well, everything is perfectly normal then- weekend report

A load of people bashed around the 10k route in various stages of undress… sorry- fancy dress. There was a spiderman, a wonderwoman, a steadily deflating dinosaur and an elf. (there was also a report of Rob sheldon blasting it out in luminous running gear, however, as that is perfectly normal attire for him, I’m not going to mention it. There may well have been others- but they have escaped my notice…

Some zwifting has been going on. (yes Chris Webb, I saw that).

There is a daily relay going on as well- organised by the indefatigable Marie Williamson, but that is 4 days away from finishing. Im not entirely sure who is winning, team A or team B, but you can definitely shout some support on the facebook page somewhere.(oh- and I saw Bartek out in a gdh vest today, so that was probably something to do with it. He looked to be having fun, but completely ignored me. That’s what being on a bike does for you).

Herod Farm-yes it was meant to be the 25th anniversary Herod Farm race this week. Unfortunately, lockdown has meant that it didn’t really go ahead- I’m sure much to Daz’s annoyance. Still, he’s probably continuing to work his way through the beer I delivered to him the other day. The winner this year was almost certainly Frank Fielding, considering he was the only person that I saw heading around the course on approximately the right day.

There was another quiz, this time with another different format- Zoom this week. The highlight was of course seeing if Skusey could make his typewriter attach to his computer. It worked well and amusement was had by all. (and substantial refreshment, too)- thanks to Pete Tomlin for the questions and to Steve Page for hosting.

Oh- and I saw some people hacking around Manor Park doing a freedom run yesterday- so it wasnt exactly parkrun, but it was something along those lines. They may or may not have been harriers, but I thought it might be worth pointing out.

I was going to put up a quick stat about delivering beer and the amount of beer that is being delievered to various members of GDH, but thought that might end up with there being quite a competitive league table. Suffice to say that today was the FIRST day that I didn’t have ANYONE from GDH on my delivery in about 3 weeks. So there is some serious training going on, I would imagine.

Joking aside, there is a ridiculous amount of running going on from the looks of Strava, and it would be sheer folly for me to try to summarize it all here. It is great to see so much positivity and outdoors joy from the people in the club.

Remember, it’s ok to have off days. It’s ok to have times when it all seems a bit rubbish. That is what the rest of the club is here for. Reach out, Chat. Moan, cry, whatever. Chances are someone else has gone through the same kind of thing recently as well, and we’re here to support each other, even when running isn’t an option.

Keep getting out there and doing stuff. 69376732_10157889486192345_1669589873993973760_n


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