Its the Easter Weekend, Weekend Report

Too hot this week, too cold the week before, and too windy the week before that. Us Brits really do know how to have a good old whinge about the weather, but never will it stop us. It’s a week that saw the start of the midweek fell running season, plenty of fell and road race action, ultras, PB’s a plenty, and not least, Jeroen Peters sporting a pair of Fell shoes. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and strap yourselves well and truly in, for another epic weekend report.

Salford 10K

With only 18 feet of climb over the route, Salford 10K is a PB course and no mistake. Kirsty Sharp, David Christie-Lowe and Steve Page made the trip, all with sights on a fast time.

After a blistering start, Steve Page pulled the plug at about half way. Only in Salford for a PB, the heat combined with a certain London Marathon next weekend, it seemed a sensible decision to fight more important battles. Steve is the latest member of the DNF club (along with me, and most others), but he wont be the last!

Results are up, and both Kirsty and David made excellent time!

133 Kirsty Sharp 38.48

253 David Christie-Lowe 44.03

Rivington Pike Fell Race

John Pollard and Neil Shuttleworth were over at the BS class, 3 mile 700 ft, Rivington Pike fell race, which is reputed to be the oldest fell race in the UK. I’m sure there’s a few that may claim this, but suffice to say, this was Neil’s 40th run of the race, which is incredible. This kindly sent in by John….

First fell race in over 10 years (though tbh much of it is roadish)…so did OK for 2nd v65 in huge field, but nasty heel blisters from the hard, steep descent. Shoes too big?
Neil Shuttleworth v70 also pictured finishing.

John finished in 32.30, whilst Neil finished in 45.45. It is worth pointing out a historical result of Neil’s in this race from 1988, where he finished in an incredible 21.33. Wow.

Excellent running from both John and Neil, and hope to see you both at plenty of races this summer!

Teenager with Altitude

At 17 miles and 6800 ft climb, the Lake Districts Teenager with Altitude is a classic AL race. This year only Lindsay Palmer took part, completing the course in 6.12.33. By all accounts it was a very tough race in the heat, with many retiring due to heat stroke. Lins plugged away and kept on, and despite coming in at the back end of the race, just making the earlier cut off, which all in all makes it a very commendable effort.

Newlands Memorial

This was kindly sent in by Rob Murphy….

Newlands Memorial fell race (11.5 miles, 3600 ft of climb) , fantastic weather although could have done with it being a little cooler!!, we started an hour after the Teenager with Altitude race where I saw a small GDH contingent, Clare Higgins also completed the race (Strava) and thanked me for entering her in the race. Now for some rehydration in the Horse and Farrier in Threlkeld. Great day had by all.

Results are in and Rob finished in 2.47.49, whilst Clare came in at 4.31.15. Well done to you both!

Team Peters Exploits

It is telling indeed when we simply must dedicate a whole section to one family holiday, but its been exhausting watching the Strava feed of the Peters family this week – up in the Lake District and causing havoc. It started with Emma and Paul running leg 1 of the Bob Graham Round last Sunday, completing the 19 miles, 5500 ft of climb in 4 hours 23 minutes. Then on Tuesday, Emma was at it again, and this time on leg 5 of the BGR with 12 miles, 2500 ft (2 hours 28 minutes). This is impressive, but is slightly overshadowed by the fact she was accompanied by Jeroen. Many of us never thought we would see the day, but it seems the Coach has gone rogue on us, becoming a fell runner overnight and even buying himself a pair of Inov8. You won’t be blamed for not believing it, but I have tracked down photographic evidence, and its an absolutely amazing action shot!

Jeroen Peters – Fellrunner

Surely that was it right? No, Emma was out again on Wednesday, running the Grisedale Grind, an AS fell race with 1500 feet of climb straight up and down Grisedale Pike. No results in yet, but Emma completed in 41 minutes. After a day of mountain biking, the full Peters clan was jogging down to Grange and back, clocking Christine’s longest ever run at 12 miles. Well done indeed!

Finally, the 4 musketeers had a crack at the infamous Whinlatter parkrun, which with 603 ft of climb, gives Lyme Park a run for its money. Now that’s a holiday they’ll not soon forget!

Herod Farm

For many, flogging the clocks marks the end of winter. For others, its the appearance of daffodils just about everywhere. For many Harriers however, it is Herod Farm Fell Race. This is really the first of the local mid week season, and represents a very significant challenge, all packed within a very insignificant distance. At 3 miles, and 2 climbs up The Nab totaling 1,100 ft of climb, this is an AS and no mistake. With an excellent GDH turnout of volunteers, it allowed a decent number of us to have a crack at this little gem.

Paraphrased this info from Sikobe…..Congrats to our friend Caitlin Rice, who finished 1st Female in a record time of 26:25, beating Natalie White’s time of 26:34 from 2007. 1st Male Dan Haworth (Matlock) in 22:23, only 4 seconds shy of Lloyd Taggart’s 2007 record of 22:19.

Huge Thanks to Sikobe and everyone who volunteered this year. Darren Clarke will kindly take over as RO from next year, and I look forward to it already.
Aside those at the pointy end, below are the GDH results!

37 Harry Hawkins 29:52

48 Richard Martin 31:05

58 Lance Hamilton-Griffiths 32:04

66 Ian Crutchley 32:42

69 Luke Holme 33:00

75 Alex Critcher 34:15

76 Clive Hope 34:16

83 Michael Raynor 34:34

92 Steven France 35:16

115 Kate Bowden 39:15

Oldham Way Ultra

If Salford wasn’t an exotic enough location, this weekend saw the Oldham Way Ultra take place. Ultra’s and heatwaves are not good bedfellows, but that didn’t stop a few of our lot from having a bash. I’d seen quite a bit from Will Mather and Luke Holme throughout the day, at one stage posting a 5 minute monologue video, while they both lay down in a field talking nonesense (yes, during the race).

Guy Riddell at least seemed to take it seriously, realising that he was engaged in a “race” after all. And Thankfully he sent in the following…..

In previous years this race was held in March and was a gloriously cold and muddy 40 mile squelch round the old boundary of Owdham.  Since the beast of the east interrupted play last year it’s been put back to April, to be interrupted by, err, the scorch from the north?

Myself, Will Mather & Luke Holme took to the line for a 7am start from Castleshaw Res in Delph well aware we were in for a tough day with clear skies and hot sun forecast.  I ran most of the race with a GDH buff on pirate style, soaking it with water whenever I could, and needless to say as the day wore on was still absolutely baking.  The first section takes you through Crompton Fold to Tandle Hill Country Park with a couple of trig points on the way and the first manned CP 10 miles in.  Will & Luke had trotted on ahead, but I was already feeling warm so deliberately hung back and tried to get food/drinks on board early. 

Arrived at Chadderton Park just as parkrun was starting, so took a little detour and joined in for half a lap before taking the canal through scenic Failsworth and the usual assortment of discarded mattresses and used condoms they decorate the ginnels with round those parts.  Unusual to run through the woods at Brookdale without a bit of slipping & sliding, but today the whole route was worryingly tinder dry. Was really feeling the heat, but knowing what was to come (hills and views) helped me push on to the manned CP at 21 miles, just after Daisy Nook Country Park.

Was told at this point the spice boys Will & Luke were 35 minutes ahead of me, so I tried to push on a little, helped by a friend giving me ice pops at Park Bridge.  The route takes you through what’s usually a quagmire of a field to Hartshead Pike then through Grotton/Mossley area towards Quick.  By not I was anything but quick, but a drenching from a hosepipe from Mossley running club was a great boost.  Short canal section and then you climb up a steep hill, ignoring the inviting beer garden of the Royal George to your left (*make note of this point).  Was walking a lot now, but from here it’s a lovely section through woodland towards Chew Res, then a drop down to Dove Stones Res and next CP at 33 miles.

Confusingly the marshal told me I was now ahead of Will & Luke now.  Now no way I had speeded up, so I was worried they may be relying on Luke’s navigating skills and be over in Crowden running the SP24 route.  I was also finding it hard to keep anything down and feeling rather sick in the heat.  Still I pressed on slowly up Alderman’s Hill then shortly started the steep descent towards Diggle. Everything caught up with me at this point, threw up a little and staggered to the Diggle Hotel – and I mean staggered) and had to sit down on the road to avoid collapsing.  A local brought me the best tasting glass of water I ever drank, and after 5 mins of shade I was able to continue up the final hill (start of cake race).  Easy couple of miles of baking tarmac to the finish and food and sweet tea and more water.  All is well 41 miles done.

So what became of Will & Luke?  Well in true tortoise and hare style, they were in the beer garden I passed earlier, and they later visited the Diggle Hotel too.  They basically turned the last 10 miles into an impromptu pub crawl.  Seems Luke had been suffering with the heat too, and Will was good enough to stay with him and help him through / watch him suffer (delete as appropriate).

15th = Guy Riddell                 9:38:23
30th = Will Mather            11:15:57
30th = Luke Holme            11:15:57

Strava tells me that Will and Luke’s “moving time” was 9 hours 22. So the result indicates their “not moving time” (or “drinking time”) was around 2 hours.

Kinder Killer

Good Friday saw Jude Stansfield and Caitlin Rice having a crack at the LDWA’s Kinder Killer. This “anytime” challenge is not one I’ve personally encountered before, but looking at the route, basically up, down and around Kinder umpteen times, it looks like a proper belter. Estimates vary, but its around 30 miles and 8,500ft of climb. Not sure how they got on time wise, but the sun is shining, and they are smiling!

“Have I got cream on me face?”. “Nah, you’re sweet”.


An awful lot of tourism this week, but starting off with the PB’s, we saw Marie Williamson over in Marple, taking a break from Marathoning and clocking up hers. Meanwhile many Harriers out at Glossop, but fresh from Salford and practicing his Marathon sprint finish was a PB for Steve Page. Also Charles Wrigley beat his best.

So who was out and about? Bill Leason was at Heaton Park, Nick Ham at Woodbank, Joe Travis in Oldham, Tony Hillier at Hyde, Holly and David Munday at Rotherham, Peters Family at Whinlatter, Peter Savage at Kesgrave, Lucy Wasinski at Dolgellau, Richard Martin at Poolsbrook, Wyatt and Laurie Barlow in Bakewell, Adam and Matt Crompton at Hafan Pwllheli and Steven Pepper at Penistone.

See consolidated club report here

Other Stuff

A fair bit of recceing action too this week, with many having a “look” at Kinder Downfall, and Immy Trinder and Dan Stinton checking out The Welsh 3000’s.

Other than all this, not a lot happened! But don’t forget, Speed Training on Tuesday nights with Coach Peters, a must for anyone looking for some additional spring in their step. Also, with the lighter nights, the Thursday Socials should be in full swing. Usually a Road/Trail group, and a Fell group (actually, often more than one), and volunteers to lead are welcome.

Don’t forget, we love to hear about your exploits big and small. Please email us at!


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