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It’s Bank Holiday (in case you didn’t realise) weekend report

Yes, we’re into week whatever the heck it is now of lockdown. What was meant to be a summer of racing and shouting about successes and enjoyment of crashing around various courses across the country and world, we are making do with some rather interesting challenges and ideas in our own locales. The virus still stalks the streets (and boating lakes) of the world, but that is no need to be down in the dumps. I’ve attempted to scour all manner of social media feeds, online stalk as many people as possible, and psychically reached out to get a flavour of what has been going on in the world of GDH this week, apologies if I have missed anything, but this is what I’ve come up with…


Hold the press! Forget about viruses, ignore any racing rivalries, there are massive changes afoot in the world of Strava. Unless you live under a rock, are socially isolating to the point of ridiculousness or have spent the last week in a drunken blitz you cannot have failed to notice that Strava is changing how it works. You might not care about it, but you’ll certainly have heard about it. I’m not going to go into a massive amount of detail about it here as so much has been written elsewhere (perhaps the best explanation is on dcrainmakers site), but suffice to say the changes have divided the running/cycling/swimming/rollerblading/people who use Strava world. I suppose that is what you get when something is free for so long and you start charging for various aspects of it. You might think that £4 a month is a lot of cash for a glorified social running thing, you might see it as an entire pair of shoes over a year, so it isn’t worth paying for. Whatever your perspective, I’m sure that the debate will continue in a lively manner for quite some time.

the hills

Cotton grass on the hills- photo shamelessly nicked from Pete W

Picking stuff up

What with the lovely weather recently (don’t look out the window today though), there has been an increase of people heading onto the hills and moors around us. The beauty spots that we appreciate on a fairly regular basis have, on occasion, been turned into rubbish strewn tips by less considerate types leaving crap all over the place. Thanks to the efforts of a number of GDHers, a lot of this has been cleared up- in some cases several bin bags full of stuff. Obviously if you’re going to do such public spirited and well meaning things, make sure you’ve got appropriate gloves/etc on. Ideally we wouldn’t have to do this, but hey… it’s one of those things- but stay safe out there.

Moorland Fires

On the same kind of subject, there have been a few reports of moorland fires being found smouldering away. If in doubt, call it in to the fire service. We really don’t need Bleaklow/Kinder going up in smoke because of a carelessly left BBQ or fag end. Thanks to Ant Walker for sorting one out up by the B29. Don’t just be alert for the virus, be alert for idiots with fire.

Other stuff

Looks like John Pollard has been knocking out some serious miles for the NHS. Strava (yes, yes, I know) says that he was out for a fair old while bashing about the local trails and hills. He clocked in at around 23 or so- nice one John. jp

There seem to be more and more people looking around for weights to throw around at home. If you think you might have some gathering dust somewhere have a dig around, if you don’t want to use them, chances are that someone else will.

The Covid Arms is still doing a roaring trade in obscure quiz questions in lockdown- so come and join if you’re around on Sunday evening and fancy a social zoom.

Motivation – it is getting to the point where everyone is at a different level of motivation on a different day- or even a different time of each day. If you’re just not feeling it, no worries. Accept that feeling for what it is- on another day you may well be raring to go. It’s perfectly normal to be at different levels of motivation given the odd times we’re living through. Cut yourselves some slack and take it as it comes. This too shall pass, and we’ll be out on the hills and roads nattering away like a bagful of nuns before you know it.

If you’re out and about- take care, and enjoy yourselves. (but watch out for the hill goblins- they’re mostly harmless, but can demand photos if you get too close).

hill goblins

Hill goblin in natural habitat.


well, everything is perfectly normal then- weekend report

A load of people bashed around the 10k route in various stages of undress… sorry- fancy dress. There was a spiderman, a wonderwoman, a steadily deflating dinosaur and an elf. (there was also a report of Rob sheldon blasting it out in luminous running gear, however, as that is perfectly normal attire for him, I’m not going to mention it. There may well have been others- but they have escaped my notice…

Some zwifting has been going on. (yes Chris Webb, I saw that).

There is a daily relay going on as well- organised by the indefatigable Marie Williamson, but that is 4 days away from finishing. Im not entirely sure who is winning, team A or team B, but you can definitely shout some support on the facebook page somewhere.(oh- and I saw Bartek out in a gdh vest today, so that was probably something to do with it. He looked to be having fun, but completely ignored me. That’s what being on a bike does for you).

Herod Farm-yes it was meant to be the 25th anniversary Herod Farm race this week. Unfortunately, lockdown has meant that it didn’t really go ahead- I’m sure much to Daz’s annoyance. Still, he’s probably continuing to work his way through the beer I delivered to him the other day. The winner this year was almost certainly Frank Fielding, considering he was the only person that I saw heading around the course on approximately the right day.

There was another quiz, this time with another different format- Zoom this week. The highlight was of course seeing if Skusey could make his typewriter attach to his computer. It worked well and amusement was had by all. (and substantial refreshment, too)- thanks to Pete Tomlin for the questions and to Steve Page for hosting.

Oh- and I saw some people hacking around Manor Park doing a freedom run yesterday- so it wasnt exactly parkrun, but it was something along those lines. They may or may not have been harriers, but I thought it might be worth pointing out.

I was going to put up a quick stat about delivering beer and the amount of beer that is being delievered to various members of GDH, but thought that might end up with there being quite a competitive league table. Suffice to say that today was the FIRST day that I didn’t have ANYONE from GDH on my delivery in about 3 weeks. So there is some serious training going on, I would imagine.

Joking aside, there is a ridiculous amount of running going on from the looks of Strava, and it would be sheer folly for me to try to summarize it all here. It is great to see so much positivity and outdoors joy from the people in the club.

Remember, it’s ok to have off days. It’s ok to have times when it all seems a bit rubbish. That is what the rest of the club is here for. Reach out, Chat. Moan, cry, whatever. Chances are someone else has gone through the same kind of thing recently as well, and we’re here to support each other, even when running isn’t an option.

Keep getting out there and doing stuff. 69376732_10157889486192345_1669589873993973760_n


The “I’ll have a bottle of Corona, and don’t forget the lime” Weekend report.

It would appear that the world is in the grip of the Corona Virus. There are all kinds of amusing jokes about running being good for you and making sure that we are self isolating, so I won’t bore you with too many of them here. The list of races cancelled/postponed is getting ever longer, with one or 2 of them only giving people about 6 hours notice (Wilmslow half, I’m looking at you)…


If the virus looks like this, count me in!

The current list looks like this:

in no particular order….races cancelled or postponed: Manchester marathon, London marathon, Paris marathon, Chicken Run, Edale Skyline, Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Dovestone Diamond, 4 Inns, Fellsman, Wilmslow Running Festival

Still, if you’re getting itchy because you can’t race other people, how about going out and battering yourself on one of the local time trials? Challenge someone else to a dual over a certain distance. Use the time to push yourself harder instead of relying on having a person on your shoulder to push you along. And if you *really* need a medal at the end of the day, there’s always a cereal packet, tin foil and some marker pens to make yer own. It’s probably more environmentally friendly as well. medals

Anyhow… what went on this week? Anything at all? Oh yes- a fair amount actually….

Grindleford Gallop

Thanks to Guy Riddell for sending this in:

So with the ongoing threat to races caused by Covid-19, {don’t panic, just wash your hands, stay a metre apart from everyone, no handshakes} I decided if there was a race on and I can get in, then just say yes. So when Pete W offered his place on this race, I accepted eagerly, then asked the less important questions like: where the hell is Grindleford? How far is the race? All on tarmac right?

Turns out Grindleford is a lovely place in the Hope Valley just past Hathersage, it’s about 21 miles and of course all tarmac apart from the mud and puddles and unmentionable cow souvenirs. There were a few minor alternations to keep us safe – we weren’t allowed in the race HQ, jelly babies were dispatched by tongs, cake all individually wrapped, water filled from jugs with no. All a bit surreal, but probably sensible.

Race start was weird. All stood in a field which was suspiciously free of tarmac, and no race briefing, just a sudden klaxon sounded and we all plodded off. Informal agreements were made to just jog round as a little group, and over the first couple of miles 5 harriers were kept together by a series of bottle-necks. As soon as it opened up Rob Sheldon bounded off like an excited puppy and Michael Lunn (ably supported by my spare vest) dropped back a little, leaving me to run 21 miles with Matt (can’t find my gloves, where’s my phone) Crompton & Elanor (I’ll only slow you down, I have never ran here before) Swan.

It was a glorious day for running, and largely conditions were wonderful. There were some massive puddles a few miles in, and an amateur could easily have gone over at this point and got soaked and covered in mud and scrapes. Naturally that did not happen, and the scrapes down my leg at the finish were obviously caused by Els kicking me when I wasn’t looking (she seems the type).

The route was lovely, through the villages of Eyam & outskirts of Bakewell, Chatsworth House, along the Monsal Trail and along the beautiful Frogatt Edge – all in glorious weather really, bit warm at times. Elanor tried everything to get rid of Matt & I, but we all stuck together – worth it just to benefit fully from the support crew with Phil popping up several times along the way with the extremely loud and vocal Josie & Caitlin.

A couple of miles from the end we passed Mandy Beames and her carer for the day Sarah Leah – they had set off ahead of the pack rather sneakily and did brilliantly, even if it does look like Mandy spent half the time taking photos.

At the finish there was a massive queue for soup and cake (not allowed inside remember) but the angelic Swan girls went and queued several times bringing us back soup, cake, sausage rolls the lot, absolute little stars they were.

No official results yet, but from Strava and my own observations:

Rob Sheldon – 3:34
Guy Riddell/Matt Crompton/Elanor Swan – 3:54
Michael Lunn – 4:07
Ree O’Doherty – 4:25
Mandy Beames  and Sarah Leah– 5:48

PS – Matt’s phone was in his pack discovered when it rang mid-race, and gloves were safely discovered but not needed. Phew!

Haworth Hobble

Aha- Nick Ham was over there for this. – 50k and 1600m of ascent. He has not mentioned if this was a PB or a PW, so I’m going to go somewhere in the middle and say it was a Personal Average time. Can’t believe no-one else was there, it’s normally a cracker!

Lads Leap

There were plenty of people about at this local knees up. When races get cancelled, there is always going to be one or 2 others that don’t get cancelled and pull in the punters. No results that I can see yet- It seems that Pete Daly and Chris Jackson were doing it, but beyond that, no-one’s told me nuffin.

Two Crosses LDWA

Thanks so much to John Pollard who sent this is today:

Dez Mitchell suggested this event as he has done it several times in the past with Clive Hope & had waxed lyrical about the route & the choice food at many of the checkpoints, particularly the spread at notorious CP4…the end of many a runner’s ambition for a good time on account of ‘overloading’! I fell victim to the home-made trifle here, being physically restrained from a 3rd helping (see photo of me shamelessly retrieving unfinished bowl from the bin)…


John. Overloading.

Anyway, a little about the challenge (it’s not a race really, and both runners & walkers participate over two courses, 17 & 25 miles) & I know there were 300 pre-entries, so pretty popular.
Started from Greenmount near Tottington, it winds its way along country lanes, fields & trails towards Turton Tower & some local reservoirs, never more than undulating climbs, but today as is standard this year, every field was a bog trot or mudfest.
After Entwistle reservoir came the tented treats of CP4. A female voice here chimed in “are you John?”…and after owning up I realised it was a lady called Edwina Hill, who used to be a member of GDH (only really older members will recall her)…Edwina was a keen runner of ultras, and it was lovely to see her as I know her husband succumbed to cancer & she moved away, but now lives happily in Rossendale. Nice serendipity.
The route really does have a bit of everything, I could describe how Dez’s ‘local knowledge’ confounded a local Holcombe Harrier lady who was slightly disoriented & was ‘put right’ by Dez, who she assumed was a club-mate. Glossop, to her sounded a long way away!ldwa scene
So the most challenging (& tbh enjoyable) part of the run came as we made our way up onto Holcombe Moor, over Bull Hill, carefully contouring away from the MOD warning signs, only to find ourselves under fire from a sharp hailstorm!
Good mixture of bog & technical running on this stretch, more of a fell race.
It’s called the Two Crosses because there are two ancient crosses along the route.
The second we now encountered on the way to the landmark of Peel Tower, called Pilgrims Cross. The first I blinked and missed in the first 5 miles, Affetside Roman cross apparently. But what did the Romans ever do for Bury?
Sharp descent from Peel Tower, and new steps through a wood were an innovation for Dez, who says he usually slides down on his arse there.
We were taking it pretty easy, stopping for drinks, chocolates, flapjacks, jellies etc at these later CPs, and a bit of banter. I have to say no gloves or tongs were used(as Guy commented at Grindleford Gallop) so I don’t know if I’ll be self-isolating in a week. Still, mustn’t make levity of the situation, us OAPs are a group at risk so I’ve heard.
Great food back at the finish, 5 or 6 different types of soups, variety of sandwiches, rice pud, Manchester tart(do love them), cakes, cheese, cuppa tea…jeez I’m full.
Got to give this one 10 out of 10. Brilliant tip from Dez, won’t be the last one I’ll do…but it might be the last for a while……

Parkrun corner

Plenty of us at Glossop…course PB for Ethan Rolls (and only a few seconds off his all time PB)
Tony Hillier was across at Hyde while Bill Leason was banging around Marple
Catherine Cleary was down south in Chelmsford running an all time PB. Mark Ollerenshaw continued the PB trend with a course PB at Skipton. David & Holly Munday were at Oakwell, Joe Travis was at  Middleton Woods and Simon Toole blatted around Morecombe Prom with another all time PB. Nice work.

Kinder Dozen

Ian Crutchley sent this in, just beating the deadline… The second Kinder Dozen completion by GDHers this year:

Lance Hamilton Griffiths and I had a crack at Kinder Dozen today. Having done the far more dramatically named “Kinder Killer” in November we knew we were in for a tough day, as whilst the Dozen is around 5 miles shorter, it contains an extra 1000 foot of so of climb, giving a quite meaty gradient profile. A well-known anytime challenge devised by DPFR (again) it has 12 climbs and descents of Kinder Scout, giving 24 miles and 10,000 feet.

I’d exhausted my repertoire of running cliché’s quite early on i.e. by the top of the first climb – not far to go now, we’re doing great, we’ve broke its back now, we’re on for a great time…. Some swearing later and we were then forced to converse on a more civil level, generally putting the world to rights and having a great laugh. The following few ups and downs were quite uneventful, but this was a false sense of security, as the weather turned on us when we hit the Edale side of the hill. Some cloud bursts, hail stone, and even a little sunshine later, we were out of the worst of it, but those 4 up and downs had really taken it out of us. Things picked up once we hit the Hayfield side of the hill, and before long we were cresting Fairbrook Naze for the final descent back to the Snake Inn.

A tough day, and some of the ups and downs were relatively “nice” whilst others were truly horrible. I’ve never experienced a route quite so determined to break our ankles – it was a constant. We just missed out on the 8 hour target, coming in with a total time of 8 hours 39 minutes. But we’re happy, a very good mark in the sand for me, and we both enjoyed the route much more than we did Kinder Killer.Dozen

Community running track

Thanks to Jeroen for sending in this missive about the opening of the new community running track: Today was not only the day the Wilmslow Half Marathon was cancelled, but it was also the long-awaited day of the official opening of the Glossopdate Community Running Track. With only about 30 minutes to go, it briefly looked like it may be a wash-out. However, it was as if the Tuesday Weather Fairies were on duty and dry weather returned before 2 pm and later, the sun came out too.

Just before 2 when I got to the Turning Circle at the end of Green Lane with the special guests from Team New Balance, I was a little surprised (and worried) that there were very few people waiting. I should not have as they were already at the start of the running track. Well over 50 people turned up, many familiar faces but also quite a few that I had not seen before.

After a few words during which I acknowledged the many people who helped and contributed to the project, Steve Vernon, the coach of Team New Balance unveiled the newly installed “orientation panel” before he, together with elite athletes and members of Team New Balance, Jonny Mellor and Jip Vastenburg, ran through the ribbon and thereby officially opening the track.

This was followed by a training session led by Steve for al those who were interested. After a short jog, a number of warm-up routines, some of which may have seemed familiar for the regulars on Tuesday. But, these were indeed the exercises done by athletes of the highest level. A number of strides brought the group to where the track passes under the road bridge from where the main set started: Up to 5 x 2.5 laps on a “conventional” running track followed by gentle recovery lap or, in Glossop Running track speak: 1K reps from #10 to #20 at 5K race pace followed by 400m easy recovery back to the start at #10/24.

During the training, Steve said how impressed he was with the facility and he will be coming here regularly and bring his entire Team of athletes for sessions, instead of, as he does now, the Middlewood Way. Jonny commented on how this track is so much more enjoyable than “just a boring out and back on the dead-straight Middlewood Way. Jip enjoyed the peaceful, countryside setting and shelter from wind and the elements. Furthermore, Steve was so impressed that he promised to return with his entire team for a Tuesday GH session, probably sometime in April. Watch this space for an update on this.

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Committee Corner

Committee held their second meeting of the year last week. Amongst other things we discussed some questions and suggestions from members and outcomes will be communicated to them in due course, if not already. Minutes will be uploaded to the website as normal once agreed by the committee – Lucy. (sec).

News about the captains! (from the desk of Alison Holt via Paul Skuse)

“The GDH committee have met twice since the AGM and the discussion about the future role of Club Captains is ongoing. However, we do have one elected Club Captain (Paul Skuse) and Paul is also on the committee. We are also considering ideas around different ways to support club activities across all areas of running. In order to make sure these are developed carefully and take account of feedback from the survey (more on this in due course), and at the same time ensure everything is looked after during this transitional year, we are looking for some members to volunteer to take responsibility for:

-Fell relays – team entry and selection for the annual relays (Hodgson Brothers and UKA Hill Relays aka “The FRA Relays”;

-Road relays – identify a suitable event, team entry and selection;

– Trail relays – identify a suitable event, team entry and selection.

Ideally, we will have at least two volunteers per area ideally one male, one female as we have already for Cross Country activities (Kirsty Sharp and Chris Webb)”

The committee have been busy and are keen to get this right. If you fancy helping out, don’t be shy, give me a shout on Paul’s new official email:

Coming up!

Well- assuming the world doesn’t end, lock down doesn’t affect everyone and everything, and all that kind of stuff:

Glossop vs Pennine on 21/3 – its a Hayfield to Glossop Year this year. Contact Charlie on facebook for more details. (and if it isn’t Charlie you need to contact, I’m sure he’ll point you in a better direction).

Herod Farm on 22/4 – If you are available and still haven’t volunteered to help out with this, Glossopdales contribution to Wednesday night fell racing, get on it, and email Darren Clarke- or contact him on facebook. These races don’t run themselves you know! Race directors need your help!

The Midweek Champs

A final announcement from Skusey about the resurrection of the Midweek Champs:

Here it is in all its glory –the midweek champs race list. Handpicked and prepared by your own champs committee to give you the ultimate midweek racing experience! 3 out of the 5 gets you in but 5 out of 5 makes you a natural born winner! The midweek champs will not be part of the overall champs but run as a separate competition. The name of the game here is participation and here is range of races to give you a taste of what the midweeks have to offer
-Buxworth 5 (28/4/20) A tarmac fell race, 2 miles up, 2 miles down and a final mile on the flat.
-Stride through the woods (13/05/20) 5k. A flat, fast trail race along a canal with a short grassy climb at the midway point.
DCRO Dash (10/06/20) 8.5 km. A hard grassy climb and an equally challenging fast descent.
-Cracken Edge (05/07/20) 8m. A little bit of everything. A local classic.
-Millbrook Monster (24/07/20) 10k. Monster by name, monster by nature!

Its a bit breezy- the Storm Ciara Weekend report

A weekend of 2 halves. The Saturday was a delight. Sunshine and a little breeze. Certainly the calm before the storm. If you were going to get out this weekend, that was the day to do it. Sunday was a slightly different matter with the incoming Storm Ciara… weather warnings for rain and wind and a general feeling of “batten down the hatches” followed by Rain. Wind. Hail. Lightning. Etc. A number of hugely respected races (Long Mynd, Junior Parkrun etc) were cancelled due to the quite unacceptable risk it would pose to marshals, runners and (if needed) rescue teams.

Having said that, there were still a good few things going on this weekend, some lovely accounts to read and enjoy. The committee have been busy and there is a wossname thing to read at the bottom of the page, and goodness me, looking at the forecast there might even be some snow on the way.

Thanks so much to the contributors this week- Ian Crutchley, Nic Pennington, Lynne Taylor, Els Swan, Wioleta Wydrych and Paul Peters.

Winter tour of Bradwell

Ah yes, a champs race with a load of Glossopdalers entered – not *quite* everyone who entered turned up on the day, but that’s the way it goes, I guess. The race was run on Saturday certainly the best of the weekend, considering the battering we were going to get on the Sunday. As it is a few people sent in some accounts of the day, and it’s probably worth including all of them seeing as they were there and I wasn’t:

From Lynne:
Winter Half Tour of Bradwell:28.5km and 1100m of ascent.
When the half tour was announced in the club champs I thought I’d best enter – it would give me something to train for and be a training run for something longer I’ve got coming up in a few months.  There were nearly 20 harriers at the chilly start in Bradwell, and a good mix of race experience too. I was so happy the day was bright and sunny, yes chilly and a cool breeze but nothing too wintery and no extra kit to carry. The climb up Dirtlow rake always goes on for a while, and I was within ear shot of a good few harriers so it was lovely chatting and a good distraction from the 4km of ascent. What goes up must come down…thankfully Cavedale is early in the race as the descent is always slippy and makes for very slow and cautious progress on my part. It was here that I lost touch with most harriers and I just settled into my own race.
Heading out of Castleton you then have the second big climb – all the way to Lose Hill. From here until much later in the race I had company from Nic P, mostly making sure she didn’t get lost!! That said, it was good to have company as longer races can seem lonely once the pack thins out.
I know the area really well so my map didn’t come out of my bag at all…taking familiar paths down off Lose Hill – first bit of delightully muddy slippy terrain….down the road to Hope and the green lane over to Aston for the 3rd climb of the race. More gluppy mud on the eastern flank of Win Hill (I do wish the race went to the summit of this hill). The trail down to Shatton gives the legs a respite from the ups and downs, still not easy on tired legs and almost added to the dread I was feeling towards the final climb – about 250m to climb up to Shatton mast. Nic and I had been joined by Des and a few others, but the 3 of us seemed to be well matched on speed (walking) up. Somewhere along the way to CP7 I pulled away from them a bit and figured Des would get Nic to the finish safely…so I kept onwards, running where I could and psyching myself up for the mudfest of the final steep descent. I kinda wish I had a sledge or plastic bag to use – my fell shoes didn’t give much grip on the quagmired path and the brambles, gorse, blackthorn, and barbed wire fence offered no safety net to catch hold of. Somehow (well I know how) I stayed more or less upright (I basically didn’t try to run) and eventually reached the final gate onto the tarmac and the edge of Bradwell village. I made up 2 places through the village, overtaking one guy within 200m of the finish and making it back to the sports pavillion just a touch over 4hrs to hear some of the prizes being handed out.
A grand day out in the hills….think I’d prefer the route with much less mud but otherwise it was superb.


Ah, Kit Check in the cold, don’t you love it?!

From Wioleta:
Beautiful weather, lots of fun and sliding in the mud and a huge turnout of GDH, especially ladies team was huge 🙂

I signed up for this one to learn to navigate. If you can imagine the worst sense of direction and no nav skills – that used to be me. When I’ve been ticking the Wainwrights off I improved a little bit. I mean, massively. (But I felt it doesn’t count, because I wasn’t on my own and I wasn’t running – I’ve been hiking). So, yes, I knew how to use a compass and a map but I was still making crazy mistakes. In the most obvious places, I would go wrong (even if there was a sign ‘no footpath – I would go there as it happened when I was doing a recce of Bradwell). So the next step for me was to improve my nav skills to the point to feel comfortable to navigate on my own, especially while running. So if you think you are crap in navigating – keep reading 🙂 there is hope even for you!

I decided to recce Bradwell in 3 parts (I knew how long it may take me to navigate it – it took me even longer – each part about 2-4 hrs). On each recce, I was making sure that I know exactly where I am on the map (even when it was super obvious, it wasn’t for me) and as I was going along I started noticing more on the map, more of the things that helped me to recognise where exactly I am, like signs for open access, gates, walls, types of the paths, I’ve learned how to notice the difference between bridleway and a normal footpath, recognise byway and all of that was super helpful.
I’ve had some funny moments while recceing it. On the first recce I dragged David and asked to promise not to tell me if I’m going wrong (I wanted to learn even if on my mistakes), but after one mile he asked ‘so even if you would be going completely wrong from the start you don’t want to know?’ – yes, the first mistake, instead of taking the path from the start I went up the hilly road. So I made friends with the compass. I’ve had some funny moments with the compass as well, especially when we were doing the next 2 recces with Bec. The first moment was hilarious: me and Bec, both with our maps and compasses, both compasses where showing north in the opposite direction!!! If somebody would take a picture of us at that moment, that would be awesome! Hahaha, that gave us loads of confidence for the start of our nav skills tour (yes, don’t keep your compass next to the phone or speakers or it will go crazy). There were also some funny moments when I was taking bearing using a compass and it was pointing me the direction we came from (I placed the compass on the map wrong way round). We’ve also made some little mistakes while recceing it, but at least I knew I’m not going to repeat them on the race day 🙂 And so I felt prepared for the race day. Kate drove us with Rachel and Nicola (we’ve had 2 drivers actually as somebody couldn’t shut up and stop helping- me hahahaha at least I felt like I contributed a bit). And on the way we’ve all heard ‘don’t worry, there will be plenty of people to follow’. But the reality was different. I quickly realised there is nobody in front of me. After I’ve had a little haribo at the checkpoint 3 (I really enjoyed it after 12 days sugar-free) I caught up with some guys, but I’ve had to show them the way as they were going wrong already. Then one of them tried to stay with me for a bit, every so often asking hopefully ‘you know where we are, do you?’ hahahah I knew and I was so proud of myself that it is unbelievable 😛 (oh by the way, I know plenty of you were wondering why he was wearing full waterproofs for the entire race – he is training for 100miler and as a part of the training he wanted to run in full kit). Somebody helped me as well, just before we were underneath Win HIll somebody shown me a little shortcut that I assumed was right but I didn’t follow that way during the recce so I wasn’t sure whether to risk it, I did and I was impressed to even see the first arrow on the stile. Before the checkpoint 7 I met Alex, he was full of hope that I know where to go 🙂 I need to say, I was dead chuffed with myself, cause I actually knew where to go. And then again after the checkpoint 7 I was showing some runners to go to the left up through the farms near Robin hood’s Cross, plenty of people went straight and missed that bit. Except when I’ve met all these people I’ve been on my own most of the time so learning to navigate was extremely helpful.
If I was able to get to that point and learn to navigate, anybody can.

And finally, from Nic:

The Rookie fell runner report.

when Skusey suggested it would be a great idea to run the Bradwell half I thought why not? The cocky me thought it doesn’t matter that I have no nav skills, don’t know north from south on a compass or what a bivvy bag is but I thought bugger that! How hard can it be? Ill just follow someone else.

Race number collected and wearing my sparkly third hand inov8s I set off with the crowd to what I thought would be a bit of a jaunt up a few hills except, after a few miles it became apparent that everyone seemed to know where they were going apart from me, and they were getting further and further in front until I was on my own…. and the fell fear hit. Ive got to say it was at this point I nearly had a little cry and had to dampen down the panic rising in my chest. The only way to do this was to run as fast as I could until I saw someone, anyone who I could cling onto. At no point did I consider looking at my map. At that moment running through somewhere called a path type thingy, an angel appeared in blue and orange, Lynne Taylor. Never have I been so glad to see someone.


Nic – Mudlarking

I asked if I could run with her, to be fair she never agreed but she didn’t have a choice, I wasn’t letting her go,  She gave me a polite telling off about not running these types of runs if you cant read a map then made me get my map out and gave me a crash course in map reading ( still awaiting invoice) however when she asked me which way we were going I got it wrong EVERY TIME. We climbed one mountain affectionately known as a big bugger then downhill, then another mountainous mountain which must have been “the bigger bugger”. I was slipping and sliding through mud and wanted to vomit apart from my mouth was so dry I couldn’t. this normally chatty funny woman, (me) could barely get a sentence out. Quite frankly I was knackered. Passing a few other runners, we started on the last climb up “Stoney mountain” and met with Dez, my other saviour. The winds were howling, I wanted my jam butty but couldn’t eat it and I was as miserable as sin. Lynne managed to escape my  death grip and ran off but I had hold of Dez’s bumbag and I wasn’t going to let it go. The last push was upon us down into Bradwell. I was so tired I couldn’t even lift my feet and ended face first into stinky, sticky mud. I didn’t have the energy to laugh. In fact Dez could have left me there for all I cared but get up I did, running ( I say this loosely) through Bradwell to the finish not giving 2 muddy rats assess what I looked like, I just wanted this to end… now. I crossed the finish line to a marshall laughing and congratulating me on being the muddiest runner, well at least I came first in something.

Since then Ive give myself a stern talking to about the dangers of running 18 miles reading a map upside down and inside out, not having a clue what I’m doing and thinking I can wing it. As proud as I am of finishing it I’m ashamed of my naivety and lack of respect for the fell. This has been a massive learning curve for me and map reading skills is on the top of my to do list for my next race. Thank you Lynne and Dez. If it wasn’t for you I really would be stuck up a mountain somewhere in my borrowed bivvy bag, trying to figure out how to read a map.

Thanks to Ian Crutchley for winging over the results.

Prizes – Jude was 2nd V50, Lins was 3rd V50

Position First name Surname Time
16 Chris Jackson 2:53:05
36 Ian Crutchley 3:03:30
38 Luke Holme 3:05:57
39 Mark Davenport 3:06:19
60 John Gaffney 3:17:19
82 Jude Stansfield 3:30:10
91 Wendy Trelease 3:32:29
104 Clive Hope 3:41:40
106 Cheryl Stitt 3:42:19
114 Wioleta Wydrych 3:50:15
117 Lindsay Palmer 3:50:45
119 John Pollard 3:51:38
136 Alex Critcher 4:00:44
137 Lynne Taylor 4:02:18
146 Kate Bowden 4:12:10
149 Tracey Robinson 4:13:12
150 Dez Mitchell 4:20:34
151 Nicola Pennington 4:20:50
152 Nick Ham 4:27:38
# Rebecca Smith rtd at Hope- The Green Lane
# Rachel Walton rtd

Im sure the Champs tables will be updated on the website soon enough.

Special mention should perhaps go to Lins who decided to head up to the top of Winhill even though it’s not a part of the race, and to the other interesting and exciting lines that various people took throughout the race.


Some interesting race lines going on around Winhill.

Heaton Park XC

I haven’t really got much of an idea what went on at Heaton Park as no-one has deigned

Heaton xc

Pete at Heaton

to drop me a line. Pete Daly was apparently 149th and 15th V50, while David Chrystie-Lowe was 126th and 2nd V60. Solid running in what I’d imagine to be fairly muddy conditions!

Mid Lancs XC

A bit of a report from roving XC-er Paul Peters:

After a failed attempt to send in a report last week (internet cut out mid drive, didn’t realise it hadn’t sent till Monday) I’m back again with my penultimate XC.

Despite being here for a fourth year, this was a new course to me so I scouted it on


Paul sporting XC makeup

google maps beforehand. What looked like a super boring field run turned out to be a little more interesting. Couple of bogs, a nice traily section and good support made for an enjoyable course. I carried on my new tactic of turning off watch alerts and racing the race, and found myself a little back in the pack to start off, but soon found myself catching the eager starters. After about 4km I caught up to an old Lancaster Uni runner who I’d never beaten during his time with us, but this day was gonna be different I told myself, as I surged to try and put a little daylight between us.

Nothing much happened for the next few km’s. Caught one or two more lads that were on the decline, tried to duck behind people to avoid the wind where possible, but the course was looking quite sparse at the front end so I had to face the wind head on mostly. Really we were just fortunate that Storm Ciara decided to come on Sunday instead (update from todays run, Lancaster is a mess of flooded paths, fallen trees and general havoc, so nothing new here really).

All in all, I rounded off the race coming in 11th, yet again a personal best position in this league. I’m determined to go off hard at the next race to see if I can break the top 10 before I leave uni…

Doctors Gate

The only race that went ahead in the teeth of Storm Ciara. A number of (fool?)hardy souls decided to take up the offer of running the Drs Gate fell race on Sunday. With lashing hail and 70mph gusts across the tops, the race was abandoned at the checkpoint by Old Woman and all runners returned back down Drs Gate.

Parkrun Corner

At home in Glossop we had a dozen harriers running this week . More of you chose to take on some parkrun tourism, here’s the rundown: Jonathan Haggart (Finsbury Park), Steve Crossman and Tony Hillier (Hyde, congratulations Steve on the PB), juniors Ethan Rolls and Wyatt Barlow plus Laurie Barlow (Chester, congratulations to Wyatt on securing his all time parkrun PB), Phil/Elanor, Caitlin and Josie Swan, Dan Ellingworth, Mandy Beames and Sarah Leah (Lyme Park, congratulations to the female Swans on all 3 of you bagging PBs), Joe Travis (Penrhyn), Robert Webster (Rushmere, congratulations on finishing first), Sean and Vicki Phillips (Stretford (a PB on this course for Vicki – well done)), Phillip Pearce (Jamaica Pond, Boston Massachusetts), William and David Munday (Severn Valley Country Park).

A big shout out to all the juniors running the Saturday event, sadly no junior parkruns this week owing to the storm forcing nationwide event cancellations. Don’t forget there’s a push to get Glossop’s very own junior parkrun set up – see facebook or get in touch with Dan Ellingworth if you’d like to get involved.

Next week is the 3rd Saturday in the month but as we have 5 Saturdays in February this year there are still 3 chances to head off and grab the ‘L’ in Lauries parkrun challenge.

Committee Corner

Club Welfare Officer(s) needed…

In line with the requirements of an England Athletics affiliated club, the committee has decided that the club requires at least 1, but ideally 2 welfare officers, 1 male and 1 female.

Welfare covers a range of issues such as safeguarding and protecting children and adults from bullying, poor practice in coaching and disciplinary matters. As this is a new role for Glossopdale Harriers, the person or persons will be involved in defining the role, welfare policies and a disciplinary procedure and its implementation, in close cooperation with the club committee.

Successful candidates will be required to complete an on-line Safeguarding in Athletics course prior to attending a 3-hour “Time 2 Listen” workshop. The club will pay for these.

For more information on what is involved in this role, please visit the relevant page on the England Athletics website:

We are calling on all members who would like to be considered for these important posts to indicate their interest in the first instance by sending an email to

Thats about it really.

Point to note: Webb has his final XC training session of the year this Wednesday, so if you’re game, get on over to Bankswood for some ridiculous mudbased fun.

Other than that, no-one has got in contact with anything else to plug (to be fair, he didn’t ask me to plug it, but I happened to know about it), so that’s yer lot.

Huh-Nuh-Yuh- weekly report

It’s been quite the end of year and beginning of a new one this week. Janus-like, we look back and look forward…. actually, no, we don’t really. It’s all historical here, to be honest. There were races, there was other stuff going on, but if you didn’t tell me about it, or I didn’t find it on Strava, then it hasn’t got put on here. Thanks to the Wormstones photos from Andrea Minshull, and the report from Sean Phillips this week.


Only a fair old bevvy of 21 Glossopdalers turned up to Wormstones- the slightly alternative route- this year. The route normally goes across the top of the clough from Harry Hut over to the Shooting Cabin on Chunal moor. This year, because of permissions, the route was a little extended, so PB’s were probably not going to happen. However, epic battles and mud filled shoes were in order, and the last race of 2019 certainly brought out the best in people.

17- Matt Huxford 00:41:26
19 Caity Rice 00:42:52
33 Steve Crossman 00:44:32
47 Sarah Andrew 00:46:09
52 Paul Skuse 00:47:14
62 Rob Sheldon 00:48:49
66 Kasia Osipowicz 00:49:25
68 Andrew Baron 00:50:08
76 Frank Fielding 00:51:41
79 Zoe Barton 00:51:41
85 John Gaffney 00:53:01
86 Ian Oates 00:53:09
93 Will Mather 00:54:15
96 Michael Burton 00:54:41
99 Cheryl Stitt 00:54:59
102 Cathy Murray 00:55:29
114 Simon  Toole 00:57:26
122 Rachel Walton 00:59:36
126 John Pollard 01:01:14
132 Dez Mitchell 01:01:36
141 Ben Jon Robertson 01:05:17

Hit the trail

First club champs race of the new year- Hit the Trail was again organised by Bellvue Racers over in Stockport. There were a LOAD of GDH there, some with entries being given up by others who had other- somewhat Trigger recce shaped fish to fry.

If you want to see some lovely pics, then APN sports photography has some great ones up on their website

Sean Phillips sent in a short report-

I was happy to see Hit the trail back in the champs after last year with the large numbers. Again GDH didn’t disappoint, couldn’t count the number of blue and orange. It’s a fab challenging course, especially to kick the year off with!


Stevie- not Sean- but at least there is a Dog in the background. (not the dog- just “a” dog). So, representations all round, really.

There were a few hiccups for me though that marred a great race! After a mile there was a poor rider and a horse standing to the side of the trail and the horse startled with the shock of runners coming through! Luckily the rider had a good hold of them – it could have ended in a bit of a disaster with the stampede of runners heading for them. After we got beyond the horse it seemed to settle down… until I reached mile 3! A dog took a dislike to me (and my shorts!) and wouldn’t leave me alone until the end of the race. So for the remaining of the race I had the annoying little *** jumping up at my legs/ knocking me off balance/ trying to give my legs a nibble.  For the remaining 1.5 mile it was much the same, trying to stay upright and dodge the dog. I kept asking everyone I came across to catch the dog but the little bugger was good at dodging them!  At the final hill I didn’t quite manage to dodge him and he took a chunk out of my favourite “tasteful” shorts – luckily he was satisfied with that and didn’t manage a chunk of my leg! I was VERY happy to finish this race and a bit gutted that I’ve lost a good pair of shorts and a few seconds off my time.

All in all really good route, with some questionable added obstacles that I hope to avoid next year! (there is a grand photo of Sean and his little “buddy” on the APN website- but it’s copyright so I’m a little loathe to post it here with a massive watermark on)!

4 Sean Phillips 00:28:42
6 Stevie Knowles 00:29:11
10 Steve Crossman 00:30:02 (1st V50)
12 Caity Rice 00:30:11 (1st Female)
15 Steve Page 00:30:26
16 Harry Hawkins 00:30:27
18 Paul Skuse 00:30:37
27 Chris Smith 00:31:50
45 Rob Sheldon 00:33:34
46 Guy Riddell 00:33:34
48 Richard Martin 00:33:40
61 Jeroen Peters 00:34:44
63 David Chrystie-Lowe 00:35:12 (1st V60)
67 Matt Crompton 00:35:40
73 Michael Park 00:36:13
84 Frank Fielding 00:36:59
85 Tim Crookes 00:37:05
90 Ian Oates 00:37:05
113 Pete Tomlin 00:38:37
121 Simon Toole 00:38:52
122 Jo Brack 00:38:56 (1st FV50)
123 Pete Wallroth 00:39:02
141 John Pollard 00:40:05
144 Rachel Walton 00:40:05
149 Rose Greenfield 00:40:33
159 Nick Ham 00:41:08
160 Kate Bowden 00:41:09
172 Nicola Pennington 00:41:30
173 Alison Holt 00:41:32
178 Rebecca Smith 00:42:04
182 Wioleta Wydrych 00:42:18
183 Charmayne Brierley 00:42:19
189 John Stephenson 00:42:53
193 Tony Hillier 00:43:06 (1st V70)
236 Janet Dove 00:45:04
239 Christine Peters 00:45:04
254 Lindsay Palmer 00:46:02
334 Lynne Taylor 00:52:49
336 Mandy Beames 00:53:28

Jo Brack was first FV50, Steve Crossman was first MV50, David Chrystie-Lowe was first V60, Caity Rice was first Lady overall, Tony Hillier was first V70 and Glossop won the Ladies Team Prize with Caity, Jo, Rachel Walton and Rose Greenfield. Good work! (Apologies if I’ve missed anyone on the results, I noted a a couple of strays who were unattached on the list (Skusey, Pete T and Mandy), I imagine it is a clerical error on their end. However, if you raced and aren’t on these results, I suspect you’ve been marked on their results as unattached).


Grim up north 10k

Liam Amos was again up North, doing the “Grim Up North 10k”. I pretty much have no other information other than it was probably 10k, and it took Liam about 1:07 to do the run, but also to do the warm up… (of as yet unspecified length). Marvellous.

Parkrun Corner

A list of the lovely people out on parkruns this week – Glossop – usual suspects, no PBs.

Woodbank- Nick Ham.
Hyde- Tony Hiller
Marple- Bill Leason
Sherringham- Julie Eyre
Chateau de Pierre de Bresse – David, Holly and William Munday (Nearly, but not quite the furthest flung of the week award…)
Lyme Park- Wendy Trelease and Dez Mitchell
Kapiti Coast (NZ)- Joe Travis– definitely the furthest flung of the week award.
Alexandra Parkrun- Craig Leith and Sarah Leah
Nova Prestatyn- Laurie and Wyatt Barlow

New Years day- lots of people at Glossop and a bunch then went to Hyde as well. Sorry, I don’t have the tech to work out who did what….

Honourable mentions

I can’t not talk about Will Mather who ran cumulative mileage for the entirety of December while still at work. I think he totalled 500+ miles with over 16000m of ascent- all in aid of Mummy’s Star. If you haven’t seen his posts on facebook, get over there and have a look, if you haven’t thought about donating- watch the video and have a think. (at the time of writing he is achingly close to 4k). I mean really, it was kind of touch and go at times, but he pulled through in style, finishing his month at Wormstones fellrace – where, as you can see above, he acquitted himself in fine style. Awesome work Mather. Will

Other bits and bobs

If you haven’t seen Alison’s post on facebook- 2020 Subs are due. If you don’t know who to pay or what to pay, either look on the GDH page on fb and search for Alisons post- or- if you don’t have facebook- ASK someone.

The AGM is on the 27th January at 7:30pm– upstairs in the Oakwood. Put the date in your diaries. If you’re interested in helping keep GDH healthy and active as a club your input is welcomed. Please consider standing for a position, there are a number of people standing down this year so the places MUST be filled- and as is healthy in a democratic society, I believe you are welcome to stand for any position you wish.

XC takeover? Weekend report

Settle in and have a lovely read of all that’s been going on this week. I’ve had to make precious little up as we have a grand celebration of running from the dirt of XC (3 of them), to the pristine(?) tarmac of Wilmslow and some stuff about a fell race that I have no idea what happened in, and there are no results yet.

SEL XC Match 2 at Heaton Park

Thanks to Frank Fielding for writing out a fantastic report on the SELCC this week. You’ve probably all seen it on Facebook, but I thought I’d put it here for posterity.

As we head into proper winter, and after a week of cold/wet/windy weather, it was a forecast defying dry day, at a heady 8 degrees at Heaton Park to welcome the Glossopdale type 2 fun crowd.
First up were the junior races featuring Caitlin and Josie Swan in their respective age groups. Can’t find their exact placings in the preliminary results but I think Josie finished third and both crested the tape with smiley faces to show the pure joy that running can bring…..or was it the thought of an impending visit to the ice cream van???? The girls enthusiasm for cheerleading rubs off on the rest of the group and keeps the mood light. Did I mention their fashion advisory role? Apparently, it’s cool to wear the Glossopdale bobble hat, but if the bobble is missing, the wearer is regarded as a bobble murderer (not a lot of people know that).

Numbers were down to two for our senior ladies but Kirsty Sharp and Nicola Pennington represented us well. Kirsty had to dig deep on the final climb to secure a creditable second place finish. Nicola continued to gain more valuable XC experience and weighed in with some excellent photos of the men’s race.

The men’s race was next and we had a decent turnout of seven runners, Shaun Phillips, Steve Crossman, Pete Daley, Phil Swan, David Chrystie-Lowe, Frank Fielding and Simon Toole.

Shaun was was quick off the mark and held off Steve by 40 seconds. Scrap of the day involved Pete, Phil and David with only 30 second gaps. David turned on the turbo on the last lap and lamented that the race had to end so soon as he was rapidly closing down on Phil. Frank was next (definitely, not lamenting the end), then Simon who was nursing a poorly knee, but happy to get round.
Welcome brownies from Shaun, for all at the finish, pleasantly completed the proceedings, with smiles and crumbs all round.

Placings and times:


Josie Swan 3rd in the U17 category
Caitlin Swan 4th in the U13 category

Senior ladies 105 runners

2 Kirsty Sharp 2nd 30:29
61 Nicola Pennington 39:55. 10 L45

Senior men. 172 runners

24 Shaun Phillips 39:55
31 Steve Crossman 40:36. 1st V50
90 Pete Daley 46:46. 13 V50
95 Phil Swan 47:14. 7 V45
101 David Chrystie-Lowe 47:47. 4 V60
121 Frank Fielding 49:45. 3 V65
139 Simon Toole 51:57. 23 V50

Kong Mini Mountain Marathon

The final fell race of the champs, so I am informed- and it was a well run affair. I have no idea who took part, apart from the photo evidence of Dave Hogg, and hearsay that Zoe, Rachel, Nick Ham, John Stephenson and Kasia might well have been there. Beyond that, all you’re going to get is a gallic shrug and a “muh”? from me as no-one has told me nuffin. dave kong

Wilmslow Festive 10k

Thanks so much to Jeroen for sending this is so that I didn’t have to make up stuff sounding like I know stuff about competitive road running…..
PBs galore at Wilmslow Festive 10K

Including those not registered as GH, there was an excellent turnout in Wilmslow for this year’s Festive 10K. Oh noooooo, not Festive, it is only November, I hear you say (and indeed, I have heard it said and written). But wait till you see the medal.counted no fewer than 14 Harriers lining up for a sold-out event with some 4000 runners. Although the forecast was quite good, it certainly did not look festive early in the day. But as it turned out, the conditions were near perfect for running, coupled with a course with PB potential and the results was….. plenty PBs and some fierce battles.

One battle was settled early on though. Steve Knowles ran away with not only first GH but also an impressive 2nd V45 and a PB to boot. Gave credit to the sessions on Tuesday for his achievement but we may never see him again as he has achieved his life’s ambition of a sub-36 10K. I hope not!

The next place was a much closer affair that seemed to be between Steve Page and Harry Hawkins but it was Steve Knight who overtook both at around 6K and never gave up his place. Harry, looking round on the finish line to see where Steve Page was, thought he had triumphed in a battle of wills. They were never separated by more than a few seconds and indeed, Harry crossed the line in front by 1 whole second. Sweet revenge for Steve though when the results showed he beat Harry on Chip Time by 3 seconds. It was a huge, 2 minute PB for Harry though.

Next in was Mike Greenhalgh, running with his brother. Not sure if he achieved a PB but he was closely followed by Coach J in what could be described as an age-grade PB (and 11/185 V55). Very surprised to find Craig Leith finishing 1 second behind. Clearly disappointed he did not catch me, he did beat me on chip time.

Cheryl Stitt never expected a PB, coming back from injury niggles but was delighted that she more than achieved her goal of breaking 49 minutes followed by Tony Hillier in his fastest 10K of the year (so far?). Not far behind were Wendy McMahon and Wioleta who ran, yet again, another PB. Only 24 seconds later did Nicole Pennington cross the line. I do not know if this was a PB but there is a story somewhere in there about her, Tony Hillier and some of Tony’s notorious Push-Ups. Come on, either one of you, spill! Marieke Galgenbeld (try pronouncing that one, Brits) aka Wheeldon had more excuses about her performance than even I could think of but did not need any of them as she too ran a more than 2 minute PB. And the final Harrier to cross the line was Laurie. She had the best, and only really acceptable excuse, she really was not well but desperate for the Reindeer medal, she dragged herself out of the house and completed her 10K. Maybe the best effort on the day?


Yes. What a medal.

Full results (all chip times):

Steve Knowles 35:45 (and 2nd V45)
Steve Knight 36:44
Steve Page 36:52
Harry Hawkins 36:55
Craig Leith 41:01
Mike Greenhalgh 41:16

Jeroen Peters 41:37
Cheryl Stitt 48:16
Tony Hillier 49:00
Wendy McMahon 50:37
Wioletta Wydrych 52:00
Nicola Pennington 52:24
Marieke Galgenbeld-Wheeldon 53:39
Laurie Barlow 1:11:39

Lancaster Contingent XC

Thanks to Paul Peters for this missive:

Hey guys, reporting over from your Lancaster contingent at the Liverpool Cross Challenge yesterday. Paul P

For those that don’t know, the British Cross Challenge is like the nationwide XC league, so I was stood 5 meters away from Ben Conner and Alex Yee on the start line, aswell as countless other top names (not sure the latter appreciated me excitedly saying “damn is that Alex Yee” in the crowd as he turned and stared at me blankly).

Anyway, that gap quickly grew as the race started, and I tried to settle into a rhythm as the course tried to unsettle my rhythm. T’was a very muddy affair and the thick mud was up and over my achilles going round the first half of each lap. As always the support round the course is awesome, and it really is one of my favourite races, getting stuck into a proper mudfest without worrying about tarmac crossings and hard tree roots.

After a (maybe overly) steady 2nd lap I started picking it up and started to claw my way back to my teammate in front, but as we entered the last 500m straights he had the legs that I was missing and kicked away, leaving me eating his mud. Still I picked up one extra spot on the last stretch to finish 131/625 (up from 190 last time). Also managed to beat a few local Lancaster fellas I vaguely know, who I’ve never beaten before, so I’m calling it a successful day!

If it doesn’t clash with other leagues next year I’d fully recommend it to anyone keen for some XC!

Toon XC

And just to compete the Peters hattrick of send ins, Emma was not to be out done (in fairness, she was actually the first one of the 3 to send me an email)- and sent this in, again despite not quite wearing the right coloured vest,

Although I was in Toon colours this weekend I feel left out if I don’t email about my racing!

After 2 cancelled XC meets, yesterday was (finally) the 2nd XC race of the North East Harrier League. We ran at Aykley Heads in Durham.Emma

It was a good going mud bath the whole way following a lot of rain the past few weeks. Really started to feel it during lap 2 and the final hill had me implementing my ‘fell runner walk’ technique to the test as I tried not to drop too many places.

Finished 24th/385 and was 3rd counter for Tyne Bridge Harriers. With another team mate finishing 25th just behind me that put us 1st team overal! Really happy with my run and the overall results, just a reminder that I need to get back to Glossop for some real hill training!

We do have a strange handicap system here where a finish in the top 10% will bump you to a ‘faster field’ that starts 2:30 after the main field. So I will be joining that at the next race and seeing what happens…

Dark and White Trails

Just a quick confirmation that Lucy Wasinski was indeed the overall female winner of the Dark and White Trails series this year! Woop! Get out the party poppers! Nice one Lucy.


Thanks to Lynne for sorting me out a parkrun corner….


On home turf we had a swarm of harriers in Manor Park. Catherine Cleary was the only one to bag a PB this week, closing in on the 25min mark with 25:10. She certainly shot off at the start so was on a mission – congrats. Caity Rice took first finisher and therefore first female this week, and a couple of minutes later Mark Davenport grabbed 5th place. James Johnson doesn’t have GDH as his club but his mum Sarah does and was running with him; she was pipped to the finish line and James also secured a PB this week.

….and Away

Jonathon Haggart was away this week celebrating not just his birthday but his 100th parkrun – congratulations – and what better place for the celebrations than the home of parkrun, Bushy. Nice one Jonathan – how was it with 1328 runners?! A bit busier than Glossop.  Elsewhere we had Nick Ham at Woodbank; Tony Hillier at Hyde; the Munday clan were in Pontefract; Tracey Robinson at Marple (securing an all time parkrun PB, well done (was it Cecil assisted?!)); Mark Ollerenshaw skipped over to Skipton; Paul Gatley was at Fleetwood Promenade; and taking top spot for furthest travelled this week goes to Emma Rettig taking 8th spot overall and first female at Robertson parkrun near Cape Town, South Africa…..was the attraction to this particular parkrun because the course is round a winery??! Well done everyone.

If you’re wanting a parkrun time to count for the club champs remember to get your fastest feet down to Glossop in the next few weeks. I believe you need to have your time logged before the Christmas party, leaving only 2 or 3 chances to improve on your time in 2019.

Other Stuff

Tuesday sessions are going strong.

XC Webbinars are going strong and muddy.

People are still out and about getting lost on the bi-weekly Frostbite TT courses.

All details end up being on the facebook page. If you don’t know what they are, ask someone.

Clocks go back/forward/sideways weekend report

This week everyone has been trying to work out if their smart watches do what their phones do and if they need to reset the time, try to reset the thermostat clock and screw up the settings, blow up the cooker doing the same job and then leave the clock in the car because its only really 6 months til you need to work out how to set it back to the right time anyway.  Although there was a race cancellation this weekend, there has indeed been a fair amount of kerfuffle going on this week, what with the final racing weekend of October. Mostly fact based this week as people keep sending in information, which is wonderful! Keep sending in stuff about what you’ve done! The email address is


Despite a few last minute will-they won’t-they moments with people dipping into and out of teams like carrots into a hummus dip at the GDH party, there were eventually 3 teams who got to the OMM with at least 1 member of Glossopdale in them. As a bit of an extension to last weeks Hill and Fell Relays, the outlook was very much Heather, Tussocks with a few hills imbetween. So basically stuff that anyone from this end of the Peak District should be very comfortable with. The weather up in Scotland was apparently astoundingly good, and much fun was had by all. From provisional results and occasional updates from those on the ground (or indeed, in cars on their way back), it seems that the results looked a little like this:

B Class- 3rd overall and 1st Mixed team- Sarah Andrews and Robin Hoffmann

Combined class- 28th overall and 3rd Female team- Zoe Barton and Josie Greenhalgh

Medium Score Class- 78th overall and 2nd Female pair, Immy Trinder and Hephzibah Hill.

Superb running/navigating/camping/surviving by all!

Lakeland trails 10k

John Pollard was out and about in the Lakes this weekend- and send this missive over… Must give another plug for the Lakeland Trails races, they’re not cheap & they don’t scale the heights, but for those who want a faster, less vertical experience with imaginative routes they satisfy the appetite. And they’re in the Lakes, big plus.
I did the 10k version yesterday…and it was possible to enjoy some of the autumn scenery of the valley alongside Glenridding & Grisedale Becks.
Would have been nice to combine it with the bona fide fell race today at Buttermere Shepherd’s Meet, but just not up to it yet. Buttermere looked glorious in the better weather today but the climb was brutal.John P

Eryri Marathon

Lucy Wasinski was the one who drew the short straw and sent in this lovely missive about the wonder that is the Eryri Marathon:

This was the 37th year of Snowdonia marathon, not to be confused with the trail marathon in July which takes you up the Pyg track to the summit (almost) of snowdon. In October it is the road marathon, and whilst a lot less hilly than the trail one, it certainly packs a punch for a road marathon with approx 800m elevation, and attracts a strong contingent of top Welsh runners. Me and Will Mather were lucky to get transfers for this sell out race, but 3 weeks post Chester marathon I’m not sure I was thinking it was a good idea! Will on the other hand, well its pretty much a walk in the park for him this;) I thought I spied Marie Williamson walking from the car park but I wasnt sure…until I checked out the results!
Given the forecast for friday/saturday, it was looking a decidedly bleak affair and I was massively regretting my entry decision ….but it really wasn’t as bad as they made out, and probably an hour after the race start the rain stopped and it was pretty ideal running conditions. There are 3 main climbs in the race; the first going out from the start in llanberis up to pen y pass, then there’s a decent fast descent before a slight climb at Beddgelert, and then the one they call “the wall” at Waunfawr mile 22, and goes on for 2 miles. That’s pretty tough leaving the biggest climb for that stage of the race!  Everyone kept saying during the race, “don’t forget,  leave enough for the last climb”! I was starting to dread it, and without the Pacers to keep you in check like Chester I was convinced I’d gone out too fast and was gonna hit the wall, at “the wall”. Felt pretty good though at the bottom of the climb and a guy said to me “don’t worry, 95% of people walk it…oh but, um,  obviously I don’t mean you are gonna have to walk”…the unconvinced look on his face said otherwise! Pah, right then, game on! Head down, short strides and onwards and upwards, and suddenly there was the mile 24 feed station!


This is what a feed station looks like at the Eryri marathon….

What was all the fuss about 😉 when you live in Glossop that hill isn’t that bad! After the feedstation the fun really started! It was all downhill to the finish, and this was one of 2 places they take you off road…it was mud, wet rock, wet grass and pretty funny after nearly a months worth of rain in just over 24h with everyone in road shoes! (Bar one guy in inov8s, not worth 24 miles on the road in those!) Credit to my Brooks, I stayed on my feet and made up some ground on a few women. Then, it’s all change and you hit steep tarmac and it’s a final sprint down into the high street in Llanberis, with loads of people lining the street cheering. What an absolute corker of a marathon! Incredible atmosphere, support on the course was brilliant , fantastic views with snow on Snowdon, gold, orange and red leaves on the trees and loads of clear fast flowing rivers and waterfalls…and the bonus of being on road….you get to look around and appreciate the views! It’s such a popular race it’s going to be a ballot entry next year but I would massive recommend it as a road marathon, blooming loved it.
I was well pleased with getting round in 3h 38m 08. Will was saving himself for escape from Meriden and sung and danced (much to the *delight* of fellow runners haha) himself round in a cracking 3h 56m 50s….pretty darn rapid for someone taking it easy!! Marie had a good run to get in under 5h in 4h 59m 46s.


Lucy at the finish arch

Lucy Wasinski 3:38:08
Will Mather 3:56:50
Marie Williamson 4:59:44

Oldham Half

I really don’t know much about this as no-one has said anything about it. Basically, it is as you would imagine. A half Marathon around Oldham, trying to get back to your car before your hubcaps/alloys have been nicked. The most information I have about it is from the race results which are below. From them, we can divine that yes, it appears it was a road race, and yes, people ran pretty damn fast. And yes, that is Marie Williamson who you just read about running the Eryri Marathon on Saturday.

11th Kirsty Sharp 1st lady  1:29:45
138 Emma Rettig 1:54:12
174 Tony Hillier 1:57:15
189 Jo Brack 1:59:29
211 Charmayne Brierley 2:02:20
305 Marie Williamson 2:22:29

Dammed if we don’t

I understand there was a bit of a gathering over at Toddbrook reservoir this weekend, visiting the various reservoirs around it to a) have a bit of a jolly run around and b) realise just how much water there is held behind dams over there. I’m not totally sure if it was a race or not, and I don’t know how many people did it. I also don’t know if there were any prizes or anything, What I DO know is that Nick Ham ran it, and as it is the first time it has ever been run, he almost *certainly* ran a PB.

Winsford 10k

Tim Crookes was over at Winsford today doinig the 10k, in typical “short n sweet” style, this information came in from him…. “Hi did Winsford 10k today great little route but very muddy did it in 46.27 quite happy with that” So there you go.


Thanks to Lynne for sorting me out a parkrun and junior parkrun piece: In a deluge of torrential rain and mud 71 runners sloshed their way around a soggy Glossop parkrun. Taking first finishers position was Paul Peters (doubly impressive given his strava run title is titled “Glossop parkrun, impromptu xc training in road shoes”, he was followed by Mark Ollerenshaw in 2nd position, plus three other harriers in the top ten. A massive shout out to Wioleta Wydrych bagging herself a PB of nearly 30secs – very impressive in those conditions.
In the parkrun tourism corner Frank Fielding was at a wet and windy Swindon (bit of a theme to the weather this weekend),  over at Sheffield Hallam Harry Hawkins took 10th spot and a new PB; Tony Hillier was over at Hyde (did we spy he was pacing this week?); Jo Travis was in Lincoln; Dez Mitchell was at Marple; the whole Munday family were at Great Lines, Medway; Bill Leason was at Lyme Park; Caity Rice ran at Colby finishing in 3rd overall and 1st female; taking 3rd spot at The Pastures (Alnwick) parkun was Stevie K and we spied Mrs K was there doing her first ever parkrun…no club on the results though so maybe her membership form is in the post? Jeroen and Christine Peters ran at Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne – Emma Peters was there too, but in disguise as a Tyne Bridge Harrier.
Wyatt Barlow continues his strong running, grabbing himself another course PB at a wet Conwy parkrun….from Laurie “Wet, freezing, more puddle than path. Should’ve brought a snorkel! Took 20 seconds to get over the start line and Wyatt ran with me for the first km before going on ahead, yet still smashed his course PB and told me he took it really easy. Nice.”. Nice indeed, congratulations Wyatt.

Junior Parkrun

Over at Hyde Junior parkrun Holly Munday grabbed a new course PB – well done. Naomi Barlow was next Glossopdale Harrier to finish, closely followed by William Munday. Great running by all.

Please forgive us if we miss out on reporting any junior parkrun results. I’ve only just noticed that the consolidated parkrun results for GDH don’t include junior events. I’m taking this up with parkrun colleagues so fingers crossed we can get this changed. In the meantime please do send in reports to the regular email for inclusion in the weekly report – we don’t omit juniors deliberately.

Frostbite TT

Map 2 has now been done with- there were 9 people who went out and about to find the Snake Ponds. I was rather impressed with Andy O’s line, considering he came up from Glossop to run it from Snake Summit. I’ll link to it all on the facebook page- and encourage you to have a butchers.

Map 3 will be released tomorrow morning. It is a fairly easy one, and considering it is going from Glossop, it might be nice to get a few of you together to have an impromptu head to head from the pub of an evening…. I have changed it from the route I was going to do, simply as I don’t want to go from the same place twice in a row.

XC “Webbinars”

Yes, Chris Webb will be back on Wednesday nights, terrorizing the inhabitants of Hadfield with his XC Webbinars. Famed for their excellent amount of mud, rain, snow, amusement and general stat driven excitement (what else could you expect from a mathematician), watch out on Facebook for his announcement for the first session which should be coming up in Early november.

Christmas do

You may have seen that the Christmas do date has been announced on Facebook. If you haven’t. Well. It has. 15th Dec. Details on Facebook, or from your nearest committee member.

“Onward to the Equinox” Weekly report

Well, there was a fair bit to write about this week. I think I’ve done a suitable amount of detective work and have managed to get everything in. If you did something, and didnt mention it, and I haven’t found it- ah well. Good running by everyone, those who raced, those who ran for fun, those to ran for beer and those that just bimbled in the hills. It’s all good. Get out there and enjoy yourselves.

Dig deep

Luke Holme and Pete Wallroth went across the otherside of the Peak (Sheffield side… eugh) to have a bit of a bash at the Dig Deep 30 miler. It seems all was going fine and dandy with vast amounts of cake and haribo being consumed up until the 17 mile mark where Petes legs decided that they had had enough and cramped up all the way down into Hope. Pete decided that more snacks was the better part of valour and sat down with a cup of tea and a handful of biscuits while waving Luke off into the distance. Luke finished some time later and became re acquainted with tea and cake once the happiness that he had not been navigationally embarrassed wore off. Good running gents.

Lee Mill relays

Steve Crossman has sent in this missive:

‘The grass was green, the sky was blue, over the hill the Ironman flew’

Yes folks it’s that time of year for the Cross Keys Road & Fell Race. As the promo says ‘This format was originally designed to bring road and fell runners together in an event where they could appreciate each other’s skills and meet for a pint afterwards. Still one of the best days in the calendar and the sun always seems to shine. Road legs are two laps of a hilly circuit. Fell leg is a single lap of an undulating course over Saddleworth Moor. Road leg (2 laps): 3m 650ft. Fell leg 2.5m 800ft.’

As the hunks  had a couple of vacancies this year, 2 of GDH’s Damsels stepped into the breech and considerably upped the quality of team ‘Ironman gets WAC’d ‘, named as it’s the only Wide Awake Club that Ian ‘Ironman’ Oates is likely be seen at!!

Kirsty Sharp was first up for the massed start of the road leg and sped round against some quality opposition, placing 4th before handing over to Caity Rice. Caity (always faster in the blue & orange) operated a ‘scorched earth’ policy  and blizted the fell leg, overtook a few and came in 2nd place. Steve C maintained the position on the next road leg before passing over to Ironman Oates to run the glory leg. The lad did well, running against some tough competition and brought the squad home in a creditable 4th place, 1st Mixed Team.

Results: (21 teams, Holmfirth had 7 teams out!!!)

Team ‘Ironman gets WAC’d’ – 4th Overall and 1st Mixed Team (2 + 2) Total Time 01:33:36

Caity – Fastest Female Fell Leg (23:44)

Kirsty – 2nd Fastest Female Road Leg (missed out by 1 secs) (20:24)

Lantern Pike/ Hayfield Sheepdog Trials 2019

Our man on the ground, Paul Skuse had a few words to send in about the Lantern Pike race.

Who cares what the race is like when the sun is out and the sky is blue. I’m sure you all know the route –fell in name only but still a good old lump to climb and descend. If you don’t know it, get out and race it. The sun was a mixed blessing; it looked ace but made for tough running. You can’t beat getting a dry mouth within the first 500m. GDH had a good turnout. We can’t keep Lins Palmer off the fells these days. Nice one Lins. Pete Nicholson was out, not in club colours but in a superior quality wicking t shirt or least that’s what he told me (get a vest, muppet!). I was really chuffed going over with Ian –it felt like old times. You can’t beat rocking up to a race with mates in vests. Nick Ham was there, camera in hand as always. Good to see you back on it Nick. Zoe rocked up with her clan; it’s always good to bring your own support crew though it can cause issues at prize givings when someone needs a wee.  Greg Wasinski was also racing and giving Ian someone to chase. A special shout for Andy Wilkins who was running this as an anniversary run as he first did this race 30 years ago. And last but not least was Bill Leason who I don’t know -sorry mate, I didn’t get chance to say hello. Next time.

We all rocked up, raced and came in with smiles on our faces (admittedly some smiles came later that others J )

And it was great to see John Pollard, Dez Mitchell (poultry supremo) and Lucy Wasinski cheering us on.  Always appreciated

6             Paul Skuse           40.26     MV40 Prize

25           Ian Crutchley      45.09

34           Pete Nicholson   47.29

47           Zoe Barton          49.04     LV40 Prize

71           Nick Ham             53.34

85           Lins Pamer          56.55

101        Andy Wilkins       64.25

102        Bill Leason           64.25

3 shires

Tim Culshaw was out and about in the Lakes this weekend, blatting around the 3 shire race route- with a number of other runners, it has to be said- he wasn’t just up there for a jolly. I have no idea how he did, but I suspect he was the first Glossopdale harrier home.


The Swan Clan were down at their annual trip to Equinox24 with Marple Runners. Caitlin and Josie were 2nd and 3rd girls in the kids run, Phil and Els ran round in 10k circles as part of a relay team of 8 and Phil met (or maybe imagined meeting) Riccardo briefly on a downhill section of the course – Riccardo was running as a solo. I have no idea how he got on. They are just home and Els reports that she is slightly broken. Top weekend then.

Penistone Hill race

John Pollard was also across the hill- but not quite as far as sheffield- which is good. He has this to say….- After watching the sweaty sufferfest that was Lantern Pike yesterday I was glad to see the rain over Bleaklow as I made for the Penistone Footpath Runners (that really rolls off the tongue eh) hill race from, yes you guessed it, Penistone.
Only GDHer there & probably only about 90 in the field but it’s a cracking little route heading out over fields, tracks, roads, bracken-thick steeper ascents towards Langsett & back. A very twist turny thing at times & definitely runnable if that turns you on. I managed 67 minutes & had some good battles with some heavy breathers.

Utterly Butterly Fell race

I suppose I should have guessed that as Tim was running the 3 shires, Alice Willson would also be getting some racing in as well. Alice ran the Utterly Butterly fell race, which I have no idea about. I HOPE it involves butter, maybe a scone or a tealoaf, and perhaps a cup of tea. Whatever, Alice came in a superb 4th lady on the day. No mention has been made of the quality of baked goods.

Southport 10k

Tony Hillier went North to, um, Southport. Or is it West of us? I have no idea. Anyhow, he was over there running the 10k which, I am told is a 2 lapper and pretty flat. I have no clue how he did, but I suspect that he was most likely 1st V70. Again. No mention of the cake.

Sheffield 10k

MORE people going to Sheffield. What it is about that place? Harry Hawkins and Ellen Wilson were over there doing another 10k. Yes, the crop up all over the place these days. It was a bit hilly apparently, and there was probably a headwind, almost certainly some rain and a bit of clag. Harry was really chuffed to get round in 38:44 and Ellen ran with her +1 and they were most pleased to finish in 56:56.

Glencoe Skyline

Kasia Osipowicz was off Skyrunning again, this time in the glorious setting of Glencoe. The route comprises of a decent amount of running, and a grand amount of ascent and descent on some of the most spectacular ridges you can find. She had a grand day out as far as I know, and was 9th lady and 69th overall. Awesome work.

From last week-

Not mentioned was the Snowdon Skyline race where Chris Webb and Kasia Osipowcz raced up and down a fair few of the gnarlier ridges in Snowdonia. Chris was 11th and Kasia was 2nd lady, I do believe. Chris Jackson, sometime of this parish was also racing the Vertical K, but I don’t know much more about it. Webby


Sean Phillips matched his Glossop PB at 18 mins dead this week, while Will Mather nailed a new PB at 20:18. Alison Holt also joined the PB list in 26:10, with Marika Galgenbeld doing the same thing at 27:30. There were also loads of other runners at loads of other parkruns, but it’s getting late and I really should get this report out, so if you want to have a look, go to the link here!

“That week in the middle of summer when it doesn’t really feel like summer” weekly report

Not huge amounts of stuff going on this week, but thanks muchly to contributors Luke Holme and Lynne Taylor. Not a whole lot of photos either, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to put up with pictures of Luke, Will and Pete. Yikes. There is loads going on in the next few weeks and I’ve put a few reminders at the bottom of the page. There it is. A short one. 1500 words.

Whitworth Trial marathon/ultra

Pete Wallroth and Luke Holme ran the Whitworth Ultra. – Thanks to Luke Holme for sending this in:

We started off comfortably until hitting about 19 mile marker and then eased off the pace. Pete said its the furthest he has ran this and started to feel a bit tired (however I’ll come back this part later).

6 miles left and slight down hill of pure bog. If anyone knows me I spat my dummy out out at this point as its not runnable.
3 miles left which seemed to take forever. Up and down a small trod of a disused quarry to get to a point with no flags. I’m going to blame Will Mather as he was suppose to be proof running the course. (yes Will its your fault) The best ascent was saved to the last with a rocky scramble out of the quarry. Lots of fun.
About 50 metres from the end and Pete decided he would go for a sprint finish which I was a little surprised at considering he was feeling it at the 19 mile marker. Think he would have given Usain Bolt a decent race how quick he sped up. Joking aside it was top day and lots of laughs. Pete ran brilliantly considering it’s the most distance he has done this year (Bullock Smithy next for you). For anyone doing their first ultra this is one to consider.

Pete 8th 6 hours 35
Luke 9h 6 hours 35

Special mention to Sue Clapham who stormed in with first lady on the marathon route, not sure of her time as I’m not a Strava stalker, however she possibly overtook Guy who was proof running the marathon route. Well done Sue. Thanks Guy Riddell for proof running the marathon course and Will Mather for proof running the Ultra.

Fleetwood half

All I have to go on here is Strava. It would seem that Paul Gately had a bit of a fun run, blasting around a single lap of the pan flat course in 1hr7 though says that he isn’t quite ready to enjoy the second lap just yet. I suspect Icecream was a good reward at the end of that. Alan Byrne was also there but had a bit of an altercation with the “calf Fairy”- which is a bit like the tooth fairy, except it doesn’t wait for you to go to sleep before nicking one of your calf muscles. He got around 6miles before being the unwitting victim of aforesaid sprite.

Pendle 3 peaks

Again, the only information I have here is the glorious Strava. Harshan Gill appears to have picked up his racing mojo from the dry cleaners and is having a bit of a time since blatting around Cracken Edge last week. This week Pendle was his aim, and got up and down the Pendle 3 Peaks in about 2hrs. Considering that Pendle really has only one peak, and the route goes up and down it 3 times I’m not convinced by the name, but whatever. It’s 15k and about 880m of ascent, so whichever way you cut it, that’s still a pretty good day out!


Don’t worry if this one wasn’t actually on your radar. It’s in the Pyrenees and involves a ridiculous amount of distance with an equally (or even greater) amount of ascent. Chris Webb (who else?) was over there on his holi-bobs and had a bit of a bash at it but unfortunately came unstuck 32 miles in. Consider that by this time he had already climbed more than 3000m, and wasn’t even halfway through the race. Quite.

In his own words:- Just felt terrible! Had a couple of decent hours in the middle but the heat, rugged course (read: very hard) and dehydration (where’d all the streams go between Izourt and Refuge Fourcat?!) did for me.

Hard luck Chris. Damn good effort though. I suspect you’ll be back stronger next year.

Eccles Pike

It would seem that the mid-week racing season is gradually drawing to a close. There are still a few classics yet to come, and Eccles Pike is (not) one of them. That being said, it is a beastly little race that runs you ragged up and down the hill with the main excitement being the final dash through the field towards the open arms of the pub. (kind of). There was an excellent turnout over in Bugsworth Basin for this little ripper- and here are the results:


Lins about to destroy a dark peaker in the sprint finish

21 Tim “who’s the daddy?” Culshaw-Willson 27:28
27 Chris “Harry” Harrison 28:07
40 Liam “satur?”Dey 29:47
47 Andy “the wily” Fox 30:26 (1st V60)
55 Rich “on the comeback” White 30:52
118 Nick “cameraman” Ham 35:59
153 Lindsay “altitude training” Palmer 38:58
157 Neil “on a race roll” McGraw 39:42
165 Charles “Quickdraw Better Watch Out” Weighley 40:29

Hathersage Swim Social

Thanks to Lynne Taylor for this report:

Early evening on Saturday a massive gaggle of harriers descended upon Hathersage open air pool for a fun hour splashing about in the pool and trying to tame The Challenger Aqua Run inflatable. Much hilarity and splashing ensued, with adults and kids having multiple attempts and successful traverses of the inflatable obstacle. Many thanks to Dan E for a superbly organised club event.
Some club members decided an hour in the pool wasn’t enough exercise and ran over from Glossop beforehand – I believe there were a couple of groups including Lins, Jude, Becky S, Ali, Charlie, Julien, Paul Skuse. Lynne and Kate Bee opted for a shorter run before swimming, heading up onto Win Hill and around the forest tracks back to Yorkshire Bridge. Dave Palmer also enjoyed a delightful bike ride over from Glossop before joining the party. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone’s additional runs/rides, that’s all I can find via strava stalking
NB – there’s some lost property with John/Sheelagh – “Stuff left behind at the pool today. 1 x navy towel, 1 x lady’s cozzie, 1 x waterproof jacket and 1 x small bag containing sunglasses. Shout quick and claim or they will be taken back to Hathersage and put into lost property. “

parkrun Corner

And thanks to Lynne for compiling this as well: Tourists this week were Nick Ham and Chris/Sue Clapham at Woodbank; Tony Hillier at Hyde; William, David and Holly Munday took on Lincoln; Claire Campbell ran at Medina IOW; and Marie Williamson dashed over the hill to Marple. A whole load of us ran at Glossop, too many to mention individually, but there are congratulations to Michael Greenhalgh on your new PB. The Munday juniors also did the double this weekend – running at Alexandra Junior parkrun today, well done Holly and William.
Glossop parkrun has a new storage area for the signs/cones etc which is being shared with Friends of Manor Park. It’s handily located right by the finish area but before we put it to use it needs a bit of attention to spruce it up. There’s a painting party happening this coming Wednesday so if you are around and can help out at any point in the day please let the parkrun team know via facebook. If you have any brushes or rollers spare they’d be very much appreciated; paint has been kindly donated by Steve Crossman.

Bullock Smithy

I understand that there have been a load more places released for the Bullock Smithy- A club Champs race this year. If you fancy running a long race in September and getting some champs points, don’t delay, stop reading further and get your entry in (especially if your surname is Walton). There are loads of recce runs going on at the moment, so get involved!

Call for South East Lancs XC entries-

Please make it easy for Kirsty- If you would like to enter the SE Lancs XC league for the upcoming season, please send her your entry details by Friday 27th September at the latest. – See her post on Facebook!


The teams have been announced on Facebook. Have a butchers. Look at the link for the maps. Respect the fact that Dark Peak have asked locals not to recce.


Got a screw loose? Fancy joining Dan Stinton and a load of others runninga marathon around laps of Manor Park next weekend, finishing with parkrun? Well, have a look at his post on the Facebook page. I’m sure he’d love the company.

Shelf Moor Race Volunteering!

If you haven’t volunteered to help out with the Club race yet, and are free – drop Emma Rettig a line. She is organising it and the more people that can help, the better.

July’s Waxing Gibbous Weekly report

So every week there is more and more stuff going on at the moment. I’m slowly learning that being patient is a good idea, and that starting the report in the mid afternoon and panicking about making stuff up about EVERYTHING isn’t actually needed seeing as all you lovely people are sending loads of things into the email address. Thanks so much! As it is, I have left in my random asides just for old times sake. This week we have short runs, long runs, weekend runs, weekly runs, runs with lots of ascent, runs with ridiculous amounts of ascent, and runs with *insane* amounts of ascent, obstacle racing, parkrunning and all kinds of other stuff. This one truely is an epic- it’s currently clocking in at more than 4000 words which makes me VERY glad that I didn’t write it all. Keep it up campers….

Aldermans Ascent

Paul Skuse has been prolific in his racing this week- and as I hoped, he has also been prolific in his writing – here is his first…..

This is the race that I really pushed to be included in the 2019 fell champs. It’s one of my absolute favourites because it feels like what a fell race should; not only is it easy on the wallet and tough on the legs, it has a route that is will test you like no other.

Along with quite a few other Harriers, I did the race last year and rightly remembered it as being a good but really tough run. 2019 was able to produce a whole new level of suffering. Think back to Thursday evening and you may remember we had a spot of rain. The downpour (that finished only moments before we got to race HQ) was biblical. Thunder roared and lightening flashed. Had it carried on in its full, malevolent fury, I really doubt the race could have gone ahead (and if it had, I would have certainly bottled it). But stop it did so about a dozen GDH arrived to get vested up and ready for action (including a very last minute Joe Travis). My nerve had already started going as we walked down some flagged steps into the rugby club. With the X talons I had near zero traction. I wasn’t alone in this but all I could think was ‘If I can’t walk down here without wanting to use a handrail, how will I cope on the long(ish) path in and out of the village?’ Wendy tried to put me at ease but she should have known better; pre-race I’m as twitchy as a caffeine addled bunny rabbit being circled by a fox.


Wendy Trelease

We wandered over to the start which is a few minutes away from the club house following a bunch of lads who, it turned out, didn’t know where the start line was.  After a minor detour or two, we managed to find the start and had a little warm up. It was only then that it hit me just how humid it was. Do you remember the opening scene of ‘Apocalypse Now!’?  That will give you a pretty good idea of the conditions on the rugby field. My vest was sticking to my back before the race had even started and all of us had left our water bottles back in the clubhouse. I did manage to scrounge a quick sip of water from the R.O. but I think we all knew that we were going to suffer over the next 5 or so miles. The race started at a good pace (not the standard ‘full beans’ but enough to question if you’d left it long enough since you’d had your tea) and you quickly knock out a lap round the rugby field before starting the climb up some paths, tracks and roads before getting some proper grass under your feet. Si Watts made a good start just behind Stevie K’s little pack. Jackson pushed past me on the climb and got between Si and Steve.  Alice was up at the top cheering us on but I was so far gone at this early stage I don’t know if I even acknowledged her. If not, I do apologise. It’s a bugger of a climb and I still hate it when Chris overtakes me. On the plus side, air conditions up here were far nicer than in the village, almost pleasant. At this point, the route flattens out a little and is probably very runnable with fresh legs. Mine weren’t. Gaps between me and the lads ahead were getting wider and wider. At the end of the flat, there’s a short, sharp ramp up to the trig at Alderman’s and then the race just went mad. I’ve never heard so many fell runners swear at a descent. It was just unrunnable: slick, wet grass concealing slick, wet stones with ruts, lumps and bumps thrown in for good measure down a gradient you normally associate with the most dangerous elements of the Winter Olympics.


Wendy Trelease

For many of us, this became a masterclass in mincing (my chance to shine!). I opted for the arse slide over the rockiest of bits. Other’s did the same but not through choice. The worst bit for me was when I thought we’d levelled off only to see the path continuing down the hill. It takes a lot of energy to psyche yourself up for another pant wetting descent when you’ve just got your head back into running mode. So you push on down, level out and then start to climb up all that height you’ve only just lost. This is a tough climb, a real marmite moment. I think I’m in the minority cos I love it. It is runnable but that’s pushing the definition to its limits. When you crest that final climb it’s a good fast, descending line all the way back re-joining the path you started on. At least it should be. After a teeny, tiny little ankle roll, my bottle went so just eased up on anything that I considered a potential trip hazard (puddles, pebbles, clumps of grass, you name it). It turned out I was right to be cautious about the state of the paths and tarmacked roads. Like the lads around me, I braked hard on a lot of the final descent, the primary goal being staying up right and in one piece. Hopefully there’s no video footage of this, it wasn’t my finest moment. Steve Page went for the speed option and got a good dose of gravel rash on his leg and back for his troubles. Kudos. It was great seeing the Harriers come in in various states of physical and emotional distress. Lance clearly loved it, Joe was frightened by it and Pete W is now in counselling.

The prize giving is back at the club where a free mug of chunky soup and a very welcome pint awaits. The after race social is another reason I pushed for the race to be a champs race. Sadly all the Harriers had to dash off home but I really wanted a pint so hung about with the Chris and Stevie K. It is a great little venue with plenty of prizes so it’s worth hanging around for those that can. This is especially true when they mess up on prizes and either forgot to do a separate V45 or just ignored Stevie K and gave me the V40 prize! Don’t worry; I gave him the prize when he started sobbing. And because the winning team had gone home, GDH won the men’s team prize by default so beers again for the boys (Si Watts, Steve Page and me)!

Pete did it, honest

See? He did run it!

Results approx:

7 Simon Watts
10 Paul Skuse 10th (1st 40)
20 Steve Page
22 Joe Travis
24 Will Mather
27 Lance Hamilton-Griffiths
?? Rob Sheldon
???Wendy Trelease
????Pete Wallroth was defo there- I saw the pictures but I couldn’t see him on the results list coz of the slightly dodgy photo.

Hathersage Gala race

Rob Sheldon was across at Hathersage, looking at Well dressings and running races….. he picks up the story: I asked Paul ‘anytime, any race, anywhere’ Skuse what I should expect….”Fast…..” he said “it’s all runnable, so give it full beans” – this included our recce of the hill back down to the finish line “definitely, give it full beans down here….it doesn’t matter if you fall-over as it’s near the end”.  I wasn’t completely convinced by Skusey’s plan, so I proceeded to nod, agree and do the opposite.  Back at Race HQ, Mary ‘two races in two days’ Jeal avoided the crowds by sauntering in to registration just ahead of the 7.30 start time (fair-play to Skusey and Mary for taking on Hathersage Gala straight after Up the Nab the day before, which is a brutal short race – kudos to both of you [I was busy on Sunday, so couldn’t make Up the Nab……ahem……anyway, moving-on)].

The race starts on a blind bend on the main road out of Hathersage, then left up a hill, through some woods, then a flat bit, then a hill, through some woods, then a flat bit & repeat….just when you think you’ve got over the worst of it, there’s a Tor to scramble/climb up (at this point, I had a vivid recollection of Skusey’s ‘it’s all runnable’ advice & realised that he would have the same advice about any running related question “Q. Irish Sea?”, Skusey: ‘all runnable’; “Q. Everest?”, Skusey: “all runnable” ….).  The Race Director had mentioned that there were some cows up at the top and to give them a wide berth if they were still there, but they should be gone by the time we got up there…..predictably & in true fell-racing tradition, they weren’t.  Luke Holmes’ nemesis’ were (menacingly) ambling down/sitting on the racing line….danger was narrowly avoided as they were completely disinterested in the mass of fell-runners who had just staggered over the top of the Tor.  From there, it’s over the top, break left and then a fast descent into Hathersage on tracks, trails and a bit of road (with a couple of small climbs thrown in for good measure) before a really fast final descent into the village.  There was a great crowd outside the Scotsman’s Pack cheering every runner to the finish line before a final dash up a hill through the field and home.

It’s a great race and was great to benefit from Skusey’s race-advice and to cheer Mary home as she blasted down the hill at the end – would be great to see more GDH at next year’s race so you can tick a rare Monday night fell-race of your list.  It also got me thinking about last year’s GDH social at Hathersage Lido with the inflatable assault course – I don’t know whose idea that was, but it was a belting day that we should do again.  Hopefully we’ll have a load more GDH at next year’s race as it’s a great night (when nearly 300 people turn up to a field on a Monday night, it must be good).


Thanks to Chris Webb for the update on how Wasdale went this year:

The next Lakeland Classic of the year was the final ‘super-long’, Wasdale. A beautiful yet hard route around one of the most remote valleys in the country; 21 miles with 9000 feet of climbing and a long standing record dating back to 1982 (Billy Bland, obviously, in an insane 3hrs25mins). After nearly 3hrs in the car with big Roy Gardner from Saddleworth, we arrived to ideal conditions of high cloud and some sun. I assumed I was the only Glossopdaler but I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Andrew and Robin Hoffmann who were entered and had recced the route! The start up Illgill Head is a runnable affair and a strong field meant the pace was pretty full-on despite the miles and climb to come. After Whinn Rigg you drop down the the southern end of Wastwater – you can’t even consider what’s to come at the point, Esk House seems miles away (it is) – before crossing to Joss’ house at Greendale before the first proper climb up a grassy Seatallan.


Chris with eventual Ladies winner Sharon Taylor

Robin and Sarah were finding it hard going at this point they told me and they decided to call it a day, saving themselves for 2020?! I was feeling good knowing the race doesn’t really start until Pillar where mercifully the flag was down as it had got hot by this point. Sticking with local mountain goat Scoffer I followed his excellent lines until I had a meltdown in the heat over Great Gable and down to Styhead. A full-body dunk in Sprinkling Tarn revived me and I picked up again up to Scafell Pike summit. Staving off the cramps on the steep decent off Lingmell nose I finally made it back in 4hrs44mins in 18th place. There’s plenty of room for improvement but just getting round this beast of a route is satisfying enough! Another certificate in the bag (you get a certificate if you finish sub-5hrs, signed by Joss Naylor) and more hard miles in the legs for the summer. Thee are 3 Lakeland Classics left this year; Borrowdale, Three Shires and Langdale. Entries are open for all and are just ‘long’ rather than ‘super long’ those considering entering will be pleased to hear!

Lakes Sky Ultra

Kasia was over in the Lakes doing the Sky Ultra. Essentially that’s 60k and 5000m of ascent and descent which is a fair old way with a pretty significant amount of up and down. She settled into a decent pace and crushed the course in 11:06:40 coming in an excellent 20th and 2nd Lady. Excellent work there!

Sale Sizzler

Thanks to Matt Crompton for the Sale Sizzler info… Just in case no one has sent in a report about Sale Sizzler from last Thursday, here is a brief one!

Five Glossopdale runners out of a total of 603 finishers for a flat, fast 5km around Wythenshawe Park.

Matt Crompton 21.47
Nick Ham 23.29
John Stephenson 24.30
Tony Hillier 24.34
Kaylea Haynes 25.31

Grand Trail Courmayer

Steve Knight has been a bit quiet recently, apart from some pretty decently long runs in various low key ultras. Now we get to see why. He snuck off to the Continent to have a bit of a blast around the 110k 6000m Grand Trail Courmayer and ended up 61st of 312. Amazing effort- with some excellent views if his strava profile is anything to go by. I still can’t work out how to copy photos from Strava onto here, other than take a photo of his photo with my phone and then upload it, but I’ll spare you that tech disaster.

Mossley 10k

Tony Hillier was out doing his 10k thing in Mossley. I have little else to go on apart from the fact it was Tony, he was probably up there in the top 3 V70’s, and it was around Mossley.

Piece of Cake Half

Joe Travis, after his warm up at Aldermans ascent, had a hankering for either a) a road race or b) some cake. As it was, there was the very thing! The Piece of Cake half… at least, I assume it was a road race and there was some cake involved- if neither of those things happened, I’d be writing to trading standards. As it is, Joe came in 8th overall- or at least that’s what I think I saw on Strava. Rumours that he ate 8 cakes as a reward are uncorroborated, and as yet are merely an unfounded smear made up by 3rd parties.

Here is his side of the story…

Hiya! I’ve been representing the blue and orange down in Shropshire again this week:
I took part in the Piece of Cake Half on Saturday, which is a trail/fell half marathon in the Shropshire Hills. Absolutely cracking route with a couple of climbs and descents totalling around 650m elevation gain. Despite struggling on the climbs after racing at Alderman’s Ascent on Thursday I was happy to get around in under 2 hours which was my aim on the start line. Would have been good enough for 3rd last year but only good enough for 8th this year! Great fun and contemplating coming back next year to do two laps and the full marathon that was also on offer!

Snowdonia Trail marathon/10k

The Trail marathon over and around Snowdon had a bit of a decent showing from the Blue and Orange this week. Greg Wasinski was there as an impartial observer (and instigator?!)…. I’m not sure if any of those who actually ran it will get a chance to put in a report for this week, but just in case a fair few GDHers were in Snowdonia for the ON Snowdonia Trail Marathon (10k/Ultra)…Lucy W, Luke H, Pete N, Rebecca S, Kate B, Marie W, James K, and other will no doubt come forward…While they were putting the effort in I spent the time pootling Beddgelert with the dogs so can’t really say too much about the race except that the course was apparently amazing, the sun was out, Kate B looked on good form when I saw her at Beddgelert, and everyone finished in the various stages of brokendom that you expect at the end of a marathon. Lucy has explained to me that I would love the course and should do it next year. Not sure if that’s revenge for me telling Lucy that Snowdon isn’t that high and once you get to Pen y Pass it’s all done. The next hour and 50 minutes to the top probably resounded with my name and certain highly descriptive adjectives…

I have managed to find some stats, so for the stat conscious amongst you:
60 James Knapper 4:42
154 Lucy Wasinski 5:34
236 Luke Holme 6:26
333 Pete Nicholson 6:30
338 Becky Smith – 6:31
374 Kate Bowden 6:40
517 Marie Williamson 7:35

Claire Campbell was doing the 10k and was 53rd in 1:04

All times may or may not be chipped, fried smothered in mayo and served with additional optional garnishes.


Luke, Marie, Emma, Kate and Lucy

Holme Howler Obstacle Race

John Pollard was enjoying himself at the Holme Howler Obstacle race. Um. It’s an Obstacle race in Holme? Maybe?….

aha! a report….

Holme village, tucked away off the A6 near Carnforth, were holding their annual festival including a 10k ‘Howler’ obstacle race, which piqued my interest, to do a different sort of race.
It was indeed. Over 30 obstacles, including much submersion in filthy water, log balancing and crawling under nets and through tunnels, water slides and inflatable castles to scramble. Was a fair bit of running through lanes, canal paths and fields, which sorted the fancy dress/fun runners from the regular tough mudder types, but full credit to the organisers, it was challenging and fun.
Definitely recommended, are there other similar events anyone knows of ?
Results don’t matter of course ;/ which is why I wasted over 5 minutes at the water slide trying to get a photo with a waterlogged phone. It’s knackered….


Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

The Skusinator is on a roll at the moment….. here we go with C&C…

I wandered over to the race to sneak in a quick recce of the route. I always forget how beautiful it is over by Coombs Edge. The sun was out despite some pessimistic weather forecasts and the carnival was in full swing. GDH put out a good showing with Lance, Steve F, Rob S, Stephen H, Pete D, Alex C, Joe G and (not sure who the other lad is, seen his face before but don’t know the name).

We started with the usual firing of the musket. This is a short, fast race so by Harrier law it demands a full beans start. Not sort of, partial, let’s leave some in the tank for later full beans but real full beans! Get down the road turn right and push on up the hill, across the bog and up the hard climb up onto Coombes. Don’t slack off here. It’s runnable. Suck it up and get on with it. Once on the top you get a brief chance to take in the view. Then crack on along the top, you’re half way done now so stay competitive and push hard for the descent. It is a great runnable descent and this is from someone with a deep seated aversion to all things that slope downhill. There is a nasty little style that just wrong foots you every time before crossing the track and turning right into the field. Alex failed to do this so he carried on the track for a scenic tour of Charlesworth (Look at his face at the finish line. Priceless!). Then, if you manage to go the right way, it’s a little hop over a narrow style and cross the finish line. As always, I’ve no idea about results. I was well chuffed with getting 3rd overall but the race doesn’t do 2nd or 3rd  so no prizes, nor do they do teams which is a shame as the Harriers absolutely nailed it. Lance is now a full on race fiend. Rob ran brilliantly –the route  clearly suited him. Steve F came in with a huge grin having seen Alex balls up his race only metres from the finish line. I didn’t see the others come in as went to get a well-deserved drink of water.

Next year Sean Philips, Jessica and Fast Harry need to have a crack at this. It’s barely a fell run and if you’ve got some speed in your legs, it’s one of the best races you’ll do.

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Peak Forest

I have no idea… not about the race, nor about this photo… but it is probably indicative of the race….peak forest

Kidding…. Will Mather sent this in:

The day started with the idea of 4 of us running to the the race from peep o day following the Bullock smithy route, after arriving just in time to register, Paul Skuse and I (Will) ran past the massive selection of cake and registered but Lance Hamilton-Griffiths and Steve France couldn’t resist the cake so didn’t race. Arriving at the start line we spotted the the race photographer Nick Ham and the one who can’t be named, Voldemort Pepper.
It was a 10k race that started and finished in the middle of Peak Forest it was a “full beans” kind of race as it was all runnable and when the the gun went “start” Skuse was off like a mad man was chasing him, again you decide who that was. It went back the way we had just come up the limestone way and over Ox low hill then coming off the limestone way we headed for Eldon hill avoiding the old disused mine shafts and not falling into the Quarry we then had an 1 mile fast downhill where Skuse ballet danced his way down I waddled down,both of us with legs not wanting to work anymore and Nick skipped down dreaming of the cakes.
No official results so it’s all ish time.
Skuse 48mins, 3 cakes
Voldemort 51mins, 2 cakes
Me 55mins, 3 cakes
Nick 60mins, lost count on how many he had.

The Nick Ham Corner

Nick Ham did something this weekend…. It looks like it was a 26 miler, so pretty short for him. The White Peak Walk… so it was either a slow run, or a fast run… I’m a little confused either way. 5:39 and 17th of nigh on 400…. but not a selfie amongst his photos!

Dufton Away Weekend

A bevvy/gaggle/skean/generic group noun of Glossopdalers mooched on up to Dufton this weekend to enjoy a bit of a time outside of the Shire. I can’t go into everything that happened or this might end up being another couple of thousand words long… grab someone at a race/run/pub and ask them… here is a potted version….. We took over the YHA there, Sheelagh cooked some AMAZING food- and was assisted wonderfully by various sous-chefs from the junior ranks. Routes were run. Games were played. Dogs were exercised (none got lost in ravines), babies were cuddled. New acquaintances were made, and a grand time was had by all. (sorry- these were the only pics I could lay may hands on at this time….).  Look out for the next one in a place somewhere, somewhen. The more the merrier.

Parkrun corner

Well well well. I understand we have another serial Parkrunner on our hands. David Chrystie-Lowe ended up doing his 250th this week. Flipping heck! Will Mather went and got himself a PB at Glossop, there were a mass of Harriers at Penrith Parkrun- all? most? of whom forgot their barcodes, yet still managed to get their names recorded…. Julie Eyre broke 28 mins for the first time and was pretty flipping happy about it.

If you made it all the way through to here, well done! If you’ve done a race and it wasn’t in the report, send in a few words, a picture of whatever to and it’ll get put in the next weeks report. Without you guys sending things in we have to resort to making stuff up, and we know where that leads….. We don’t? Oh- well read some of the random ones from 2 years ago- it all got a bit strange.

Im going to have to stop now, or you’ll all be reading this half way into next week.