It’s the Pinch Punch 1st of the month report

Good riddance to November I say – the mist, the rain, more mist and more rain. Hurrah for December! Lets hope today sets the scene for the rest of the month, cos if it’s like this, I cannot wait! Marginally worried by the chat at Old Glossop Xmas market of people asking each other if they are ready for Christmas yet?! Don’t wish the best part of the month away – mince pies, mulled wine, more mince pies and more mulled wine! Thanks to everyone who sent in reports this week, made life a lot easier seeing as was still sat in the pub at 5pm!

Manchester indoors

Paul Peters found himself closer to home this weekend and picked the one weekend the sun actually shone to go for a run inside! Thanks for sending this report in Paul:

“This past Wednesday I decided to have a change in pace (literally) and have a go at some middle distance at an indoor athletics meet in SportsCity. Having never raced indoors (in a 200m track) or anything under 5km, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was a super friendly day. I was worried I’d end up lagging behind a bunch of 4-minute milers but fortunately I wasn’t too out my depth.

I originally went down just for the 1500m, and got super nervous as I got to the start line. But I settled into a rhythm, tucked just outside the leader (rookie mistake, should’ve kept further inside or overtaken sooner). I went into the lead with 3.5 laps to go, feeling confident and not fading yet. With 400m to go a Liverpool fella came round with an insane burst of pace and destroyed me to finish 1st, and I came round second in 4:23.93. In hindsight I could’ve given a little more in the middle but I’m more than happy to put down a baseline that fast!

After that I caught the racing bug again, and managed to sign up for the 400m aswell last minute. I was even further out my depth here, and even attempted a proper crouched start, not that it helped all too much… Finished just under a minute in 59.33

After a little confusion I then ended up running the 800m leg of a relay (800m, 400m, 200m, 200m) at the end of the day. My legs weren’t sore, but they were tired in a much different way than I’m used to, and they felt heavy lining up for the last time. I surprised myself by managing not to finish the 800m leg in last, coming past the 5th placed Leeds lad in the last 150m, and as I passed the baton the ref shouted out 2:12 so I’ll be taking that as my unofficial PB!

Overall a great day, would absolutely recommend giving middle distance a whirl if you happen to get the chance sometime.”

Great running Paul, I like the sound of only running for a few minutes but I bet that’s pretty painful!

Paul outsprinting Leeds to the finish…and the girl in the hoody was struggling to stay awake

Peak Raid

Seems like not everyone was running the Gravy Pud today and a car load of GDH went in for something a tad longer, thanks to Jude for sending in this report:

“A small group of GDH went over to Great Longstone for round 2 of Peak Raid. A beautiful morning and stunning views watching the frost evaporating in the winter sun. Six of us hit the trails and dales and all made it back with plenty of points:
Lynne (I’ve got 2 more events today to get back for) Taylor – 180
John (what tunnel) Stephenson – 235
Jude (first time caution) Stansfield – 245
Nick (not repeating last week caution) Ham- 275
Dave (magic string magic route) Hogg – 295
Andy (perimeter bagging) Oliver – 340

A great event all on paths. Vegan cakes and massage at end. Round 3 Grindleford Dec 15th.”

Great points tally everyone! Bet you are glad you made the Peak Raid call Nick – big total!

Not sure which of the camera shy GDH it was with the invisibility cloak on, do you think they realised it didnt cover their feet?

Gravy Pud

It had been the talk of the town for a few weeks, and there were a flurry of last minute entries…it was as if people knew the sun was finally gonna shine! Thanks to Paul Skuse for sending in his half cut report…aiming to get the report out pre-9pm so only a minor bit of editing took place 😉

“This is what a local fell race should be. There was a plethora of harriers out today (if I didn’t say hello earlier, “Hello.”) We had seasoned veterans, happy plodders, race freaks, social runners and a few race virgins.  Conditions were near perfect, only a touch of frost and some deceptively slippery leaves were there to ease back the pace (for me at least – Crossman was racing in full XC mode and just beansed it). If you had a reason for not racing today, fair play; for anyone who just couldn’t  be bothered, you missed a belter!  Oooh –the results have just come in.

Caity was first as Ribble but in a GDH vest so that’s what counts for me. (40:58 –First Lady)

Joshua Southall came in second for GDH on his first ever race. Top lad!!! He’s one for James Knapper and Sean Phillips to put in the crosshairs. (41:24)

Steve Crossman managed to leather me despite his old age and odd route choice ( he also took V50!) (41:31)Top effort bud. You’re flying.

I need to improve my handwriting as Paul Skipe ?? came in at 41:13.

An injured and unattached Chris Jackson got 43:06. This is how good he is when he isn’t even trying!

Dan S  (a name Im starting to fear) had a fair old ding dong with Lance H and the two came in respectively with times of 43:39 and 43:48. You can’t beat a bit of team rivalry to up your game.

My mate Rob S came in next (47:01), ran past the finishing line and wasn’t seen again. We were drinking beer and eating cake in the pub matey boy!!

Ian C got a PB (I think) with 47.27. Top effort! No one rocks the GDH vest like Ian!!

Pete ”Pornstache” Wallroth  was just behind with 47:43 (It’s December –shave it off!)

Guy Riddell was seen out in daylight which must surely be a shock to his retinas and came in at 48:12

Another PB for Tim Crookes who looks magnificent in his new GDH vest -48:44

Alex Critcher has been clearly putting the graft in with Steve Page came in at 50:10

Joe Gavin got 52:45 and a smile on his face. That’s a win.

Si “The Lynx effect” Toole  came in at 52:57. He looks like Blofeld and smells like a teenager 🙂

Laura Macfarlane got 53:18 Im not sure we’ve met, I’m a face rather than a name person.

Wioleta rocked up beaming –that’s what the game is all about. She came in with a time of 56:01

Mrs Science Rachel W was in at 56:22 but didn’t look sweaty enough for me. Come on, get your sweat on!!

John P got 57:43. This lad is a machine and races more than most of us can dream of. Kudos.

Donna Brierley came in at 01:03:35. The name sounds familiar but I cant put a face to it. Say hello next time.

Tracey Robinson came in at 01:05:19. I didn’t even see you till the end. Hope you had a good one. You always smile so it’s hard to tell.

Wendy McMahon got 01:07:44. I didn’t see you at all. Did you go to the pub? Hope you had a good one.

It was good seeing Paul Amos back on it. He just needs to give his Liam a little nudge to get back out with us. His time was 01:12:25. Nice one matey boy.

What a belting morning!”

Blimey what a turnout! Great running GDH! Some storming times there! Clearly getting in some sneaky practice ready for it being in the champs race in 2020. Full results can be found here:

PIcture paints a thousand words – GDH at its brightest best! Wioleta had sensibly ignored the alleged kit requirement, and Pete getting into the full blue and orange spirit, feet and all!

Santa Dash

Thanks to Mandy B for sending this report of the Tintwistle Santa Dash:

“I’d decided a few weeks ago to have a bit of a giggle at this one as it was for charidee and did so fully; meandering round the 5k route in about 35 mins whilst shouting, “Ho-Ho-Ho” at bemused dog walkers at Bottoms Reser. It gets rather warm in Santa get up I tell you!
I’d marshalled at Gravy Pud this morning and mentioned to Tracey Robinson that there was a 3k route, and a chance for her to take the ‘first finisher with dog’ prize. With an hour to the start, off she popped home to get Cecil…. and got lost on the way to the start.
Togged up in our suits we were off, Tracey hooning it down West Drive like a rocket. Unfortunately for her she was actually too quick for one of the marshals and did an extra .5k whilst being guided back on course by another bemused marshal as her and their nav skills failed. She lost first place but still ended up winning the dogging contest. 
I’m so impressed with her performance after also running the Gravy Pud that I definitely won’t mention her further nav error on the way back to Glossop this evening. Well done though Tracey!”

Well run you 3! Glad you are keeping up the GDH tradition of some absolutely first class navigational skills Tracey!

Cecil looking a bit bemused at being dognapped by 2 Santas

Other races and stuff

Marie Williamson ran the Oulton Park GP marathon, 10 laps of the track. Slight Garmin error means we don’t know her final time but either way a great effort on yet another marathon outing for Marie!

Ellen Wilson did the Percy Pud 10K over Sheffield way. Photos made it look fun, but don’t know anymore than that…

Guy Riddell completed his plan to run every day in November. And by day he probably means morning. The sort of time of morning that most of us aren’t really aware exists.

Parkrun Corner

Well the big news was, Glossop parkrun was ON!!! Whilst others were getting cancelled for ice and flooding (ok that was in Tewkesbury) no such need here! Over the border in Marple, Paul Sinton Hewitt was in attendance squelching his way around Brabyns! Well done to everyone who did a Parkrun and hope the cancellations didnt skupper too many plans. Consolidated report found here:

Oliver Mather did Marple junior parkrun, after ice skating over puddles to get to the start, he did well and being careful not to trip over the frozen mole hills, it made it round in 11.35! Nice one Oliver!

In other news

Will’s 500

So it can’t have gone unnoticed that GDH’s resident running loon today started to embark on something pretty epic. Running 500 miles in December – starting today with 1 mile, then another  2 tomorrow, 3 the day after…yeah you get the picture. When everyone else will be wondering what outfit to put on for their NYE night out, Will be wondering whether any of his running kit will be clean enough to wear for one last epic 31 miler to see out the year. This is all in aid of fundraising for Mummy’s Star – and it probably goes without saying that Will will no doubt be keen for support in chucking some pennies in the pot, and keeping him company on some of the month’s 500 miles.

Club AGM

Word on the Street…or word from Jeroen at Old Glossop Xmas market anyway, is that this year’s AGM will be held on 27th Jan at 7.30pm. No word yet on venue, but one for the diaries. I’m sure you’ll get something official from the committee soon, but for now put it in your diaries. (Oakwood…. …Oakwood)


So you probably haven’t missed the announcement of the 2020 champs races. The chatter is all about which races you’re gonna do. Some of these races sell out super quick, so if you want to do them – don’t hang around or you will miss your chance! Steve P has been busy rallying the troops and posting links to Hit the Trail and Wrexham half…or you can just google them if you can’t find the link.   There will be FB event pages and links on the website for each race so keep your eyes peeled. The races aren’t updated yet for 2020, but check the website out for how many count in each category and for the overall champs.

Marathoners and marathon wannabes

So today the ballot entry opened for Snowdonia road marathon which takes place Oct 2020. The ballot is open for a week and entries announced sometime in Jan i think. It’s a seriously fab race, hilly, but not overly so….views are stunning and the main roads are closed so you get to run up the road to the top of Pen Y Pass which in itself was pretty cool. So much good support on the way round and not sure i’ve finished a long race absolutely buzzing, but definitely was after this one. Not sure why i’m trying to sell it as it already had 265 people put their names in 10 mins after the ballot opened, it’s gonna be tough to get a place!!

And on the marathon theme…the club has 1 place for the London Marathon. If you want to have a go, then email club sec at The draw will be made at the Christmas Party.

Glossop Community Running Track

It’s like waiting for Christmas this but it seems like there won’t be much longer to wait! News just in from Coach J is that The Glossop Community Running Track is progressing well. The markers are ready, the information panel looks brilliant and marking the course will take place soon, then 2 weeks after that the actual markers will be installed. Official opening will be in January probably.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for this! Be amazing to have a fully marked trail for us and the rest of Glossop to use – no more squinting at what your GPS says, or telling a fib about which tree you thought Jeroen said was the end (or is that just me haha). 

Don’t forget, it’s Tues trail fun at Simmondley, and Wednesday sees the return of Chris’s Bankswood park torture-fests. Right, that’s a wrap I think! Finishing with a picture of the views out on the hills today because….well….just because. Enjoy.

What a view.

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