Yup- Its Autumn – Weekend report

A fair few races this week – thanks to contributors – Steve Pepper, Tracey Robinson, Jo Brack, Will Mather, Guy Riddell and Wendy McMahon.

Padfield Plumfayre

Report from Steven of Pepper at the Plum Fair.
The threat of weather and dragons could not dissuade a range of harriers from choosing a quick slog up ‘The Beast’ as their Sunday hangover cure of choice. Another year and another route for this one with Des adding in a trip around the cabin this year instead of the early cut and trash from 2016. The ground underfoot made for a runnable course with just a smidgen of moist material to catch the unaware. As ever Mary J and Jo B took the age cats, chapeau. More GDH appear to have run than I managed to spot on the results board so sorry to Sean and John as I appear to have not got your times, the following is a possible true record of the battles on the hill.
Out front Simon ‘Electric’ Watts and Jamie ‘Hunter’ Helmer appear to have had a proper ding dong finishing 8th and 9th in 40:31 and 40:35, Rich ‘le blanc’ White followed in at 43:17 (18) and Phil ‘Strictly’ Swan not far behind with 44:57 (23). Liam ‘Night and’ Dey finished 47:45 (30) with Antony ‘and the’ Johnson 48:51 (37), Steven ‘Shiny Shoes’ Pepper 49:18 (41), and Jason ‘All the Gear’ Hart 49:35 (43) chasing hard behind. I think that John Walker was also in this pack. Nick ‘Bit short this’ Ham 51:04 (50), Neil ‘Elbows’ Mcgraw 52:03 (59) and Andy ‘This is my rifle’ Burnett 53:15 (63) were all chased hard by Mary ‘here for the free wine’ Jeal 53:35 (66) and Jo ‘free chocolates for me’ Brack 55:14 (69) with Lins ‘Where’s me bike’ Palmer rounding us off with a 61:09 (76). Whilst the seniors were pratting about, Adam Crompton (9th) and Caitlin Swan (2nd) brought up the sweets and good times representing the GDH Padowans, great running as ever youth.
One presumes that the Coal sack race went off as well, but I have no idea who did it or their positions as there has been no forthcoming info.

Gritstone Grind

One I haven’t really heard of… but Guy Riddell evidently has- having run it and also written a report about it….
Hi Tim

Actual race report, warning may contain facts.

Gritstone Grind today, 35 miles and 6,000 feet all off road, except for a small diversion because of a dead bridge.

Started at 8:30am at Kidsgrove having got a coach up from Disley, then you run back to Disley following the actually quite well marked Gritstone Trail. Some decent little climbs: Mow Cop, The Cloud, Croker Hill, Tegg’s Nose, White Nancy & Sponds Hill. In between though very runnable trails with some sticky muddy bits. Some glorious weather in first half and then some wet stuff that got gradually wetter as the day went on.

Happy to finish in 7:23-ish, and first Harrier. Recommended to any Harriers who like that kind of thing: well organised and only cost about £20 so good value. Subsidised by being oversubscribed and not allowing transfers to runners dropping out (ahem, Mark Davenport).

Cheers, Ultrashuffle Riddell 

Great North Run

It seems we had quite the part of peeps out at the GNR this year. Thanks to those who drew my attention to the results, and congrats to Tracey for a) doing it and b) sending me in a report AND a photo. Blimmin Brilliant.
Shaun Boatwright 1:27:59
Richard Martin 1:35:17
Pete Wallroth 1:51:08
Tracey Robinson 2:13:42
Paul Amos 2:48:09
Liam Amos 2:48:09
David Munday 2:58:49
Over to Tracey….
I have been instructed to inform you that today I completed my first race and my very first Half Marathon the one and only GNR . Originating from the North East I was rather excited! Family there at the start and finish what could go wrong!
It was Horrendous!😂😂 18 degrees for a Ginger person with total exposure was cruel …. the bottles of water handed out went over my head to regulate body temperature …. I thought this was a
traceygood idea as more and more people were passing . 7k going good little overcrowding but then two roads into total Chaos and I wasn’t really able to free run or hold any pace! Living the dream . I wanted to stop at everything single Km as I could feel myself burning like a tomato …. but I plodding on not stopping once! Crossing the finish line at 2hrs 13 mins 44 secs ….. not what I was hoping for but in the conditions I’m just glad I made it to the finish!
Apologies for not being in club colours … I was running for Muscular Dystrophy as my cousins sadly suffer with the disease.
Thanks to everyone at GDH for all the support and getting me over the finish line

Salford 10k

Apologies, I literally know nothing about this apart from the fact it is a 10k around Salford. Unless someone wishes to enlighten me further, the best I can give you are names and times.
David Chrystie- Lowe 44:26 3rd V60
Tony Hillier 48:24 2nd V70
Emma Chrystie Lowe 50:40
Wendy McMahon 52:13
Mandy Beames 1:07:10
Sarah Leah 1:07:10

Great Longstone Chase

Nick Ham was apparently the only Harrier there – an eyeballs-out, push-to-the-limit, red-lining burn up hill and down dale from the Great Longstone recreation ground. Conditions underfoot were bone dry as we raced by the light of the setting sun. This really was the last evening race of the season.
He still found time to take photos though. None of them are of him, so have a pic of the route instead. Longstone

9 edges

Judd Hirst headed across the 9 Edges for the official race (I know a few of you lot did a bit of a bimble on the course a couple of weeks ago) He entered as a walker, but being a member of Mountain Rescue, ended up chinwagging with Edale MR at the beginning- after starting, and so blames them for his time of a little over 5 hours. Still- only 4 people overtook him on the course, a runner and 3 somewhat fit looking climbers. Good effort- and thanks for the info.


It was Frank Fielding ran his 100th Parkrun this weekend just gone, and he celebrated it with style at Glossop, Beryl Buckley enjoyed her 1st parkrun as a V70, while Luke Holme came in with a PB this time around.
In Junior news – Oliver Mather did the Marple parkrun today and got a P.B for the distance of 11:47 he paced it really well, dropping only 15seconds on the second lap.
Consolidated report for the club is as ever – here

Other stuff

We have a team for the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain relay, we have 2 ladies and 1 blokes team entered for the Fell and Hill relays. There was pretty much a non-response for the XC relays, so we won’t be doing them. I hope that Chris (MACCL) and Kirsty (SELCC) have more luck with responses for the XC leagues this year.

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