The “How many sausage rolls does it take to make a party?” Weekend report

Some running, some partying, some hangover.

Forest of Bowland marathon

Marie Williamson was off doing her  17th marathon of the year and sent this report in:


Still smiling on lap 1

The race started in the village hall at Dunsop Bridge. It was a lovely route up onto the moors. The full marathon started with a counter clockwise loop of the half route, then a clockwise loop of the same route. At mile 8 I was thinking it would be a good idea to drop down to the half. My hands were cold & the wind was icy cold. I got over that though & at the turn around felt ok. I was concerned about the forecast for later though but, against my better judgment, set off on lap 2. Ascending to the 1st high section I could see bleak weather ahead, the ground was icy with the freezing rain & my hands were getting cold again. Then came the freezing head wind. It was brutal!! I’d been running with a group of 5 other runners & we were sticking together, looking after each other. We arrived at the last check point. 4 miles to go….but it was another ascent & moorland stretch. On arrival though, we were told the race had been called off (mountain rescue’s call) & vehicles were coming to get us. Waterproof pants & foil blanket on…. I quickly became a shivering mess. Everyone was brilliant, runners & marshals. Mountain rescue turned up & a few of us were ferried back to race headquarters (& lent me wonderfully warm jacket). Me being pronounced as ‘serious’ & ‘hypothermic’ Took a while to warm up but after a few coffees, toast & a change into dry clothes i was eventually fine.
Ah well. Just the 16 marathons this year then!!
On a plus note…Howler events RO was brilliant & organises some great races. & I did enjoy it…up to a point.

Well crikey… that is a pretty hardcore day out and no mistake. Well Done Marie.


It was the turn of SELCC this week – over in Tandle hill. Not to be put off by last years tales of shin deep ice ridden slurry, a decent number of Glossopdalers went over for the fun. Looks like we had some excellent showing from the Young Guns, XC training sessions evidently seem to be paying off. We very nearly had a last minute entry into the Bombed out award with Frank Fielding arriving late, blaming it on a satnav and spending an entire lap catching up with the field. (before cruising through it…) Well done to anyone that was out in that weather- it sounded horrendous from under my duvet.

Young Guns

U11 Girls 22nd Martha Wallroth 14:04
U13 Girls 3rd Caitlin Swan 14:56
U15 Girls 3rd Josie Swan 21:32


31 Jo Brack (2nd V50) 37:28
43 Charmayne Brierley 40:15


13 Steve Knowles (1st V45) 44:13
47 Paul Skuse 49:52
66 Phil Swan 52:27
71 Matt Crompton 52:58
92 David Chrystie-Lowe (3rd V60) 56:24
107 Frank Fielding (2nd V65) 58:09
130 John Stephenson 1:02:42

10th Team, 4th V40 team, 9th V50 Team, 2nd V60 team

Christmas Do

Yes, it was indeed the weekend of the Christmas Do. Time to dress up in festive finery go for a bimble on the hill, and then eat and drink far too much than is good for you before adjourning elsewhere for yet more beverages. I’m sure everyone had a lovely time – for the record, here are the prize highlights:

Road Champs

Ladies – 1st Emma Rettig, 2nd Jo Brack.

Men – 1st Paul Peters, 2nd Ben Tetler

Fell Champs

Ladies – 1st Immy Trinder, 2nd Alison Holt.

Men – 1st Dan Stinton, 2nd Mark Davenport

Overall Champs

Ladies –  1st Jo Brack. 2nd Emma Rettig.

Mens – 1st Ben Tetler, 2nd Tim Budd

Age Grade – Jo Brack

Spirit of John Hewitt – Mark Davenport

Bombed Out – Greg Wasinski… (the keys locked in a car incident… nominated, I believe, by his lovely wife).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I can’t not write about parkrun, basically because someone will shout at me. No-one got a new PB. Consolidated results here. Well. Check that. No-one got a time PB. A certain Mr Guy Riddell happened to get a distance PB by starting at about Midnight and then proceeding to, um, proceed, around the parkrun lap 45 times – so somewhere around a 45 mile PB. Wow. Nice one Guy – raising money for Mummy’s Star the local way!


Guy Looking remarkably fine after 45 laps

Other Stuff

Not a lot really. Everything is fairly normal this week – but the Winter Solstice run is on Friday. Where we go will depend on what the forecast is like, so watch the facebook space. Tuesday and Thursday runs/sessions are still on, and Chris is doing some spectacularly festive XC session on Wednesday, so get along to that.

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