A Race Actually Happened! Its the Weekend Report…

After spending half the afternoon trying to find a picture of Will Mather not sabotaging the photo with an obscene gesture, I eventually gave up, and just went with this one for the cover photo. And yes, you heard it right, a race, well kind of, but which race was it? Well read on and you’ll find out! Plenty of you out and about as normal, and an exciting announcement, so here’s a round up!

In the News

Dan Stinton has done a sterling job in creating our very own Club Achievements page, basically recording some notable club happenings, before they are lost in the mists of time. There is still information missing (particularly female fastest times) and I’m sure there are many more achievements that Harriers will want recorded. If you want anything included, or any corrections, let Dan know the full details and he’ll update the page.


Still a few of you having a go at The Beehive 5, with Lucy Wasinski, David Christie-Lowe and Frank Fielding putting in an impressive time this week. If you haven’t yet, and you fancy a challenge, you should give this one a go!

More dot watching this week as John Kelly took on the Grand Round. This involves doing the UK’s 3 big rounds (Paddy Buckley, Bob Graham, and Charlie Ramsay) and cycling in between them. He completed this in a staggering 130 hours, 43 minutes! Also Donnie Campbell is attempting to break the self propelled Munro record, bagging all 282 in less than 39 days 9 hours.

And in Other Huge News….

Nicola Pennington has broken her bag. Kate Emilys bathroom stinks. Ian Oates got some new shoes.

Llangollen Fell Race

A few Harriers attended one of those things where you go up against other people, and see who can run the fastest. I believe they call it a “race”. Well, it was sort of a race, as Kate Emily will explain…..

A contingent of 5 Harriers visited Llangollen to run in the 17 mile trail and fell time trial (not a fell race). The start was carefully engineered to avoid a build up of runners with staggered start times from 9am – 10:30am. The process felt unusual but safe,  slickly done and very laid back.

With different start times we all ran our own races, so I can only really speak for myself. It was Fab! The weather was dry and warmer than expected as I set off up the road for the first section. Regretting wearing the T shirt and buff but praising myself for the right shoe choice (thanks Lucy for the shoe tips!) only moments before discovering pride really does come before a fall and face planting the mud less than 1/2 mile into the race at the foot of the first slope. For the next 2 miles I didn’t see a soul, and was just  wondering how this would feel over the full distance when I started to catch up the earlier wave on the first hill. Views along this stretch were wonderful and set the tone for the rest of the route. Underground conditions varied throughout with lots of stony paths, muddy trods, some peat bog, and short stretches of road and tracks. My shoes had a good trial and were a resounding success (thanks again Lucy!). The weather was as varied as the paths with some proper fell weather kicking in just as I reached the route summit and a torrential down poor in the last mile I was weirdly grateful for.

Overall a fabulous race (sorry, time trial) I would definitely recommend.

28Sikobe Litaba (3rd V50)2:46:05
34Andrew Baron2:47:29
55Mike Burton2:59:51
71Kate Boden (3rd V50)3:11:09
80Laura Macfarlane3:19:46
Double Trouble. Baron & Burton.

Strava Leaderboard

For those of us addicted to Strava and its stats, here’s a round up on this weeks big movers and shakers… And Remember, if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen (of course it most probably did, but I cannot begin to guess what you did!).

Ladies DistanceJessica Camp (50.0 miles)
Wendy McMahon (47.0 miles)
Lucy Wasinski (42 miles)
Ladies ClimbKate Bowden (5,108 ft)
Wendy McMahon (4,177 ft)
Lucy Wasinski (3,967 ft)
Mens DistanceSteve Knight (60.1 miles)
Paul Peters (55.7 miles)
Will Mather (47.4 miles)
Mens ClimbChris Jackson (10,997 ft)
Will Mather (10,138 ft)
Luke Holme (9,845 ft)

Re-start of the Coached Sessions!!

Exciting news, and Thanks to Coach J for the following….

Thanks to sterling work by Andy Brack, I am now confident we can start up the Coached Sessions again. Andy has carried out a most professional and extensive risk assessment and provided guidelines on how to stay safe and adhere to both government and UKA/EA guidelines with regards to organised sessions.

The guidelines from UKA/EA limit the number of athletes that can attend each session to 12 IF the location and session are deemed to be “COVID safe”. We are confident that if everyone follows the guidelines that were drawn up by Andy B, the sessions will indeed be safe. It is for that reason that, for the foreseeable future ALL Coached Sessions will take place on the running track. As we have to keep a record of who attends each session, we will be using Eventbrite. You will be required to sign up and include your contact details so in case it would be necessary for Track&Trace purposes, we have all the data required. The sessions remain, of course, free and the use of Eventbrite is only for administrative purposes. 

For each session, a link will be published. To give everyone an equal opportunity to sign up, the link will not be live immediately but have a day/time when registration opens. The first 12 will bag a place and be notified by email. There will also be a waiting list. If you have a place but find that you cannot make it after all, please cancel your place so it becomes available for the next person on the waiting list.

And finally, I have uploaded 4 documents on the GH Facebook page and have asked Dan Stinton to publish them on the GH website as well. These are:

*Pre-event health questionnaire

*Return to training procedure

*Coronavirus Response Procedure and Scenarios 

*Car-share guidance

Please make sure that you are familiar with the guidelines and procedures herein (Car-share only if applicable). Anyone signing up confirms that they are familiar with and will comply with these guidelines!!  In addition to all this, there will also be a hygiene pack at the session with face masks, hand gel, and anti-bacterial wipes. This is in case you require assistance, after a fall or injury, and keep you and those who may assist you, safe.

So, what can you look forward to in your first Coached Session? How about a “super set”? This combines a bit of (high) speed with a bit of distance.

4x (200-400-800) continuous with 150 seconds or 2½ minutes rest. 200 run as 9-9.5/10. The 400 a little slower at 8.5/10 and the final 800 of each rep at 7.5-8/10IN other words, very fast, 1-mile pace and a little quicker than 5k pace.

How can you reserve your place?

Follow the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/coached-session-tuesday-25-august-tickets-117906426295

When does registration open?

Monday at 10 am

This is the first week so please bear with us. I am sure there will be the odd hiccup but I am sure we will be able to iron these out. Just provide feedback

Thanks for your patience. Coach J.

Spotted Out and About

Congrats to Joanne and Andy Brack celebrating their wedding anniversary down in windy Weymouth!

“Well, I think the new boyband hair do really suits me love”.

Pete Wallroth and Luke Holme were up on Bleaklow somewhere, probably lost, and definitely bickering…

“Please not there Luke, I’m reet ticklish just there!”

The Culshaw Crew were Out in the Mynd valleys

“Can you urry up Dad? The pub’ll be open soon”

Joe Travis found a bog, and in quite impressive style.

“I knew it were a mistake to wear me road shoes”

Zoe Barton, Lance Hamilton-Griffiths and Ian Crutchley enjoyed some proper Lakeland weather whilst doing a Bob Graham leg 5 recce.

“A little help here lads? If I move, this whole lots going over!”

Wendy McMahon and Nicola Pennington were doing spot of Nav practice around the Derwent Valley.

“so if we head on a 235 degree bearing, we’ll end up, erm,somewhere on this damn piece of paper!”

Pete Tomlin, the Wasinski Crew and Pete Wallroth were our recceing the Dig Deep 12.12.

“For the report, lets make the first action shot in like, forever!”

Paul Amos had a crack at the Gravy Pud route.

“I must have Crowned the Lees Hill climb. Literally flew up it!”

Chris Jackson, Luke Holme and Will Mather were out UTS recceing in Wales.

“Well its not like he’ll photoshop some flowers in me hand is it?”

And Finally….

Keep your eye on Facebook, and get yourself out for a little exercise and socialising in groups of 6. Thursday socials are having a resurgence. Chris Smith has his strength session on Wednesday mornings. Matt Crompton has been doing regular midweek hill-rep sessions. Then there’s of course the Sunday morning reser crew with Jeroen Peters and David Christie-Lowe. And if you want to run with company, just post up!

Don’t forget, its Manor Park Marathon on Saturday 29th August, where it has become somewhat tradition to rock up and do laps of Glossop Parkrun course, and in some cases lots and lots of laps. Obviously this year will be a little different, so please let Dan Stinton know if you intend to come down, just so we can be semi organised.

Entries are open for Doctors Gate Fell Race, scheduled for October 18th (we hope). One of the few local AL races (even under normal circumstances), if you like a tough, heathery, navvy route, then this is the one for you.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Please, please keep posting what your up to, and we really like pictures too! Stay sensible and stay safe!


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