Its the “you have no new emails” weekly report

After a bumper report a week or so, things were looking up – was this the return to racing we’d all long desired?! NOPE! Spoke too soon! Despite refreshing the weekly reports inbox every 5 mins, it seemed it really really is empty 😦  much like my chocolate stash.
So you probably don’t need to bother putting the kettle on and getting yourself a brew, as you’ll have finished reading this by the time the kettle has boiled!

There might not be much racing, but there’s definitely been plenty of running this week!

Topping the Strava distance leaderboard this week are:

  1. Marie Williamson with an impressive 109.7km! (over just 4 runs!)
  2. Paul Peters with 85.3km in 10 runs
  3. Guy Riddell with 81.6km over 7 runs

Some impressive elevation too, those achieving the dizzy heights of Strava’s top 3 climbers are:

  1. Robin Hoffman  with 3938m
  2. Matt Crompton with 2178m 
  3. Paul Skuse with 2169m

London Marathon 2020 

So can’t have gone unnoticed today was the day of the rearranged London Marathon 2020 – but even then, it still wasn’t running as planned with just the elites taking to the streets of London…and even then not exactly doing the London Marathon as it was what, 19 or so laps of a short course?! However, there were LOTS of people doing the “virtual” marathon and running 26.2miles at some point on sunday on a course of their choosing.

Our very own Sue Moore and David Munday got involved, and ran a course into Manchester and back…and via Maccy Ds by the looks of things! Huge well done to Sue who I think has had more than one marathon cancelled this year, so it ended up being that she completed her first marathon ever as a virtual one….nice one Sue (and David!)! Guessing it all went pretty well as they were smiling in all the photos and finished in 5h 32! 

Whilst on the subject of London, thoughts turn to London Marathon 2021 – Ballot entries are now OPEN! They shut at 5pm this Friday so don’t hang around if you fancy a shot – obv no guarantees (slim chance?!) you’ll get a place!

What else has been happening this week?

  • Kate Bowden has completed her Sept Trig challenge and raised 400 quid for charity – well done Kate!
  • The GDH virtual Shelf Moor race month is now over, and Emma is busy collating results – watch this space!
  • John Gaffney is on the hunt for a decent waterproof
  • Rob Sheldon has got the CUTEST puppy ever (sorry Ian Crutchley, im sure yours is cute too, but not seen any pics!)
  • It’s definitely turned Autumnal and post-5pm work runs mean you need a head torch now 😦
  • Pete Wallroth has entered the Bullock Smithy ALREADY! Giving him a decent 11 months to get training 🙂
  • Dark and White have cancelled the remainder of their 2021 races (check your inbox if you’ve entered any of these)

Don’t forget, if you’ve got anything you’d like mentioning the weekly report, drop us a line at

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