Curiouser and curiouser…

An Alice in Wonderland theme feels rather appropriate this week as, based on the last seven days in social media land, considerable swathes of the club do indeed seem to have disappeared down a rabbit hole and re-appeared in a different world.  A world where running around Glossop in fancy dress in daylight continues to be completely normal, where doing things suggested by Paul Skuse is a good idea, where running round and round (and round and round) the garden is not a sign of madness and where counting things in units of 2.6 is not at all weird (or head hurty).

Virtual Relay

Following the huge success of last week’s inaugural GDH Team Relay (not to be confused with this week’s inaugural Team Challenge), Marie Williamson is organising another week of sequential running fun, this time with a brilliant 6 teams and approximately 40 people taking part.  The results for the first week were:

  • Team 1: 152.34 miles @ 11.96m/m
  • Team 2: 146.97 miles @ 10.44 m/m

All of which raised lovely £s for Mummy’s Star.

Virtual Club Challenge

Recently thought up by the ever inventive Paul Skuse (GDH’s very own Mad Hatter perhaps?).  If the first few photos from Challenge 1 and 2 are anything to go by, then this is going to keep the club busy and amused for days.  Well done to everyone who has taken part so far – you are all bonkers!  

If any of the teams are looking for an easy way to spot 4 harriers at once for the Harrier Spotting Challenge later in the week, let Team Swan know – they seem to be spending quite a lot of evenings hanging out on Cock Hill or Lightside at the moment and they like chocolate…just saying.

Virtually Normal Running Attire

The people living on the 10k route were subjected (treated?) to yet more fancy dress running this week including sightings of Mr Incredible, Woody, Lego Man and an impressively well-shouldered American Footballer.  Check out the back page of the Glossop Chron for more photos.

Thinking Virtually

The Covid Arms will open its doors again this evening for the next round of the GDH pub quiz, this time with the Rettigs at the helm.


  • Ian Crutchley won the Not-Herod Farm Fell Race this week chalking up an impressive, although not official, PB in the process.
  • Kate Bowden Ran The Rainbow for Mummy’s Star – 38 miles over the 7 runs.
  • Riccardo G. remains at the top of the Strava leaderboard having racked up a massive 186km of running. In second place is Kirsty Sharp (97km) followed by Jessica Camp (89km) and Luke Holme (85km).

It is great to see how much running is still going on and how creative everyone is getting when it comes to encouraging Harriers to keep putting on their trainers. 

Keep running and keep staying safe.

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