Autumnal delights- weekend report.

A fair few bits and bobs going on this week. For your delectation and delight there is XC, relays, some other stuff, half marathons, and… well, I’m not going to tell it all now. Read on.


Looks like there was a similar story of blokes dominating the line up this weekend at the XC in Heaton Park, while the ladies team was smaller, but perfectly formed. From the results I can see that the mud really didn’t seem to affect the perfomances of the ladies, with Kirsty proving her race sharpness by coming in second with Els Swan a fairly stonking 53rd of 124. The blokes, as mentioned were well represented, with Simon Watts taking the first GDH place home, closely followed by Sean Phillips. Pete Daley was chasing close behind, with Neil McGraw complaining about the heat, just behind him. Frank Fielding busted into 2nd V65th place, David C-L, now back from his marshaling stint, was 3rd V60 and Andy Burnett produced the best final sprint of the day to be 21st V45.

Kirsty Sharp 30:21 2/124
Elenor Swan 38:01 53/124 (30/87 LV40)

Simon Watts 38:58 28/199
Sean Phillips 39:33 36/199
Pete Daley 43:13 90/199 (13th v50)
Neil McGraw 44:52 109/199 ( 14th v45)
Frank Fielding 45:34 116/199 (2nd v65)
David Christie Lowe 47:13 133/199 (3rd v60)
Andy Burnett 49:39 49:39 (21st v45)

Phil Swan was also running but had to pull out due to minor injury. Though as it is Phil, I suppose I had better say “Phil had to pull out due to massive injury, even though he bravely ran on with less than a full complement of legs and his innards dragging along the floor. He was disqualified due to missing a spleen”.  When in fact he might just have hurt his knee.

Mens team (Simon, Sean, Pete, Neil) placed 12/21
Mens o40 Vet team ( Pete, Neil, Frank) placed 15/20

Padawan XC

Thanks to Els Swan for the write up – Hi Tim, I hope you are having a great weekend – quick Padawan update from SELCC yesterday: there was a good turnout from the GDH junior girls in Heaton Park. Martha W. made her XC debut and had a great run in the U11 category with approx 80 (!) other runners, I am not sure of her placing. Caitlin was 4th girl in the u13s and Josie was 3rd girl in the u15s despite getting temporarily misplaced(!).
Girls u/11 Martha Walroth 8:22 Pos 31/35
Girls u/13 Caitlin Swan 13:38 4/30
Girls u/15 Josie Swan 18:12 3/20
Thanks so much to Frank Fielding for compiling the results.

Cani cross

Claire Campbell was off doing Cani-X this weekend, which I think just about fits into our core principles. Let’s face it, it includes running and dogs, which is pretty much what half the club does most of the time…… Hi Tim, if you need anything other than the relays for this week’s report – The dog and I did the first Great South Run Canine Run yesterday. Shortest race ever at 2.5k!! We were 20th out of 76 in 12.22. Didnt get any good pics but there is this one of the incredible haul of freebies!
Nice one Claire!

Langdale Half

Pete Westbrooke did the Langdale half a couple of days ago, it was his first half marathon ever and he was a very respectable 34th in 1:44. Nice running Pete! (and thanks for pointing this out, Ruth!)


A couple of our number have been off gallivanting around in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Thanks to Kasia for the lovely pics, she, Immy and Mark are apparently having a wonderful time.


The British Hill and Fell Relays happened this weekend – they were over in Grasmere in the clag and the mist, slippery conditions underfoot made for a bit of a treacherous course, but the 3 teams acquitted themselves well. To be honest, I haven’t got a clue what went on, so I’m going out on a limb here… From what I’ve heard, Paul Skuse was a bit slower than he would have been on leg 1 because he ended up helping a fairly injured and bloody fellrunner half way round the course. I believe there were a number of other runners helping, and considering the injuries that may or may not have been sustained, it was a good thing too. Well done to Paul for doing exactly what we all would have done in the same situation. Just coz it’s a race doesn’t mean that you don’t not help people.

At the other end of the race, Greg Wasinski, last minute stand in, provided some very last minute getting to the right place at the right time, and was ushered into the starting pen with barely enough time to pin his number on before being sent on his way by the incoming Leg 3 runners. Also on Leg 4, Tracey Robinson suffered a minor mishap in the shape of a fairly gnarly twisted ankle, and ended up being assisted off the hill by two strapping young blokes. (or so I am told), downing a pint of the good stuff before seeking medical attention.

The teams looked like this:

MensV40 – 111th

1 – Paul Skuse

2- Jamie Helmer and Andy Oliver

3- Julien Minshull and Andy Fox

4- Greg Wasinski

Open – 219th

1- Zoe Barton

2- Becky Smith and Rachel Walton

3- Tim Culshaw and Alice Willson

4- Andy Brack

Ladies – 237th

1- Jude Stansfield

2- Jo Brack and Charmayne Brierley

3- Ali Holt and Lins Palmer

4- Tracey Robinson

Superb running by all of you. Thanks so much for getting out there and representing.


Steve Page was the man with the PB this week- nice one Steve – 3rd home as well! Results are here, as ever…..


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