It’s the Scorcher Weekend Report

Things really hotting up this week, not just literally, but also in our Championships. Saturday was ridiculously warm and boy, there was a lot of group photos this week! Thanks everyone for the contributions, and well done t everyone that got out there. Put your feet up, and enjoy the highs, lows, (and rants) from just one week of Glossopdale Harrier life.

Trunce 5

One short of a Gaggle, the Swan family headed over to Trunce, determined to experience minimal queuing within the first mile. Phil Swan ran the “big race” and managed a time of 32.04. Not quite a PB for Phil in this race series, but I can vouch that its a very good time! Meanwhile, fledglings Caitlin and Josie Swan ran the junior race, finishing 5th and 6th Junior Females respectively. Well done girls!

Don’t forget people, Trunce is a Champs counter this year, so do make sure you get over for at least one in the series. It is a cracking little race.

Remaining Trunce races, for the diary….. 16th July, 5th August, 19th August and 9th September.

Round the Resers

A champs race, and I’m not sure we could find one that is any more on home turf. So well do we know this territory, we can do it with our eyes closed. And a picture I saw on Facebook of Rob Sheldon, was pretty much just that.

Paul Skuse very helpfully sent in this report. “Not sure if this has been done already but thought I’d give a few notes if needed. Conditions were perfect. Loads of GDH were out. I beat Steve Crossman“.

Thanks Paul!

Now, I’m not entirely sure of the route to be honest, but its 5 miles and I think does a couple of laps around Valehouse. If going anti-clockwise, then I guess you do that horrific little hill twice! Mur de Huy as its known on the “Strava segment circuit”, where Luke Holme holds the record, and I’m still convinced he strapped his watch to his dog that day. The times do the talking, but there was an epic turnout and some really interesting battles played out by the look of it.

Below are the results, but I cant find a proper record of the prizes. I know there was a prize for Paul Peters, and also vets prizes for Steve Crossman, David Christie Lowe and of course, Tony Hillier. Possibly got the Mens team prize too depending on how they work it out. Beyond that, its anyone’s guess!

5Paul Peters28.39
8Sean Philips30.02
13James Knapper30.36
14Paul Skuse30.41
15Steve Crossman30.48
17Simon Watts31.05
19Nick Lord31.33
25Ben Naylor32.53
30Will Mather33.20
36Luke Holme34.01
38Rob Sheldon34.17
53David Christie-Lowe35.47
55Jeroen Peters35.56
60Alex Critcher36.20
63Peter Wallroth36.31
64Mike Burton36.34
65Frank Fielding36.37
66Michael Raynor 36.40
96 Rachel Walton39.27
99Simon Toole39.44
108Joanne Brack40.35
109Nick Ham40.36
127Emma Rettig41.42
129John Pollard41.50
131Charm Brierley41.54
136Tony Hillier42.07
137Marie Williamson42.15
155Wendy McMahon44.41
175Kaylea Haynes47.15
180Malcolm Brown47.42
193Laurie Barlow49.31

Sale Sizzler

A few of the lads found themselves in Wythenshawe on Thursday, for the first of 4 in the Sale Sizzler series. Apparently this is a very flat and fast 5K! This from Nick Ham…..

Three of us kept the GDH end up at the first Sale Sizzler this evening (and was it a sizzler in that heat and humidity) – me, John Stephenson and Tony Hillier. Two of us graced Round The Resers last night as well. There’s nothing like serial compulsive racing for keeping you fit (I think).

359Nick Ham24.07
379Tony Hillier24.50
397John Stephenson24.59

Don’t forget, the last Sale Sizzler is a counter for the road/trail champs. Thursday 8th August, so get your entry in!

Wheres your thumbs Nick?!

Hope Wakes

Just shy of 6 miles and 1500 feet, Hope Fell Race is a local classic, and one which I am ashamed not to have done! I think the summer route is the reverse of the winter version, but perhaps I just made that up. Either way, Robin Hoffman and Sarah Andrew made the short trip, for this little belter over Win Hill. I scoured for some piccies, but perhaps there was some incognito running going on here, as I see no blue and orange. Brilliant running, but you should get yourselves a vest guys!

73Robin Hoffman56.15
87Sarah Andrew57.30

Tideswell Fell Race

Midweek Man Paul Skuse was over in Tideswell Friday night, and sent this in!

Just four mighty Glossopdalers dared take on the challenge of Tideswell on Friday evening. William Mather (Bright of shorts and short of brains), Luke Holme (Wise of route and ignorant of pace), Paul Skuse (Witless, feckless and scrawny) and a newcomer to the world of midweek racing, Lance with the double barrelled surname (I’ve got high hopes for this lad!) .

The weather was warm as I’m sure you all know. It always feels warmer with limestone underfoot. We did a quick recce of the start and end of the route. It was clearly going to be one of those balls out at the start and hang on type races with a very long mile of descending trail before hitting the hard climb. And this is exactly what happened. Luke, as always, promised to beans it on the first mile and lead the pack till at least the first photo op. And as always, he bottled it! To be fair, this wouldn’t have been a good day to try it. Keswick had come down from the far North (Winter is coming!) and they dominated like Cynthia Payne! The pace they set off at was insane and they did it in force and with smiles on their faces. The route was nearly pure trail with a fairly respectable lump to climb half way round. Keeping the pace going up was really tough; you know when it’s runnable but only just. After that, it’s straight back down via a slippery path, some deep, dark woods and a near endless series of steps. I think quite a few of us lost traction at some point. Will took a spill and hurt his arm (but my little snuggle monkey picked himself up and carried on regardless). Then it’s a fast, flat dash to the finish. I’m sure that regardless of the route or race, the last mile is always longer than any other. 

Not sure about results but I came 11th feeling truly ragged. Will came in soon after with a brilliant sprint finish to snatch an extra place. Lance was only moments behind and, hats off to the lad, he had given it the beans and had nothing left in the tank. Luke had garmin issues so no idea about his time but the sweaty state he was in was proof he’s been giving it the beans as well. And so that’s it; the Tideswell fell race 2019.

“Where’s your vest Luke”? “It got lost”.

Well done lads, below are the results. I must add that I received the following cryptic message from Luke Holme after the race.. @Ian Crutchley if Paul says anything about me drinking before the race its a lie. He didn’t Luke, but now the whole club demands an explanation!

11Paul Skuse30.26
36Will Mather34.18
41Lance Hamilton Griffiths34.41
48Luke Holme35.16

Whaley Whaltz

Saturday was definitely not the day for racing, but some just won’t accept any kind of adverse weather condition. A few brave souls were over in Whaley Bridge. This from Pete Wallroth….

Well this was…..erm……warm and I mean devilishly warm. 30C to be more precise which made for an altogether unpleasant running experience. Knowing there was a river dip at the end probably kept all of us going as we struggled around what would be a testing, but great 9.5k course in normal British weather, never mind in a heatwave.

Suffice to say this race took victims early on as heatstroke and flying low branches took out a few of the front runners. Thankfully we all finished safely

97Rebecca Smith1.02.57
105Pete Wallroth1.04.45
144Cathy Murray1.09.37
180Nick Ham1.15.34
“The Tarmacs melting Pete”. “Just smile like you’re enjoying it”.
“And why are we in this random kitchen?”. Just smile team, just smile….”

Arrochar Alps

Tim Budd, Matt Huxford, Jamie Helmer and Andy Oliver went North of the Wall to take on the Arrochar Alps race. Pretty serious this one, with 4 Munros and about 15 miles. In typically modest and humorous fashion, Tim Budd provides us with all the details….

The 4 horsemen of the glosspocolypse headed to Arrochar, just north of Glasgow for this delightful little race which is 277,777 battered Mars bars long and has 20869 cans of Irn Bru of ascent. Here’s a bullet point list of quotes and things we learned.

  1. Findlay Wild does not look like that.
  2. Scottish tussoks are easier to run on.
  3. Thunder travels at the speed of sound.
  4. Everywhere in Scotland has a castle. Even caravan sites.
  5. Midges are lovely around these parts. Less like being bitten, and more like having a massage.
  6. Just because you live in Scotland doesn’t make you any better at going up hills. (according to Angela mudge)
  7. Wierd moaning cows
  8. Carnivorous plants
  9. Frogs everywhere
  10. Jamie nearly got struck by lightning
  11. We can’t count.

Thanks Tim, I think! I don’t see any results yet, but I’ve got no doubt you guys did well here.

Lakeland Trails 55K

Dan Stinton also went North, but had the sense to turn off the M6 before it was too late. Having said that, he took on a 55k race on the hottest day of the year. Should have stayed on the M6 mate! He sent us this in…..

I took on the Lakeland Trails 55km on Saturday, did anyone mention it was hot? There was a few races going on, including the 100km (which started at midnight on Friday) and the 23km and 14km.

Dan (left) with someone he doesn’t know (right)

I guzzled water like the was no tomorrow and when the aid stations weren’t enough, a few well timed streams came to my rescue (including filling my hat and pouring it over my head). Later in the race a couple of lads were stood by a fence and said to me: “You’re in 12th position, you could get top 10 if you pushed it a bit”.  This was a massive surprise as I had no idea where I was in the field, and I’m not normally there. 

If there is any moment to give it some wellie, this was it! So I started running like a maniac (well, as much as I could muster anyway)! 15km or so later and I’d somehow crept up to 7th place. Totally unexpected, but I’m really pleased to have been able to push through at the end. 

John Pollard was on the 23km and gave me a big Glossop cheer at the start (thanks John!). 

Indeed he did Dan, I picked this up from Facebook…

Ran the Lakeland trail 23k from Ambleside today, good demanding route round Grasmere and Elterwater. Obviously hot and rocky but not like Liam at Glastonbury..knowwhatimean!

“This was the best group photo I could come up with under the circumstances”


Plenty of GDH action at Glossop this week, with Wioleta Wydrych taking advantage of the dry conditions nice a PB. Loads of tourism as normal but it seems Marple was the place to be, with Caitlin Swan, Wyatt and Laurie Barlow all smashing out PB’s. Lyme Park also had a PB from Rick Gwilt. Well done all!

Check out the consolidate club report HERE

Round Sheffield Run

Running around Sheffield doesn’t appeal me, but the Round Sheffield Run definitely does. Here and now, I’m pledging to go try this one next year! Lucy Wasinski ran as a mixed pair with Steve Page, and I believe came third. Not sure beyond that, but Lucy sent this in…

Perfect weather for today’s Round Sheffield Run, and got an early start in before it got really warm!
So here we are sat in Steve’s car on the way home pondering what to put so in the absence of feeling creative and feeling like we should talk to each other, we decided to have an interview, there won’t be any job offers forthcoming from the BBC.
Lucy: Skuse, did u have a good day?
Skuse: I had a fantastic day, and the company was tolerable (*charming!)
Lucy: What was your favourite bit?
Skuse: Stage 4 the long descent through the woods.
Lucy: Were u pleased with your time? Skuse: Slower than last year but yes!
Lucy: Will u back?
Skuse: Defo! With the GDH peloton!! Be nice to beat Crossman haha.

Skuse: So Steve what was it like winning your first ever medal?
Steve: Disappointing!! Haha. We were 10seconds behind second!! But equally top laugh, really enjoyed it ….apart from Lucy’s foul mouth. (* there might have been a “bit” of cursing but it was hard alright!!!) We’ll be back next year to get that 2nd place with 10 seconds off!

Think the blokes have summed it up really, was a fab event, defo recommend it! Massive thanks to Steve for pacing/waiting/encouraging/carrying the water and being an all round blooming good partner… despite a painful toe! It was loads of fun!

Big thanks to the GDH marshal (Laurie Barlow) and kudos to the other GDHers (Wendy Mcmahon, David Munday, Susan Moore, Kate Emily, Marie Williamson) and any others I’ve missed sorry) out on the course who we sadly didn’t bump into, there were a lot of people in Endcliffe park! But some happy photos of faces and some good running times so looks like everyone had a brill day out!

“I’ll race you up the hill”. “What do you think this is, don’t be stupid!”
“Whats the time Steve?” “Bugger off, I’m not falling for that one”

The Great Bakewell Pudding Race

A mass start of juniors and seniors, when the race splits after a mile, was always going to be a disaster. And, unfortunately the inevitable happened to my own, with Benjamin Crutchley completing half the adult route, before a kind marshal pointed out he should have turned left 2 miles back. With kids involved, the marshaling on the split should have been better, and I’m afraid this race will be better remembered for my shouting at the RO at the finish, than for the race itself. To be fair, I was missing a child, and slightly bemused as to why no one thought that was a problem! Anyway the kind marshal brought him back shortly after, and no real harm was done. I have to say, a really harsh DNF for young Crutchley in the junior race.

Enough of my ranting now, this was a Champs race after all, so what happened? This is a fast race and no mistake, and there’s just no hiding from it. It generally undulates, no big ups and downs, but there is a very welcome river crossing close to the finish. No full results presently but I believe the first handful were Sean Phillips, Joe Travis, Will Mather, Ian Crutchley, Luke Holme, Zoe Barton, Wendy Trelease in that order. I had my face in a Bakewell Tart so missed the rest. Cheeky! Serial racer Nick Ham sent this in….

I ran 4 races in 5 days (it could have been 5 races if I’d done Tideswell on Friday). My Whaley Waltz effort was painfully slow with heart rate at 173bpm as I walked up hill. It wouldn’t come down below 100 for the remainder of the day. By this morning at Bakewell I felt slightly more in the mood for running. I might have got yet another PW but it wasn’t as emphatic as yesterday’s debacle and I finished with a contented feeling that I’d actually managed to run most of it. When’s the next race?

Excellent attitude Nick, and well done all!

And another group photo!

Halifax Marathon

Simon Watts was over in Halifax for the Marathon, and sent this in….

A tough marathon! My partner is from Halifax so I know some of the roads but there were some unforgiving>15% accents. The first 8 miles or so is climbing followed by a steep descent into Halifax,then for lap 2 with a minute lost due to poor signage back to the start/finish. Last 6 miles I was managing the cramp creeping into my legs but elated to see the finish line😁

A wee bit windy and warm but a great morning out with some cracking views…and I placed first! Yay! Not a PB marathon time but really happy with 3hr 17m with 910m of climbing!

A terrific result that Simon. Makes me really proud to be part of this running club. Long may I bask in the glory of others!

The single picture this week that proves we are a “running” club, and not a “group photo” club!

Other Stuff

Not too much more I can think of, but I can’t miss the opportunity for some “post race pig out” pictures….

As always, please send any racing contributions to We do love to hear all about it!

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