Pre- storm Freya Weekend Report

There were a few things going on this weekend. Although the weather was looking a bit fun, the anticipated storm took quite a lot longer to arrive, so we had pretty decent weather. Well – better than expected, anyway. Despite some peoples attempts to cover their tracks, I managed to track down a good number of people out racing. It’s a lot easier if you tell us what you’ve been doing though… as ever – the email address to send your pics and stories to is

High Peak Marathon

After 9 years in the planning, Team Audacious Gals – comprising of Jude “flight of the navigator” Stansfield, Ali “I think I’ve reccied more versions of this race than had hot dinners” Holt, Elanor “how do I convince the kids to do this next year” Swan and Becky “did I actually volunteer for this?” Smith finally made it to the start line of the High Peak Marathon (a 42 mile overnight jaunt around some of best bits of the Dark Peak).  The weather and the running conditions were kind to us however things did not go quite as planned with our founding member and chief organiser having to make the hugely tough call to retire at Moscar due to feeling unwell and not wanting to feel worse as we picked our way across the joys of Cartledge Flats and then Bleaklow.  This was a really difficult decision given all of her preparation and focus.on this event so much kudos to Ali for doing this.

Race lows:  4 becoming 3 at Moscar, happily Ali is now recovering; having to reach a check point at the bottom (instead of the top) of Grinah Stones at 4am in the drizzly dark; and the usual painfulness of a long fell race (blisters/ sore knees/ cramp/ uphill heather bashing/  falling into holes up to one’s armpits etc).

Race highs:  the GDH support crew at various points in the race – huge thanks to Zoe Barton and Mark Davenport (nice onesies!), Alice Willson,  Sue Clapham. and 3 generations of Family Swan; having a breakfast cup of tea at the CP on Snake Summit; hearing curlews and skylarks; and ‘our’ (i.e. Jude’s) sweet lines across some rather navigationally challenging terrain.

We saw a number of other GDHrs in passing i.e. them passing us at speed ….  Pennine SPS (note – we *did* try to change the name at the last minute… the lady gave Chris an odd look as we suggested “Jasmin will you sign my Fellrunner” as the alternative name. I think they ignored us- Tim).  including Tim “pain is in the mind” Budd and Chris “I wish I was wearing shorts” Webb and The John Hewitt Appreciation Society which this year comprised Tim “only just recovered from the last overnighter” Culshaw and Caitlin “now This is what I call a race” Rice together with Alex “I love these flying visits to Glossop” McVey and John “I want to be on *every* committee” Ryan from GDH’s northern outpost.

Perhaps unsurprising, the race was won by Haggis on Tour which featured Jasmin “I haven’t really recovered from the Spine yet” Paris and Konrad “I wish I could breastfeed too” Rawlik in an impressive 8 hours and 32 minutes. Pennine SPS came 3rd (2nd male team) in 9:28 and The John Hewitt Appreciation Society came 12th (3rd mixed team) in 11:08. Well done everyone!

Audacious Gals did not get an official place in the results list as we finished as a team of 3 however we got round in 12:57 (vet time of 11:13).  The event was well organised despite some difficult access issues late in the day, the marshals were amazingly enthusiastic, we all had type 2 fun and we feel absolutely no need to do that again.  I would like to say a huge thanks to Ali, Jude and Bex for their company on today’s race and to our extended posse of HPM team members and reccie supporters over the last few years.

From me (Tim)- I’d like to say thanks to the guys out and about on the course as well- Julien, Andrea and Lynne were also up at Snake Summit from early doors, handing out encouragement and amusement in equal part. Thankfully we managed to get away before Julien could start out with his “witty” repartee... Thanks too, to Matt Huxford for the photos support and for who chaperoning Alice for the duration.

Dark and White Spring Series #1

Lucy “I only really chase the dogs these days” Wasinski continues to bash out the miles in the Dark and White trail Series, starting off her Spring Series Campaign in Bakewell. She reckons that she didn’t do amazingly well, but I’m sure that the results will tell a different story. Greg apparently asked her to bring back a Tart, though I don’t know quite how well that went down.

This is what she had to say: Went to Bakewell this morning for round 1 of some spring series trail runs, solitary GDH this time in absence of Pete W. Every now and then you’re gonna have a bad day out and today was one of those days, just felt like it wasn’t happening. However it was a new route for this year, just under 10 miles, and it didn’t disappoint, bit of Monsal trail, some nice sticky mud, wooded trail sections and my favourite bit… the lush green Carlton pastures (mostly downhill which might be why its so fun). Actually my favourite bit was the finish line cos it meant time for coffee and biscuits, and however bad you feel in a race it’s better than not running at all right?!

Welcome Ultra

Jason “ultra’s in my” Hart went to Otley for the delightfully low key Welcome ultra organised by Punk Panther. Apparently it’s a really nice event with plenty of distance (as you might expect) and a very welcoming atmosphere. Not exactly his first ultra ever- but I suspect that Jason is building up to something special later on in the year… or maybe the Spine next year? oooh, Jason – let us know! Anyhow, rather than spread totally unfounded rumours (did you know, he is also looking at the Cape Wrath Ultra next year?), look at his time instead: he got around the 65k course in just under 9 hours, good work Mr. Hart.

Hope Winter Fell Race

Delighted to see that one of our “under cover” members has been out and about again. This time racing in the Hope Valley (and not telling anyone- presumably trying to escape notice for this report), yes, the (n)ever on time Rich “time keeping is my strong point” White decided that the HPM was too pedestrian for him this year and instead was seen thrashing his way around the Hope Valley in good time. I can’t believe that the official photographer didn’t get a picture of him. Actually, I can – they seemed to be inordinately focussed on running vests that come from the east side of the Peak District… however, I scoured the results and saw that Rich acquitted himself magnificently, coming 42nd of…. um, more than 42 in a time of 57:18.

Anglesey Half

Anglesey was the place to be for the half-marathon of delights this week. Jo “under the radar” Brack was on superb form to bag a significant PB of 1:47:37 and 3rd FV50. I suspect that she came back with a bag of swag, a couple of medals and a head full of Welsh phrases. Whether or not the wind from the impending storm had anything to do with the speedy time, I have no idea. I doubt it – these PBs don’t come easy.

Debdale 5k

Three of our finest were at the Debdale 5k this week. As ever, Malc “Debdale is my second home” Brown was there, mentioning that he shared the start line with 2 more GDHers. One, unfortunately shall remain nameless, mainly because I can’t find mention of them anywhere, nor can I see it on Strava. The other was Steve “5k isn’t long enough for me these days” Crossman who decided to run from Hadfield to Debdale, run the 5k in a sub 20 and then run back again. Not a bad morning out, really.

Junior Parkrun

Thanks to Pete W for the update: Just Martha and Merlin at Junior Park Run this morning. The cloud and drizzle back after last weekends February scorcher.
Martha ran a new PB of 11:24.
After last weekends PB, Merlin decided he’d check the ground conditions closely this week so sauntered around in 16:20.
Mini Harrier Flynn hasn’t done any running this week but he has had his GDH induction with the right of passage that is a wander up Kinder. Conditions were….well….most unFebruary like

Dave Munday and his entourage might not have been at Marple, but they were at Hyde Junior Parkrun, and Will, Josie and Rory apparently had a marvellous time bashing around the course..


There were a couple of people taking advantage of the dry conditions underfoot at Glossop this week – yes, New PBs for Steve Page and Melissa Crutchley at Glossop Parkrun this time around.

Other Stuff

Um – to be honest, no idea what else is going on. The Tuesday night sessions are ongoing, there are people out and about ALL the time, so if you need some inspiration, get on strava or get on facebook and ask for a run partner.

Get out there and run.

out and about

Charlie and Andy – out and about


1 thought on “Pre- storm Freya Weekend Report

  1. Matt

    I think we all know with my organisational skills it was Alice who was chaperoning me. Well done to all the HPM runners, It was with great delight that I managed to NOT take part again. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy, you all looked disturbingly fresh when you arrived back. Some would question whether any of you actually did it at all…


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