, before the route became more runnable to Shaw Rocks, and then over to the majestic Aldermans Hill.  We were all having such a lovely time, until first downhill section onto the Dovestone side.  Incredibly steep and not at all for the feint hearted, it’s truly worthy of renaming the race Aldemans Descent.  Joe Travis gave me a harsh lesson on descent technique, barrelling past me in what I can only describe as completely bonkers.  From the Isle of Skye road, the route climbs steeply back over the side of Aldermans, before the long fast downhill to the finish.

Some good battles seemed to play out between Harriers and our close friends, with Ben & Paul mixing it up with Caity Rice and Chris Jackson.  Joe Travis and myself swapped places frequently and generally chatted quite a bit, whilst being hunted down by Clive Hope.  The familiar pair of John and Dez ran it close, being chased by Luke, who has developed an impressive mastery for the “big start” AND the “big finish”.  He admits however, the middle bit needs a bit of work.   A special mention of Pete Nicholson.  So leisurely did he approach this “cocks stride” of a race, a subsequent look at his Facebook feed shows panoramic views from the top and selfies with the marshal’s.  Upon completion the runners retired to the Saddleworth Rangers Rugby Club for the presentation, where we had some well-earned refreshment.  It finished up like this.

Ben “I’m bagging all the M40 prizes now Skuse” Tetler                                                    45.07 (3rd Overall prize)
Paul “that’s fine Ben, you’ll win anyway so I’ll get them deferred” Skuse                    46.50 (M40 Prize – deferred)
Pete “have we got any small vests in stock yet?” Nicholson                                           53.02
Joe “absolutely suicidal descent” Travis                                                                               56.04
Ian “I used to wear clothes when running, but that was before…” Crutchley              57.07
Clive “keeping these whipper snappers on their toes” Hope                                           59.39 (M60 Prize)
John “steady as she goes” Stephenson                                                                                63.25
Dez “this guy never stops smiling” Mitchell                                                                        64.11
Luke “I swear I didn’t get lost” “We believe you mate” Holme                                      67.20

Glossopdale also scooped the men’s team prize!  This race is a cracking local mid-weeker, well deserving of your attention in 2019!

Ultra Kirklees way

It seems that Guy Riddell was out and about on the Kirklees way doing a bit of an ultra. Having reccyed the hell out of it in the last few weeks, he was pretty prepped in terms of the route. However, unforseen stomach issues meant that eating was not really a viable option (I’ll spare you the gory details in case you happen to be eating). A rolled ankle just before the night section slowed him down a touch, and the combination of the whole was that he ended with a DNF. Still…. 50 miles is not a distance to be written off as a failure – if anything, it’s a great training run!

Peak Forest

Peak Forest this morning. Ben Tetler, Mary Jeal, Luke and Pete Wallroth and headed toPeak forest the delightful, but somewhat deforested area of the Peak. Pete reckons it was a cracking course, if tough going in this heat. He carries on…… “You could have fried an egg on the limestone it was that toasty in places. Ben, having studied the course map in some detail let the early runners go off ahead presumably so he could count from distance how many he fancied picking off. All but one was the answer and he took second place 🥈. Luke and I stuck together until about half way round when I decided a costume change was needed in the heat and removed my top. Cue Luke darting off and very quickly being out of sight. I on the other hand lost all my momentum due to my actions and slowed to a slump. Mary was obviously on my tail all the way round and came in just seconds after me. 4 very hot Harriers at the end of the race but good running all round. Not sure of the exact placings apart from Ben”

Pennine 39

Nick Ham was running through the heat on this 39 miler and came through Dufton where a bevvy of harriers happened to be staying for the weekend. And a jolly good thing we were there. On the descent from High Cup(,) Nick looked at a dead sheep, (seeWhatIDidThere) slipped and grazed himself in a number of places, resulting in some rather nice gravel rash. GDH was mobilised and as he came into the checkpoint first aid was given, cuts were irrigated, dressings were applied, sympathy was given, and much jollity was had. We saw him off and I have no idea what happened after that. One imagines that he finished coz he’s been posting photos on facebook.


Nick, all patched up and ready to run.

We love MCR 10k

The overwhelming opinion of this weekend, and in particular of this run was that it was Hot. Unsurprising really, but I thought I should probably mention it. From what I can see on Strava, Malc, Ian , Mrs O, Amanda Kale, Tony Hilier all participated, and probably drank vast amounts of water on the way around. As for results, no-one has told me anything, so lets just say that Malc won, Mrs O was first Lady, swiftly followed by Amanda, Ian got lost trying to find a bar and Tony was first V70.

ah – here we go, actual times:

Tony Hillier, 49:09
John Pollard 50:15
Malc Brown 55:48
Ian Oates 1:02:35 (and presumably Mrs. O)
Amanda Kale 1:03:44
Dan Ellingworth 1:12:57

And I see that Dan also ran as well. So much for exhaustive investigation…..


Yes – there is now a race up Cockhill. I couldn’t possibly tell you what the route is, and neither could the organiser. Pete Wallroth continued his attempt to race as many races as possible in as few days as he can, and was the only Harrier to enter. He picked up his highest placing in a race to date – 14th! a superb effort – Top 20! nice one Pete.

(19 ran).

Ronde Del Cims

Chris andorra

Hard work pays off.

Chris Webb returned to Andorra for the 3rd time to face the Ronde Del Cims. For a moment just think about this – 170km and 16000m of ascent. In Andorra. No wonder he had a bit of an issue getting round it for the last couple of years. This time he had some secret weapons. His poles, and his wife, whose main job was to stand there and say, “get on with it, soft lad”. It seems to have worked. After starting at 6am on friday, he continued through day and night and day and into night to complete in 40hrs 50mins, 28th place. What an immense effort. Well run Chris!

Chester Tri

I believe there were a couple of Harriers dabbling in Chester Tri this weekend – Marie Williamson and Charmayne Brierley were spotted sporting tri-suits and medals after a delightful dip, pedal and pootle just near the Welsh Border….

Sale Sizzler

Living up to its name, the heat has been up, and David CL, Tony Hilier were out showing the young’uns just how it is done, bashing around the course in some ridiculous time.


Looks like the students are back in town – Paul Peters has a New PB at Glossop with a resounding 17:28, with Wendy McMahon the only other GDher PBing this week, working her way up to a 60% agegrading. Nice work indeed. Consolidated report is here. I hear on the grapevine a certain Lawrence might be getting close to a 100 as well, watch this space.

Dufton Weekend away

A group of GDH were away in the Yorkshire dales for a weekend away in Dufton. The weather was spectacular, dogs were lost and found,  the food was excellent (massive thanks to Sheelagh!), the company was superb, the accommodation was lovely (thanks to John), the beer flowed, tea was drunk, and all in all, we had an excellent time. Where were the rest of you?! Many many more photos on the fb site, stories will no doubt be bandied around and embellished upon for weeks/months/years to come.

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