tis the week before the week before easter…

Yes, it is the week before the week before Easter, and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even the easter bunny. Which is a shame, as I’d really like to try one of those chocolate scotch cadburys creme eggs. mmmm. All chocolatey sugary goodness – perfect race food. Ok. Stop. Im drooling.

In hindsight, it would have been a lot easier to call it “mothers day report”, but then… ah well, it’s been done now, and I don’t have any tippex to change what is on the screen. Thanks so much to Nick Ham for providing a report from the Lakeland 42 this week, which I quite happily copied/pasted/chopped/butchered. It seems there was precious little racing going on this week, however, I’ve managed to fart around on strava and facebook enough to bulk the report out with a fair amount of fibre for you all to feel sufficiently stuffed.

Lakeland 42

nick ham

Ah – the monochromatic Lakes. An ice cold Helvellyn summit.

Nick “the racing machine” Ham was *of course* out and about, hammering away the miles in another “long race you weren’t sure if you had heard of”. He appears to have taken over Club Beard Responsibilities from Ben Tetler for the moment. We shall see if the speed has been transferred across as well. This week, Nick was out and about on the Lakeland 42. Yes, 42 teeth gritting miles around the Lake District. Snow still on the ground, blue skies above, Nick threw himself into the course with abandon. His straight-line knowledge, gained from a number of completions on this course, gave him the added advantage that he *really* knows how to tire himself out in the right places (straight up Place Fell) in order to recover on the cruise back into base. Yes, he blitzed the course in 12:41, and is probably back at home for tea and medals.

Portway Runway Run


No – nothing happened! They just happen to have taken the photo in front of an ambulance

I don’t know a lot of people that get up on a Sunday and think “dyou know what? I think I might run 5k round an airstrip for a bit of a laugh”. However, in this club, I guess we don’t tend to associate much with “most people”. Yes, Mandy “collimated” Beames (I know, I know, I tried too hard there) – was up and about in Portway, bashing around the runway, avoiding aircraft in various states of take off and landing while finishing in about 40 mins. (One presumes…?… that’s what strava appears to say). There was, of course, an obligatory beer at the end, followed by a sweeping up of anyone unlucky enough to have been swiped by a wing.

Mothers day 10k

Paul “not so secret training” Peters seems to have celebrated Mothers Day by blatting around a 10k in a superb time of 33:41, I do believe. To be honest, the only reason I’m saying this is because that is what it says on Strava. Whether or not this was actually a 10k on Mothers Day, a run to the shops to buy a Mothers Day Present (hence the need for expedience), or some other training protocol that he is implimenting that we have not yet heard of, I am not entirely sure. Needless to say his secret training regime of actually getting out there and doing the hard yards is paying off in Spades. (or is that shovels?). Good running sir. (I hope you got the card to your mum in time).

Buxton to Glossop

A group of intrepid explorers, led by the navigationally talented Paul “follow me!” Skuse, took a bus to Buxton this weekend in order to run home – in order to be back in good time for tea, cake, medals and family shenanigans. The route ended up being somewhere in the order of a marathon and a bit, which was run in good humour and happiness by the crew, including Charm and Tracey, neither of whom had ever run anything quite approaching that kind of distance before. Marvellous work! Sounds like the 15 trigs is ON!

Marple Junior Parkrun

From my scanning of various social media feeds, it appears that Will Munday was across at Marple Junior Parkrun for what was (I believe) his first time. Well – that’s what the website says. Was anyone else there? I have no clue – no-one told me. So officially Will was first Glossopdaler home. Nice one!


What’s this? Joe “mean machine” Travis hitting a PB at Oldham? Emma “not letting my bro steal all the limelight” Peters blatting around Gateshead in a PB as well? A flock of Swans at Cirencester, Sean “every week a bit faster” Phillips got ANOTHER PB at Glossop, as did Matt “follow my lead” Crompton, Jessica “not at all” Camp AND Melissa “I can beat my Dad any day of the week” Crutchley.¬†I think there might have been a milestone in there somewhere as well, but damned if I can find it. Amazing work from all of you.

Other goings on

As there was nothing better to do this weekend, it appears that Luke “take me” Holme (country roads), Jason “shot through the” Hart and Will “I’m NOT Pete Wallroth” Mather decided to head across to the Yorkshire Dales for a bimble around the 3 Peaks route. Despite the fact it was a little claggy they (apparently) didn’t get lost. The fact that Luke was there makes me a little skeptical of this, but they seem to have colluded with each other and aren’t deviating from the story.


Who’s a handsome devil? What the hell colour are those shoes?! Get some mud on them!

Immy was over on Ireland doing some spectacular peak bagging in Ireland/Northern Ireland (I couldn’t tell from the strava map). I think it was the Glover ridge, but then again I could be totally making it up. If you haven’t seen the pictures on Strava, go have a look. I can’t copy them from there, so that is why they aren’t on here.


Now THAT’s a peak to bag.

Other Stuff this week

Heck. I dunno.

Tuesday will be Jeroens Sufferfest coached session, people will be heading out throughout the week around the resers, loads of people seem to be doing hill reps – so post on facebook if you fancy a bimble/session as it appears that training mojo has bitten everyone.

Chicken run is on April 6th – next week, and is in the club champs, so get along to that. Its only over in Hayfield, entry on the day and is a decent bimble around there. (11am). Coledale horseshoe is also on, as is the Howgills. But unless you have an entry to that one already, it probably isn’t worth turning up- it was a ballot entry this year. (what is the world coming to)? There are probably a plethora of road and trail races that have escaped my attention, and there will certainly be some hill based amusements.

If you do end up getting out there, how about making life easier for Greg and Lucy next week and actually send a report or some photos into gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com (they’ll need them, seeing as Lucy is running the 4 inns next week and might not be in a state to do much else that write “stuff happened”).





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