It’s been a long week – Weekend report

This week has been long. I’m sure you’re all aware of the events of Tuesday and that we have lost a fine club member. Nev McGraw will be greatly missed. Neil will be running the races that Nev had in his diary – this week he’ll be at Bradwell on Tuesday and Eccles Pike on Wednesday. It’d be great to get as much Blue and Orange out there as possible.  There isn’t a lot that I can say really, apart from what an amazing group of people you lot are – coming together and supporting each other and the family.

Keep running. Keep supporting each other. Keep it real.

Cracken Edge

It would seem that a bunch of you decided that Cracken Edge would be the perfect place to go on a sultry Wednesday evening. The initial hill is always a bit of fun, followed by the inevitable flat/grind/flat/grind of the ascent through the quarries at the back. Looks like some pretty good performances, and some fun times were had on the hill. I have no idea if there was a ladies team prize awarded this year… having heard no hoo-ha about it, Im guessing they did?

4 Ben Tetler 00:45:39 1st V40
26 Steve Knight 00:50:52
40 Jill Wood 00:53:17 2nd Lady
58 Steve Page 00:56:31
71 Andrew Fox 00:58:05
73 William Mather 00:58:11
77 Matt Crompton 00:58:34
78 Peter Savage 00:58:40
106 Harsharn Gill 01:02:52
117 Nick Ham 01:03:52
139 Ian Crutchley 01:06:35
155 Steven Pepper 01:08:46
160 John Stephenson 01:09:02
161 Jude Stansfield 01:09:25
169 Wendy Trelease 01:11:19
170 Mary Jeal 01:11:31 2nd FV55
178 Andy Wilkins 01:12:15
192 Beccy Ashworth 01:16:41 1st FV50
194 Alison Holt 01:16:53 2nd FV50
195 Roger Hart 01:18:00
197 Luke Holme 01:19:12

Sale Sizzler

The 3rd Sizzler of the season was run with a minutes silence for Nev. Tony Hillier blasted around with his seasons best 5k time of 23:25, Neil Mcgraw came in with Chris Harrison at 23:54, and David Chrystie-Lowe was there in about 22mins, but I couldn’t see him on the results, so I just got the time off strava.

James Thorn

Champs race – at the whim of others – was changed from last week to this, and unfortunately clashed with another champs race as well. What can you do? It was ridiculously hot this time around (in what has become the main selling point of this summer), and I, for one, was kind of glad to have to be in A&E instead of hooning my way up a hill at as high a speed as possible. It seems that there were, again many of the GDH crowd around not just to run, but also to support and generally take in the atmosphere at the race- which I was pretty disappointed to miss.

Skusey had a couple of words to say though…. Okay – Loads of GDH. We had a minutes silence for our friend Nev. It was way too hot to run. Im guessing at least 40 degrees C. Sweat was dripping down my back just walking up to the start. Lots of support but I ran with my head down so I’m not entirely sure who they all were but it was very much appreciated nonetheless. Immy was slightly the worse for wear from the night before, Dan S threw up cos he’s a wuss, Si Toole wore a Tee and a vest cos he’s off his head and John S ran in a crop top. The results board is too small for me to read but brilliant running across the board. Proud to be GDH!james thorn

Luckily- Dan Stinton sent me a higher res picture of the results…. so… here are the scores on the doors.

3 Ben Tetler 34:49
6 Paul Peters 37:27
7 Paul Skuse 37:55
10 Sean Phillips 40:58
13 Immy Trinder 41:25
14 Dan Stinton 42:33
15 Mark Davenport 43:04
18 Andy Fox 44:44
24 Joe Travis 47:41
26 Clive Hope 48:31
36 Ian Oates 52:15
38 Simon Toole 52:32
41 John Stephenson 53:53
42 Jo Brack 53:59
46 Emma Peters 54:46
48 Roger Hart 57:03
49 Ali Holt 60:13
53 Neil McGraw 61:45
54 Neil Shuttleworth 72:02

I believe GDH won both blokes and ladies team prizes, at at guess Immy was 2nd female, looks like Ben Tetler was 3rd overall – seeing as the top 3 were all V40, I have no idea how that go played in terms of who won the V40/Sen prizes… no matter. Everyone was probably at the bar anyway….


York 10k

Liam and Paul Amos braved the insanely hot weather over in York for the York 10k. It seems that Liam came in just under the hour while Paul opted for the “pub” route and came in just over the hour. York 10k

Dovedale Dipper

As I originally wrote this, the best I could have given you was that 5 people went to Dovedale- and that is only because they were on facebook talking about lifts….

What I know now- from a missive from Marie Williamson is this… Marie and Jayne Moreton finished in 6:30, Nick Ham came in about 5:53ish while Beccy Smith and Craig Smith may or may not have been a lot more speedy – but apparently didn’t hang around for a baked potato afterwards…. in that heat… who can blame them?


Aboyne Highland Games

Andy Burnett must be up visiting the ancestral home in the North as he was running the Hill race in the Aboyne Highland games. Flying the Blue and Orange high, he completed the 12k course in about 1hr5. Andy had this to say on Strava…North of the Border with my Glossopdale Top on I met people who knew Nev and of his passing. They pass their respects to the McGraw family, particularly Rod Campbell and Sue Taylor.

Peak Skyline

I had no idea this was a thing until I got an email from Els Swan just now.  I did the Peak Skyline today – 30 properly scorching trail miles in slightly more than 7 hours. I have no idea about my placing, frankly I am just happy to have finished. Thx. Els
Having done some research (yes, really) – I can see that Els was 48th and 7th Lady in 7:12. Stonking effort there for 30 odd miles with 2000ft of elevation in this heat!


Parkrun in Glossop was quite an affair this week with a sea of Blue and Orange turning out to pay their respects to Nev. Ben Tetler set the pace with a New PB this week, with Mark Davenport following suit, as did Luke Holme and Paul Drury.

As ever – consolidated results – here

sea of blue

Thanks to Alan Scholefield for all the pics on facebook


I’m casting about for people who might be interested in running the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay in early October and the FRA relays in Mid October. For those who don’t know- Hodgson Bros is run over the same route every year and is run in pairs. It would be great to put a mixed team in for this (2 male pairs and 2 female pairs), drop me a line if you are interested. Equally- the FRA relays are for teams of 6 – 2 pairs and 2 solo legs. I’m organising the blokes and Jude will be organising the ladies. Get in touch if you have any interest. If you don’t – don’t be surprised if we contact you.

Social run on the 16th August

I understand there will be a social run organised on Wed 15th August as a memorial for Nev. So far the only info I have is that Caity will be putting some more information on Facebook at some point. (apologies if this is incorrect – I’m passing on what I’ve been given).

So – more knowledge will be forthcoming as and when we know what it is. Until, then – watch that/this/the other space.


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