“Autumn has indeed arrived” Weekend report.

Thanks to all contributors this week – Skusey, Crossman, Steve Page, Matt Huxford and Ian Crutchley – oh- and Nick Ham for his photos that I nicked off his Google photos page thing. Great to see so many people out and about.

Stanage Struggle

Skusey sent over this remarkably succint (for him) report from Stanage. Everyone else was trying to recover from the previous days racing while he blatted his way around the Struggle….  –  Where the heck was everyone? It was glorious over in Hathersage, actual sunshine was shining. The route was trail rather than fell and would really suit the road runners (Paul Peters, Sean Philips and that lad I was chatting to from the tri club-I’m talking to you!). I’ll be doing it again next year to try and do it justice with fresh legs. Hopefully a few of you will join me. As always, Ive no idea about times and results but I really enjoyed it.

Lantern Pike

There were a fair few people over at Hayfield show doing the Lantern Pike Fell race. A bit like the Lantern Pike dash, but longer, and with not quite as crazy a downhill at the end. (though the road hill is certainly a bit of a quad trasher…. The main thing I heard about it was that Lins Palmer really enjoyed doubling up the Pike with a Parkrun in the morning, so much so that she was feeling positively green by the end of the experience. Great to see that Tim and Alice have thrown themselves into racing with aplomb after a year off. Results apparently looked like this…
19 Chris Harrison 41:07
24 Matt Huxford 42:21
47 Tim Culshaw 45:01
67 Ian Crutchley 47:14
84 Heather Jansevska 49:22
86 Dez Mitchell 49:57
92 Nick Ham 50:17
94 Alice Willson 50:36
95 Neil McGraw 50:37
101 Clive Hope 51:34
117 Lindsay Palmer 56:04
131 Adele Metcalfe 59:08
135 Beryl Buckley 63:27 (1st LV70)

Lantern Pike Junior Race

Melissa Crutchley was the only Paduan doing the Junior Lantern Pike race this time around. Not that that held her back in any way shape or form… she smashed her way through the field and ended up as 1st U9 girl – about 6th overall. Amazing. Ian was so busy shouting and screaming encouragement at her that he didn’t take a picture. Sorry Melissa. Blame yer dad.

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Cross Keys Relay

For your delectation and delight – Steve Crossman has detailed the specifics of the 4 leg relays from over the hill…


A good number of GDH braved the queues on Mottram Moor to head over to Uppermill for the annual Cross Keys Road & Fell Relays.

Always a fantastic and low key event, the organisers had tightened up the rules this year, only allowing teams of four runners to compete where in the past runners could double up or even do all 4 legs.

Not to be thwarted by the rule change, Team Overperformers (Jeroen Peters, Mark Milns & Joe Travis) went on a recruitment drive. Their one criteria, ‘can you run a sub 17min 5k’ was soon answered and one of Chris Webb’s AM Mayhem proteges stepped manfully into the team.

Team MAZE (Matt Crompton, Alan Schofield, Zoe Barton & Emma Rettig) looked mean and ready for business and were supported by young Fox, sporting his GDH hoody.

Team ‘Hunks in Trunks’ (Andy ‘Burners’ Burnett, Ian ‘Ironman’ Oates, Phil”lys” Swan & Steve “early bird” Crossman) would surely have won the best dressed category had there been one. As always, the team was resplendent in brightly coloured trunks and attracted many admiring glances.

Team Glossopdale ‘D’ (Tim Budd, Caity Rice, Kirsty Sharp & Paul Peters) looked on paper to be a good bet for a podium place. With a flagrant disregard for the rules and a definite ‘up yours’ to the FRA fun police, the team allowed Caity to don the mighty blue and orange vest for her fell leg.

Main Course

The 4 GDH Teams lined up alongside the other 36 teams for the road leg start. Off they went down the road with the leaders missing the first turn, leaving Andy ‘Burners’ Burnett leading the pack.

Handovers were made and the fell runners went on their merry way. A good number of runners had arrived back and there was growing concern that Caity wasn’t, particularly when other GDH who had started after her got back to the changeover point. A fuming Caity arrived and the explanations began. After binge listening to Fleetwood Mac, she had decided to ‘Go your own way’ and had a scenic tour of the moors and adjacent fields as the planned route wasn’t long enough! (It actually transpired that the route had been flagged the previous night and someone had thoughtfully moved some of the flags). Much ribald banter ensued with Caity taking it in good humour.

Lots of great running, speedy changeovers & noisy support saw the race end with all GDH safely accounted for.


We retired to the pub for rehydration and the prize giving, making sure Caity didn’t get lost on the way!

Holmfirth Harriers 1st 01:22:43

Glossopdale ‘D’ 5th overall, 1st Mixed Team, 01:33:24

Overperformers 7th overall, 01:34:41

Hunks in Trunks 10th overall, 2nd Vets, 01:39:56

MAZE 17th overall,  2nd Mixed Team, 01:49:00


Notable Performances

Tim Budd 2nd fastest fell leg by 3 secs

Paul Peters 2nd fastest road leg by 3 secs

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English Half Marathon

A report from Steve Page off doing the Half marathon thing…

– Hi Tim, just me and Tony Hillier at English Half Marathon in Warrington today. It was a grim, grey miserable morning but ideal for running in. Support was great on the course and the event was celebrating its 10th year. The only part of the course which baffles metony H is around mile 12 where you end up running through Warrington Wolves’ stadium (fake rugby stadium), weaving in and out losing valuable time. Completely unnecessary I feel but it could just be that I’m getting more miserable as more grey hair surfaces on my bonce!

Anyways, results wise: Tony rocked in at 1:46:54 and of course 1st M70. I didn’t get a chance to catch up with him post race but I guess he’d be happy with that. As for my race, all was going well for circa 88 min finish until mile 10 when the legs were telling me they weren’t playing today. Distinct lack of long miles in the legs of late put paid to 88 min finish and I eventually finished in 1:30:38. On reflection I’m content with that. I’ll need to stop being lazy and get out with Crossman at some godearthly hour during the week before work!

Good work from both of them I’d say!


Glencoe Skyline

Kasia was up in the highlands of Scotland doing the rather spectacular Glencoe Skyline. The conditions were a little claggy and damp to say the very least but she got round the ridiculous amount of distance and climb in a highly respectable 5:56 coming in 15th of 38 women. Strong stuff!

Peak Raid

Two of our strongest navigators and runners were over at Edale this weekend just gone – John Stephenson and Dave Hogg were proving their navigational nouse at the Peak Raid. John sent me this on Saturday – so I had no excuse for not getting this in on the first draft…

Dave and I entered the 3 hour event based in Edale. Usual format, 3 hours in which to look for 15 checkpoints of various values. Weather was perfect, early morning clag had lifted and it was dry and warm all the time. Dave started well but lost the plot half way round and ended up so late he lost all his points in penalties. I quietly pottered round in 2hrs 59m (lucky with the timing) and bagged 220 points. At the time we left the scene I was 2nd V60. Great fun and looking forward to the next one.


Josie Swan led the GDH PBers at Glossop Parkrun this week – battering that 70% into submission. In fact, she was the only GDHer to PB this week. So there you go. Great work. Consolidated results here.

Nav course

The GDH nav course sessions got off to a good start (if a little damp). Thanks to Jude and Lynne for co-ordinating these. Looking forward to the next 2 over the following weekends.

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