Daylight? Nope. Not til March. Weekend report.

Stuff happened, things going on. People are out on the hill, others are running on the road, everyone seems to be having a good time in the gorgeous weather we’re having. It’s december, get your new year resolutions in early – get out and run. Thanks to Laurie and Lynne for their contributions this week.


There were a good few people out at XC this weekend, with the ladies numbers increasing week on week. By the last meet we might even have more than 5 in the race. Blokes were a bit down on previous weeks – perhaps because of the threatened rain. As it was, the weather was fairly benign, the ground was pretty firm and worries of epic amounts of mud was unfounded. The course seemed to favour the fell runners over the sheer outright flat speed of the roadies, but it was the hot vimto and chocolate orange brownies that really made the day. Thanks to Tall Chris for coming out to support and shout at us around the course.


170th Jo Brack 45:31
194 Kaylea Haynes 46:50
208 Charmayne 47:32
218 Jane Mellor 48:12
48th team


37th Chris Webb 39:47
44th Tim Budd 40:10
104th Sean Phillips 42:53
161 Jamie Helmer 44:39
180 David Chrystie-Lowe 45:17
398 Andy Burnett 56:45
404 John Stephenson 57:43

23rd Senior team
39th Vets team

Gravy Pud

All in for this traditional blast around the local area of Tintwistle and Arnfield. A decent number of harriers were out and about, including – but not limited to to following people that I have seen on strava, or have seen on a picture….

Pete Wallroth, Ian Oates, Steve Pepper, Luke Home, Guy Riddell, Steve Crossman, Phil Swan, Malc Brown, Rach Walton, Ian Crutchley, Neil Mcgraw, Rob Sheldon, Kate Bowden, and featuring John Stephenson as tail runner. I’d love to give you some kind of idea as to placings/times etc. but they aren’t out on the website just yet. I’m sure that they’ll be along in a bit.Gravy Pud

Fleetwood 10k

Paul Gatley appears to have managed to do the Fleetwood 10k. Out for a run – see there is a race about to start, leg it back to get some cash to enter and then blitz around it in 47.06. Job Done. Nice one Paul.

Junior Parkrun

There was a cracking showing of Harriers at Marple junior parkrun this morning, and all siblings too with both Swans, both Cromptons, both Wallroths* and both Barlows out doing their thing. Some fantastic PBs too! I found it particularly sweet that Martha dropped back to assist Merlin with his inhaler before charging off again, and Wyatt chose to lope alongside Naomi because she’d injured her ankle but wanted to run today


A chilly damp Glossop parkrun this weekend to run round the freshly leaf-swept course. Plenty of harriers running but only one PB going to Lance Hamilton-Griffiths. Huge congratulations to Laurie Barlow running her 100th parkrun, and coinciding with the completion of her ‘Firsts’ run streak – running on the first of each month for the second year in a row. Consolidated report is here.

Other Stuff

It would be remiss of me not to mention the Shittern Santa Saunter which is on next Sunday. Chilli, beer, running, from a Brewery. What more could you need? See you there.

You all should know that the Christmas party is on Sunday 16th December. There will be a bit of a social (fancy dress, no doubt) run in the morning, followed by a general eating/drinking/socialising thing in the scout hut in the afternoon.

There will be a Solstice run on the 21st December – it’s a friday, but there will still be people heading onto the hill for a nip of whisky etc. Route will depend on the weather. I’d quite like to drink whisky somewhere sheltered.

Chris’s XC sessions are still going ahead – oh- and as we mention it, there are actually only 2 MACCL meets left. Get your groove on!

If you’ve read this then you’ve probably seen Emmas post on Facebook – if you haven’t – it is regarding next years Championship….. The Champs for next year are almost ready to go however 2 races for road/trail are confirmed – Hit the Trail in January and the Trafford 10k in March. These races are popular (and rightly so, they’re ace!) so we recommend that you get your entries in early.





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