Sunshine and showers. That’s autumn. Weekend report.

All kinds of excitement this week. Thanks to Claire Campbell and Marie for sending me some info on what they were up to this week. Also thanks to Chris Webb for pointing out where the XC results were.


Claire Campbell ventured to Wales this weekend with a bunch of Isle of Wight mates for the Winter Sugarloaf race, a BS of 5.8m. Great route and potentially very fast for those with the legs and lungs for fastness! Finished in 1.06.41 71/84


Claire Gatecrashing with the Ryde Harriers club shot in Wales…. funnily enough with someone from my village…. (no. The Isle of wight is not *actually* that small – mere coincedence).

XC – Kenworthy Woods

Kenworthy woods XC – famous for the fact that it is “hilly”, whilst simultaneously not being hilly. Fast. Flat. A couple of bumps, and a lot of hard running. The main thing about this meet was the fact that it is Dan Stinton’s final race as a V39. (I did *try* to get him to double up with the Roaches as well – but he declined).


XC ladies161 Emma Rettig 33:14 26th LV40
224 Jane Mellor 35:29


82 Chris Webb – 35:43
92 Tim Budd 36:02
117 Sean Phillips 36:56
252 Dan Stinton 40:47
307 Pete Daly 42:14
310 Neil McGraw 42:18
357 Matt Crompton 43:30
377 David Chrystie-Lowe 44:10
390 Frank Fielding 44:30
455 Andy Burnett 47:52
493 John Stephenson 50:50



Lads XC


A disappointing lack of slurry pit welcomed us to the Roaches race this year. (I was almost looking forward to the legendary wade through the farm)… The weather was grim to begin with, but turned out to improve through the day. I was the only one to double up with XC yesterday. I don’t necessarily recommend it but to be honest, the tea and cake at the end of the race was totally worth it.

Tim Budd 11th 2:16:00

Andy Oliver 45th 2:35:40

Mark Davenport 80th 2:47:56

Nick Ham – definitely finished, but I don’t have a time as of yet.


Glossop with a Pennine interloper. Tim, StevieK, Mark Davenport, Andy Oliver, Nick Ham

Windmill 10k

Looks like Tony Hillier was out and about doing the Windmill 10k this weekend. Would you be surprised if I told you he was first MV70? Nope, I didn’t think so. Despite starting somewhere near the back, he *still* got through the crowds and was indeed, 1st MV70. Paul Gatley was also there for his second ever 10k – he certainly picked a bit of a wet and windy one – but may well have just about scraped a PB.

Grim up north 4×4

4 in 4. What d’you reckon that means. Yes. 4 days. 4 marathons. There is only one lady for the job really, and that is Marie Williamson. All warmed up from the Eryri marathon 2 weeks ago and the White Rose Ultra last week, she plunged into day 1 getting around the course in a marvellous 4:39:24. Day 2 saw her crack on with 4:57:16 and 2nd lady for the day! Day 3 was run with Jayne Moreton- so a vast amount of chattering and nattering probably went on with Jayne trying to distract Marie from the job at hand, they finished in 5:10:51. Marie has just finished Day 4, with an unofficial (ie.Garmin) time of 5:08:32. Not flippin bad for a 4th marathon in 4 days. Amazing running, Marie!


No new PBs at Glossop Parkrun this week. But much more importantly Martha and Merlin Wallroth were over doing Junior Parkrun for the first time this week. Awesome stuff guys. Pete W kids brabyns

Other stuff

The Christmas do date has been set – December 16th – it’s a sunday – so if you’re like Dan Stinton, you might want to take the Monday off.

Next Sunday is Peak Raid Glossop – if you want an entry, get it now. No entry on the day, and places are limited.

Chris has started his XC reps on wednesday evenings now, so if you like unrelenting grimness in the dark in Hadfield, you know where to look.


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