Pictures rather than words

For a change, partly due to a general lack of racing news and maybe also because I might have just got a license for a new ‘visual communication’ app, I opted to portray the majority of this week’s run report diagrammatically…

and then, to my great excitement whilst I was mid mind-map, a report materialised in the GDH inbox. Many thanks to Pete Tomlin for the following write-up on Round 1 of the Virtual Fell Champs…

This week I did round 1 of the virtual fell champs. Any route of your choice, as long as you met the required length and climb. This round was 4 miles and 900ft climb. I’d plotted a route from aArnfield up in the direction of Tintwistle Low Moor and back down again to Tintwistle. Was a lovely route once I’d got up there, but I did seem to find the climb unnecessarily hard! I was sweating buckets by half way! In the current standings I’m a spectacular 261st place!  This doesn’t bode well for the next two rounds, with steadily more distance and climb. I may yet chicken out of the third round (12 miles & 3000m climb 🤢). I think Riccardo signed up to but I couldn’t see him on the results.  Still time to sign up for the next rounds I think and not leave it to a mere trail runner like me to represent the club in a fell champs!

Some distant yet sociable running fun

Have a good week and don’t forget to let us know about your running and virtual racing exploits (

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