Big News is Afoot. Its the Post-Lockdown, Pre-Xmas Weekend Report!

Lockdown 2.0 is over, a vaccine is on the way, its nearly Christmas, but obviously the biggest reason to be cheerful is the penultimate Glossopdale Harriers Weekend Report of the year! Well, perhaps I’m over egging the pudding just a little, but there’s plenty gone on, and not least some pretty exciting committee news, so lets start right there!

Big Committee News!

Kicking off with some great news! After much hard work by Committee members we’re now able to commence with coached sessions in accordance with the documents located at the link below. Any members who want to return to Coached Sessions need to familiarise themselves with these documents and will be referred to them during the registration process for each session. Keep your eye on Facebook each week for details of any specific sessions.

First Coached Session!

Lets hear from Coach Jeroen Peters himself about the first coached session…

FINALLY, the Coached Sessions are back and that means the end of the “NOT” series. Forever? We will see but at least I am hopeful.

Does this mean that everyone will be welcome on Tuesday. Well, yes and no. Sessions must be run in a Covid-secure way and that means in line with the government and England Athletic guidelines. And that means that we have to restrict numbers for each session to 15 athletes.

Every week an Eventbrite link will be published and the first 15 can book a slot on each session. In order to register, you must give your email address and mobile number so in the unlikely case NHS Track & Trace need to contact you, we are able to provide contact details. The chance that this happens is very slim indeed as training outside is not classed as “close contact” and you will have to maintain social distancing.  Your details will not be used for any other reasons other than directly related to the session for which you have registered. This may include notice of cancellation, change of time or location.

As there are only 15 places available and if you cannot make the session after all, please be considerate to your fellow club members and cancel your registration so that your place can go to the next person on the waiting list.

So what can you expect this week on your return to the Coached Session? A series of 400m reps. Short enough to focus on good running form and long enough to make you feel that you are working hard. How can you make sure you can attend? Simply book early. The booking opens at 6pm on Sunday 13/12 for the session on Tuesday 15th. You do this by following the link to Eventbrite:


Really looking forward to seeing many of you over the next few weeks and catch up. If there is a need, I aim to put on a second weekly session in the new year.

Kinder Dozen

Steve Knight braved the Dozen, and picked an interesting day to do so! His time of approximately 8 hours 30 minutes is very very good considering the huge downpour of snow! He says:

I’ve been wanting to do the Kinder Dozen route for a while having done various bits of it before. It’s one of the peak district longer run/walk challenges and basically circles Kinder Scout whilst going up and down the edge 12 times. It’s mostly off trails so can be slow going and the nav needs some concentration. I’d booked the day off work so wasn’t going to let a snow forecast put me off. Had a deadline to be back home so started in the dark. First few hours were fine with a dusting of snow above 400m but conditions deteriorated and second half was really tough – freezing wind and lots of snow coming down. Struggled to keep moving at decent pace with 1-2ft of snow in places. A cold pepperoni pizza helped to keep morale up and managed to keep going, even though very tempted to skip the last few climbs and avoid the bitter wind and snow up top. So in the end was really chuffed to get round the whole thing in about 8.5 hrs (with another half hour for the out and back to Hayfield where I’d parked). All in all a great adventure and very pleased to have got round in those conditions. Won’t be doing it again for a long time!

“I can no longer tell where the hill stops, and the sky begins!”

New Glossop Fell Race

I think this slipped under the radar but a couple of weeks back Sarah Andrew and Robin Hoffman did the New Glossop Fell Race route. That’s 3 groups that have recently repeated this “lost” route, and I’d highly recommend folks to consider a go.

Virtual Shelf Moor

Emma Rettig did a round up of the Virtual Shelf Moor results, and sent this in:

I think a few more people ran it, but they didn’t send results, so not counted. A few people completed the route without the element of racing and I am in awe of anyone who voluntarily, and just for the fun it, goes up James Thorn! In terms of the results, Josh Southall and Zoe Barton were the outright winners, both on time and with age grading. Josh’s time would have placed him top 10 or even top 5 in prior years. Awesome, eye watering result! Frank Fielding came a very close second though with a strong age graded performance. Not sure how reliable my age grading is but the magic of the internet gave me a decent calculation. Will try to get the trophies to the respective winners but COVID has rather curtailed things…. Hopefully back to normal next year!

NameCategoryAgeResultAge Graded
Zoe BartonFemale4401:10:0101:05:30
Caitlin SwanFemale1301:19:5901:14:04
Josie SwanFemale1501:19:5901:16:59
Alison HoltFemale5502:08:5401:45:43
Cathy MurrayFemale5502:08:5401:45:43
Kate BowdenFemale4902:08:5401:54:09
NameCategoryAgeResultAge Graded
Joshua SouthallMale2900:49:2400:49:21
Frank FieldingMale6901:08:550:51:01
Ian CrutchleyMale4101:04:4101:00:40
John GaffneyMale4101:10:2001:05:58
Phil SwanMale4801:19:5901:11:05
Pete TomlinMale3301:27:1901:26:19

New LiRF (well, almost!)

And more from Coach Jeroen this week!

Yesterday saw some frantic, GDH group activity in Manor Park. No, not a return of Parkrun (yet 😰). Charmayne Brierley had completed all the on-line modules for her Leader in Running Fitness. It is a 1-day course that normally runs in a group setting with both classroom sessions and practical, track sessions. But due to Covid restrictions, England Athletic has not been able to run these courses. She was booked on to do this course way back in March, a week after the first lockdown started.

Recently, EA made the course available on-line but instead of the practical, track sessions, she had to record a warmup session and a main session. Earlier this week I put out a call for runners to help Charmayne and 7 members left the warmth of their bed/house, into the rain, to be put through their paces and challenges set by her. Many thanks to John Stephenson, Rod and Alison Holt, Kate (Emily) Bowden, Sikobe (Andrew Reuben) Litaba , Kate Metcalfe, and Wendy McMahon. After a warmup, they set out on a “Meet & Retreat” session. All of this was recorded by camerawoman Jo Brack. Social distancing was maintained at all times and the entire session was observed by our Covid Officer Andy Brack. 

I am sure Charmayne will pass once she has submitted her evidence to EA. I cannot wait for her to welcome her back at the Coached Sessions. With her on-board, I can start thinking about expanding the sessions on offer. If you too would like to be part of the GDH coaching team and lead sessions, why not speak to Charmayne or me. It actually is great fun and very rewarding!

A Labour of Glove

The hit rate at the niche porn website,, went through the roof this week, following Sikobe Litabe‘s recommendations for the Maxiflex and Argon models. Harriers were at fever pitch, with a determination I have seldom seen this year for a bulk order, all in order to avoid the £5 delivery charge.

Thanks to the fabled Will Mather, who delivered them like a scary a Father Christmas, and for for compiling the following festive story of his journey.

It was a cold wet December, and motivation was getting too low, when up popped an elf and gave us a hello. On this waving elfs hands were some sparkling gloves that looked magical, warm and waterproof. He said get these gloves, they will keep your hands dry warm, and most importantly faster. So 11 GDH got sidetracked to stop munching on the treats that they have bought for the big day (they will have to buy again) and clubbed together to purchase these winning gloves. £115 worth were ordered and delivery was just a few days later. I decided to set off and hand deliver them so I donned my merry xmas hat and set off with the magic gloves on – only 1 pair, the rest were in my bag. It was dark, raining and a nip in the air. Up Mottram to find an empty house pushing gloves through the letterbox for a sweet surprise for one lucky buyer, then down to Broadbottom to find a secret house where someone couldn’t wait to join the elf glove family – they were straight on to feel the warmth. I then travelled to Simmondley via the GDH running track, which even with all the rain was in perfect road shoe conditions if you could avoid the puddles and mud. 2 pair to neighbour’s who live 7 miles away, sorry Chris is your in-laws stole yours I did tell them too. Up North Road next which seems a good hill to do hill reps on in the future, only the once for me tonight. What’s that? a leprechaun in Padfield, a very tall one? Here have some gloves for the gold I recieved……. I got away before he took his gold back. Hadfield, to the Queen of Jeffing who ever he is, and handing over the biggest gloves of them all. I had to deliver the next pair of gloves till last as he was washing his hair in preparation for his morning run. When I got home my hands were warm and dry, but the rest of me that’s a different story. That was the long story, but the short story was some us got some gloves and I delivered them.

I’ve got 2 gloves Will, but they’re both lefts, which on the one hand is great, but on the other, just isn’t right. Thank you, I’m here all week year.

Dovestone Diamond December Challenge

For trail running fans, this is a classic route, and here’s a heads up from John Pollard.

Colin Green, who runs Greenfield Greyhounds Running Events Group, has set up a Dovestone Diamond December Challenge.

To raise cash for the charity The Silver Line (helpline for older people) his idea is to get folk running the race route (as many times as you like) and making a minimum donation of £5….think he sets up a leaderboard etc.

Tony Hillier’s ‘GDH feeder club’ HRC(!) had a group go at it this week after lockdown and a few of us will no doubt go again.

There’s some enthusiastic souls among them and they enjoyed getting off road and into some puddles😉

Strava Stats

This weekLast Week
Ladies DistanceRee O’Doherty (59.3 miles)Jessica Camp (50.3 miles)
Jessica Camp (53.0 miles)Lucy Wasinski (40.3 miles)
Wendy McMahon (44.0 miles)Wioleta Wydrych (35.6 miles)
Ladies ClimbWioleta Wydrych (6,959 ft)Wioleta Wydrych (5,899 ft)
Immy Trinder (4,120 ft)Lins Palmer (5,653 ft)
Lucy Wasinski (3,911 ft)Cheryl Stitt (4,814 ft)
Mens DistanceRiccardo Guissani (65.5 miles)Paul Peters (56.2 miles)
Anthony Johnson (53.6 miles)Steve Knight (55.5 miles)
Jamie Helmer (50.5 miles)Guy Riddell (53.8 miles)
Mens ClimbJamie Helmer (9,664 ft)Steve Knight (17,769 ft)
Riccardo Guissani (6,788 ft)Robin Hoffman (13,209 ft)
Steve Knight (6,358 ft)Ant Walker (8,215 ft)

Virtual Lands End to John O Groats

Steve Page is currently half way to John O Groats, as he aims to run 10km, and cycle 30miles a day, all in aid of Mummy’s Star. If he can stick to the plan, Steve will have covered the 847 miles by Christmas Day. Pretty epic stuff that! If anyone fancies keeping Steve sane on his daily 10km runs, do reach out as I’m sure he’d appreciate a little company!

Pennine FR Nav Course

Zoe Barton and Rachel Walton were out looking for flags this weekend, with Zoe sending this in.

We found out, a little too late, that our neighbours from Over the Hill at Pennine FR Club, had set out a nav score course , complete with Actual Flags , on the hills around Hayfield and up to Kinder. Dr Walton and I only had a few hours on Sat afternoon on a damp day , but had a grand, and damp, time finding a couple of flags over Mill Hill way. The flags have now been taken in, but the map can still provide hours (lots, around 30 control points) of navigation practise and all Types of fun, for those who are interested. Please contact Zoe for a copy of the map and control descriptions.

Out and About

Dan Ellingworth and Sikobe Litaba did a cracking job of stealing all the bum related puns from the new Parkrun (capital P just for Alison) campaign poster. For anyone who doesn’t recognise these two, its our very own Alison Holt and Rebecca Ashworth!

The early bird catches the worm. Vicki Hamilton has been out Strength and Conditioning….

The Pans People-esque GDH Dance Troupe! Wow, that’s a reference that’s even before my time!

Rod Holt and Rick Gwilt have found lots of mud!

Just because I can, here’s a picture of Chris Jackson getting beat at the 2013 Gravy Pud by someone dressed as a Tiger.

“What’s this bugger had for Brekkie?? Oh yeah, of course, Frosties!”

A Wildbank Social!

A Christmas Pud Social!

Joshua Southall, Dan Stinton and Ian Crutchley were out Trigger recceing, and did the conventional route from Lawrence Edge to Crooked Clough, before turning back. The navigation was made much more exciting by the appearance of a massive air bubble in Ian’s compass and an uncontrollable needle. Looks like a Christmas pressie request!

“Just put them carpets down lads while I take this selfie”

Well, that’s about it for this week. Keep your eye on the GDH Facebook page and please, please keep posting what you’re up to, and we really like pictures too! Stay sensible and stay safe!

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