Huh-Nuh-Yuh- weekly report

It’s been quite the end of year and beginning of a new one this week. Janus-like, we look back and look forward…. actually, no, we don’t really. It’s all historical here, to be honest. There were races, there was other stuff going on, but if you didn’t tell me about it, or I didn’t find it on Strava, then it hasn’t got put on here. Thanks to the Wormstones photos from Andrea Minshull, and the report from Sean Phillips this week.


Only a fair old bevvy of 21 Glossopdalers turned up to Wormstones- the slightly alternative route- this year. The route normally goes across the top of the clough from Harry Hut over to the Shooting Cabin on Chunal moor. This year, because of permissions, the route was a little extended, so PB’s were probably not going to happen. However, epic battles and mud filled shoes were in order, and the last race of 2019 certainly brought out the best in people.

17- Matt Huxford 00:41:26
19 Caity Rice 00:42:52
33 Steve Crossman 00:44:32
47 Sarah Andrew 00:46:09
52 Paul Skuse 00:47:14
62 Rob Sheldon 00:48:49
66 Kasia Osipowicz 00:49:25
68 Andrew Baron 00:50:08
76 Frank Fielding 00:51:41
79 Zoe Barton 00:51:41
85 John Gaffney 00:53:01
86 Ian Oates 00:53:09
93 Will Mather 00:54:15
96 Michael Burton 00:54:41
99 Cheryl Stitt 00:54:59
102 Cathy Murray 00:55:29
114 Simon  Toole 00:57:26
122 Rachel Walton 00:59:36
126 John Pollard 01:01:14
132 Dez Mitchell 01:01:36
141 Ben Jon Robertson 01:05:17

Hit the trail

First club champs race of the new year- Hit the Trail was again organised by Bellvue Racers over in Stockport. There were a LOAD of GDH there, some with entries being given up by others who had other- somewhat Trigger recce shaped fish to fry.

If you want to see some lovely pics, then APN sports photography has some great ones up on their website

Sean Phillips sent in a short report-

I was happy to see Hit the trail back in the champs after last year with the large numbers. Again GDH didn’t disappoint, couldn’t count the number of blue and orange. It’s a fab challenging course, especially to kick the year off with!


Stevie- not Sean- but at least there is a Dog in the background. (not the dog- just “a” dog). So, representations all round, really.

There were a few hiccups for me though that marred a great race! After a mile there was a poor rider and a horse standing to the side of the trail and the horse startled with the shock of runners coming through! Luckily the rider had a good hold of them – it could have ended in a bit of a disaster with the stampede of runners heading for them. After we got beyond the horse it seemed to settle down… until I reached mile 3! A dog took a dislike to me (and my shorts!) and wouldn’t leave me alone until the end of the race. So for the remaining of the race I had the annoying little *** jumping up at my legs/ knocking me off balance/ trying to give my legs a nibble.  For the remaining 1.5 mile it was much the same, trying to stay upright and dodge the dog. I kept asking everyone I came across to catch the dog but the little bugger was good at dodging them!  At the final hill I didn’t quite manage to dodge him and he took a chunk out of my favourite “tasteful” shorts – luckily he was satisfied with that and didn’t manage a chunk of my leg! I was VERY happy to finish this race and a bit gutted that I’ve lost a good pair of shorts and a few seconds off my time.

All in all really good route, with some questionable added obstacles that I hope to avoid next year! (there is a grand photo of Sean and his little “buddy” on the APN website- but it’s copyright so I’m a little loathe to post it here with a massive watermark on)!

4 Sean Phillips 00:28:42
6 Stevie Knowles 00:29:11
10 Steve Crossman 00:30:02 (1st V50)
12 Caity Rice 00:30:11 (1st Female)
15 Steve Page 00:30:26
16 Harry Hawkins 00:30:27
18 Paul Skuse 00:30:37
27 Chris Smith 00:31:50
45 Rob Sheldon 00:33:34
46 Guy Riddell 00:33:34
48 Richard Martin 00:33:40
61 Jeroen Peters 00:34:44
63 David Chrystie-Lowe 00:35:12 (1st V60)
67 Matt Crompton 00:35:40
73 Michael Park 00:36:13
84 Frank Fielding 00:36:59
85 Tim Crookes 00:37:05
90 Ian Oates 00:37:05
113 Pete Tomlin 00:38:37
121 Simon Toole 00:38:52
122 Jo Brack 00:38:56 (1st FV50)
123 Pete Wallroth 00:39:02
141 John Pollard 00:40:05
144 Rachel Walton 00:40:05
149 Rose Greenfield 00:40:33
159 Nick Ham 00:41:08
160 Kate Bowden 00:41:09
172 Nicola Pennington 00:41:30
173 Alison Holt 00:41:32
178 Rebecca Smith 00:42:04
182 Wioleta Wydrych 00:42:18
183 Charmayne Brierley 00:42:19
189 John Stephenson 00:42:53
193 Tony Hillier 00:43:06 (1st V70)
236 Janet Dove 00:45:04
239 Christine Peters 00:45:04
254 Lindsay Palmer 00:46:02
334 Lynne Taylor 00:52:49
336 Mandy Beames 00:53:28

Jo Brack was first FV50, Steve Crossman was first MV50, David Chrystie-Lowe was first V60, Caity Rice was first Lady overall, Tony Hillier was first V70 and Glossop won the Ladies Team Prize with Caity, Jo, Rachel Walton and Rose Greenfield. Good work! (Apologies if I’ve missed anyone on the results, I noted a a couple of strays who were unattached on the list (Skusey, Pete T and Mandy), I imagine it is a clerical error on their end. However, if you raced and aren’t on these results, I suspect you’ve been marked on their results as unattached).


Grim up north 10k

Liam Amos was again up North, doing the “Grim Up North 10k”. I pretty much have no other information other than it was probably 10k, and it took Liam about 1:07 to do the run, but also to do the warm up… (of as yet unspecified length). Marvellous.

Parkrun Corner

A list of the lovely people out on parkruns this week – Glossop – usual suspects, no PBs.

Woodbank- Nick Ham.
Hyde- Tony Hiller
Marple- Bill Leason
Sherringham- Julie Eyre
Chateau de Pierre de Bresse – David, Holly and William Munday (Nearly, but not quite the furthest flung of the week award…)
Lyme Park- Wendy Trelease and Dez Mitchell
Kapiti Coast (NZ)- Joe Travis– definitely the furthest flung of the week award.
Alexandra Parkrun- Craig Leith and Sarah Leah
Nova Prestatyn- Laurie and Wyatt Barlow

New Years day- lots of people at Glossop and a bunch then went to Hyde as well. Sorry, I don’t have the tech to work out who did what….

Honourable mentions

I can’t not talk about Will Mather who ran cumulative mileage for the entirety of December while still at work. I think he totalled 500+ miles with over 16000m of ascent- all in aid of Mummy’s Star. If you haven’t seen his posts on facebook, get over there and have a look, if you haven’t thought about donating- watch the video and have a think. (at the time of writing he is achingly close to 4k). I mean really, it was kind of touch and go at times, but he pulled through in style, finishing his month at Wormstones fellrace – where, as you can see above, he acquitted himself in fine style. Awesome work Mather. Will

Other bits and bobs

If you haven’t seen Alison’s post on facebook- 2020 Subs are due. If you don’t know who to pay or what to pay, either look on the GDH page on fb and search for Alisons post- or- if you don’t have facebook- ASK someone.

The AGM is on the 27th January at 7:30pm– upstairs in the Oakwood. Put the date in your diaries. If you’re interested in helping keep GDH healthy and active as a club your input is welcomed. Please consider standing for a position, there are a number of people standing down this year so the places MUST be filled- and as is healthy in a democratic society, I believe you are welcome to stand for any position you wish.

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