Snow? Snow. Weekend report.

Things and stuff this week. No idea what I’ve missed. No idea what is going on this week. I’m sure it’s all lovely.

Heaton park 10k

Mother and son duo Harry “I’m really new to this” Hawkins and Kate “Did I mention my kate and harrysprained ankle?” Bowden ran the Heaton Park 10k this chilly morning. A 2-loop route with a long steepish hill but weirdly no fun descent to make up for it. Harry (1st ever 10k) sped off achieving a chip time of 42:47, Kate plodding behind eventually finishing in 53:52, first VF45. A fun friendly event we both enjoyed.

Wilmslow 10k

There look to have been a fair number of people at the Wilmslow 10k as well this week. Everyone was getting their legs going fast in order to keep a little bit of warmth flowing through their bodies as the winter begins to draw in. With such a lovely flat course, of course fast times ensued:

36:32 Steve Knowles – 4th overall

38:06 Nick Lord

38:35 Kirsty Sharp

41:52 Steve Page

44:57 Joe Gavin

48:03 Tony Hillier 2nd V70

51:49 Wendy McMahon

1:00:46 Kaylea Haynes

Barnsley 10k

Not wanting to do a 10k that everyone else was doing, Paul Drury was over doing the Barnsley 10k. Hilly? Flat? Windy? I have no idea. However, he did manage to get a course PB of 55:58.

Famous Grouse

Run from a pub, up a hill, back down the hill to the same pub. Classic fell racing tactics to get as many people as possible to a small race in a village on the edge of Derbyshire. Unfortunately it may well be the last of the Famous Grouse races as the pub and surrounding area is apparently being sold off for housing. The hill is still there though. A few of the blue and orange vests were out – results below. Mary

34 Pete Wallroth

48 Mary Jeal

50 Andy Wilkins

56 Lins Palmer

62 Beryl Buckley

Spyvelo 5 and 10k

You’d think that there being 2 races, this bit might be about a few people, some of whomdouble trouble did one race, some of whom did the other. You’d be wrong. It would seem that Claire Campbell is taking a page out of a number of peoples books, and isn’t just doubling up on races in a weekend, but doubling up on the same day. Superb XC racing from Claire, not only doing both – but having to get to Tapnell farm do to them as well…. in Derbyshire terms, it’s like having to get to Two Fence Clough in order to start the race. yep – pretty much a near mythical place that everyone thinks is in a different place.

Hardwolds 80

I have literally never heard of this until I spotted that Steve Knight had done a monster run this weekend. Essentially it is an 80 miler from (somewhere I’ve never heard of) Hessle to (somewhere I’ve never heard of) Filey along the Wolds way. (again – something I’ve never heard of). From the stats – 130km or so with nigh on 3k of ascent, it looks to be a pretty Nails race, and the fact that Steve completed in 17:48:51 a kind of indicates that he did pretty damn well. Nice one for keeping that under wraps, and I hope you had an excellent day in the hills. (Wolds).


Caitlin Swan smashed her PB at Glossop parkrun this weekend -a 20:54 for her this week, coming in first female (and within 50 seconds of Old Man Swan’s PB as well). Christine Peters also came in with a PB at 27:30. For the consolidated results go here.




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