Bank Holiday weekend

A fair bit has been happening recently, I suppose that is to be expected with it being Bank Holiday and all that. From strava stalking it would seem that there are expeditions to the 9 edges, runs in most corners of the uk and beyond, and people generally enjoying being out and about before autumn really hits.

Pilsley Fell race

From Skusey: Pilsley fell race – Matt C was behind the wheel as we ventured south for one of the last midweekers this season. The weather was very changeable and noticeably cooler than any other race so far. GDH had Nick H, Matt C, John S Heather J and me flying the flag in what we soon realized was a very popular race. Loads of the fasties were there (Harry Holmes who went on to win and get a course CR, Stuart Bond etc) Austin Frost (running rival and local race guru) said to go balls out from the start and he was right. It was just a very fast, very runnable undulating course. Paul Peters would have shone on this one. I was praying for a hill that never came. I dont think Ive ever pushed as hard for as long as I did on this. I feel like crap now, Im just crashing. No idea about results but Nick took a photo of the board. Well done to all. Enough rambling from me, Im going to bed.

Park run reps

Some of us decided to follow someone elses idea that running around the parkrun route more than 3 times might be fun… what can I say? Maybe track running might have more appeal to some of us than others?

From the ringleader – Dan Stinton: What’s the point in all those hills over there when you can get your long run in at town-level!  That was the theory for the Manor Park Marathoners on Saturday morning.  By the time I got to the park several had already started; Guy had opted for an uncharacteristically late start of 5am, along with Joe, Ian Oates and Ian Crutchley who had decided the best thing to do to be ready for an ultra next week was run a marathon on an injured ankle with brand new trainers.parkrun

I started looping at 5:30 with Stephen Page and so it went on, lap after lap.  Steven Pepper seemed to emerge randomly throughout the run so I think he must have found some kind of shortcut somewhere.  Jeroen, Emma and Paul turned up to whip us all into shape, Jeroen’s official lap count is unknown although he was counting in Parkruns and having breaks, presumably to coach everyone else on their laps.

As it became a more sensible hour others arrived; Steve Crossman to keep everyone’s pace up, Emma Rettig who I surprisingly didn’t see once, John Stephenson to work off the extra beers he bought at the party last week and Sarah Tri Gran to grind out some laps.  There was a late appearances from Immy Trinder for moral support and a parkrun warm-up and Mark D was spotted before heading off for a real run in the hills!  Thanks to Lynne for getting there early to open up – much needed for several of us!

So here are the results in “most laps and fastest time” order and I’m in the embarrassing position of putting myself at the top.  I considered giving Guy or Ian Oates pole position for their claims of doing 27 and a bit laps, but then I wasn’t sure how far “a bit” was.  Everyone agreed it was fun.  Or that’s what I heard anyway – same time next year then!

Total Laps Total Time PR Result
Daniel Stinton 27 03:54:03 21:13
Stephen Page 27 03:57:36 24:57
Joe Travis 27 04:22:00 22:08
Guy Riddell 27 04:25:00 23:28
Ian Crutchley 27 04:28:18 27:43
Ian Oates 27 04:38:24 32:00
Steven Pepper 18 03:41:00 46:18
Steve Crossman 15 01:59:18 21:18
Emma Peters 15 02:25:27 25:27
John Stephenson 13.5 02:13:03 27:01
Paul Peters 13 01:49:23 18:20
Emma Rettig 13 01:57:00 26:14
Jeroen Peters TBC TBC 22:47
Sarah Tri Gran TBC TBC 45:06
Immy Trinder 5.5 TBC 19:51

Dig Deep 30/50/60/12.12

The plethora of races from the Dig deep lot certainly drew a crowd from our side of the hill. From what I understand, Nick Ham and Pete Nicholson ran the 60 miler and from Strava records, appear to have finished at about the same time…. whether they ran around hand in hand or had a bit of a to-and-fro throughout the 60 miles and just decided to finish together, I have no idea. However, I’m sure they had a fab time.

Pete and Luke.jpg

Pete and Luke in Prep for the 30

Pete Wallroth and Luke Holme decided to give the 30 a bit of a bash, certainly running together from the gun, maybe Pete was giving Luke a bit of a hand around after his rather vomitous attempt at the Long tour of Bradwell the other week – the psycological help certainly seemed to have done the trick as they finished together.

Lucy Wasinski was doing the 50 miler – (logistically a bit of a challenge seeing as her other half Greg was doing a 50 miler, starting at exactly the same time, but in Wales) – despite it being her first attempt at this distance, ended up as 2nd overall, and 2nd lady. Excellent running…. having recovered a little, she sent this in….
After many weeks of stressing and planning and some (but not enough) training I was


Lucy enjoying the Southern edge of Kinder.

quite glad when 6am arrived on Saturday morning. First (and allegedly only) attempt at a 50 miler (Peak Trails 50)….what a sunrise we set off too. Weather was perfect, trails were great, and found some good company on the way round. It wasn’t all rosy, I lost my sense of humour and enjoyment somewhere up Win hill, but found it again in time for a massively good surprise of a waiting Tim Budd somewhere along the edge of Kinder- cheers Tim! All in all, despite it being a massive challenge, it was surprisingly enjoyable and not one I thought I’d want to repeat… that was until this afternoon when I think I got my endorphin high! Big congrats to the fellow dig deepers … Jason, Pete, Luke, Nick, Mandy and any others there were!

Mandy Beames was off doing the 12.12 on the sunday when the weather had somewhat closed in. The sun had given way to rain and the whole thing was a bit more of a challenge than perhaps it was meant to be…. Having got home and dried off, she send in the following: I decided I wanted a bit of a Bank Holiday adventure (rather than just the pub)  so I chose


Sundays weather was not as kind as Saturdays

one of the shorter Dig Deep Trail Races. It promised 12.12 undulating miles – it didn’t disappoint, unlike the weather! I camped over on the Saturday at the farm and spent the evening channelling my inner Dr. Doolittle, which was nice.

The race was interesting. Lots of ups and downs, some of which were even runnable for me!
Well organised and well marshalled, especially on the ‘scrambling down rocky bits’ – which certainly weren’t mentioned beforehand.
I think it was the toughest thing I’ve done so far (definitely mentally) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve also learned that I can count to 20 a lot…. then 10 for the walk breaks.
Shame about the weather as I hear the views are lovely.

Ultra Trail Wales

Greg Wasinski decided that a 50 miler on the doorstep was too easy – and also figured that running that distance against his wife was a recipe for disaster at home, especially if he ran too fast and beat her…. so he ended up in Wales instead, and sent in this lovely report:
So Saturday was my attempt at the inaugural Ultra Trail Wales, 50


Not actually a picture of Greg, but gives you an idea as to the conditions

miles with 3300m of climb from Dolgellau to Cadair Idris, through the Rhinogs and back to Dolgellau via Coed y Brenin. Was an amazing route with much of the first 50km on fells up round a (very) misty and wet Cadair, and up to Diffwys in the Rhinogs. Views out to Mawddach estuary and the sea were intermittent but worth the wait…great atmosphere from the marshals and various supporters through to race organisers and finish by the druids circle in Dolgellau. Aim was just to get round it and not be in bits which managed, although my knees are showing their age and then some. And I’m definitely a convert to running poles…great race and a good day although worryingly already talking about next year…


Marie Williamson sent this through by mail… C.O.D. Not running (as you can see from wetsuit )…1500m swim at newby bridge. A bit of lake/bit of river. Strong currents due to recent weather…some in my favour, some a bit harder. T’was lovely. Took my feet ages to warm up afterwards though

Bollington 10k

There was a 10k race in Bollington and I believe that Tony Hillier was there representing…. he was indeed first Glossopdale home, and, of course first V70 in a time of 49:22 – which evidently means he didn’t take any diversions to pie shops or pubs, which is a little disappointing, as I thought that was what road races were for.


Skusey, Charlie, Chris and Andy headed off to Anglesey for a lovely time jumping off rocks into the sea. I don’t know much more than than – but the pictures speak more than words. Good to see Charlie keeping up the Hunks in Trunks tradition.

Park run

Unsurprisingly there were a ridiculous amount of GDHers at Glossop parkrun this week – not unsurprisingly there were only two PBs- and this week is was the turn of Rebecca Coward and Kate Bowden. Sterling work. Consolidated report is here.

Matlock tri

I believe Frank Fielding was off doing this – or a part of this on Bank Holiday Monday. No idea really, apart from the run leg was on Strava… but the rest of it wasn’t. You can ask him next time you see him though….

other stuff

Still on the hunt for people for the relays. Don’t be shy – shout at me.




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