Glossopdale MS Teams Appreciation Society. Its the Weekend Report!

Let’s admit it, an AGM on Microsoft Teams had all the components required to absolute chaos, something akin to the Handforth Parish Council Meeting that’s been doing the rounds on YouTube (if you haven’t seen it, you should look it up). There were one or two people had some technical difficulties, (and there were one or two last minute potential spanners in the works), but you know what, we pulled it off! Alright, when I say we, I really mean Lucy and Greg Wasinski on the tech, John Stephenson in the hot seat, and the rest of the committee in general. Even when the carefully planned voting system went belly up, the contingency plan was quick in coming and worked a dream.

For many, sitting still for 3 hour meeting discussing anything on earth is is hard work, but I’m sure there will be some people who had so much fun, they just want to relive the whole thing. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I recorded the whole AGM for your viewing pleasure, and you can watch it time again on this link….


For those who prefer something to hold on to, DVD’s will be available soon via our online shop – whilst it might seem a bit early, I can recommend these as an excellent Christmas gift for the other half!

(Come on, own up, who clicked the link?)

So this is the 30,000ft view of the new who’s who….

Alison Holt is our new Chairperson. I believe Alison to be the first woman to fill the position in our 39 year history, but I’d like to think will be the first of many.

Zoe Barton, Guy Riddell, Matt Crompton and Pete Davies more than make the cut as ordinary members! At this point I’d like to make a motion for next years AGM, that we stop referring to ordinary member committee posts as ordinary members. There has to be a sexier name for the role surely? Item one for next comittee meeting this one.

Team Captains – Immy Trinder (Women) and Ian Crutchley (Men) – who knows what we’ll be doing this year, but if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Hopefully they’ll be some relays to organise, huge social pack runs, and I’d really like to organise some unofficial handicap type things (Eey, just like th’old days). Like everything at present, its all Covid dependent, so lets keep our collective fingers crossed.

Once again the GDH membership would really like to Thank the outgoing members of the committee – Pete Wallroth, Paul Skuse, Steve Page, Mandy Beames and Lucy Wasinski. The biggest Thank you of them all is reserved for our outgoing Chairperson John Stephenson! John was presented with some excellent Paul Skuse artwork on this night, and the rest of us have had a whip around so he can replace his GDH vest! You could describe it as vintage, but really its impressively threadbare, motheaten and going grey. But by heck, it has seen some action!

“No way am I chucking the vest out love. Maybe I can take the pictures out, and put it in this frame?

Club Cheerleader Paul Skuse blessed many of us with his excellent artwork tributes (see title image), and not allowing the Skusinator to slip through, Club SuperDad Steve Crossman returned the favour..

Not many trophies to give out this year for obvious reasons, but Paul Skuse and Ian Crutchley were immensely proud to be presented with the Bombed Out and Spirit of John Hewitt Trophy’s respectively.

“what’s that then?”
“its me trophy.”
“and where’s that lovely picture of the kids gone?”
“what kids?”

Kinder Dozen

Dan Calverley took advantage of the balmy Sunday weather in style, and knocked out a Kinder Dozen. Dan was aided and abetted by Andy Oliver for much of the route, and at about 24 miles and 10,000ft of climb, it really is a beast! I cant quite work out Dans overall time for the route itself, given his Strava is recording from/to Hayfield, but its approximately 9 hours. Solid time and very well done!

“We crossed the notoriously slippery Ashop Clough Footbridge, and survived. Now that’s worthy of a selfie!”

Wildbank Half Dozen

Joe Bowker and Robin Hoffmann ventured North (Mottram) to have a go at Sikobe Litaba’s Wilbank Half Dozen. The lads managed 4 hours 57 minutes for the 18+ mile route. Well done indeed!

I’m presently writing this one up with help from Sikobe himself, so hope to see a few more GDH have a go this year!

Kinder Trig Trog

Trig point Jedi, Obi Wan Sikobe sent this in….

Looking at her stats, Kate Bowden seems to be in full on winter training mode and was out a week ago with Becky Smith having fun in the snow and ice, cavorting with the wind-sculptured-ice-features on William Clough, before getting blown off Mill Hill back down to Chunal by the fiercely cold easterly winds, which required Kate to don quadruple head-gear.

This weekend, with the winds still strong but now warmer southerlies, Kate decided to execute a winter round of her ‘Kinder-6-Trig-Trog’ route, something she put together last summer when she tested it out with John Stephenson & Dan Calverley. Kate’s ‘Kinder Trig Trog’ route (this time done from Chunal rather than Hayfield, with Sikobe Litaba drafted in support) is a 18-mile 3200’ loop that roughly follows the Kinder Trog race route but with forays off the main paths into the rough fell to visit the 6 trigs of Harry Hut, Kinder West (Sandy Heys), Kinder Low, Brown Knoll, Chinley Churn, and Lantern Pike. It is a great route, varied and never tedious, and although the stiff headwind along Kinder’s western edge path required extra effort early on, it was nice to have the wind behind our backs from Chinley Churn and Big Stone all the way back to Chunal, via the real (toppled over) OS-trig at Lantern Pike. For those who don’t know this trig is located 300m due SW of the pike itself. The highlights of the round included startling a large white Mountain Hare on Kinder, passing the Kinder Downfall in blowback mode, and experiencing a double-weird moment at Brown Knoll; where not only did Kate’s phone decide to perform a full IOS system software update whilst in Airplane mode, but where we witnessed 3 young runners hare past in skimpy shorts and tops with no obvious fell safety gear, as though frolicking in the tropics. This is a great trig-bagging circular, with one every 3 miles; try it sometime.

Coach J’s Corner

NOT Coached Session L3W7

Anticipation is rising that soon we may be able to exercise together again, outdoor at least. I cannot wait to catch up with the many who attended Tuesday Coached Sessions regularly and some more infrequently but equally welcome. I am sure we are all following what Boris will have to say on the subject on Monday but until we can meet again in person, I will be continuing with your weekly NOT Coached Sessions

So what is in store for you this week? Since the beginning of January, the sessions have gradually stepped up in distance and intensity. If you have faithfully completed these weekly challenges, then you should give yourself a massive pat on the back. I am sure that not only will you have increased your physical fitness but you have also shown mental strength as it is far from easy to complete these sets on your own.

This week is 5x 1000m run as:

800m at 10K pace with 30 second rest followed by 200m close to flat-out. Take 3 minutes static recovery before repeat. When I say “static”, you may want to walk a little, after you have got your breath back, to ensure you are not stiffening up.

Putting it another way, you run 800m ~7/10 RPE with the 200m closer to 9-9.5/10. And if you are not running this on the track with markers, convert to time. Eg. for a 46-minute 10K runner, 3m40s at 7/10 pace and 50seconds at 9-9.5/10.

If you are not quite up to this, drop down to 4 repeats instead of 5. Equally, if you feel strong and, more importantly, can maintain the pace/distance, you can consider a 6th rep.

Do not attempt this without the “mandatory” warm-up. Start with, at least, a 10-minute gentle run/jog, followed by 5 to 10 minutes of running drills to increase your heart rate and flexibility. Consider some of the following drills:

Baby skips with arm rotations; high-knees, butt kicks, giant skips with exaggerated arm swings, carioca (with or without step-over), strides.

Don’t forget to (try to) enjoy yourself and share your experience and give feedback on the weekly “NOT” facebook post.

Coach J

Strava Stats

This weekLast Week
Ladies DistanceJessica Camp (55.2 miles)Jessica Camp (63.1 miles)
Marie Williamson (53.1 miles)Ree O’Doherty (44.5 miles)
Wendy McMahon (43.1 miles)Marie Williamson (38.5 miles)
Ladies ClimbLindsay Palmer (6,093ft)Jessica Camp (3,723 ft)
Kate Bowden (5,954 ft)Marie Williamson (3,589 ft)
Jacqueline Christie Lowe (4,795 ft)Lindsay Palmer (3,533 ft)
Mens DistancePaul Peters (66.1 miles)Guy Riddell (66.2 miles)
Kevin Ingham (65.7 miles)Kevin Ingham (62.1 miles)
Guy Riddell (55.2 miles)Luke Holme (54.3 miles)
Mens ClimbDan Calverley (18,397 ft)Robin Hoffmann (11,957 ft)
Chris Webb (11,578 ft)Ant Walker (10,614 ft)
Tim Budd (11,437 ft)Luke Holme (10,587 ft)

Virtual Club Championships 2021

Excitement mounts as we head into March, which marks the start of our 2021 virtual championships! Find out more here! And in fact I believe I have seen a little recceing going on with Jo Brack taking a look at Glossop Skyline, and John Stephenson, Immy Trinder and Alan Scholefield mooching around Glossop 3 Trigs.

But first up, and the March offering, we have the Glossop 5 road race, making its reappearance after a 25 year lay off! This 5 mile gem takes you on an undulating, tough but very fast two lap loop around the town – you will absolutely love the climb up Primrose Lane, particularly the second time around! Please do take the time to read the safety brief, be careful, be seen (and dont be a pillock!)

Glossop 5

Well, that’s about it for this week, but keep your eye on the GDH Facebook page and please, please keep posting what you’re up to, and we really like pictures too! Stay sensible and stay safe!

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