Stay in! Go out (but only Mon-Wed)! The Weekly Report

The GDH inbox looking a bit like my beer glass today: pretty empty! Let’s have a look at the stats!

Guy Riddell taking the distance crown with 89.9km and Jess Camp with 82.9km.  Some serious hill climbing has been going on with Robin Hoffmann stomping up 3,966m and Kasia Osipowicz taking on 3, 362m.

Harriers have been all over the place of course.  A few random Strava spots: –

  • Chris Smith did an actual race! The Stour Valley Path!
  • Lins Palmer did some serious climbing in the Lakes
  • Josh Southall popped out and did the Yorkshire 3-peaks
  • Jess Camp talked at Guy Riddell
  • Rachel Walton trespassed (only a little bit)
  • Will Mather and Luke Holme continue to run really far all the time
  • Pete Wallroth continually pointed in the wrong direction
  • Chris Jackson moaned about the weather
  • Immy Trinder ran fast round Hurst Crescent
  • Ian Oates is tapering for #MPM
  • Lots of other things happened

I’m still looking for GDH records and achievements.  If you want anything included let me know, please be at detailed as you can!  Frank Fielding has given me a lot of historic info which I need to work through, but I have very few women’s race times.  Let’s get it recorded!  Here’s the current link (Frank’s info is yet to be included):


Anything else?

  • MPM: Saturady 29th August.
  • UTMP: Saturday 29th August
  • Any amount of lap around the park: Saturday 29th August.

It’s Tuesday, you don’t know what to do… Here’s an idea! Jeroen’s Speed Sesh! JUST DO IT!

NOT Coached Session 17-23 August

This really will (should?) be the very last of the “NOT” sessions. I have met and worked with our newly appointed COVID-Officer, Andy Brack who has done an amazing amount of work in very little time. He has reviewed all aspects of the Coached Sessions. I can share with you that, initially, all Coached Sessions will be on the Running Track when they re-start. This ensures that a very strict protocol will be in place that ensures the highest possible level of a COVID-secure environment. I am having another, hopefully, final meeting later today to get all aspects of planning signed-off and making sure everything will be in place for next week.

So back to the business in hand, this week’s session. If you thought last week’s 400m reps were short and fast……

This week, you’ll be halving the reps, making it 200m reps. But as with the previous week, shorter reps mean higher pace so these may hurt, just a little 😅:

20 x 200m with 100m jog in between. The pace for your 200m reps is ~ 1-mile pace. That means between 5 (for the fast runners) and 8 ( if you regard yourself not in the “elite” category) seconds faster over 200m than your 5K pace or 9/10 RPE. In other words, that “feels” fast (because it is!). Your recovery between each rep is about 1/2 marathon pace or 6-6.5/10 RPE.

Two examples: 5K time is 20.50 or 50 seconds over 200m so your target pace for each rep is ~45 seconds.

Your 5K time is 28.00 or 1m07s over 200m so your 200 target pace for each rep is 1m01s.

The advantage of running these reps fast will help your running efficiency. Doing that many without rest but a “dynamic” recovery will aid your speed endurance.

In other words:

  • 20x (200m @1-mile pace and 100m 1/2 marathon pace) continuous.
  • As you are starting with such a high pace, ensure this is reflected in your warm-up. So, quite an intense warm-up that gets the heart pumping and breathing deep. Consider the following after your 1k or 1m warmup jog:
  • *3x 30-second jogging on the spot, last 10 seconds of each at max pace. 30 seconds walk in between.
  • *30 seconds High Knees.
  • *3x 30 seconds fast skips (drive down raised leg hard and use arms!) 30 walk in between.
  • *30 seconds butt kicks
  • *3x 20m back-pedal (running backward), walk back.
  • Do not start the main set until your heart rate is down a little and breathing close to normal.

Coach J

Have a good week folks and send stuff in to

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