The post rain race rush

So after rain, rain, rain and more rain, this week has finally bought with it some better running weather! And not just for those off enjoying their running abroad (no names mentioned Sean & Vicky Phillips and Chris Smith). There have been plenty of miles put in by a lot of people this week – marathon training is definitely in full swing! Good work GDH.


Big thanks to Laurie for having put together the Glossopdale Parkrun competition – this week saw a bunch of GDHers go off to Oldham to bag their “O”. Meanwhile, somewhere over in Holland, Coach J celebrated getting one year older (and wiser?) by partaking in one of the Netherland’s newest parkruns in Amsterdam! Guessing most of the Dutch courses will be PB courses…?

You can view the consolidated club report here:

And report from Jeroen…the Peters family went away for a double celebration this weekend. Most importantly, Coach J’s first birthday celebration back in his home country for 30 years and the first ever parkrun in Amsterdam with another Peters, Eva, in overall control as the Event Director.

And what a morning for such a celebratory run! Frost on the grass, clear blue sky and glorious sunshine streaming through the trees of this beautiful park. But we were not just there to admire the surrounding area but on the hunt for multiple (age-grade) records. And we succeeded, as in Chris and Emma did.

Emma broke the 21 minutes barriers for the second time in as many weeks, coming home in 20.34 and first u24 female, taking that age-grade record. Beating me by almost a minute in the process.

Chris was not to be outdone and came home first 55-59 female taking that record in an amazing 26.07 and a 71.22% age grade, her first ever over 70% age-grading. My only claim to fame was I beat both of them in the age-grade category, second male in category with 21.27.

Saddleworth 10 Reservoirs

Simon putting into practice a carefully planned nutrition strategy…

Thanks to Simon Tool for this report.

This was the first staging of a race organised by cragg runner (Alderman’s ascent) and my word it is a beast of a route. It is down as a 24 miler but is more like 26. Myself and Nick Ham were the only entrants from GDH . I ran with a work colleague, Paul from Mossley running club. The idea is that you follow the route to 10 reservoirs around the area , each with a checkpoint. Setting off from the Dysart arms toward Dovestones,  Yeoman hey  and greenfield  ressers ,all on path and trail and very pleasant.  Then the fun starts,  river crossings,  steep rocky climbs , slippy flagstones and bogs , one of which I fell into, waist deep (nice) . Black moss ,swellends, blakeley, wessenden and wessenden head ticked off the list before we head up the moors towards black hill. It was whilst up on the tops that the wind and rain started and conditions were pretty miserable until we got down to crowden . One more resser to go and we head up to chew reservoir , a tough unrunnable section , climbs bogs and plenty of snow. After chew we are homeward bound through the woods (part of the Dovestone diamond route) , hurting now as we finish back at the Dysart arms and a welcome meal and a pint. A tough race but enjoyed it and still managed a smile at the end.

Paul P at Lancaster

Every year Lancaster uni puts on a super friendly track meet, and it’s a great chance to try something new. I wanted to try my hand at a 1500m but with it being 30 mins before the 5000m I stepped down even further to the 800m. Since I had no idea what 800m pace was, I ran without a watch and just felt it out. I managed to hang onto the fella in front for the first 400, and by 500m my lungs were on fire, my vision was starting to go hazy and I felt light-headed. I managed to hold on strong for the last few hundred metres, even starting to catch the guy in front. He must’ve heard me coming though because he did just enough to hold me off. I finished in 2:09.6, just under the 2:10 target I’d set myself, but the main takeaway is that a 4-minute mile is stupidly fast.

I had about 3hrs until the 5000m started, but I spent most of that time stood up helping with field events, so by the time 5000m came around my legs were still not fresh. The first 2-3 laps my legs were like jelly, but once the lactic shifted my race head was back on. The lead pack of 3 got away from me around 4 laps in, and I knew 2 of them would beat me but after another lap 3rd place fell off the lead pace aswell. He probably had around 50m on me, but I resisted the urge to sprint back to him and instead gradually reeled him in over the next few laps. With just under 3 laps to go, I caught up to him, and instead of sitting back with him for a bit I decided to take a risk and blow straight past. I felt good for the last stretch and finished strong for 16:14 (3rd place), about 10s ahead of 4th. All in all a nice confidence booster and a good marker to move on with for future training. Might even do more middle distance if the chance presents itself…

I promise my next race will be back in blue/orange though!

Chester 10k 

Nick Dove and Rose Greenfield had clearly got their racing legs back after James Thorn as they were both racing too. Jonothan Haggart also did the 10k and sent in a report.

I did the Chester 10k this morning.  Didn’t see any other GDH, but that’s not a total surprise given my position off the back of the pelaton. I am not in good shape at the moment so my aim was to run 5k without a walk, then it became 6, then 7, 8, 9 then 1….not quite.  There was a nasty hill towards the finish that forced a stroll.  A nice run though, and I’m pleased with my efforts.

Peak Raid 3

John S and Lins P crossed the great divide to take on the Peak Raid 3 Round 1 event based in Bamford. These events are a series of 3 hour navigation challenges set on paths and trails in various areas of the Peak District.

At the start Lins quickly decided on a clock-wise route and I went anti-clockwise.  My choice meant walking through the village of Shatton and then climbing Shatton Moor to the radio mast, familiar territory for anyone who’s run the Wolf’s Pit race. That warmed me up and given the sunshine I remained toasty for the rest of the day even in the cool breeze. The navigation was relatively easy as it only uses public rights of way, but sometimes a path on the map is not so obvious on the ground. I managed to walk and jog round and was happy with 280 points given current state of fitness.

Lins route choice and fitness proved superior and she covered more miles and scored 320 points. As we left the event centre we were both second in our category but there were many runners still on the course.

A decent supply of tea, coffee, sausage rolls, crisps and flapjack helped us re-fuel at the end. Really looking forward to the next one and hope to see a few more from Glossopdale there. They are a great way to try out navigation skills one might have picked up during last years GDH Nav Training, give me a shout if you’d like to have a go, I’d be happy to guide anyone for their first foray.

The Resolution Run

The Barlow Rolls contingent were out taking part in the Resolution Run (charity run organised by the Stroke Association) at Heaton Park this Sunday morning.
Cath and the boys took on the 10K while I went longer and did the 15K. Cracking runs all around with both boys finishing well inside the hour, and with Ethan doing his first ever 10K and managing to finish 3rd! The sunshine lasted for the first 70 minutes, but then gave way to rain and hail to make for a cold, wet, and ouchy last lap.
A challenging, undulating, course over a mixture of terrain consisting of a twisty-turny 5K lap. It was very well marshalled and we got a shiny medal at the end. Yay!
Ethan – 53.42

Wyatt – 57.22

Cath – *a smidge longer than the boys*
Laurie – 1.39.52

Firefighters 2UP duathlon

 Nick Lord was up near Rivington doing a 2 person team duathlon – not taking it in turns to bike and run, but having to stay within 50m of your team mate the whole way round! Being in that part of the country you’re gonna get some hills so looks like there were cheeky ascents on the 5km run, 37km bike and 5km run! Good work guys!

TransGranCanaria Mountain Marathon

Chris Smith was getting his dose of early Spring sunshine and was over in the Canaries running a Mountain marathon – guessing having emigrated from the Lakes down to Glossop – the 700m ascent in this mountain marathon was probably nothing for Chris!

SELCC Heaton Park

Fresh from his MACCL v60 wins, David Chrystie-Lowe was gunning for more XC prizes this time in the SELCC league. Despite the recent weather and the regular XC usage it’s getting, somehow Heaton Park stood up to this and conditions were surprisingly! Just warming the ground up ready for the next day’s Resolution Run (see Laurie’s report)

Ian Roberts Memorial Fell Race

Pete Wallroth was over in Marsden getting his hill legs back on this 10ish km fell race – by all accounts thoroughly enjoyed it and one to keep our eyes on for next year! Chris Jackson was also there, presumably running in the blue and orange…!!

Irwell 20

Strava reveals Andrew B was over doing the Irwell 20, in cracking time – but perhaps not one to rush to do unless you are after a pre marathon 20 miler (which is probably the point to this race) – as it was “grim and just a boring 20 miler”!! Needs must sometimes eh – but must be a great confidence boost flying round that course!

What else has been happening this week?

Tuesday saw another double up coached session – something for everyone, and to satisfy those living at the extreme ends of Glossop (ok, not that extreme but if you’re driving, Shirebrook to Simmondley can seem like they might be at opposite ends of the Earth!). So it was great to have intervals on Dutch corner on Shirebook, and some reps for the marathoners down on the Glossop running track. Janet Dove’s initial enthusiasm for the coached session turned to disappointment when she realised it was 6.44pm and she was in the wrong place having meant to be at the Glossop running track 😉 made the best of it though and blasted round the Hammer session. Jeroen has posted an updated list for sessions over the coming weeks – but don’t forget to keep an eye out for those weeks where there are 2 sessions happening in different places! A big thanks to Jeroen, Charmayne, Chris etc for enabling such a great variety of sessions to take place.

Thursday social runs are also flourishing! This week saw some fell, some fartlek and Plod Squad out and about.

Glossop Community Running Track

And a quick reminder that the Glossop Community Running Track (orchestrated by your own coach J) will be taking place Sunday 15 March at 1400. Special guests from Team New Balance who will also be running a training session for anyone who wants to join in!

Thanks to everyone for sending reports, photos and for being out and about enjoying the miles! Have a great week – until next time.

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