Is that Snow on the hills? Weekend report

This weekend saw the first snow fall on the hills for the season. Good to see people getting out and about in the … well, not exactly drifts, more like, um, dusting. A fair few people have been off racing this week. No XC to speak of, so no massive list of results to wade through, just things and stuff that people have been up to over the week and weekend.

Shine a light

Some rather funky outfits and lights were on display at the Shine a Light 2k over in Charlesworth at the weekend. It was great to see Caitlin and Josie Swan and Melissa Crutchley out and about, chewing up the course, whilst all looking pretty spectacular. To be honest, I have no idea who came where, if there were prizes, or anything. But I suppose that being on the top of the list when it comes to the weekend report… that’s gotta be a prize in itself, right?



The OMM – as ever, chose a pretty cold weekend to go ahead. I suppose that is one of it’s selling points. If you want to be cold and probably wet, for an entire weekend, the OMM is certainly a good way to do that. Tim Culshaw-Willson and and Alice Willson-Culshaw were at it again. I have no idea if the running was any better than it was a couple of weeks ago when Culshaw and Huxford teamed up for the ROC… needless to say, I’m sure that Alice carried Tim through the whole experience while he had a meltdown on a hill somewhere. They competed in the C-class, and I believe I’m correct in saying they were 7th mixed team and 20th overall. But I could be wrong.

Ooooh – and I have a bit of a report from Andy Oliver who was also there…. Just thought I’d drop you a quick line about this years omm. I did it again this year with my old buddy from uni Dave. Long score this year in the black mountains. Saturday was fearsomely cold with the delights of running (ahem yomping really) through the first snow storm of the season. Saturday night was a three jumper in the sleeping bag affair (glad I carried the extra). Sunday was cold and windy again but with more sun on the sunny side of the mountains.
We were a respectable mid pack 82nd on Saturday, while a good paced yomp with great teamwork on the nav and routes somehow saw us make 30th, for 45th overall for the two days.

Tim and Alice were down there too but I didn’t manage to spot them at mid camp or finish. Probably huddling out of the cold. I am sure they acquited themselves well though.

It was pretty well organised this year, best one for a while.

Eryri Marathon

Ah- I have a soft spot for this one. It’s great to call it a flat road marathon, especially when it has 800m or so of ascent and 2 parts that are certainly somewhat less sturdy underfoot than asphalt. We had a couple of lovely people rocking the vest in deepest darkest Snowdonia. Steve Pepper worked his way around in a PB for the course in 4:41ish while Marie Williamson got around in an unspecified time, mainly because I haven’t seen the results yet, and her Strava track mysteriously stops about 2k from the end. I have no doubts that she finished it, and am looking forward to the next few weeks as she embarks on a number of marathons and ultras, not totally back to back…. but somewhat closely spaced together.

Oldham Half

Ah – Gotta love a Skusey write up…..

Oldham Half. I think I was the only GDH doing the Oldham half this year. I had been told it was lumpy but didnt really appreciate just how lumpy it was.My pacing was all over the shop as my Garmin refused to turn on for the first 5 miles ( which just so happened to be my best 5 miles) so I just tried to keep up with the fast lads and failed. Took 17th position with a time of about 1h28mins. For those who’ve not done it, think Millbrook Monster but as a road run over 13 miles.

Grin n Bear it

Pete Daly was over the hill (as it were) on the Penistone side bigging up the Grin’n’Bear it. Always a great race for challenging yourself against the bogs of that end of Bleaklow. Ably flagged by Jude -maskerading as a DarkPeak/Woodhead MRT, it went ahead as ever, with some cold weather on tops, but unfortunately not quite frozen underfoot. As it is, I have no idea how Pete got on, just that he did it – and that is kudos enough in my opinion.

Red October Challenge

For those of you that follow him, you may have noticed that Malc was running the Red October Challenge- basically running 100miles through October. I saw today that he has completed the challenge, and thought – flipping heck  – that is deserving of a shout out on here. Nice one Malc


Despite the best attempts of the weather (ice), Glossop parkrun was not cancelled this week (but will be next week because of Bonfire night – just in case you didn’t know). Harry Hawkins was first GDH back, and the only one with a new PB this time around. Consolidated results, as ever…..

Other News

Formerly of this Parish – Caity Rice was off in Italy at the Trofeo Vanoni International Mountain race. Proudly wearing a GB vest, she acquitted herself excellently and came in 10th place, 2nd GB athlete. Awesome work.

snow on hills

There’s snow on them there hills. Thanks to Ant Walker for the pic. Not that I asked…. Hey, Ant, can I use this pic for the club report please?






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