Nope- no snow on these hills – weekend report

Some long stuff this weekend, some nav stuff, and general mooching about in a strong breeze.

White Rose Ultra

Some lovely people ran the various lengths of the White Rose Ultra at the weekend. Joe Travis, wruIan Crutchley and Steve Page  all finished together, while Marie came in a little later – and is gearing up for quite a weekend next weekend I do believe. Pete just wasn’t feeling it and sensibly pulled out before doing himself a mischief.

Guy Riddell and Luke Holme decided to do the doubler and headed out for the 60 miler, finishing in great style.

Will Mather and Riccardo Guissini were off on the 100, doing the triple, and then a little bit, which is quite some undertaking. Well done guys – the sleep deprivation alone is enough to contend with, let alone having to do the same loop 3 times!

A report from Ian Crutchley – Thanks so much for your report Ian – the race was certainly more interesting that I could have made up!

Sorry Tim, I wrote this about WRU but hadn’t the chance to send it. Was waiting for the results to come up on their webpage, but I needn’t have bothered as none of us can decipher them, and we were there….. Late with this, but not sure anyone else has given you a report on Saturdays White Rose Ultra. Having just done the 30, I can’t say much about the 60 or 100, but I expect it was colder, darker, lonelier and generally more miserable.
As far as the 30 goes, the weather was pretty kind, except for a strong head on wind, which seemed to remain head on regardless of which direction you went. The 30 mile course is an intricate and undulating combination of road and trail, and undulating would be a fair description, as I believe absolutely none of it is flat. It has a total of 4500 feet of ascent, which suppose tells the story. To do the 60, you do two laps, and to do 100, you need to do 3, plus an extra and separate 10 mile route.
The route marking was poor and there were several “strayers”, not least Steve Page who added on a couple of miles to go see what Melham town centre was like. Slightly miffed, he joined up with Joe Travis and myself to complete the lap, the three of us crossing the line in bromantic hand in hand style. Steve Knight blitzed the course, and was home almost an hour before us, whilst Marie Williamson came in around 45 minutes after us. Unfortunately Pete Wallroth was suffering cramp problems, and sensibly pulled out about mile 20 before it got worse.

For those of us doing the 30, this was a nice day out and fairly tough to say the least. Suffice to say it was “enough”. For some though it’s not enough, and Luke Holme and Guy Riddell managed a thoroughly impressive second lap, and Will Mather went the whole way with 100. Words escape me, but that is absolutely bonkers. I can only imagine the resolve needed to set out on that 3rd lap. If that wasn’t enough Riccardo Giussani was guinea pigging the WRU 150, which was 5 laps and perhaps one for next year (Will??). Not sure how that went but I understand they managed it.

The results on the website are a car crash (I’m being kind), but I’ve attempted to bring some clarity I hope. They should speak for themselves I suppose:

WRU 30
Steve Knight 4.58.00 (5th Place)
Joe Travis 5.55.40
Steve Page 5.55.40
Ian Crutchley 5.55.40
Marie Williamson 6.42.54

WRU 60
Luke Holme 14:25 (13th place)
Guy Riddell 14.46 (15th place)

WRU 100
Will Mather 27.09 (8th Overall)

WRU 150 (unofficial)
Riccardo Giussani TBA


Peak Raid – Goyt

Lins, Nick Ham and Dave Hogg were across in the Goyt valley brushing up on their Navigation skills at the Peak Raid. Remarkably, despite a huge number of competitors losing a lot of points – all of them in quite a few cases, none of our 3 lost any due to time restraints at all. Though Nick was pretty flipping close.

1st Lins Palmer, 67th overall, 312 points in 2:45:33.
2nd Nick Ham, 106th overall, 252 points in 2:59:58.
3rd David Hogg, 107th overall, 247 points in 2:31:44.

Dark and White Autumn trail series 3

Lucy Wasinski reaffirmed her love for the trails as she took off down the way in the White Peak, smashing a load of CR’s on her way around the 3rd race of the season.


No Glossop Parkrun this weekend as the bonfire was being built – consolidated results are here, though.




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