The Sunday Report on Monday

I couldn’t truly claim to be British if I didn’t start immediately talking about the weather.  Sometime last week in the Costa Del Glossop I was stretched out in a paddling pool cradling a beer with the glorious sun beating down upon me. Fast-forward a week and I spent Sunday morning with the lad in wellies and a raincoat stomping enthusiastically in puddles.

Harriers have been out and about pounding the roads, trails and fells and, with the lockdown rules relaxed slightly, I’m sure we’ve all appreciated being able to see and run with our friends in small groups.

It occured to me last night that I hadn’t seen the weekly report pop up on Facebook and then I suddenly realised it wasn’t going to because it was me that was meant to be doing it!  So here it is, the MondaySunday Report.

Round Glossop Run

Who on earth would need to go to Sheffield now that we have our own Round Glossop Run?  Ian Oates has set the route which is divided in to 8 legs.  I’ve copied the route below, but you can see the instructions and route in more detail HERE

Team up and get it done!

Random Strava Stalking

  • Luke Holme got accused of cow bothering.
  • Nick Ham is rounding up folks for the virtual Lakeland 50/100.  Don’t forget the 100 miler is actually 105, and from my experience last year, those last 5 miles took me about 2 hours….
  • The Spice Boys (Ian, Will, Guy, Luke and Mark) took on a big loop and visited Grinah Stones and the northern edge of Kinder gathering a load of elevation on the way.
  • Lucy Wasinski seems to have decided that early morning running is the best.
  • Sean Phillips ran faster than Paul Skuse, even though they ran at the same speed together.
  • David Christie-Lowe had a “Quickie before tea”.
  • Tracey Robinson got chased by a sheep.
  • Joe Bowker did a run and took some lovely pics by Hayfield.
  • Kate Bowden went to Marple and didn’t do the Marple parkrun.
  • Ian Crutchley, Mark Davenport and Dan Stinton (me) found out Glory Stones is anything but.
  • Steve Crossman ran loops round Bankwood, clearly he must be missing the Winter Webbinars.
  • Loads of people did “Morning Run” and “Afternoon Run”.
  • A few people seem to be “back” from injury, which is fantastic!

Chart Topping

Some big miles being ground out this week!

  • David Munday 101.3km
  • Jamie Helmer 98.8km
  • Guy Riddell 92.8km
  • Jessica Leigh Camp 67.8km
  • Wendy McMahon 66.0km
  • Emma Rettig 62.8km

Who had the most head for heights?  I think this one could start to get interesting as there seems to be a growing desire to focus on building up elevation.  So much so that people are going back to the 70’s and measuring in feet so that it sounds like a bigger number.

Jamie Helmer (4,521m) and Wendy McMahon (1,680m)  got those quads pumping this week and topped the leaderboard.

Great running all!


Not a chance for a week off when Jeroen Peters is around.  Here’s the NOT Coached Session week 11 of lockdown 8-14 June:

Continuing on last week’s focus on getting a little bit of speed in the legs, just a little more this week. Not so much speed but distance. 

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it (!) is to run 5x800m. Easy enough but for the pace. Try to run these 10 seconds faster for 800m than your usual 5K pace. You may take a 1-minute static recovery between each 800m rep.

The set this week is (again) a little easier to do on the running track but can be adjusted to somewhere that does not have a hill in it. The pace should be around 8 to 8.5/10 RPE. At that pace, you may get a word or 2 out but certainly could not hold a conversation as you’ll need all the oxygen you can get. 

Most definitely requires a proper warmup before you attempt it or else, I will disavow for the state you find your body in at the end. So, start with a gentle jog, followed by:

3x 20m walking lunges with walk-back.

3x 30 seconds butt kicks.

30 seconds high knees (picking up your cadence to fast!) repeat 3x with 30 seconds rest in between. 

Try some short straight-leg strides alternated with normal strides.

Matt Crompton is starting a regular fell/hill training on a Wednesday at 6:30pm.  Obviously all social distancing rules apply, but get out there and make the most of these lighter evenings.

Jeroen Peters and David Christie-Lowe have reinstated the Sunday 10-mile social along the trail.

So, there you go!  Even without any races happening, please send any stories and pics to

Keep your eyes on Facebook to find out any social runs you can join in on.  Enjoy the week everyone!






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