Erm, so What are the Rules Now? Its the Weekend Report!

Whilst most of us don’t have a clue whats going on anymore, Harriers everywhere seemed to take to the hills, and engage in the “just point like you know where you are” pose. As always, great to see so many people out and about, both in person and on Strava! Keep it up guys!

Mummy’s Star Ultra

Pete Wallroth, Luke Holme and a couple of pals took themselves on a little jaunt this weekend. Pete sent this in….

Way back when, in a distant time before Covid19, Zoom and bubbles, Luke had diaried in a fundraising ultra marathon route for Mummy’s Star. Basically a massive loop of the Peak District. 

He managed to cajole some workmates (Michael and Chris) to join him too; one an experienced ultra runner, the other had run 20 miles as his furthest. I don’t actually ever remember being asked, but more told that I was doing it too. Fair enough but a new distance for me in the offing too. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise. Starting from Hadfield at 5am on a crisp clear morning we proceeding down the Woodhead Valley, along the Knarr, Crowden, Pike Naze and then CP at the Dog and Partridge. 

Next chunk involved a drop into Langsett before tracing Mickleden Edge to Cut Gate and across to Margery Hill.

From here a drop down to the reservoir edge of Derwent before ascending back up to Lost Lad (always an appropriate visit of Lukes namesake) and then back along Derwent Edge, dropping to the roadside and our next CP at Parkin Clough. Our support Andy putting on an impressive spread at every stop .

Onwards and upwards literally (I despise Parkin Clough with a passion) 

As we eventually came over the top at Win Hill, a moment to savour for Michael as he went through the ultra barrier for the first time. Brilliant achievement anywhere but to have taken 30 miles in his stride on some very hard going terrain made it all ten more impressive. 

Down now to Alston and then up Lose Hill before playing a game of ‘try not to bowl tourists off the edge of the Great Ridge” 

A memorable moment here as I met one of the first families we had supported  at Mummy’s Star a few years back. Wonderful to see her and her husband out running. 

After another refuel the drag kicked in as we trudged up to Lords Seat and across the stones of doom to Brown Knoll. A welcome drop on softer terrain here to Mount Famine and the knowledge of our final CP at Bowden Bridge nearing. An enthusiastic Lucy bounded up with Illy to meet us here and join us for the section up over the lower moors and Chunal before we finally descended into Glossop and Hadfield. A welcome group of family greeted us and and well deserved can of Brew Dog. 

All in a brilliant day, excellently route plan, wonderfully supported. 50 miles, nearly 10,000ft of ascent and over £2,000 raised for Mummy’s Star

An epic Mummy’s Star Ultra Marathon Day ⭐️

When you view it like this, it’s a bloody long way!

Maverick X Series – Bakewell

Chris Smith was down in Bakewell hunting for tarts, but also to take on the 10km trail race, which is very similar to the Bakewell Pudding Race but in reverse. He sent this in….

It was a bright and sunny morning but this was overpowered with a strong icy wind in exposed sections of the course.
I spent 30 minutes in very long covid-secure queues for both registration and start line, setting us off at 15 second intervals.

I went the wrong way towards the end of the course (for the 3rd race this year) and the timing team currently have me 22 minutes slower than my watch time.

So it was great to be racing again, but it doesn’t quite have the buzz of a race day when you freeze your nuts off in a queue for half an hour, then set off on your own, and have no idea what your finish place is until you get home.

Wow. 3rd time this year when there’s only been about 3 races!?! Don’t worry Chris, because you’re now a contender for an even more prestigious trophy, a coveted GDH trophy no less…. Seriously, gutted for Chris as he ran brilliantly and was on for top 3. However, the minor route error incurred heavy penalties, putting him down into 63rd.

Chris receives “the only action shot of 2020” award.

Strava Leaderboard

Lets see who’s had too much time on their hands this week. Although I know Pete Wallroth’s Strava has thrown a wobbler, I’m letting him have it anyhow. Just cos I can!

Ladies DistanceJessica Camp (54.7 miles)
Wendy McMahon (42.4 miles)
Kate Bowden (38.4 miles)
Ladies ClimbKasia Osipowicz (6,909 ft)
Kate Bowden (5,688 ft)
Wendy McMahon (4,711 ft)
Mens DistancePete Wallroth (87.6 miles)
Luke Holme (63.9 miles)
Paul Peters (51.3 miles)
Mens ClimbPete Wallroth (14,961 ft)
Robin Hoffman (12,785 ft)
Luke Holme (10,962 ft)

Other News…

While some may say he has a face more suited to radio, Ben Robertson took to the telly box on Sunday morning. Ben was brilliant, and talked about mental health, running around with a tyre, and running to Newcastle with a bag of coal in a trolley. Well worth a watch, and you can find it on BBC Iplayer.

Don’t forget, you have until Wednesday 30th September to register a time for the virtual John Hewitt Memorial Shelf Moor Race. Send your time to Emma Rettig, along with a photo of your FRA compliant kit. Would be great of you could donate your race entry fee to Glossop Mountain Rescue Team

Other Huge News….

Marie Williamson is aiming not to get lost so much. Pete Tomlin has a recurring “soft flask” problem, but now has some tablets for it. Ian Crutchley has lost his left big toe nail (again). Chris Smith is getting his mountain bike fixed up. Alan Scholefield is trying to buy his camel back, presumably from whoever he sold it to in the first place.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Keep your eye on the GDH Facebook page and please, please keep posting what you’re up to, and we really like pictures too! Stay sensible and stay safe!

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