It’s Bank Holiday (in case you didn’t realise) weekend report

Yes, we’re into week whatever the heck it is now of lockdown. What was meant to be a summer of racing and shouting about successes and enjoyment of crashing around various courses across the country and world, we are making do with some rather interesting challenges and ideas in our own locales. The virus still stalks the streets (and boating lakes) of the world, but that is no need to be down in the dumps. I’ve attempted to scour all manner of social media feeds, online stalk as many people as possible, and psychically reached out to get a flavour of what has been going on in the world of GDH this week, apologies if I have missed anything, but this is what I’ve come up with…


Hold the press! Forget about viruses, ignore any racing rivalries, there are massive changes afoot in the world of Strava. Unless you live under a rock, are socially isolating to the point of ridiculousness or have spent the last week in a drunken blitz you cannot have failed to notice that Strava is changing how it works. You might not care about it, but you’ll certainly have heard about it. I’m not going to go into a massive amount of detail about it here as so much has been written elsewhere (perhaps the best explanation is on dcrainmakers site), but suffice to say the changes have divided the running/cycling/swimming/rollerblading/people who use Strava world. I suppose that is what you get when something is free for so long and you start charging for various aspects of it. You might think that £4 a month is a lot of cash for a glorified social running thing, you might see it as an entire pair of shoes over a year, so it isn’t worth paying for. Whatever your perspective, I’m sure that the debate will continue in a lively manner for quite some time.

the hills

Cotton grass on the hills- photo shamelessly nicked from Pete W

Picking stuff up

What with the lovely weather recently (don’t look out the window today though), there has been an increase of people heading onto the hills and moors around us. The beauty spots that we appreciate on a fairly regular basis have, on occasion, been turned into rubbish strewn tips by less considerate types leaving crap all over the place. Thanks to the efforts of a number of GDHers, a lot of this has been cleared up- in some cases several bin bags full of stuff. Obviously if you’re going to do such public spirited and well meaning things, make sure you’ve got appropriate gloves/etc on. Ideally we wouldn’t have to do this, but hey… it’s one of those things- but stay safe out there.

Moorland Fires

On the same kind of subject, there have been a few reports of moorland fires being found smouldering away. If in doubt, call it in to the fire service. We really don’t need Bleaklow/Kinder going up in smoke because of a carelessly left BBQ or fag end. Thanks to Ant Walker for sorting one out up by the B29. Don’t just be alert for the virus, be alert for idiots with fire.

Other stuff

Looks like John Pollard has been knocking out some serious miles for the NHS. Strava (yes, yes, I know) says that he was out for a fair old while bashing about the local trails and hills. He clocked in at around 23 or so- nice one John. jp

There seem to be more and more people looking around for weights to throw around at home. If you think you might have some gathering dust somewhere have a dig around, if you don’t want to use them, chances are that someone else will.

The Covid Arms is still doing a roaring trade in obscure quiz questions in lockdown- so come and join if you’re around on Sunday evening and fancy a social zoom.

Motivation – it is getting to the point where everyone is at a different level of motivation on a different day- or even a different time of each day. If you’re just not feeling it, no worries. Accept that feeling for what it is- on another day you may well be raring to go. It’s perfectly normal to be at different levels of motivation given the odd times we’re living through. Cut yourselves some slack and take it as it comes. This too shall pass, and we’ll be out on the hills and roads nattering away like a bagful of nuns before you know it.

If you’re out and about- take care, and enjoy yourselves. (but watch out for the hill goblins- they’re mostly harmless, but can demand photos if you get too close).

hill goblins

Hill goblin in natural habitat.


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