Bradder Week – weekend report

I have to say, it’s easier to write these when you’ve had a beer. I think I’ve got everything in this week. Let me know if I missed anything. Looking forward to seeing you all at the party next Saturday, even if only for a chat and a beer. It’d be great to catch up in real life as opposed to just chatting over email.

Denis Stitt

As far as I am aware, Mary Jeal was the only one of the Blue and Orange Brigade to venture to Holmfirth for the Denis Stitt race this time around. No idea on timings – though I am sure that results etc will be forthcoming at some point in the near future. What we do know is that Mary came in 1st V50. Booyah. Wine all round.


It’s the welldressing week in Bradwell, hence the larger than normal number of races on in the village at the moment. The early week fast up and down spectacular was run by a good number of our motley crew. Skusey was blisteringly fast up the hill and is continuing with his superb summer form. Rob Sheldon is progressing well through the ranks and managed to put at least a minute into Pete Wallroth who also seems to be racing as much as possible this summer. Mary Jeal rocked in in 92nd, and its a good thing she told me she was running as the results have her down as Mary Jud who is unaffiliated, and Neil McGraw and Ben Naylor came in nearly, but not quite hand in hand as Ben continues his quest to nosedive on every short course around the Peak district.
11th Paul Skuse 28:51
52 Rob Sheldon 33:19
64 Pete Walroth 34:40
92 Mary Jeal 37:32
114 Neil Mcgraw 39:37
115 Ben Naylor 39:49

Eccles pike

Crikey, well a fair few of you went across to Eccles Pike for the delight(!) that is the fell race there. (personally, I did it about 8 years ago and swore never to do the damn thing again… can’t remember why, maybe I should go there and do it again to remember)…A fair few of the regular midweek racers were absent as it seems they were either tired from Bradwell, or girding themselves for the Long/Short tour of Bradwell later in the week. Not so for Luke Holme, who decided to put in a little dig just prior to the minor epic at the weekend. Mark Milns took the club honours, with Phil Swan (from appearances in the photos) seemed to be taking the whole thing far too easily. Pete Nicholson and Joe Travis may well have had a bit of a barny considering they finished within a second of each other, with Luke trailing by a minute. Emma Peters – as ever in a class of her very own, while Beccy Ashworth got the better of Alison Holt on the run in. Neil McGraw was out there giving his all, and we were brought home by the legend that is Neil Shuttleworth.

34 Mark Milns 29:16
43 Phil Swan 29:46
47 Pete Nicholson 30:22
48 Joe Travis 30:23
59 Rob Sheldon 32:07
74 Luke Holme 33:21
117 Emma Peters 37:10
125 Rebecca Ashworth 39:19
127 Alison Holt 39:33
156 Neil McGraw 46:02
164 Neil Shuttleworth 49:47


Turner Landscape

Ben Tetler was up at the Turner Landscape this weekend – an English Champs race. He is on fiery form at the moment and got around in a superb 1:40. In terms of placing – I’m not entirely sure where that put him – though I’m fairly confident that he will have been in the top 50. Bodes well for his impending assault on the Champs next year.

Long and short tour of Bradwell

Short tour was run with a bevvy of bro’s – Steve Pepper, Pete Wallroth, Des Mitchell and Clive who ambled their way around the delightful route. I haven’t really been given

short tour

Short tour lot

any idea as to the well being of everyone- apart from the fact it was a tad warm. They all completed. As you would expect, though Pepper has singularly failed to give me anymore information, so I’m going to have to say he was the flagging member and had to be bodily carried for the vast majority of the race, only coming-to when presented with an icecream 200m from the end whereupon he made a “magnificent” recovery and sprinted to the end where the adoring crowds applauded him with as much irony as possible.  The Long tour was taken on by some hardy souls that didn’t mind the heat, the humidity and the horrendous amount of up and down they had to contend with along with the distance. Paul Skuse marched around in good time along with Luke “the suffer monkey” Holme and Emma “put the boot in” Rettig. I understand that they enjoyed a pleasant mooch around the course. Well, 2 of them did. Luke was a little under the weather, though we’re not allowed to mention that as he is a toughie. Emma put in some sharp accelerations just to let him know who was boss, but they finished as a posse in the end.  Marie Williamson was a mere few minutes behind the triumphant trio, bagging another ultra in her long marathon year and Nick Ham was in fact first in of the GDH lot, battering the course into submission.

….. having just written all that – Skusey has just emailed me….

Sorry, you’re getting another version now….

No idea if you’ve got any reports from this weekend – The Long tour was ace. Really well organized with brilliant support at the numerous CP’s. Nick Ham lead the way for GDH (we ran with him for a bit but he kept sprinting away when he saw us 🙂 ). Luke was having a bit of a mare and felt nauseated (not nauseous -I saw that on the Big Bang Theory) but pushed on through to complete what he felt was the hardest run he’d ever done, Emma just cruised around with a big smile and a sweat stained backside. I didn’t wee all day which was a bit worrying. Finally managed to have a wee at 8 in the evening! No idea about times. Nick came in first, Emma, Luke and I came in as a team and Marie was just a few minutes behind us. If you’ve not done it, get on it. Forget racing, it’s just a cracking day out.

Preston 10 miler

Well. The only thing I know about this is that David Chrystie – Lowe posted this up on Strava. So I guess – in the best traditions of my guesses on these things, that it was probably a 10 miler and it was probably in Preston. (you never know with these things)…. his Garmin registered as finishing in 1:17, so…. there you go.

Saddleworth 10k

Again, I know nothing about this – apart from the fact that it is in Saddleworth, its 10k, and as Tony Hillier ran it, it is probably on road. He monstered around the course in 50 mins or so according to his Strava profile, which is now back up and working. (hallelujah).


A few people were about at Parkrun this weekend. Kirsty Sharp Celebrated her 100th parkrun, and there was indeed cake. Will Mather helped celebrate by ringing the PB bell, and Paul Stitt should have done so as well, but didn’t really know what time he ran until the results came out. Josie Swan also nailed another PB, gradually working her way towards 70% age-grading, and Beccy Coward also recorded a PB this week as well…. as ever, dry ground is good proving ground!

Other Stuff

Relays – let us know if you’re interested/able to do either of the relays – Hodgson Brother Mountain Relay, or FRA relays. I believe there might be some information coming out about the Cross Keys as well – talk to Jude, Me or Matt Crompton about any of these, and if we don’t know what you’re on about, we’ll direct you to the right person.

Next Sat – 18th is the Pennine/GDH trial from the Beehive to the Royal. Turn up, run, get a lift back. (or, indeed, run back). Even more importantly, in the evening is the Summer party at Ben’s with music, dancing, a couple of kegs of beer, as much food as you want to bring/eat and general liveliness. Come along and chat with the rest of the club, be Social. (Be Drunk, Be Dancey).


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