Its another Covid Based Weekend Report!

Having busted my ankle again (no, the other one this time), I’ve been in hiding all week and trying to avoid Facebook and Strava. But then I realised its my report, and I need social media to do it, so resolved to just keep calm and carry on. So I’ll say a big thanks to Strava, Facebook (and Jeroen Peters) for providing the fodder this week. And without further ado…..

Virtual Tour of Tameside

It was the Tour of Tameside weekend, and whilst is was obviously cancelled it didn’t stop a few Harriers and friends from enjoying the race routes. Quite a few out and about doing the Full, or parts of the Tour of Tameside.

Wendy, Nicky and Guy limbering up with some of the HRC crew before Hell on the Fell.

Virtual Fell Running Championships

With no racing, and uncertainty as to when we can race again, some spark at Calder Valley has created a Virtual Fell Championship, and is encouraging clubs nationally to enter. With all proceeds going to Mountain Rescue, they’ve made some pretty flashy promo vids and animations to whet your appetite. We simply need to create our own GDH routes as per the distance x climb criteria for Short, Medium and Long, and then we race them solo within a set time window. We can enter one or all 3 distances, as individuals and/or as teams (mens, ladies, vets etc).

There are no prizes, no medals and no certificates – somehow placings are decided upon, but essentially we’re playing for not much more than Kudos and Pride. Some big name clubs already entered, and we have some interest in the club to step up, but I’d like to see more! You can find out more information here:

At this point we’re gauging club interest, but if you are interested, do let myself or Paul Skuse know this week (if you didn’t already), and we’ll plan it out from there.

Sunday Social

Big Thanks to Coach Jeroen for sending in the following….

With slowly coming out of lockdown, the Sunday 10-mile run has made a tentative return. For those who do not know this non-club run, it is basically David Christie-Lowe and myself running some 10 miles in 90 minutes on the trails round the Longdendale reservoirs, setting off at 9am on a Sunday morning.

It has in the past been very disrespectfully called “vets” run or even worse “running with old men”. We always welcome runner to join us, regardless of age and today, David and I were trumped by the presence of Frank Fielding, making us the young bucks. For some, these runs are just a social jaunt, for others a sustained effort. And for some dipping a toe, or more appropriately a foot, back into longer runs on the comeback trail from injury.

Today was just such a day when it was great to see Steve Page on his first longer run after a long struggle with a foot injury. One thing that has not changed after all these weeks of inactivity, was his inability to run at (our) even pace. The morning ended more in a progression run. But, as we clearly took it too easy at the start, it was still 90 minutes for 10 miles. Not sure how many more times Steve will join us before he leaves us where we belong… way behind him.

Strava Leaderboard

So who’s been banging out the miles and vert this week? Some big numbers as always and great to see a couple of names topping the leaderboards, which haven’t done so before, or not for a while.

Ladies Biggest DistanceNicola Pennington (55.5 Miles)
Jessica Camp (37.9 Miles)
Wendy McMahon (36.3 Miles)
Mens Biggest DistancePaul Peters (57.8 Miles)
Will Mather (47.7 Miles)
Jason Hart (46.3 Miles)
Ladies Biggest ClimbAlice Wilson (4,913 ft)
Wendy McMahon 3,829 ft)
Kate Bowden (3,331 ft)
Mens Biggest ClimbJason Hart (10,318 ft)
Will Mather (10,046 ft)
Luke Holme (10,030 ft)

Coach’s Corner

Thanks once again to Jeroen Peters for providing a new punishment session….

NOT Coached Session week 12 of Lockdown 15-21 June

The past few weeks, the sessions had some static recovery after each repetition, hence the word rep for these sets 😀. Great for working on your speed as you get time to get your breath back and bring the heart-rate right back down before the start of the next rep.

This week, for variety, an interval set. The difference is that you now alternate your effort with a dynamic “recovery” or put in other words, no walking or standing still. An interval set is done continuously! 😱. Intervals are a great way to continue to run at speed, even if your legs are really telling you “no” 😁. It is a bit like that last part of a race when you hear different voices with one telling you to give up and the other encouraging you as the finish is really not far!! 😂

So here we go with this week’s set:

12 x 400m “as hard as you can” but also as even-paced as you can. That means if you run the first one in 1:45, you should run the last one also in 1:45. As a guide, you are probably running at ~9/10 RPE. After each 400m you get a 200m (very) easy recovery jog. 

If you do not do this on the running track, you can adjust the set based on time, eg. 1:30 hard and 1 minute (very) easy recovery jog.

Please do not make the mistake that some made last week by thinking it does not sound too hard. Do it right and it is hard! That is why it is so important to do a good warmup. Run ~1K at easy pace before doing some warmup drills:

*High skips with exaggerated arm swing.

*Straight-knee walk also known as toy soldiers (hands in front of you, arms parallel to the ground. Left foot touch your right hand and r-foot to l-hand but with straight leg)

*Butt kicks (bring your heel up directly under your butt) 3x 20m with walk-back. Each one with a slightly higher cadence.

* Five “short” strides.

Take a brief break before starting your main set.

Enjoy, Coach J

And in Other News…..

Yet again Strava and Facebook come up with some little gems of huge news this week.

Leo Hamilton-Griffiths led his old man Lance over to Higher Shelf, before dazzling him with a bold line back to the Snake Summit.

Manor Park bogs are to open on Monday 15th, which will be a particular relief to Steve Page and Dan Stinton, whom are known to frequent them.

Rick Gwilt dazzled us with some excellent acronym usage, in describing his over 65 training schedule. When I’m that age, if I can run half as well as Rick, and some our other over 65’s, I’ll be a happy man!

The Covid Arms Quiz Night is still going strong, although I have no idea who won last week, or who’s hosting this week. But I do know its at 8pm on Sunday, and its great fun. Just post up on Facebook if you’re interested, or I think you can log in to and use the meeting ID 920 9609 9988

John Stephenson was in the market for a new watch, but then realised he’d just turned off the GPS function.

Ian Oates‘s Round Glossop Run (RGR) has seen some action this week, and I cant wait to have a go at this, once the pesky ankle is fixed. Check our Facebook for details, but this looks like fun!

Ben Robertson has been popping up everywhere this week. No, I do mean everywhere, live streaming his locale in the process which is great to see.

For anyone that missed it, after knocking out some impressive mileage recently, David Munday found time to be interviewed for the “With Me Now” Youtube channel, which is a regular Podcast type thing about all things parkrun. Donning his GDH Hoodie, David spoke really well about mental health in current times, as well as an insight into his parkrun obsession. Well worth a listen guys!

Spice Boys Will Mather, Jason Hart and Luke Holme were banging out some big miles this weekend, doing a double header from and back to Yorkshire Bridge. Approx 41 miles and 9,200 feet later, and I think they’re still on speaking terms.

“But I’m at the top, so where the hell is it all coming from, and why does it look like milk”? A confused Will Mather on Kinder.

Dan Stinton and Mark Davenport were out, doing a big circuit of Kinder Edge path. At 20 odd miles from Glossop, this is a fairly long, but highly recommended technical trail route, but as always, Mark always seems to find a little detour. This time down a manhole in the middle of nowhere to fill their water bottles.

Seems Ant Walker was also doing a round of Kinder Edge path, but I’m not clear if he bumped into Mark and Dan going the opposite way. But I do know he captured some fantastic Stone images, which could be mistaken for animals.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Please, please keep posting what your up to, and we like pictures too, or else we end up with the Spice Boys on the cover every week! Stay sensible, stay safe, stay respectful. Look after yourselves and be kind to others! You are never alone!

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