“Onward to the Equinox” Weekly report

Well, there was a fair bit to write about this week. I think I’ve done a suitable amount of detective work and have managed to get everything in. If you did something, and didnt mention it, and I haven’t found it- ah well. Good running by everyone, those who raced, those who ran for fun, those to ran for beer and those that just bimbled in the hills. It’s all good. Get out there and enjoy yourselves.

Dig deep

Luke Holme and Pete Wallroth went across the otherside of the Peak (Sheffield side… eugh) to have a bit of a bash at the Dig Deep 30 miler. It seems all was going fine and dandy with vast amounts of cake and haribo being consumed up until the 17 mile mark where Petes legs decided that they had had enough and cramped up all the way down into Hope. Pete decided that more snacks was the better part of valour and sat down with a cup of tea and a handful of biscuits while waving Luke off into the distance. Luke finished some time later and became re acquainted with tea and cake once the happiness that he had not been navigationally embarrassed wore off. Good running gents.

Lee Mill relays

Steve Crossman has sent in this missive:

‘The grass was green, the sky was blue, over the hill the Ironman flew’

Yes folks it’s that time of year for the Cross Keys Road & Fell Race. As the promo says ‘This format was originally designed to bring road and fell runners together in an event where they could appreciate each other’s skills and meet for a pint afterwards. Still one of the best days in the calendar and the sun always seems to shine. Road legs are two laps of a hilly circuit. Fell leg is a single lap of an undulating course over Saddleworth Moor. Road leg (2 laps): 3m 650ft. Fell leg 2.5m 800ft.’

As the hunks  had a couple of vacancies this year, 2 of GDH’s Damsels stepped into the breech and considerably upped the quality of team ‘Ironman gets WAC’d ‘, named as it’s the only Wide Awake Club that Ian ‘Ironman’ Oates is likely be seen at!!

Kirsty Sharp was first up for the massed start of the road leg and sped round against some quality opposition, placing 4th before handing over to Caity Rice. Caity (always faster in the blue & orange) operated a ‘scorched earth’ policy  and blizted the fell leg, overtook a few and came in 2nd place. Steve C maintained the position on the next road leg before passing over to Ironman Oates to run the glory leg. The lad did well, running against some tough competition and brought the squad home in a creditable 4th place, 1st Mixed Team.

Results: (21 teams, Holmfirth had 7 teams out!!!)

Team ‘Ironman gets WAC’d’ – 4th Overall and 1st Mixed Team (2 + 2) Total Time 01:33:36

Caity – Fastest Female Fell Leg (23:44)

Kirsty – 2nd Fastest Female Road Leg (missed out by 1 secs) (20:24)

Lantern Pike/ Hayfield Sheepdog Trials 2019

Our man on the ground, Paul Skuse had a few words to send in about the Lantern Pike race.

Who cares what the race is like when the sun is out and the sky is blue. I’m sure you all know the route –fell in name only but still a good old lump to climb and descend. If you don’t know it, get out and race it. The sun was a mixed blessing; it looked ace but made for tough running. You can’t beat getting a dry mouth within the first 500m. GDH had a good turnout. We can’t keep Lins Palmer off the fells these days. Nice one Lins. Pete Nicholson was out, not in club colours but in a superior quality wicking t shirt or least that’s what he told me (get a vest, muppet!). I was really chuffed going over with Ian –it felt like old times. You can’t beat rocking up to a race with mates in vests. Nick Ham was there, camera in hand as always. Good to see you back on it Nick. Zoe rocked up with her clan; it’s always good to bring your own support crew though it can cause issues at prize givings when someone needs a wee.  Greg Wasinski was also racing and giving Ian someone to chase. A special shout for Andy Wilkins who was running this as an anniversary run as he first did this race 30 years ago. And last but not least was Bill Leason who I don’t know -sorry mate, I didn’t get chance to say hello. Next time.

We all rocked up, raced and came in with smiles on our faces (admittedly some smiles came later that others J )

And it was great to see John Pollard, Dez Mitchell (poultry supremo) and Lucy Wasinski cheering us on.  Always appreciated

6             Paul Skuse           40.26     MV40 Prize

25           Ian Crutchley      45.09

34           Pete Nicholson   47.29

47           Zoe Barton          49.04     LV40 Prize

71           Nick Ham             53.34

85           Lins Pamer          56.55

101        Andy Wilkins       64.25

102        Bill Leason           64.25

3 shires

Tim Culshaw was out and about in the Lakes this weekend, blatting around the 3 shire race route- with a number of other runners, it has to be said- he wasn’t just up there for a jolly. I have no idea how he did, but I suspect he was the first Glossopdale harrier home.


The Swan Clan were down at their annual trip to Equinox24 with Marple Runners. Caitlin and Josie were 2nd and 3rd girls in the kids run, Phil and Els ran round in 10k circles as part of a relay team of 8 and Phil met (or maybe imagined meeting) Riccardo briefly on a downhill section of the course – Riccardo was running as a solo. I have no idea how he got on. They are just home and Els reports that she is slightly broken. Top weekend then.

Penistone Hill race

John Pollard was also across the hill- but not quite as far as sheffield- which is good. He has this to say….- After watching the sweaty sufferfest that was Lantern Pike yesterday I was glad to see the rain over Bleaklow as I made for the Penistone Footpath Runners (that really rolls off the tongue eh) hill race from, yes you guessed it, Penistone.
Only GDHer there & probably only about 90 in the field but it’s a cracking little route heading out over fields, tracks, roads, bracken-thick steeper ascents towards Langsett & back. A very twist turny thing at times & definitely runnable if that turns you on. I managed 67 minutes & had some good battles with some heavy breathers.

Utterly Butterly Fell race

I suppose I should have guessed that as Tim was running the 3 shires, Alice Willson would also be getting some racing in as well. Alice ran the Utterly Butterly fell race, which I have no idea about. I HOPE it involves butter, maybe a scone or a tealoaf, and perhaps a cup of tea. Whatever, Alice came in a superb 4th lady on the day. No mention has been made of the quality of baked goods.

Southport 10k

Tony Hillier went North to, um, Southport. Or is it West of us? I have no idea. Anyhow, he was over there running the 10k which, I am told is a 2 lapper and pretty flat. I have no clue how he did, but I suspect that he was most likely 1st V70. Again. No mention of the cake.

Sheffield 10k

MORE people going to Sheffield. What it is about that place? Harry Hawkins and Ellen Wilson were over there doing another 10k. Yes, the crop up all over the place these days. It was a bit hilly apparently, and there was probably a headwind, almost certainly some rain and a bit of clag. Harry was really chuffed to get round in 38:44 and Ellen ran with her +1 and they were most pleased to finish in 56:56.

Glencoe Skyline

Kasia Osipowicz was off Skyrunning again, this time in the glorious setting of Glencoe. The route comprises of a decent amount of running, and a grand amount of ascent and descent on some of the most spectacular ridges you can find. She had a grand day out as far as I know, and was 9th lady and 69th overall. Awesome work.

From last week-

Not mentioned was the Snowdon Skyline race where Chris Webb and Kasia Osipowcz raced up and down a fair few of the gnarlier ridges in Snowdonia. Chris was 11th and Kasia was 2nd lady, I do believe. Chris Jackson, sometime of this parish was also racing the Vertical K, but I don’t know much more about it. Webby


Sean Phillips matched his Glossop PB at 18 mins dead this week, while Will Mather nailed a new PB at 20:18. Alison Holt also joined the PB list in 26:10, with Marika Galgenbeld doing the same thing at 27:30. There were also loads of other runners at loads of other parkruns, but it’s getting late and I really should get this report out, so if you want to have a look, go to the link here!

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