Its the “hand me another mince pie, Christmas isn’t over yet” report

Always a funny week Christmas eh. I mean, what day even is it? Will the in-laws ever go home? Are there any more non coconut or strawberry creme quality street left in the tub? Have we really got to have another day of leftovers…those sprouts aren’t any more appealing when they are 4 days old, and cold. I wonder if anyone is even running (apart from Will Mather)…that Strava feed looked pretty quiet on occasion. Anyhoo, here we are – quick bite of mince pie, a check of the phone calendar and turns out it’s the 29th, and a Sunday – so here goes for the weekly report of Christmas week. One of what, 2 weeks of the year when it’s possible to do more than one Parkrun?

Christmas Day – Glossop Parkrun
Breaking with tradition and not putting this in with Parkrun corner, Christmas Day Parkrun gets its very own slot. Massive kudos and thanks to the RD and all the volunteers for giving up their Christmas parkrun for the rest of us to burn a few calories and have some fun. You’ve probably seen already but Glossop smashed it’s previous attendance record with 195 runners and walkers taking part!!! wow! Three cheers to Paul Peters who broke the 17 min barrier and whizzed round the course in an impressive 16min 57. My dog fancied her chances at keeping up but luckily was somewhat hampered dragging a Christmas pudding but nonetheless keeping up with her tradition of getting a PB every time she parkruns – here’s hoping that she stops soon, my legs can’t take it. Jeroen got his 100th parkrun, congrats 🙂 and Holly Munday fresh from her win at the reindeer challenge improved on her Glossop parkrun time by a massive 11min50!!!!!! Well done to all runners, elves, volunteers, spectators, puddings, dogs, and santas.

Star and Garter Boxing Day 5k

So whilst some of us could barely drag ourselves out of bed and pull on the running gear, some GDH thought it would be fun to a do a race over in Stockport! No official report but strava suggests Mandy Beames and Tony Hillier were there. To be fair from Mandy Beames Facebook feed it sounds like it was a right hoot. 5k with lots of mickey taking from the support crew and the odd beep of a car horn from Jess Camp as she drove to the Boxing Day sales (who thought that was a good idea eh Jess 😉 )

Poses almost perfectly mirror images!
Tony made sure he got a race number in the v70 category

Ribble Valley 10km

It’s a rare Sunday that David Christie-Lowe isnt seen on the Longdendale trail at 9am, and knew something must be up when he wasn’t in attendance! Ah ha- today he was doing the RIbble Valley 10km!

Chris Webb had obviously finished his prep for the AL/rounds event weeks ago (must be the teacher in him!) and had time for a quick race earlier and sent in this report:
“Fast and furious racing on the road this morning at the Ribble Valley 10k. Incorporating the North of England 10km Championships it drew a strong field so the 3 Glossopdalers who headed to Clitheroe would hopefully be dragged to some fast times…and likely a disproportionately bad placing!  The race is run along closed country lanes which, bar the odd undulation, are pretty flat and is reasonably picturesque for a road race. I’ve no idea how Nick and David got on but their excellent times – see below – and photos (David never misses the chance to whip out his winning grin for the cameraman!) suggest they fared better than me! I knew my race was heading south when I was feeling the pace after 2km, my legs just didn’t seem to fancy it. Anyway, good to be out running fast and I would recommend the race as either a way to burn off some Christmas excess or target it as an opportunity to pick up a PB.”

Nick’s laces didnt get the memo they were meant to be orange not red
Were they trying to slow people down? the size of those chips!!

175th: Chris Webb: 36:39

251st: Nick Lord: 38:47

469th/7th V60: David Chrystie-Lowe: 44:08

Cracking times there guys! Sounds like it was a blooming strong field!

Adlington Winter Warmer 10km

So for those who didn’t go to Ribble Valley there was something a bit different going on – thanks to Pete Tomlin for sending in this report of a very fun sounding race!

“Think it was only me and Nick today. Really enjoyed this race. You had to predict your time and weren’t allowed to carry a watch or GPS. Was quite refreshing to just listen to your legs rather than watch.

Beat my predicted time by nearly 2 mins, so happy with that.”

Will’s day 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29

Blimey, when you look at it like that and realise the miles this guy has had to do this week, crikey. So for him the running hasn’t stopped this week and looks like a good number of GDH have kept him company out on the roads, trail and fells. He’s done loops of Glossop and Hadfield on Xmas day, lots and lots and lots of loops of Manor Park yesterday, and is probably going a tad loopy with day after day of what is now an ultramarathon a day. Will – you’re smashing it! Not long to go, and the whole of GDH is behind ya!!

Parkrun corner

We’ve had a few tourists this week including at Wanaka and Fontainebleau as i’m guessing Family Munday ticked off an “F”? The consolidated club report can be found here:

What’s up next?

NYE – Wormstones fell race, from the Beehive pub at 11 (someone correct me if i’m wrong!). Please turn up even if you don’t wanna race – it spells the end, yes…the actual END, of Will’s 500 mile challenge for Mummy’s Star. That deserves some cheers alright.

NYD – Parkrun – your chance to the do the double. Remember, no Marple this year after Glossop, it’s Hyde at half 10 after Glossop at 9. Why not get your year off to a great start eh 🙂

Hit the Trail – first champs race of 2020 next weekend, wahooo! If you aren’t entered already, sorry but it’s full. Having said that, you can transfer places so keep your eyes peeled out for people getting rid of their places.

Clash of the Titans – you must have heard about this, I “think” Skuse might have mentioned it. Anyway, get your popcorn and foam hands ready, and get yourself down the tip tomorrow night at 7, Sean and Paul are fighting it out to see who can will have the Strava segment crown – will Sean keep it? or will Paul fresh from his sub 17 parkrun reign supreme. Whatever you do, DON’T take your car down the lane with your strava running and mark it as a run…..

Well folks, that’s a wrap (geddit?) from us. Been a pretty amazing 2019 for everyone, here’s to a happy, injury-free, adventure filled, PB-smashing, hill-conquering, full-beans giving, runnable, whatever-your-personal-challenge -is-overcoming, 2020!

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