I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day!! Its the Weekend Report….

Wizzard’s wish has finally come true, it’s Christmas every day! Well it is, as far as all the pubs and schools are shut, and there’s nowt left in the supermarkets. I have to say, I doubt this is what Roy Wood had in mind. Pretty much all races, including parkrun have already cancelled and it seems the zombie apocalypse is about to begin. I knew all those hours watching the Walking Dead would come in handy one day.

But its not all doom and gloom, just think how amazing your house and garden will be once its over! Seriously, as difficult as it sounds, try to see some positive here, the opportunities it presents. I’m seeing all kinds of positive comments, suggestions and ideas from the Harriers. Its really fantastic to be a part of that so keep em coming!

So with all available space in my house given over to stockpiling bog roll and curry super noodles, I’m good to go, and I got to thinking more than ever how lucky we are around here. With enough road, trails and fells to last a lifetime, there’s plenty of ways to get your running and racing fix. There’s “anytime challenges” and Strava segments aplenty, we even have access to a running track, so let’s use the time to train hard, and ultimately remain the most successful running club on the planet. Well OK, lets start with the most successful in Glossop.

Sticking with the 70’s rock legend theme, in the immortal words of Rick Parfitt, “it’ll take more than death to kill me”. Unfortunately, Rick shuffled off this mortal coil just 3 weeks after saying it, but the defiance of the statement somehow seems quite fitting.

Committee Announcement

Starting on a serious note, lets start with a statement from our lovely committee:

Based on government advice that came out earlier today (16th March) the committee has taken the decision to cancel all training sessions and club runs with immediate effect. We will continue to keep you updated about our position based on government/Public Health England/EA guidance. We know that many of you will want to continue to run, and we would encourage that if you are healthy and not isolating, that you arrange any runs as you wish bearing in mind the need to minimise non essential gatherings. Please do this privately and NOT on the GDH page. In the meantime, we hope everyone stays safe and well!

Here are a few suggestions of things we can do to help take care of our physical and mental wellbeing whilst we may be self isolating/socially distancing etc. Will add to the list as we get sent more good ideas! Thanks for everyone’s input so far and hopefully there might be something for you there to enjoy!


GDH “Isolation” Time Trials

So with the above in mind, and no races as such, what the hell can we do to keep sane? Fortunately our man Tim Budd is on hand to provide us with some hill based entertainment, and has offered to continue his timetrial series from over the winter. I highly recommend getting out there and having a go, even if it takes you all day, you’ll be all the better for it and feel great too. If visiting random drystone wall junctions in the middle of nowhere ain’t your bag, there are countless Strava segments to have a pop at. Just get out there!

See Tim’s post on FB for more details of the first and now second “Isolation” timetrial. (He was going to call them “social distancing” timetrials, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it).

The first is a relatively short course at about 4 miles, and not so difficult on the nav. Please observe his general comments on how we should be tackling these. Suffice to say, these routes are challenging and a lot of fun, but please be sensible in terms of social distancing, and do follow the countryside code. Once you’ve had a bash, create a GPX from Strava and send it to Tim along with your time and any other pertinent comments (ttbudd@gmail.com). Simples!

Once Tim’s ready to release the next, he’ll compile your routes in a lovely online bit of wizzardry, allowing us to laugh/gloat/despair at each others efforts. This is almost as much fun as the timetrial itself. Example from Isolation TT1 on this link…..

Isolation TT1 – Moorfield Easy Blow Up. Heather Bashers will “love” the section across Shaw Moor.

Coach Jeroen Corner

Did you think that you were off the hook for your weekly speed session. Not as long as Coach J has anything to do with it! He’s kindly sent this in….

This is the first of the *All week, Any time* “Tuesday” session.

Every week I will be posting a session that we could have done during a Coached Session. Hopefully, it will give you some focus and idea for a set that you can do any time. All these sessions are based on running on the new Running Track (RT) and numbers correspond with the markers. You can, of course, do these sets anywhere and not necessarily on a Tuesday. I will however NOT take responsibility for the weather if done on a different day 😉.

This set will ensure you will still maintain some speed in your legs.

Make sure you do a proper warmup prior to this set as it starts quite intense from the start.

3 x 1 mile at ~5K race pace (start at #9, back to #9, round “the loop”)

2m30s recovery after each mile rep

After the third rep, take a 5-minute rest (walk/very easy jog)

2x 400m fast followed by 2x 200m fast with 90 secs rest after each rep. You can do these anywhere, round the loop, out and back or any other variety)


Thanks Coach!!!!!

Old Glossop Fell Race (Route of)

Did you know, there was once an AL class fell race directly from Glossop? Lost in the annals of time, but not quite, as Chris Webb and Tim Budd showed us the way back in February. So after studying their route from Strava, Lance Hamilton-Griffiths and myself set off for another action packed morning on the local hills, with the added spice of Plague dodging. At 20 miles and 5,000 feet climb, its a beasty undertaking but I have to say, a fantastic route with a bit of everything. It took us 4 hours 51 minutes, which we feel is pretty respectable, but for some perspective, Chris and Tim managed the same in 4 hours dead.

Both Lance and I enjoyed the adventure, and an absolutely cracking day for it. I would also like to point out we encountered the odd walker around, especially coming down to Crowden. There was a clear mutual respect from everyone we saw in terms of personal space. We gave them a wide berth, and them us. Great to see, and reassured us that with some common sense applied, there’s no reason why we can’t still enjoy the fells (or any other terrain) in these odd times. Although I would advise to avoid the hot touristy spots, as it will be difficult to stay a safe distance, and we need to avoid overwhelming the surrounding small villages. And that’s really not hard for us to do at all, and if you’re after some ideas where to go, just ask!

Strava Club Leaderboard

A feature that Dan Stinton’s been including for a while, lets see whose been hammering it out this week. Sorry non-Stravarererers!

Ladies Biggest DistanceLucy Wasinski (45.2 miles)
Jessica Camp (41.3 miles)
Wendy McMahon (32.7 miles)
Mens Biggest DistancePaul Peters (70 miles)
Jamie Helmer (59.1 miles)
Guy Riddel (48.1 miles)
Ladies Biggest ClimbLucy Wasinski (6,827 ft)
Kasia Osipowicz (3,826 ft)
Nicola Penningtons (3,679ft)
Mens Biggest ClimbJamie Helmer (14,033ft)
Steve Knight (12,064ft)
Chris Webb (8,484ft)
Some big numbers here. Well done all!

Other News

Thanks once again to Facebook for providing some nuggets of huge news this week:

Ben Robertson has been bitten by something, but it didn’t stop him challenging us all to a Sally Up competition, which I think he lost.

Patch Hal has broken his watch strap.

Charlie Eaton got scratched by a cat.

Alex Critcher stubbed his toe.

Jason Hart had an encounter with George the Peacock.

Jude Stansfield was last seen in a whiteout in the Cairngorms.

Dan Ellingworth is missing the pub so much, he’s twice this week enticed us into his virtual boozer.

Tracey Robinson has plenty of DIY jobs for anyone that gets really bored.

Alison Holt got her knickers in a twist again, as many of us continually insist on writing Parkrun with a capital P. As I know it really grinds her gears, I will continue to “Capitalise” on it. I know, Thanks.

Paul Peters is back in town, and shamelessly sweeping up Strava CR’s all around Glossop. If you own any segments, I kindly request you temporarily delete them, until Paul buggers off back to Lancaster.

Ian Crutchley, writing in the 3rd person, had his first game of “yer what love?” of the season. This involves engaging your other half in conversation, and as soon as they start to talk, commence operation of any household apparatus that emits serious decibels (lawnmower is my favorite). Stop said equipment, say “yer what love?”. Repeat again and again. Apparently this stopped being funny in 2006, but I will literally never get bored of it. Once the other half storms off, repeat with the kids.

Sikobe Litaba, was out and about and sent this in!

A door-to-door early Sunday morning trot out up to Wildbank Trig along the ridge to Lees Hill taking photos along the way. Testing out the recovery of my calf injury (pulled muscle) from 2 weeks ago – its not quite there yet. Back for 9am breakfast fry-up, then a day pottering in the garden sun and sowing lots of seeds for spring and summer greens. 2 photos attached; take your pick of ‘Glossop from Wildbank’ and ‘Chew Wilderness from Chew Hurdles’.  

I’ll use them both, Thanks Sikobe!

Spotted out and About…..

Just thought I’d chuck in a handful of great pics I’ve spotted around, although the individuals may not thank me:

GDH make the Glossop Chronicle! Absolutely nothing else to see in this image…..
3 Amigos! Pete, Luke and Ben hit the trail.
A few pies have been eaten since that jacket last saw action! Guy and Nicola somewhere up ont fells.
Jules and Andy at the Anvil. Bleaklow Stones.
Ben after his sally up. Top effort lad!
Shepherds Warning? Ant and an epic sunrise.
A tough Grind. Sarah near Cluther Rocks.
Early Bird catch. John at Wormstones.
Never text and run. Tracey at Kinder Reservoir
The monumental John on Werneth Low
Dan takes a break from his virtual boozer to blast round Mossy Lea
If not for the photo competition, this would have been the obvious cover photo for this report! Klan Sheldon somewhere out and about.
Flying Swan. Josie somewhere around Snake Woodland

Well, that’s about it for this week. Please, please keep posting what your up to. Stay sensible, stay safe, stay respectful. Look after yourselves and be kind to others! You are never alone!


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