“Beer, cheeseboards and running round in loops” weekly report

Is it nearly September? It can’t be. September is ages away and we’ve barely started 2021 have we? The “time steam roller” rumbles on and here we find ourselves at the back end of summer. What a great few months its been – races are well and truly back and we’ve managed to squeeze in a summer party. It’s looking like a busy time for GDH with the monthly mash-ups, the relays coming up, the champs races and I’ve even seen talk of cross-country!

Here’s the report:

Manor Park Marathon

“There’s hundreds of them!” said the baggy-clothed dog walker. He looked like the type of person who’s coat would smell of yak if you got too close, so I nodded in agreement and gave my best disgruntled “bloody-runners” face. I wondered if he’d kept seeing the same runners again and again as they lapped relentlessly around Manor Park on Saturday morning for the 4th edition of the Manor Park Marathon.

No one fancied challenging Guy Riddell’s course record this year on the UTMP (Ultra-Trail Manor Park) of 50 laps in 2020 but 27 laps for the marathon was on the cards for a number of runners, some as part of training for autumn marathons and others just for “fun”.

First on the course was Ian Jackson with an undeniably unsocial 04:20 start time followed by Kate Bowden and Sarah Mills at 5am. It became a hive of activity after that with the parkrun course getting a true hammering. Six runners completed the marathon with 21 in total getting some extra laps in.

Without Bartek “Whiteboard” Verde on course, it was a little hard to track everyone, but I did some badgering with my notebook afterwards and here are the official results:

Black Combe Dash Fell Race

John “Lake District” Pollard sent in the following report:

On the sunny west coast this Saturday the Black Combe Runners had stepped in to stage a short English Championship race as a substitute for the cancelled Arnison Crag race.

Not so many turn up here to run as it’s a less accessible area of the western Lakes, but it was a superbly organised event put on by BCR, who I know had put a lot of effort into creating this new course. A brutal climb in three unrelenting stages but a very fast descent, still with notorious featureless sections that are easy to go wrong on. But no clag to contend with for once. 8k/610m.

Chris Jackson and Lindsay Palmer both made the big effort to brave the Bank Holiday traffic in their respective touring vans to come and camp it up in the farmer’s field and compete man/womanfully in their respective races.

The men were off first at 1pm and the women had to wait until 2.45 to set off, which was a bit inconvenient for nerves and diet and fluid intake.

So I waited with Lindsay while Chris did his bit, and very well he did too, but I’m sure he can tell his race story himself. He was sprinting away from Chorley legend Darren Fishwick in the final field dash towards the bendy finish and the ice cream van.

It seemed to get even warmer between then and the eventual women’s start up the steep fields(but nowt compared to later), and Chris and me clapped Lindsay and the maybe 50-odd runners up and away. (Video on FRA Facebook✅) An hour and whatever later Dr.Palmer returned, looking tired/fresh/satisfied/ready for an ice cream…-Lins, delete as appropriate.

There’s another race staged by BCR on Monday at the local Bootle country fair and Lins will be on this too, having no doubt scaled a few Wainwright’s in between! I will join in.

Footnote: A certain Neil Shuttleworth was in attendance too, and he informs me he is now a denizen of Kendal. That may be news.

Basingstoke 10km

Presumably to get as far away from Manor Park Marathon as possible, John Stephenson raced the Basingstoke 10km. I don’t know the details other than it was more than likely 10km and in Basingstoke.

GDH Summer Party

Immy Trinder has been itching for a party since…. oooo… 2019, so got on the case and booked us all in at the Howard Town Brewery. I spent most of the night explaining, on a drinking session, how I’d smashed my face up, on a drinking session. Thankfully I didn’t fall on the other side on the way home. The food looked great, especially the monstrous “cheeseboard” which looked like it could sustain you on an ultra. Quite a few revelers ended up at the Star for a few additional nightcaps and then… well I don’t know, someone else is going to have to fill in the gaps.

Hadfield Dash – Club Champs

*checks Filofax for date* So… it’s the 30th August which leaves one final day to complete the second trail champs race: the Hadfield Dash. A few of us turned up on Wednesday evening for a bit of a staggered start. Which involved a few people setting off, then Paul Skuse looking impatiently at his watch for a bit and then everyone else setting off at the same time. Ian Crutchley was disgusted that he had to do a run that was on paths and mainly flat. Steve Page walked a bit and still nearly beat me. Nat Hicks put in a speedy performance taking the Strava crown from Chris Jackson (set in 2017) in a solid 34:16. Immy Trinder has the fastest women’s time on Strava this month.

It looks like there’s been quite a few other efforts over the last few days too. It’s not all necessarily on Strava though, so let’s wait for the final results. The champs challenges seem to be a roaring success this year, with a large chunk of the club taking part. Brilliant!

The Relays

Hodgson Brothers Relays 3rd October

Get your best gritty fell race face on: It’s getting close to the Hodgson Brothers Relays trial (Thursday 9th Sept). The club captains have decided to try and field the fastest mixed team so are going to make you work for a place. Despite some lively debate on the route, it’s settled as UP Sandy Heys and DOWN William Clough. A bit of lung-burster/quad trasher whichever way you look at it. 

Don’t forget everyone is encouraged to come along, whether its for a full-on effort or just a social jog/walk and there are rumours of the pub afterwards.  Meet at Bowden Bridge in Hayfield at 7pm sharp, then jog up to Kinder Reservoir for the start. Don’t forget your headtorch!

FRA Relays, Tebay, 16th October

No time trials for this one and we’re looking to enter four teams: Open M & F, + Vets M & F (V40 and over). This will be a fantastic event being hosted by Helm Hill Runners, in East Cumbria. Express interest to your Captains to get a place on the team!

GDH Records and Achievements

I finally got round to it and updated the GDH Club Record and Achievement pages to include the two sterling efforts on the UK rounds, with Club Treasurer Steve Knight ticking off a solo and unsupported Bob Graham Round in the Lake District earlier in the year, followed by Immy Trinder in June finishing the Welsh Paddy Buckley round. For anyone who doesn’t know about these routes, check them out and you’ll soon see what a massive achievement it is to get around any of the UK rounds.  I’ve also added Luke Holme’s epic 100-miler around Glossop and the surrounding areas in aid of GMRT.

Let me know if you know of any achievements to be included on the page and also if any of the known existing club records are broken. Check it out HERE.

Monthly Mash-Up

News from Captain Trinder emerged on Facebook for the next monthly-mash up. More running and more pub visits it seems:

It’s time to sign up for the next Monthly Mashup! September sees the return of the multi-terrain relay, only this time there will be no heats – we can run it as one big race!

The relay will take place on SUNDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER at 11AM, starting at the turning circle in Old Glossop.

Please sign up individually – we will announce the teams a week or so before the race. There will be 3 runners per team, and 3 legs: trail, road and fell. We will allocate the teams, and you can decide between yourselves who runs which leg.

Following the race, we will descend on a poor, unsuspecting public house to debate who had the best line up Cock Hill.

Juniors are welcome to participate and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. This will mean that teams including juniors will have 4 runners.

This was soooo much fun when we ran it in May. Get yourselves signed up here: https://forms.office.com/r/9CG7YShVWM

Anything Else?

Kate Bowden posted on Facebook about #RunAndTalkWeek

We would like to invite all club members to a fun and friendly social running event to celebrate and participate in #RunAndTalkWeek. This is open to ALL and we would love to encourage anyone new to the club and anyone whose felt out of the social running loop to come along. The route is a fun, easy paced 6 mile loop over local trails, and an opportunity to meet and talk. We will meet at 6:45pm on Thursday 23rd September Glossop Leisure Centre. More post -run chatting will be available at a local brewery, venue tbc. This event is hosted by your Mental Health champions Ben Robertson and Kate Emily (me!) And supported by our lovely coach Charmayne Lisa. We look forward to seeing you 😃 Alison Holt has kindly created an Event so please let us know if you can make it. Thank you! 😊

Coach Jeroen will, of course, be running a speed session on Tuesday. It might be focussed on those last few weeks of autumn marathon training, or maybe not, but keep your eyes on Facebook for the details!

That’s pretty much it folks! Although one very important note on safety kit. Whilst walking with my son Jacob (3) down from Wormstones to Derbyshire Level, he made the important observation “Don’t forget the pineapple Daddy” and handed me the [imaginary] pineapple. Be safe and don’t forget your pineapples when out on the hill!

Send your reports in to gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com

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