Winter has Arrived! Its the Weekend Report….

Well, the weather got really interesting in Glossop on Saturday, which unsurprisingly left many events cancelled. Most of us were content to fill our time playing about in the snow, whilst some more intelligent people just stayed home and ate pies But there was one race with plenty of Harriers in attendance, plus a cracker of a Mash-up on Thursday. I’ve also dug one up from the archives for your reading pleasure.

But for the second week in a row the GDH reports inbox remains depressingly baron. Please, please send in your race reports (or any other random running related ramblings) in. The editorial policy is pretty much, anything you send, we will print!

Wilmslow Festive 10K

The only race that happened this weekend and I have no clue what went on, except 10 Harriers ran 10K. In Wilmslow. Some cracking times here, and brilliant to see the legendary Tony Hillier back on the road.

NameChip PosChip Time
Steve Knight13636:58
Nick Lord16037:25
Michael Park34141:06
Michael Greenhalgh47543:26
Tim Crookes72046:36
Kevin Ingham82947:50
Wendy McMahon89648:33
Kate Bee134953:13
Tony Hillier154555:10
Nicola Pennington22731:05:47


With Glossop unsurprisingly cancelled, those needing their parkrun fix sated, scuttled around for some last minute tourism.

We had Julie Eyre at Richmond, Nick Ham at Woodbank, Robert Webster in a lightning 17:29 at South Manchester, Dez Mitchell, Alan Byrne and Kevin Ingham at Hyde, Joe Travis at Pontefract, Charlotte Bliss at Bury St Edmonds and Wendy Trelease at Marple.

The consolidated club report can be found here

SELCC Cross Country


Monthly Mashup – Street-O

Wily dogs Zoe Barton and Andy Oliver managed to edge some very fast pairings in Thursday’s lamp post bothering session. Amusingly, Zoe admitted afterwards to not even spotting how the scoring worked on this one, and just went for as many as they could! Its what makes these Street Orienteering events so brilliant – its not just about speed, there is a huge element of cunning, and it all comes down to your route choices. Its the second time in a row that Zoe has won this event. Coincidence? I think not!

Well done guys, and to everyone that came along supported the event. These road scores have proven popular, and great fun. No doubt we’ll do more of them in the future!

Thank goodness for Immys good memory because we gave out the score cards without noting down the order and scores, but we believe this to be final standing….

1st – Andy Oliver and Zoe Barton – with a huge score of 450 points!

2nd – Joshua Southall and Paul Skuse with 440 points

3rd – Steve Page and Neal Bann with 410 points

4th – Lance H-g and Greg Chandler with 340 points (54 mins)

5th – Jeroen Peters and Katia Tastagh with 340 points (57 mins)

6th – Anne Williams and Timothy Rudd with 300 points

7th – Dave Edmunds and Wendy McMahon with 280 points

8th – Frank Hamilton and Mel Bee with 190 points

9th – Jessica Leigh Camp and Guy Riddell with 180 points

If anyone would like to have a go at the score course in their own time, let Immy or Ian know the email address and we’ll send you the map, score card and answers.

🏆GDH Virtual Champs – The Final Straight…🏆

A few things to remind and point out as we enter the final straight of our excellent 2021 Champs.

  1. You have until next Tuesday, 30th November to attempt Beehive 5.
  2. Gravy Pud is now “active” as of Monday this week. Many people are on the race itself on 5th December. If you’re not, then the deadline is 12th December to attempt it. If you’re not sure of the route, you can find it on the Champs page, but you can also reach out, as I’m sure someone will be happy to guide some groups around as needed.
  3. Dont forget the anytime challenges (Mile and parkrun). The deadline for these is also 12th December.
  4. To clarify a question asked, Glossop parkrun can be attempted anytime before 12th December – it doesn’t necessarily need to be at an official Saturday morning parkrun.
  5. As ever, please submit your times promptly!…
  6. There are a number of you that have completed 3 or 4 races so far. To receive your qualifier gift, you need have completed 5, plus 1 of the anytime challenges. So to qualify, you must complete either or both Beehive 5 and Gravy Pud, plus 1 anytime within the deadlines outlined above. Check out the latest table and lets get as many qualified as we can!
  7. Ensure your diary is clear on the 19th December for our Xmas Do at the Partington. We have a great presentation planned to recognise everyone that qualified, and of course crown our Champions! I hope to see everyone there!

Details of the Champs are here:

One from The Archives – Tankys Trog 1990

As the Trigger recces commence, I spotted this report about its predecessor, the 1990 Tankys Trog (slightly different route, but still Marsden to Edale). Contrasting and funny reports from Carl Buckley and Frank Fielding. But do check out those blistering times. A GDH 1, 2, 3 (and 5). Quite outrageous!

Well I think that’s about it that I know of, but as always, we love reading and compiling tales of everyone’s racing exploits.  Keep running, and stay safe!

1 thought on “Winter has Arrived! Its the Weekend Report….

  1. Beryl Buckley

    Well, I never knew Carl was a Fizzer! I now know what to say when his chin drops to his chest and his bald pate shines at me. I’ll shout, “Fizzer” and he’ll hopefully snap to attention. Seriously, we’ve spoken to Neil and he thought it was a great idea to scan the news letters. Will pick them up sometime this week.So let us know when you want them.


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