It’s beginning to feel a lot like….. the weekend report.

No snow on this weekend this year – so the vast number of races that were cancelled this time a year ago went ahead, which was good news for a lot of us. The local one a lot of people entered went off without a hitch for the 3rd year running (well don Steve Pepper for the “organisation”. There were roadies out, XC stuff and all kinds of bits and bobs. Don’t expect much from me next week as it is the Christmas party on Sunday. Hope to see you all there.

Shittern Santa Saunter

The Santa Shittern Saunter was ever so slightly more organised this year than last year. Nigh on 100 people gravitated to Howard Town Brewery for some beer. The race was a minor inconvenience for some in order to get to the bar, however, it seems that the vast majority of the Glossopdalers that came, enjoyed the bogs immensely, snaffled as much Chilli and Beer as they could, and were the last bevvy of people to leave the bar at the end of the day. A massive thanks also, to those that volunteered – and to the Brewery for letting us run a race from there.

Results are below –

16 Dan Stinton 46:45
23 Mark Davenport 48:44
28 Immy Trinder 49:33 (2nd Lady)
34 Harry Hawkins 51:29
42 Matt Crompton 53:29
49 Luke Holme 55:24
52 Ian Oates 55:37
53 Clive Hope 55:41
54 Zoe Barton 56:11 (1st FV40)
65 Steve Page 59:36
66 Pete Walroth 59:41
69 Dez Mitchell 1:01:11
70 Beccy Smith 1:01:23
76 Lindsay Palmer 1:03:57 (1st FV50)
77 Rachel Walton 1:05:37
78 Emma Rettig 1:05:41
88 Kate Bowden 1:12:57
94 Julie Eyre 1:18:35
96 Neil Shuttleworth 1:34:54 (1st V70)

Glossopdale won team prize with Dan, Immy and Mark.

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Stockport 10

Thanks to Guy for his Race report from Stockport: While the fell runners were playing in the brewery, a sub-division headed to Stockport for the rather excellently crafted but rather unimaginatively named Stockport 10, a 10 mile race in Stockport. Unusually for this race there was no rain, no wind, and it wasn’t even that cold. Usually (for me) I set off way too fast, 6:40 per mile first few miles. I was actually first Harrier until about 6 miles in when Richard sidled up to me, but I was flagging by then and just hung on as best as I could. Was a lovely morning in the sunshine and I improved on my previous best on this course by over 4 minutes so delighted with that.

Chip times as follows:
128. Richard White 1:09:11
166. Guy Riddell 1:10:18
261. David Chrystie- Lowe 1:14:28
343. Alex Critcher 1:17:47
389. Tony Hillier 1:19:57 (1st V70)
394. Nick Ham 1:20:01
569. Philip White 1:24:41
824. Amanda Holtey 1:36:35
972. David Munday 1:56:41

stockport 10

1 picture, 3 harriers. Nick Ham hunting down Tony Hillier as Guy, um… Guy? Heading to the pub? yes. probably.

Tatton Yule Yomp

Ellen Wilson headed out for the Tatton Yule Yomp – and from the pictures on strava (Sorry, I cant copy and paste theme onto here) it would seem that she was running around with her other half? She certainly looked perfectly comfortable with the pace, while the other person in the selfies looked a little less so…  – 10k in just over and hour, and Im sure there were mince pies at the finish….


Not a local one this week – but Paul Peters was out doing XC at Hyndburn this weekend – just getting back into the lovely wet and muddy racing, away from the vagaries of tarmac. He didn’t tell me how well he did, though by all accounts it was a “decent” place even with a slow course and a fair bit of single track where overtaking was less of an option than it could have been.


This week, sibling rivalry dictated that it was Josie Swan’s turn to get a PB (and also beat Old Man Swan), as her sister salved Phil’s ego by trotting in behind him. Don’t worry Dad. you can still beat at least ONE of us on any given day… Young Ms Caity Rice also gained a PB and was first home to boot, and I’m certainly going to give her a mention as she is still down as Glossopdale on the Parkrun list. (even if she was heavily assisted by Joss) (the dog, not the fellrunner).

Other Stuff

Ohh. Um. Party next weekend – Sunday morning there will be a bit of a social run  – 1015 from the turning circle, Fancy dress encouraged. (it will be fell oriented). I might suggest a meeting point/time if anyone wants to walk onto the hill – let me know if you do. We should be back off the hill after a couple of hours.

The Christmas Party will be in the Scout hut in the afternoon… um? 2pm? 3pm? I can’t remember what we said it was going to be. I’m sure that someone will tell us on the comments on facebook. Bring some food with you. Becky will almost certainly be bringing a Pavlova Jeroen will almost certainly be bringing a cheesecake. Savoury and Sweet things are always most welcome. There will be a selection of beer – I have no idea how much its going to cost, but it isn’t much. There will be presentations, lots of chance to chat to everyone you haven’t seen in a year, and then I suspect a number of people will go on to another pub to lose the rest of their evening (and potentially the rest of the year…. Daz) to running related talk and japery.


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