The March 2022 Round Up

Spring has sprung and, like the daffodils and crocuses, racing Harriers have been popping up all over the place.   Unfortunately, only one person fancied telling us about their springtime racing in March so here is a match-up game for you all based on photos gleaned from FaceBook (photo credits variously to Nick H, Rob Murphy, Dan S, Anne W. and Charmayne).

Trafford 10km (courtesy of Dan S)

I remember first turning up at the Trafford 10km in 2020 (one of the last races before covid…) and looking round and thinking how everyone looked like “real” athletes. Well wind on a couple of years and here I am again thinking the same thing. It’s no wonder it attracts some great runners though, it’s flat, it’s fast and it’s a definite potential PB course.

John drove over in his tour bus with much talk about “cheat shoes” and how many beers were consumed the night before. Before we knew it we were off and there’s no hanging around at this race – get the engine red lining and hope that you can keep it going till the end. That was my tactic anyway. It was beaming smiles all round at the end with Nick, John, Rob and me all coming away with nice shiny new PBs. Here’s the results! And for some perspective, the winner came over the line in a jaw-dropping 28:27.

  • Nick Lord – 36:50
  • Daniel Stinton – 38:34
  • John Gaffney – 38:56
  • Rob Sheldon – 40:03
  • Kevin Ingham – 45:47
  • Tony Hillier – 53:08

Other News (more details on Facebook)

Immy will be writing April’s report so please let her know about your running-related antics at

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