Summer Party weekend report

A fair amount of stuff has been going on this week – as well as a lovely social event on Saturday night with food and drink and dancing and a few Pennine guys and gals coming over to join in. It was great to catch up with people who we associate with, but sometimes rarely see – and a huge Thankyou to Ben and Dom for hosting the whole thing up at their place. A party isn’t a party without a large amount of heavy and sharp woodworking things to avoid as you slowly get drunk….. Thanks, as ever to the contributors this week – Immy and Paul Peters, specifically – you make my life much easier.

Right – on with the show….


At long last, a delightful missive from Immy about Trunce. (all correctly spelled and grammared and everything). Hey Tim, a few words about the Trunce, as promised: On Monday evening Neil, Rob, Ben, Claire and myself went over to Penistone for the 8th Trunce race of the season. It was pretty fast and furious and appears to have produced a selection of very dramatic photos. The important detail to note is that I definitely did not shout expletives at anyone who I thought was trying to overtake me. This is because I am not very competitive.

24 – Immy Trinder (2nd woman) 28:44

25 – Ben Naylor – 28:50

187 – Neil McGraw – 40:56

192 – Rob Edwards – 41:19

194 – Claire Campbell – 41:26

Sale Sizzler

Seems like there were a good few people out at the final Sale Sizzler this week. Paul Peters (although surruptitiously running as “Lancaster” instead of Glossopdale came in with a life PB of 16:11, which just goes to show that nothing beats being young. Steve Page was next in with an 18:21, the man is getting faster all the time. Neil McGraw was in at 21:30, with David C-L just a smidge behind in 21:54. Tony Hillier enjoyed his 23:17 tour of the route, while Claire Campbell brought the sunshine with her and sizzled her way around Sale in 24:18. Good work all.

sale sizzler

Neil, Caity and Paul

Birchwood 10k

Thanks to Paul Peters for his note about Birchwood – Not the best with words but I’m gonna try and give a quick report for Birchwood today. It was just me and Steve Page representing GDH today in some drizzly but warm weather. The second half of the race threw a couple of “hills” at us (they’d probably be called speed bumps round here), but it definitely made it hard to keep pace. I managed to come through in a fairly even pace for a new PB (34:45), and Steve was on track for about 40 minutes. Unfortunately after 9km a guy in front of him with asthma was struggling along so he stopped to help him get help from St John’s. On the plus side he enjoyed the surprised faces as he sprinted through the finish. The end sprint is all that really matters anyway! Definitely a good course for PB’s if anyone is looking to do it next year 🙂


Paul and Steve

Target Sprint

Three of us headed off down to Cannock for a Target Sprint race. Andy Burnett kindly did the driving and logistics, Skusey provided the Greggs and I provided the hungover groans from the back of the car. Essentially, it’s meant to be 400m track run, knock down 5 targets, 400m, 5 targets, 400m. The “track” was on someones farm, and went down a slope to a deadstop before coming back up again… not quite what everyone else was expecting – but played right into the hands of the x-talon brigade. There isn’t a lot to sat about an event that lasts about 5 mins, but the thing to take away is that Paul Skuse won, I came second and Andy Burnett was 4th – and Skusey currently has the fastest finishing time for senior men in the UK!

Glossop-Pennine Trial

Ah – that time of year for the “annual” Glossop-pennine test. A bunch of us gathered outside the Beehive at about 10am for a bit of a trundle over to the Royal – with only 2 rules…. go east of Kinder Low trig, and don’t go through the cricket ground in Hayfield. There were a variety of interesting lines being taken right through the field from fast to no-so fast and much amusement was had discussing quite where people had decided to drop off Kinder to get back to Hayfield.

I don’t have a copy of the results, but according to Charlie – and he is indeed the man in the know…. Well done everyone this morning in the Glossopdale-Pennine race. There were 30 runners (same as 2013 when we did this before). Pennine won 120-104 (counting the first 10 from each and adding their places). Closer than 2013, where it was 132-76….So well done to all those who took part. I look forward to the next annual challenge – which hopefully won’t follow the half-decade pattern that was set between test 1 and test 2….. I’m pretty sure we won in terms of pints consumed at the end of the “race” though…


Fleetwood Half

Oh Well… Looks like Family Man Alan Byrne was out in Fleetwood doing the half this weekend. The Chain well and truly snapped as he passed the Seven Wonders of the area and he ended up far ahead of Sara. He did his Rattlesnake Shake right around the course, and finished just before the Sands Of Time ran out in somewhere around 2hours 11. Big Love to the Peace Keeper.


Paul Stitt continues his rampage through the age gradings with a new PB this week. Harry Hawkins was also PBing this week on the Glossop course, and a name that keeps cropping up this week – Claire Campbell also belted around the course in a PB…Excellent work by all. You will, of course, find a full consolidated report here.

Other stuff

Things that are occurring – off the top of my head – the main one is Dan Stinton has decided he is going to do reps of Glossop Park run in order to get to marathon distance. He is starting at some godforsaken time on Saturday morning and intends to run his final 3 laps as the official parkrun. I’m sure you’ll all be aware of the age old saying – Misery loves company. So go along and enjoy a few laps with him.

Shelf moor is coming up, and if you haven’t volunteered to do something for the race, give Rachel W a shout and volunteer.

Relays (HBMR and FRA) are coming up – shout if you want in a team, or want to be considered for a team.

XC season will soon be upon us – Kirsty has mentioned something about this on the FB page – have a read.

That’s about all I can think of for the moment.

Get out there and run.


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