It’s officially SPRING!

The daffodils and croci are blooming, the birds are singing, the lambs are gambolling and the Harriers are very much running…Spring appears to have sprung at long last and, despite the ongoing lack of racing, there are a fair few things to report in this, the hopefully (please please please) last report of lockdown.

Club Challenges

There are various club challenges on the go at the moment if anyone is looking for a little extra running inspiration and/ or motivation:

  • Glossop 5 Miler – many Harriers (on and off Strava) have been legging it around the surprisingly challenging two lap, road route which is March’s virtual club champs race.   The competition is definitely hotting up and the results are going to be really interesting at the end of the month.
  • Navigation Test Run – Kite masters, John S. & Paul S. have very kindly set out a short navigation course designed as a test run for beginners and for anyone who feels like dusting off their compass and enjoying a ~5 to 6 mile trot. The course, which inevitably features bogs and heather, will be out for a week and more courses will hopefully be staged over the coming months.
  • Wild Bank Half Dozen – This latest challenge has now been finalised (many thanks Sikobe and Ian C.) and the fastest known time (FKT) is up for grabs.  More info about this challenge (and many more ) is available in the Fell Challenges/ Races section on the club website (
  • Tim’s Nav Courses: If you are looking to further hone your nav skills and to learn more stuff about our amazing local hills, it is worth checking out the nav course challenges also on the website (

Kinder Dozen (courtesy of Tim B.)

Chris Webb and I headed out to do the Kinder Dozen this weekend. Weather was marvellous- overcast, not too windy, not too claggy. Started from Fairbrook and went around Clockwise- decided to take it at a “chatting” pace (I think it was only the climb to Crowden Castles that we didn’t chat). Ate lots, filled up waterbottles from a spring only once. Saw barely anyone for the majority of the round. Finished in 5:39. Grand day out.

The Not-Coached Session L3W11 (courtesy of Jeroen P.)

The big question this week is, will this be the last NOT session? Ever? The committee met this week and the Covid Officer is checking and re-checking all relevant documentation and processes to ensure we not only meet the government legislation but also EA guidance to make the sessions “Covid secure”. So, watch out for further announcements from the committee.

This week’s session may be a little special as it is not only the latest NOT session, it may well be the last. So you know what to do, get involved or you may have missed it! Your last week to do a proper warm-up, on your own. Don’t miss the chance to feel really good (and sanctimonious?) about yourself.  In addition, a main set that we would struggle to do during the time available during a Coached Session. One that will benefit you if you are building pace and stamina and put yourself in prime position to get maximum points in the Virtual Club Competition. So what is that magical challenge this week?:

5x 1200m at 5K pace with a recovery jog 1 minute less than the time it takes you to complete a 1200m rep. So, if it takes you 5 minutes for 1200m, then your easy, recovery jog will be 4 minutes. This also leads me nicely to how to organise your run if not done on the running track. Work out how long it takes you to run 1200m at your 5K pace (you can find a little help here: and run to a time. If you have never done a 5K or are not quite back to your 5K PB fitness level, about 7 to 7.5/10 RPE.

If you are not quite ready for 5 of these, do 4 or maybe 3. Main thing is to maintain so if you are dropping your pace (significantly), call it a day! And finally, after the shocking revelation last Thursday, that “not everyone” does a decent warm-up before starting these sessions, here may be your final opportunity to start making a positive change in your running career: the discipline to do one, even when there is no one to tell you to do one….

  • 10 minutes (minimum) easy jog/run
  • 3x 30 seconds, jogging on the spot with high knees (30 seconds rest in between)
  • 10 arm rotations both left and right, forward and backwards (= 40 rotations!)
  • 2x 20 skate jumps (jump side to side), balancing on each leg for 3 seconds before next jump. 30 seconds rest in between
  • 4x 60m strides, easy jog back
  • 10 leg swings back and forth, both left and right
  • 10 leg swings side to side (in front of you), both left and right

Nothing too taxing but try it, for once, and see the difference it makes.

Virtual EA Coaching (courtesy of Lucy W.)

Thursday saw the first of the EA virtual club run sessions! Approx 30 of us dialled into what was probably all our first experience of a zoom based coaching session!  The session kicked off with a brief presentation from a biomechanist from NURVV who gave us lots of tech info about what the insoles that 5 of the club are trialling do, and the sort of useful stats that you get out of it.

Then we had a short presentation from the EA Coach Chris about generic run technique, and uphill and downhill technique. Lots of useful bits of info and an entertaining and lively session for sure! The shock of the session was probably Coach J learning that no-one (bar maybe Pete Tomlin who wanted to be excused homework!) actually ever does a warm up….horror!  Anyway I think we were all left under no illusion of the importance of a warm up particularly after a day sat on our bums when our glutes have gone to sleep. We were shown some good videos of suggested drills we can do for warm ups  (I’m going to ask the coach if he’s able to share them and then I’ll share them with u), and also Chris reiterated the importance of strength sessions each week! No….one a week won’t suffice for improvements to be made (dammit)! Anyway his suggestions of doing a few sets a week clearly had some effect as when I bumped into Amanda heading up to Mossy Lea yesterday she was already reporting some muscle aches from a strength session!! That reminds me….Best get on and do mine!

Anyway hope everyone that came enjoyed it, if you missed it you can watch most of the session back here >>>

We’ve still got 2 more sessions to go, provisionally suggested Thurs 15th April and Thurs 20th May at 7pm. Unless there are resounding “No”s I think we will just go ahead and get these in the diary…as I’m sure everyone is as keen as me to get off zoom calls as much as poss and back into the world of group running! Having said that….don’t miss out on these free sessions for more useful hints, tips, some hilarity and your chance to quiz the pros on what we should be doing 🙂 

Committee Corner (courtesy of Alison H.)

The committee met on 19 March.  We had special guests!  The Club Captains joined to discuss their plans for some inspired “Captain’s Challenges” starting in April for the rest of the year and Andy Brack came along for the important discussion about re-starting coached sessions and social running.  More comms on these very soon.  We are still working hard on finalising the survey and progressing the review of the Club’s Constitution.  Other matters under consideration are eligibility for club funded qualifications and developing a welfare policy.  Vicky also updated on the current status of subs payments: there are still a lot of members who have not yet paid.  If this has slipped under your radar, please pay as soon as possible! Minutes of GDH committee meetings are available on the website.

Please do keep in touch

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this week’s report. If you would like to share any running related antics please let us know at the usual email address

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