BOOM! It’s the weekend report.

So, it’s November now and OH BOY has the weather made sure we know about it! On Friday afternoon I was out in 4 layers plus woolly hat and gloves. I have genuine concerns that I am not going to survive the winter. As most of you probably know, the OMM was cancelled (technically in October but I’m rolling with it) due to the torrential downpours in Cumbria. I was quite disappointed about since it is pretty much my favourite race of the year, however, I was pleased to see that my would-have-been race partner, Wioleta, survived the announcement with minimal heartache… 

In all honesty, on Saturday night I was somewhat relieved not to be spending the night in a tent!

Instead of getting hopelessly lost in Langdale, I decided to join the group of far-too-fast people putting in a last-minute attempt on the New Glossop Fell Race. It started out as a pretty bleak day, with Ian and I discussing the possible bail-out options halfway up James Thorn. We were at the back of the pack, but it was great to regroup with everyone at the end, compare lines and marvel at some of the times people achieved! The Excel and PDF links of the full champs results are available here – The New Glossop Fell Race concluded the Fell Champs for the year, so well done to everyone who completed all three of the routes!

Continuing with the Champs theme, a group of Harriers assembled outside the Beehive yesterday morning to complete the beastly Beehive 5, setting off in 3 groups so that we all finished around the same time. Thanks very much to David C-L for organising – it was a great way to tick off a champs race, and I’m sure we all particularly enjoyed sharing the experience of Cliffe Road!

Snippet from the Past – Carl and Beryl Buckley

As racing ‘ The mile’ is a challenge in the Club Championship 2021, we thought the Mile exploits of a Glossopdale Harrier: Dave Ibbotson (Ibbo for short) would be of interest.

This was reported in the club news letter (at the time: handwritten, photocopied, stapled and hand delivered where possible) of Summer 1987.

The Meltham’s Maniac Mile

It was downhill and drew runners from far and wide, necessitating three races: A,B and C to accommodate them. The ultimate maniac, Ibbo of Glossopdale Harriers, took part in all three races and smashed the four minute barrier three times in half an hour. In between he ran back to the top to be ready for the next start. Race A: 3:44. Race B: 3:51. Race C: 3:56. He was 34 years old at the time.

The overall winner was a Longwood Harrier, whose time was 3:32. Nine Glossopdalers took part. Of these, third place was taken by Mike Prady in 3:37. Needless to say they competed in only one race.

How are your 3 x 1 mile reps going?

Tatton 10k – Frank Hamilton

I was out at the Tatton Park 10K yesterday – a lovely scenic route (even got to see some deer) although very different to the hills of Glossopdale! I finished with a time of 39.26.

Well done, Frank! Awesome 10k time!

Even more Champs news

A few Harriers were out recceing the Gravy Pud route this morning – the champs race for December. In order to round up the champs ahead of the Christmas party, remember that you need to complete Gravy Pud between 22nd November and 12th December, along with the anytime challenges – Glossop parkrun and the Simmondley Trail 1-mile – if you haven’t already!

1 thought on “BOOM! It’s the weekend report.

  1. Paul Stitt

    I love the Ibbo story. It reminds me of a race I did in the early nineties, the Mow Cop killer mile, a measured uphill mile which I managed in 9 minutes – I think the winner was 7 minutes. But a colleague of mine ran all the categories, up and down half a dozen times. He was nicknamed “Loony” with good reason!


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