“Les Feuilles Mortes” weekend club report

Ah doncha love a bit of Jazz….. Autumnal delights have returned this week with a bit of heat, a bit of cloud and a whole load of leaf debris strewn across Glossop. Apparently it’s getting a bit chilly next week as well, so we’re looking forward to a bit of white stuff on the hills…. which reminds me, it is coming up to Black Friday. If you want to get a pair of dobbed shoes for the (maybe) impending ice apocalypse (which definitely won’t happen now), then now is as good a time to get them as any,

Peak Raid

Registration for this navigation event organised by the Explorer Event crew was at the Scout Hut in Old Glossop with the start along the track at the bottom of Lightside. Local knowledge certainly helped us Glossopdalers with no-one losing any points today. The weather was really favourable – sunny mostly with a bit of clag right up on Bleaklow, though a pretty stiff Easterly wind. These events are always wonderfully social even if you’re running solo, great to keep bumping into friends on the hill – all running around in various directions. No doubt strava fly-bys will highlight any interesting route choices.

Overall results…
23 Julien “I don’t really race” Minshull, 325pts, 2:49:38
28 John “I’ve lost so much fitness” Stephenson, 315pts, 2:49:35 (3rd M60)
39 Nick “give me my points” Ham, 290pts, 2:47:42
71 Lins “secret training” Palmer/Rebecca “even secreter training”  Smith, 245pts, 2:47:44
76 Mark “navigational excitement” Davenport, 240pts, 2:25:16
77 Matt “there is no I in team” Crompton, 240pts, 2:26:06
79 Lynne “navigation then naps” Taylor, 240pts, 2:36:26
82 Daniel “well this is easier than 50 miles in the Lakes” Stinton, 240pts, 2:49:33
84 Rachel “mojo back on form” Walton, 240pts, 2:51:51
94 Dave “this nav stuff is easier when you remember your glasses” Hogg, 205pts, 2:38:37
96 Immy “come back here Dan!” Trinder, 200pts, 2:49:30
115 Alison “I swear I started with a compass that worked” Holt, 160pts, 2:40:23
120 Emma “definitely easier than 50 miles in the Lakes” Rettig, 125pts, 2:30:42

Paduwans racing

Junior Park Run Report

7 of the Glossopdale gang hopped over the hill this morning. It was a case of sprightly Swan’s, a Crompton and then the bleary eyed bunch of Oliver Mather and Ethan Holme (parkrun debut) less than awake from a late night sleepover and the Wallroth clan, equally tired after being kept up by Dad to watch Ireland’s historic victory over the All Blacks.
A cool morning but they all cracked on. The Swan’s….well did what they do so well and just took off, taking 1st and 3rd place overall. Adam Crompton showed off his XC honed speed, coming in well under the 10 minute mark.
Oliver, aiming to maintain his previous parkrun efforts just couldn’t match his Dads mid air star jumps for the awaiting camera so he just ran around instead. Ethan has a good steady start to his parkrun career but may have paid too much attention to Merlins insistence that the mole hills actually will chase you down and trip you over so kept pace together with Luke for guidance around the course. He, Martha and Merlin all finished in quick succession to complete the morning.
Will and Luke tried to encourage the kids to run home too but that was met with a bout of fake coughing all round so that idea was binned and everyone went home happy.

Caitlin the speedster 8:08
Josie the turbopowered 8:20
Adam the agile 9:08
Oliver the rocket 12.04
Martha the nitrous injected 13:15
Ethan the uphill machine 13:25
Merlin the nimble 13:33

Arnside knott

Alison Willson was out and about at Arnside Knott with some Chorlton buddies enjoying this rather snappy little race. It’s about 10k with a decent amount of ascent over a couple of hills. Alice acquitted herself marvellously, coming in to finish after just about an hour. I have no idea whether Tim Willson-Culshaw was there, or if he was off skiving again. I suspect the latter considering there is no photo of him…. Or maybe he was the one taking pictures?

Conwy Half

Paul Amos enjoyed this rather eclectic half marathon over on the peninsula(ish) of Llandudno. A bit of seaside, a bit of not-seaside, a fair amount of bashing about with a load of other people trying to get some decent fish and chips. Yes, the whole shebang, under glorious sunshine as well. Strava reckons he got around in about 2:32, and as to whether that includes the fish and chip queue, I have no idea.

Preston 10 Mile

No hanging around and buying fish and chips for the ever young David Chrystie-Lowe as he sped his way around the 10 miler in Preston. A rather magnificent 1:14 – or so Strava reckons. He’s slowly bringing that down, so give it a couple of years and I reckon he’ll be knocking on the door of an hour for the 10 miler. Something to aspire to, eh?


Cold and fast this weekend with Lucy Wasinski, Josie Swan, Jo Brack and Nick Ham all blasting around in new PB’s. Flippin good running by you all. As ever, the consolidated report is here.

Champs Pages

I’ve updated the Fell champs page and have hopefully included everyone and have got the maths right as far as is possible. If I  have missed anyone it is not through willfulness, but rather by accident. Ditto on the Overall champs page.

Other Stuff

A load of GDHers headed off for a bit of a recce of the Gravy Pud this weekend. Looks like they had a lovely time.gravypud

Chris‘s XC reps continue on apace on wednesdays – get out and bash about the park, but take a headtorch and a decent set of lungs.

Next years champs races are close to being settled on, so watch this space for announcements. Or another space. Well. You know what I mean.

The Christmas do is still on for the Sunday 16th Dec, so if it isn’t in your diary, put it in there.

I’m looking for volunteers. I just don’t have the energy/brain power to do this every week and make it interesting/amusing/accurate or even 1 of those 3. Doing it every 4 weeks or so is fine, so it would be great to have a few people who can rota around doing the report. So far, Dan S and Ian C have volunteered their services, but it would be great to have another couple of people to share the load with. (it’d be lovely to have not just blokes writing it as well). If you’re interested in doing a report every so often, drop me a line. You don’t need to be creative, accurate or even literate, you just need to pretend you know what you’re doing.




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