Its the Day Late Weekend Report!

In a slightly later than billed report, owing in part to a monumental hangover and the complete absence of any sympathy (probably fair). But its been another exciting week for GDH. Grab a glass of water and a couple of Aspirin, and lets see what happened.

Eccles Pike Fell Race

6 Harriers made the short trip to Bugsworth, for the short up and down on Eccles Pike, which is widely regarded as one of the oldest fell races in the country. That’s about all I know, but I did manage to trawl up the results and some piccies. Couldn’t find one of Laura I’m sorry. Guess she was running incognito!

27Rick Steckles27:46
33Chris Jackson28:22
72Matt Crompton32:20
100Frank Fielding34:23
106Laura MacFarlane35:13
146Bill Leason40:44

Marple Beer Run

The beer run is back, and a few of us went over to have a crack at this quite challenging, and mildly irresponsible race. After sinking a couple of warm up pints in the Samuel Oldknow, the race started with the potholey and quick descent down to Roman Lakes. A pint of Longendale Lights (Howard Town) awaited at the end of the first K, and it was quickly despatched, where for GDH, Daniel Stinton was away first, closely followed by Birthday Boy Neal Bann. The second K is all uphill, and really is a slog until you get to the beer stop at Mellor Golf Club. The second pint (no idea of the beer) was hard work, not least due to being so out of breath. Jamie Helmer and Steve Page arrived shortly after me, and both being faster runners, I cracked on sharpish, relying on my drinking prowess to keep me ahead. The third K is undulating, and Dan was just leaving the beer stop as I arrived, meaning he’d been overtaken by Neal. Damn, I was hoping to find them both having trouble there. A lovely lady handed me just what I really needed right in that moment, another pint of beer (again, no idea what is was). With 2 pints down in the last 12 minutes or so, the just third doesn’t want to go, and when it does, the 4th K awaits, which is a real challenge with all that sloshing in your belly. The Fox is a welcome sight in the near distance, and crossing the finish line is quite a relief.

Neal celebrated his 40th birthday by claiming first GDH, we think in 4th place. Dan Stinton was next, then me. Steve and Jamie came in next, and given the gap that had emerged, must have taken a more leisurely approach to the latter stages of the race. About 200 ran at a guess, and it made for a cracking afternoon in The Fox, complete with music, barbeque and more beer!

The winner set a new course record of 18:23, and was rewarded for his efforts with a 5 pint glass of ale. 2 hours later, when we left The Fox, he’d barely taken the froth off it, going seriously down in our estimations.

Big thanks to Guy Riddell for being designated driver and photography duties.

5Neal Bann20:30
7Dan Stinton21:55
13Ian Crutchley23:09
48Steve Page31:23
49Jamie Helmer31:24

Scafell Pike Trail Marathon

This one looks a toughy. 26.2 miles and 6000 feet of climb, but it didn’t stop a few hardy Harriers from making the trip. Results below. Well done guys.

45Chris Smith5:15:23
101Wioleta Wydrych6:00:34
228Marie Williamson8:52:03

Sale Sizzler

The midweek Sizzler was attended by Kevin Ingham 25:02 and Nick Ham 25:09. Not sure if they were running together, but if not, that is close!

Peak Raid 3

John Stephenson, Rachel Walton and Nick Ham went down to Warslow for Peak Raid, basically wandering around on the hills looking for stuff. John came 57th with 350 points, Rachel was next in 69th with 310 point, and Nick brought up the rear in 81st with 210 points.

Hobs Hurst Fell Race

Nick Ham was out yet again on Friday, taking in Hobs Hurst. He said Based in Beeley near the Chatsworth Estate, it was my first time on this one, and what a one! A traditional summer’s evening up-and-down blast to leave you satisfied. Nick got round in 47:47. Nice work Nick!


18 Harriers at Glossop this week, but no PB’s that I can see.

Elsewhere, Tony Hillier and Kevin Ingham were at Hyde, The Happy Mundays were at Endcliffe, Sarah Roberts at Bath Skyline, Joe Travis at Pontefract, Dez Mitchel and Marie Williamson at Marple, Julie Eyre at Skipton, Andrew Fox at Lyme Park, Wendy Trelease at Wetherby, John Pollard at Fell Foot, Paul Gatley at Fleetwood, Pete Tomlin at Snowdon Field.

The consolidated report can be found here –

October Fell Relays

For anyone that missed my posts on Facebook, GDH will take part in two fell relays in October. Those interested in participating should read the below carefully, and if you didn’t already, please let Immy or Ian know you’d like to be part of it.

Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relays, Patterdale, 3rd October

We only get 1 team of 8 for this relay, so on 9th September we will have a qualifier event for the HBMR, in order that we submit out absolute strongest team for this prestigious event. The mixed team of 8 will ideally consist of 4 gals and 4 guys (plus a few standby subs). We encourage everyone to come along, whether you opt for a full beans effort, or just a social jog/walk of the route. Its a great excuse for us to get together, fun and outdoor socialising is guaranteed, as is a trip to a local public house afterwards. We will meet at Bowden Bridge in Hayfield at 7pm sharp, then jog up to Kinder Reservoir for the start. The route is 6km x 400m climb, obviously quite tough and technical, but is easy to follow.

Its likely to go dark while we’re out, so be sure to bring lighting! I’ll expand on the route and requirements in the event discussion section. Please let me know if you cant make the qualifier, but want to be considered for the HBMR team. I can sort it another way. Again, we encourage all to come along for an exciting GDH evening, whether you’re out for blood, or out for a pootle, it doesn’t matter, everyone is welcome.

You can find out more about the relay event itself here:

British Fell And Hill Relay Champs (AKA FRA Relays), Tebay, 16th October

The FRA Relays, now known as the British bla bla etc etc – see above, will take place on 16th October. It is an absolutely fantastic event, this year being hosted by Helm Hill Runners, in Eastern Cumbria. Ideally we would like to make up 4 teams = Open M & F, + Vets M & F (V40 and over). Unlike the Hodgsons, our opportunity is a bit more generous, so we are taking a more relaxed and social approach to this one. There won’t be any Time Trials in order to find our stellar team. The FRA’s are open to all of us who fancy getting involved.  Again, this is an amazing team event to get involved with, and I strongly encourage all with a fell running bent to consider it.

Note, in the event we are oversubscribed for teams, we will look to settle that in some appropriate and fair way (e.g. priority to those not participated before, or names out of the hat etc), but we will also need a few subs in case of inevitable last minute injuries or alike. Please express interest regardless of above, so we have a clear view of what we have.

You can find out more about the relay event itself here:

Other Stuff

Back by popular demand (well Steve and Pete asked anyway), the Glossopdale Harriers Fantasy Footy League. You don’t need to know anything about football, just pick the players with the best haircut if you want. Guy Riddell will be updating how badly we’re all doing so please get involved and have a go.

League Code: ietvcf

Well I think that’s about it that I know of, but as always, we love reading and compiling tales of everyone’s racing exploits.  Keep running, and stay safe!

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