Crumbs DM. I can’t think of a title Weekend report.

(That title should date some of you……)

Thanks so much for sending in bits and pieces. Lynne appears to have co-ordinated it all- and everything got forwarded on to me – Thanks to Skusey, Skusey, Marie, Becky and Pepper…. and thanks to Nev for sending me in a report last week that ended up getting missed in the mail, and Mary for sending me something so long ago that I’m embarrassed to admit even getting it without sticking it on here…. Shocker….. Anyhow, hope you all enjoyed the short amount of rain we had this week, if you’re anything like me, within about 20 mins you were thinking… that’s enough. I remember what rain is like now, Thanks, you can go away again…. Still, get out and enjoy it – the moors are springy, the skies are massive and the short eared owls are out and about.

Hathersage gala

Paul Skuse has been busy racing and writing, so I have been busy reading and editing. No, To be fair, I barely edit at all… this is sheer, unadulterated Paul…… The weather in Hathersage had cooled down sufficiently to make it near ideal running conditions. On second thoughts, I’m exaggerating to the the point of telling a lie but there was at least a breeze which was very welcome indeed. Pete W drove the GDH contingent over (Pete W, Luke H, Ellen Q and me). There was a bit of confusion over the route as it had to be

hathersage gala

For those of the faint of heart, look away now.

altered this year due to? I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening. Anyway, for those of you who fancy it, the route goes up, and up and just for fun, up again. I actually enjoyed this bit. But then at the top there is a change and we go down, first on the trail (a bit bumpy but okay) then the road (my feet were burning, the talons don’t like the tarmac!) (I presume Paul means the shoes, not that he has some kind of pre-hesile dinosaur feet) and finally back to the school and the finish line. Pete and the others left but I went to the pub with Jackson and Knowlesy for a quick pint and, here’s the best bit, we were given sausage rolls, spring rolls, samosas and salt and peppered roast potatoes. They were ace. I love fell running!

17 Paul “Free food!” Skuse 00:33:19

28 Luke “not that rubbish joke about Take me” Holme (Country roads) 00:42:39

139 Pete “excessive racing?” Wallroth 00:43:49

151 Ellen “get that on a triple word score” Quane 00:45:04

Thurlstone Chase

As I mentioned… Skusey has been at the creative writing again… This time, Thurlstone Chase – Glossopdale Fell Champs race…  Another scorcher of a day. How it’s classed as fell I’ve no idea. It’s a short race so it was straight on the gas and up the first climb. Great performances from Ben T and for our fell running virgin, Paul Peters (but honestly, this isn’t really a fell race no matter what anyone says. Paul Peters, your fell running virginity is still intact). Daniel S is on top form coming in ahead of the pixie of doom, Immy Trinder in her fancy new shoes (note Immy – these are Paul’s words, not mine. (well chosen, mind you)). Best finish on the day was from Si Toole who had to find an extra gear for the last 100m when the guy behind desperately tried to overtake. A fair turnout from GDH but fewer runners than expected for a champs race (please note the use of fewer than less, I had to think about that one). That said it was almost a clean sweep for GDH -technically I think we own Thurlstone now.


Thurlstone? Yep. We own it.

1st Ben “less beard, still full power” Tetler

2nd Paul “well that wasnt all that rough” Peters

4th Paul “our local correspondent” Skuse (1st MV40) (4th overall),

6th Andy “speech recognition” Oliver

11th Dan “sleep? who needs sleep?” Stinton

12th Immy “Pixie of Doom” Trinder (1st F)

15th Mark “I’d better let the pixie win” Davenport

26th Si “sprint hard” Toole 

46th Jo “pace with john, beat him at the death” Brack (1st FV50)

49th John “pace with Jo and… oh, dammit” Stephenson

51st Charmayne “we missed the swimming and the cycling bits” Brierley

Piece of Cake Marathon

Marie Williamson is continuing her epic attempt to gain as much marathon bling in a year as possible. I believe it is only rumour that she is accumulating metalware around her neck and running each marathon with more and more jingly-jangly bits and won’t stop until she has a metric ton of trophy-ness…. she writes….  A piece of cake trail marathon today. Starting from carding mill valley, it was 2 laps around Shropshire hills & the Long Mynd. It stared by going up a hill (yes..really 😉) along a single track..lots of walking to be done (it was a lovely day for a walk..with a bit of running where/when I mariecould) Around the 3 mile point a herd of runners were coming towards me, gathering up any stray runner on the way…they’d missed the turn. No arrow to be seen… but route soon found using new fangled app wotsits (made a mental note to not make that mistake on the 2nd lap when I’d probably have far fewer people around…lots of these had signed up for just 1 lap). The route went up (that’s why my calves hurt) & down (much to my quads dislike, further along the miles). Route was lovely. Beautiful views, wild horses, mountain bikers & check points keeping me occupied along the way. The 1st lap seemed to fly by (although, I think, it was about 3 hrs). 2nd lap…its funny how you don’t recognise where you just were a few hours earlier 🤔 nearing the top of the hill I noticed the people in front ignoring an arrow & heading off the wrong way..i shouted them back & passed them by. Further along (ahhh….this is the bit I mustn’t get wrong. Don’t go too far. Where’s that turn???) The guy behind gestured & I assume I’m in the right place & they follow me…..apparently not!!! Not too far down, we realise our mistake & start heading towards the right direction (why did I pay any attention to him, after seeing him go wrong just a few minutes earlier?!?) Anyway..after scratching myself, falling over & doing an extra mile or so (allegedly) we were back on track & soon at the check point. The rest of the lap was quiet & uneventful. Just the technical downhill for the finish…..& the small job of trying to avoid the Morris dancers jumping around & jingling bells in the road en route to the finish funnel (that was a first for me). Then it was over. A big medal with pics of cakes all over it, drinks, cake & a stream to cool down in..job done. Marathon 7 of the year complete in just over 6 hours.

Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

I do believe I have Steve Pepper to blame thank for this report. …Saturdays alternative venue for hill based silliness was across the valley at the C and C village festival, a hot BS of about 5km with a sharp ascent followed by some flat across the top of Comb Edge and a down. As you may notice I didn’t actually run so the description is based more on what I could see from the finish line! Around ten GDH came out to play, only one got lost and most seem to have had a good time. Jill ‘ninja’ Wood was first back and 2nd lady/1st w40, Dan ‘flags what flags’ Oldham was 13th, Phil ‘break ur arm’ Swan 17th, Ian ‘doubling up’ Crutchley 29th, Steve ‘vive la’ France 35th, Joe ‘the new guy’ Gavin 36th, Rachel ‘the cow bell was not my idea’ Walton 50th, Steve ‘stile man’ Hoon 51st, Nev ‘here for the free apple’ Mcgraw 53rd, Neil ‘the comeback kid’ Shuttleworth 61st. 64 ran. C&C also hosts events for Padawans and some of ours came out to play, Mel ‘I want more hill’ Crutchley led the way in the u9s putting in a great descent to finish. Her older brother Ben ‘sliding on your bum beats running’ Crutchley followed suit racing all the way to the end, if not exactly remaining upright over the line. Some great sportsman behaviour at the end and well deserved 2nd place (u11). Last down the hill in another great battle was Josie ‘dont you dare make that arm joke again’ Swan who descended with panache for a 3rd place in the u13. Top work Padawans

Snowdon Trail Marathon and Half.

Rebecca Smith sent in a lovely report this week, it came in a 1st class envelope and with beautiful handwriting. What more could you ask for? I ran, well more accurately trail mrathon waleswalk/ran the Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon in Llanberis today in 6hrs 40 mins – 67th Lady. It was 27.1 hard, hot, hilly miles with 5256 ft of ascent. On route I bumped into William Mather doing an awesome job of the ultra, treating himself to an additional 10 miles! 60k in total with an ascent of 7257 ft. Finishing in 9 hrs and 1 minute and 47th male. Note to self…. some or any training at all ahead of my next marathon might be a good idea!

So according to this, Will was indeed out doing the Ultra, and I believe that Luke Holme took the short course and did the Half in somewhere around sub3? I’m getting all this from Strava, and as Jeroen knows, Strava isn’t always that accurate….

Windmill Half

So, there is this windmill, it’s somewhere on a coast in the UK, and there is only half a windmill, so they decided to have a half marathon to celebrate the fact that … um, really, I have no idea about this and I can’t be bothered to google it. So, on with the description. You go around the half windmill a couple of times before heading down the (unspecified) coastline, a town is in the mix some place, and there are probably a few water stops, and you finish by getting back into the windmill and grinding yourself a pound of flour. What I am talking about? I have no idea. Why am I telling you this? Coz Paul Drury ran it in 2:17 this weekend.

Mossley 10k

Mossley – ah, as Carson City is to Las Vegas, Mossley is to Staley Bridge. A beomouth of a 10k around the area, trying not to be mugged by the locals, or indeed taught anything by the vast teaching population that happens to live there. The route stays mainly on roads/trails/hills/pavements (delete as appropriate) and our own Alan Byrne got around the course in 54mins. He can probably give you a better idea about what its like underfoot. Thankfully, I believe the resident teachers were off on a hill somewhere and didn’t try to teach him maths on the way around.


15 harriers were at Glossop with week with Darren Ashworth joining the 50 club – congratulations! Tony Hillier was over at Hyde, Lawrence Fennelly visited Halifax and is now on 99 parkruns…where will he choose for his 100th? Joe Travis visited Windy Nook and Emma Peters joined him to bag a new PB and 2nd female finisher. Rich White took on Marple and was just shy of his PB time, Wendy Trelease had taken herself off to Cheltenham and is now only 2 away from her 100th parkrun. Consolidated report is here.

Other Stuff

Last weeks news THIS WEEK! (sorry Nev…)

Last Monday three Harriers travelled over the Pennines to compete at the 6th race in the Trunce series. Once again they took advantage of the dry underfoot conditions to post some good times. Results:-

Dez Mitchell 36.58 PB by 1.45
Neil McGraw 39.42
Nev McGraw 46.38 SB by 5.38 2nd V70

On Thursday four Harriers travelled to Wythenshawe Park to run in the 1st race of 4 in the very competitive Sale Sizzler 5K series which always attracts a quality field. David Chrystie Lowe had an excellent race, Tony Hillier and Neil McGraw had a good battle with experience paying off at the end and Nev McGraw was very pleased with his time in what was his first road race for 2 years. All 4 received a well-stocked goody bag at the end courtesy of Sale Harriers and the St Anne’s Hospice Charity. Results:-

David Chrystie-Lowe 265th 21.53
Tony Hillier 338th 23.44 2nd V70
Neil McGraw 348th 23.54
Nev McGraw 413rd 26.56 3rd V70


I got a belated race report from the every lovely Mary Jeal… oooh, this must be 2 weeks ago now…  Hi Tim – hope you are okay? For the weekend report I did the Langley 7 yesterday 1st FV55, 105th 55:09 And today I ran Cop Hill fell race 1st FV55, 77th 59:10 – thanks!

Ha! You see! Better late than never! (sorry Mary…. Shocking slowness on my part).

I see that there are a load of people out and about on the moors, which is lovely. Claire Campbell has also been taking more time off the IOW to hit the Jurassic coastline, which looks flipping lovely.

Also, Brae has been teaching his master to Kayak. brae

And if you’re interested in what Tom and Catherine are up to (as in sailing around the Baltic), there blog is here


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