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Pre- storm Freya Weekend Report

There were a few things going on this weekend. Although the weather was looking a bit fun, the anticipated storm took quite a lot longer to arrive, so we had pretty decent weather. Well – better than expected, anyway. Despite some peoples attempts to cover their tracks, I managed to track down a good number of people out racing. It’s a lot easier if you tell us what you’ve been doing though… as ever – the email address to send your pics and stories to is

High Peak Marathon

After 9 years in the planning, Team Audacious Gals – comprising of Jude “flight of the navigator” Stansfield, Ali “I think I’ve reccied more versions of this race than had hot dinners” Holt, Elanor “how do I convince the kids to do this next year” Swan and Becky “did I actually volunteer for this?” Smith finally made it to the start line of the High Peak Marathon (a 42 mile overnight jaunt around some of best bits of the Dark Peak).  The weather and the running conditions were kind to us however things did not go quite as planned with our founding member and chief organiser having to make the hugely tough call to retire at Moscar due to feeling unwell and not wanting to feel worse as we picked our way across the joys of Cartledge Flats and then Bleaklow.  This was a really difficult decision given all of her preparation and focus.on this event so much kudos to Ali for doing this.

Race lows:  4 becoming 3 at Moscar, happily Ali is now recovering; having to reach a check point at the bottom (instead of the top) of Grinah Stones at 4am in the drizzly dark; and the usual painfulness of a long fell race (blisters/ sore knees/ cramp/ uphill heather bashing/  falling into holes up to one’s armpits etc).

Race highs:  the GDH support crew at various points in the race – huge thanks to Zoe Barton and Mark Davenport (nice onesies!), Alice Willson,  Sue Clapham. and 3 generations of Family Swan; having a breakfast cup of tea at the CP on Snake Summit; hearing curlews and skylarks; and ‘our’ (i.e. Jude’s) sweet lines across some rather navigationally challenging terrain.

We saw a number of other GDHrs in passing i.e. them passing us at speed ….  Pennine SPS (note – we *did* try to change the name at the last minute… the lady gave Chris an odd look as we suggested “Jasmin will you sign my Fellrunner” as the alternative name. I think they ignored us- Tim).  including Tim “pain is in the mind” Budd and Chris “I wish I was wearing shorts” Webb and The John Hewitt Appreciation Society which this year comprised Tim “only just recovered from the last overnighter” Culshaw and Caitlin “now This is what I call a race” Rice together with Alex “I love these flying visits to Glossop” McVey and John “I want to be on *every* committee” Ryan from GDH’s northern outpost.

Perhaps unsurprising, the race was won by Haggis on Tour which featured Jasmin “I haven’t really recovered from the Spine yet” Paris and Konrad “I wish I could breastfeed too” Rawlik in an impressive 8 hours and 32 minutes. Pennine SPS came 3rd (2nd male team) in 9:28 and The John Hewitt Appreciation Society came 12th (3rd mixed team) in 11:08. Well done everyone!

Audacious Gals did not get an official place in the results list as we finished as a team of 3 however we got round in 12:57 (vet time of 11:13).  The event was well organised despite some difficult access issues late in the day, the marshals were amazingly enthusiastic, we all had type 2 fun and we feel absolutely no need to do that again.  I would like to say a huge thanks to Ali, Jude and Bex for their company on today’s race and to our extended posse of HPM team members and reccie supporters over the last few years.

From me (Tim)- I’d like to say thanks to the guys out and about on the course as well- Julien, Andrea and Lynne were also up at Snake Summit from early doors, handing out encouragement and amusement in equal part. Thankfully we managed to get away before Julien could start out with his “witty” repartee... Thanks too, to Matt Huxford for the photos support and for who chaperoning Alice for the duration.

Dark and White Spring Series #1

Lucy “I only really chase the dogs these days” Wasinski continues to bash out the miles in the Dark and White trail Series, starting off her Spring Series Campaign in Bakewell. She reckons that she didn’t do amazingly well, but I’m sure that the results will tell a different story. Greg apparently asked her to bring back a Tart, though I don’t know quite how well that went down.

This is what she had to say: Went to Bakewell this morning for round 1 of some spring series trail runs, solitary GDH this time in absence of Pete W. Every now and then you’re gonna have a bad day out and today was one of those days, just felt like it wasn’t happening. However it was a new route for this year, just under 10 miles, and it didn’t disappoint, bit of Monsal trail, some nice sticky mud, wooded trail sections and my favourite bit… the lush green Carlton pastures (mostly downhill which might be why its so fun). Actually my favourite bit was the finish line cos it meant time for coffee and biscuits, and however bad you feel in a race it’s better than not running at all right?!

Welcome Ultra

Jason “ultra’s in my” Hart went to Otley for the delightfully low key Welcome ultra organised by Punk Panther. Apparently it’s a really nice event with plenty of distance (as you might expect) and a very welcoming atmosphere. Not exactly his first ultra ever- but I suspect that Jason is building up to something special later on in the year… or maybe the Spine next year? oooh, Jason – let us know! Anyhow, rather than spread totally unfounded rumours (did you know, he is also looking at the Cape Wrath Ultra next year?), look at his time instead: he got around the 65k course in just under 9 hours, good work Mr. Hart.

Hope Winter Fell Race

Delighted to see that one of our “under cover” members has been out and about again. This time racing in the Hope Valley (and not telling anyone- presumably trying to escape notice for this report), yes, the (n)ever on time Rich “time keeping is my strong point” White decided that the HPM was too pedestrian for him this year and instead was seen thrashing his way around the Hope Valley in good time. I can’t believe that the official photographer didn’t get a picture of him. Actually, I can – they seemed to be inordinately focussed on running vests that come from the east side of the Peak District… however, I scoured the results and saw that Rich acquitted himself magnificently, coming 42nd of…. um, more than 42 in a time of 57:18.

Anglesey Half

Anglesey was the place to be for the half-marathon of delights this week. Jo “under the radar” Brack was on superb form to bag a significant PB of 1:47:37 and 3rd FV50. I suspect that she came back with a bag of swag, a couple of medals and a head full of Welsh phrases. Whether or not the wind from the impending storm had anything to do with the speedy time, I have no idea. I doubt it – these PBs don’t come easy.

Debdale 5k

Three of our finest were at the Debdale 5k this week. As ever, Malc “Debdale is my second home” Brown was there, mentioning that he shared the start line with 2 more GDHers. One, unfortunately shall remain nameless, mainly because I can’t find mention of them anywhere, nor can I see it on Strava. The other was Steve “5k isn’t long enough for me these days” Crossman who decided to run from Hadfield to Debdale, run the 5k in a sub 20 and then run back again. Not a bad morning out, really.

Junior Parkrun

Thanks to Pete W for the update: Just Martha and Merlin at Junior Park Run this morning. The cloud and drizzle back after last weekends February scorcher.
Martha ran a new PB of 11:24.
After last weekends PB, Merlin decided he’d check the ground conditions closely this week so sauntered around in 16:20.
Mini Harrier Flynn hasn’t done any running this week but he has had his GDH induction with the right of passage that is a wander up Kinder. Conditions were….well….most unFebruary like

Dave Munday and his entourage might not have been at Marple, but they were at Hyde Junior Parkrun, and Will, Josie and Rory apparently had a marvellous time bashing around the course..


There were a couple of people taking advantage of the dry conditions underfoot at Glossop this week – yes, New PBs for Steve Page and Melissa Crutchley at Glossop Parkrun this time around.

Other Stuff

Um – to be honest, no idea what else is going on. The Tuesday night sessions are ongoing, there are people out and about ALL the time, so if you need some inspiration, get on strava or get on facebook and ask for a run partner.

Get out there and run.

out and about

Charlie and Andy – out and about


The stuff of Legends – Weekly report

Quite a lot has happened this week. Thanks for the reports from Greg Wasinski, Nick Ham, Lynne Taylor, Matt Crompton and Els Swan. For some reason I have been handed back the reins for a week, I thought everyone else was racing, but it seems like there were a sneaky couple of holidays going on there as well. What with snow falling this week and everyone glued to their computers, dot watching the Spine I suspect it is fair to say that the overall productivity index of the GDH massive took a bit of a dive this week. Still, there is a fair be for me to blab on about, so grab a brew and feast yer eyes on this little lot……

There is a person in our orbit who deserves special mention this week. She did something pretty extraordinary which will long last in the annals of those around her. It is a tale of putting physical hardship to the back of the mind, a tale of heroism and gritted teeth-i-ness in the face of all odds. She certainly caused quite a stir, and rightly so. When you’re on your last legs and your shoes aren’t working properly, what do you do? That’s right – you take the damn things off and sprint like a maniac uphill in your socks. Step Forward Martha Wallroth. Legend of the week!

XC – Heaton Park

A select bunch of people were out and about thrashing the undergrowth at Heaton Park this weekend. It was SELCC’s turn to mark out the course and take on the dog walkers of the world. The mud was out, the sun wasn’t, the rain seemed to hold off on the day, though I’m guessing it was a little chilly, considering everyone appeared to be wearing baselayers.


Char, showing the correct reaction to running in Mud.

Ladies –
2 Kirsty “oh so” Sharp 30:34
30 Emma “smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast” Rettig 36:26
39 Jo “breathing down the young ones necks” Brack 37:45
52 Charmian “There should be a swim and a bike around here” Brierley 39:40
58 Kaylea “Call this cold? I put on suncream” Haynes 40:46
Ladies 5th team, 7th V35 team, 7th V40 team


41 Steve “back to it” Crossman 42:06 2nd V50
92 David “all stops out” Chrystie-Lowe 47:52 2nd V60
144 Andy “Getting better value for money than Jo” Brack 55:06
147 John “Pump up the tent. Pump it, pump it!” Stephenson 56:20
16th Male team, 13th V40 team, 9th V50 team

Junior XC


Great GDH junior XC running at Heaton Park today with extra kudos for Martha Wallroth who ditched her shoes before putting in a brilliant final (uphill) sprint, clearly channeling her inner Zola Budd. Some excellent running from Caitlin and Josie Swan as well, both 3rd in their respective races.

U11 – 30th Martha “zola” Wallroth 9:00
U13 3rd Caitlin “I run faster in pigtails” Swan 14:05
U15 3rd Josie “who needs spikes?” Swan 17:35

Derbyshire Schools Cross Country Finals

From Matt Crompton: Adam and Sarah Crompton both represented High Peak in the Year 7 High Peak boys and girls team at the event in Shipley Hills Country Park in Heanor near Derby. They were up against some strong runners in both races, and both did their team, and their parents, proud. Well worth the early start and nearly four hours round trip!! I’ve not seen any results as yet, but there was a whisper that High Peak won the girls team prize!

White and Dark Peak: Wildest Peaks

Trail affectionados Lucy Wasinski and Will Mather were off into the White Peak this weekend for the Dark and White “Wildest Peaks” event. Wildest, in terms of the weather, which was so wild that the somewhat ambitious 15 mile course shortened to a brief and breezy 10.5k. (I understand that fog stopped play, as it were?) The pair showed their grit, determination and drive to get to the finish line to have a hot cup of tea and a couple of biscuits by coming in 1/2 on the day. Unfortunately due to a later starter who finished the course a little faster, Will was edged from the podium. Nevertheless, the tea still tasted lovely.

pete and lucy

Pete, with Lucy, who is *clearly* just pretending that it’s cold.

Winter Trail Wales

Greg Wasinski was off in Wales pootling about the Winter Trail Wales Half in Coed y Brenin. The half marathon course goes on the same route as the summer one, but in winter conditions. It would seem that Greg *didn’t* lock his keys in the car this time around and enjoyed a rather challenging smack down which was, in his words “a bit of a struggle”.  -in his own words:

So Saturday was the Winter Trail Half at Coed y Brenin. Fairly muddy, but other than that good running conditions in one of our favourite places. Having set a PB in the past on no training unfortunately had a bit of mare this time around; who knew that only running twice a week wasn’t good training…? Ended up with me dropping about 70 places on where I normally finish and running my slowest time there since I first ran the course in 2014. After what felt like (but wasn’t!) a quick first 8km the rest was a painful, dispiriting slog. Still, the Buff, thermal mug at end, and flapjack were good and be back in June to ‘settle the score’.


Greg – looking fully ready to “settle the score….”

The Nick Ham Report

Thanks to the marvellously attired Nick Ham for his report:

nick ham

Nick Ham in full on shopping mode.

With me not being able to get into The Hebden yesterday and with Kinder Trial having been cancelled, I enjoyed another two infernal hills in the Woodbank parkrun and found Three Halls of Stockport to run today. It’s a self navigation course between three halls, which this year were Underbank Hall, Vernon Hall and Goyt Hall. It was all on territory very familiar to me but I still needed a couple of pre-race reconnoitres to hone the optimum route from Vernon Hall to Goyt Hall and back to the finish in Woodsmoor to get the total distance down to ~8 miles. It proved worthwhile because I managed to finish third with a time of 1:08:43, just 4 seconds behind second place (chip timing thanks to organisers Crazy Legs Events). There were 157 finishers. It was a novelty to be running around my home town in race mode instead of walking in shopping mode.


Thanks to Lynne for putting this together for me:

With XC being on this weekend there was only a smattering of GDH runners at our home parkrun in Glossop. The snow that was threatening on Friday never reached Manor Park so beyond the ground being wet underfoot the run was cleared for going ahead, not PB conditions though.
Sean Phillips romped home to take first finishers position in a speedy time only 16secs off his PB, good effort. Paul Gatley was just squeezed out of the top ten in what must have been a close run into the finish funnel. Sikobe was next to finish, now only 3 parkruns short of his 250 t-shirt and a few minutes later Christine Peters. Next in were Craig Leith, Alan Byrne, Darren Ashworth and finally Lynne Taylor.
Don’t forget that Glossop parkrun is a club champs counter so get yourself there early in the year and you’ll have ticked one ‘race’ off the list.

parkrun AWAY:
Lots of PBs were bagged in the away team runners, and we seem to have spread ourselves far and wide throughout the UK this weekend:

Heaton Park – Dez Mitchell
Woodbank Park – Nick Ham and David Munday
South Manchester – Joe Travis (new PB)
Hyde – Tony Hillier
Durham – Paul Peters (first finisher and a new PB) and Emma Peters also with a new PB
Medina I.O.W – Claire Campbell
Vogrie (near Edinburgh) – Bill Leason (on his 99th parkrun…one more for the 100th!!)
Marple – Steve Page (3rd overall) and Ian Crutchley with a new PB
Northala Fields – Caitlin Rice (3rd overall, 1st female finisher and only 6secs off her PB)
Bakewell – Paul Amos

Other Stuff

For those who don’t know, the AGM is going ahead on the 30th January – I believe it is going to be in the room above the Oakwood. (so bring warm clothes).

Thanks to Steve Page for leading the club run on Thursday.

As ever, if it isn’t on strava, or it isnt on facebook, or you don’t send a report to then it didn’t happen. (unless one of us hears about it and we make up some scurrilous rumours instead)… so let us know what you’re up to.

Of course –  unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you can’t help but have noticed that formerly of this Paris(h), Jasmin Paris went and won the Spine in a record time. There have been crazy amounts of media attention on this quite frankly astonishing feat, so I don’t intend on adding anything else here, apart from the clubs hearty congratulations. I trust everyone has been inspired anew and is bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for their next adventures. Don’t just be inspired, get out there and act on it!

It’s all quietening down a bit – Weekend report.

Even though we’re on our way into Christmas there have still been some things and stuff happening in the world of Glossopdale. .

To be honest, there hasn’t been a lot of racing, but there has been some fun route finding, some parkrunning and some other stuff which is on strava, which you can have a look at if you want.

Perhaps the most impressive/dangerous thing done this week was by Ian Crutchley on the other side of the world….. thanks for sending in the report Ian….

Ian’s Tongariro Crossing

“I hope you have a jacket in that bag mate?”.  “I’ll be right enough in this vest I reckon”.  I was instantly having concerns about my typically minimal choice of attire, and although I had some odd pieces of kit on the bag, I knew I’d have to keep moving.  On the Summer Solstice I went to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a 13 mile linear route across the most volcanic part of New Zealand’s North Island. After dumping my car at the end and getting on the shuttle bus, I arrived at Mangatepopo Hut, and after some faffing, set off at the back of a chain of what seemed like hundreds of people.  And what people, walking 3 abreast and many flat refusing to shift.  After a few miles and a couple of thousand feet climbing, I was getting quite grumpy when I reached the South Crater, but took solace in the fact I was now going “off piste” to the South, and climbing Mount Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom), not something attempted by the masses.  As it turned out, this was a formidable undertaking with a 1500ft climb up 60 degree slopes of scree and boulders.  Ropes would have been more useful than my fell shoes.  I took note of the sign at the bottom, suggesting to take care of falling rocks, and halfway up I realised this was not a pointless warning  I heard falling rocks above and looked up to see several, one the size of a football, hurtling toward me.  I got out of the way sharpish and it missed me by about 6 feet.  It would have definitely ended my day, at best.  Doom indeed.

Being more attentive I continued to slog to the summit, which was shrouded in clag.  The going was incredibly tough owing to the 18 inch step up, followed by the 9 inch slip back down.  I got to the snow line and up to the top, just over 7500 feet, but wasn’t greeted with any view unfortunately.  I was definitely a bit shaken, and concerned about the coming descent, so took a quick selfie at the cairn and retreated.  I was now getting cold, and almost got the jacket out, but persisted, and continued in my GDH vest.  The drop was as precarious as I expected, the first few hundred feet being quite honestly, dangerous.  Soon enough I chanced upon a fine scree line that clearly others had taken.  This was basically a controlled slide, but was mercilessly free of boulders.  Soon enough the angle relented, and I was back on the Crossing path proper.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved to hit a path again.  The climb had taken a lot out of me, but I slogged on across the South Crater and up the steep climb to Red Crater.  Here I was lucky enough to get some brilliant views down to Emerald Lakes, and realised I was surrounded by volcanic activity, steam and sulphuric gases spewing from seemingly everywhere.  After crossing the Central Crater, the long descent followed to the car at Ketetahi.  It took me around 5 hours 30 in total, which is not bad being as the average time to hike across is 8 hours, without including any suicidal side excursions.  An amazing day out, on many levels, but take heed, I would neither recommend, or repeat the climb up Mount Doom!


So the only other thing of note was parkrun- and considering the Crutchleys were across the globe, I’d have to say that the furthest flung parkrunners from our lot this week were ianprIan and Melissa Crutchley who blasted their way around Napier Parkrun in NZ. Closer to home, Sean Phillips, Joe Travis, Lance Hamilton-Griffiths and Emma Peters decided that they didn’t want to hang around and wait for the rain, making it around Glossop Parkrun in PRs. Proof that it isn’t just the conditions that make you fast/slow. As ever – the consolidated results are here….

Other Stuff

This week just gone was Jeroens Annual reindeer challenge, which, as always, went down well. Not to be outdone, the XC training involved a chocolate based challenge as well – I hope the chocolates were distinguishable from the mud – from what I hear it was very successful as well. On Friday the hills were host to the Solstice run. A few of us made our way up onto Glossop Low to celebrate the coming of the sun – and then made our way back to the pub, to continue our celebrations there. We could just about see the Full Moon, but the meteor shower was very covered over by cloud. solstiicve

I guess everyone is pretty much ready for Christmas and is busily filling their diaries with ambitious plans for next year. Can’t wait to hear all about them.

The “How many sausage rolls does it take to make a party?” Weekend report

Some running, some partying, some hangover.

Forest of Bowland marathon

Marie Williamson was off doing her  17th marathon of the year and sent this report in:


Still smiling on lap 1

The race started in the village hall at Dunsop Bridge. It was a lovely route up onto the moors. The full marathon started with a counter clockwise loop of the half route, then a clockwise loop of the same route. At mile 8 I was thinking it would be a good idea to drop down to the half. My hands were cold & the wind was icy cold. I got over that though & at the turn around felt ok. I was concerned about the forecast for later though but, against my better judgment, set off on lap 2. Ascending to the 1st high section I could see bleak weather ahead, the ground was icy with the freezing rain & my hands were getting cold again. Then came the freezing head wind. It was brutal!! I’d been running with a group of 5 other runners & we were sticking together, looking after each other. We arrived at the last check point. 4 miles to go….but it was another ascent & moorland stretch. On arrival though, we were told the race had been called off (mountain rescue’s call) & vehicles were coming to get us. Waterproof pants & foil blanket on…. I quickly became a shivering mess. Everyone was brilliant, runners & marshals. Mountain rescue turned up & a few of us were ferried back to race headquarters (& lent me wonderfully warm jacket). Me being pronounced as ‘serious’ & ‘hypothermic’ Took a while to warm up but after a few coffees, toast & a change into dry clothes i was eventually fine.
Ah well. Just the 16 marathons this year then!!
On a plus note…Howler events RO was brilliant & organises some great races. & I did enjoy it…up to a point.

Well crikey… that is a pretty hardcore day out and no mistake. Well Done Marie.


It was the turn of SELCC this week – over in Tandle hill. Not to be put off by last years tales of shin deep ice ridden slurry, a decent number of Glossopdalers went over for the fun. Looks like we had some excellent showing from the Young Guns, XC training sessions evidently seem to be paying off. We very nearly had a last minute entry into the Bombed out award with Frank Fielding arriving late, blaming it on a satnav and spending an entire lap catching up with the field. (before cruising through it…) Well done to anyone that was out in that weather- it sounded horrendous from under my duvet.

Young Guns

U11 Girls 22nd Martha Wallroth 14:04
U13 Girls 3rd Caitlin Swan 14:56
U15 Girls 3rd Josie Swan 21:32


31 Jo Brack (2nd V50) 37:28
43 Charmayne Brierley 40:15


13 Steve Knowles (1st V45) 44:13
47 Paul Skuse 49:52
66 Phil Swan 52:27
71 Matt Crompton 52:58
92 David Chrystie-Lowe (3rd V60) 56:24
107 Frank Fielding (2nd V65) 58:09
130 John Stephenson 1:02:42

10th Team, 4th V40 team, 9th V50 Team, 2nd V60 team

Christmas Do

Yes, it was indeed the weekend of the Christmas Do. Time to dress up in festive finery go for a bimble on the hill, and then eat and drink far too much than is good for you before adjourning elsewhere for yet more beverages. I’m sure everyone had a lovely time – for the record, here are the prize highlights:

Road Champs

Ladies – 1st Emma Rettig, 2nd Jo Brack.

Men – 1st Paul Peters, 2nd Ben Tetler

Fell Champs

Ladies – 1st Immy Trinder, 2nd Alison Holt.

Men – 1st Dan Stinton, 2nd Mark Davenport

Overall Champs

Ladies –  1st Jo Brack. 2nd Emma Rettig.

Mens – 1st Ben Tetler, 2nd Tim Budd

Age Grade – Jo Brack

Spirit of John Hewitt – Mark Davenport

Bombed Out – Greg Wasinski… (the keys locked in a car incident… nominated, I believe, by his lovely wife).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I can’t not write about parkrun, basically because someone will shout at me. No-one got a new PB. Consolidated results here. Well. Check that. No-one got a time PB. A certain Mr Guy Riddell happened to get a distance PB by starting at about Midnight and then proceeding to, um, proceed, around the parkrun lap 45 times – so somewhere around a 45 mile PB. Wow. Nice one Guy – raising money for Mummy’s Star the local way!


Guy Looking remarkably fine after 45 laps

Other Stuff

Not a lot really. Everything is fairly normal this week – but the Winter Solstice run is on Friday. Where we go will depend on what the forecast is like, so watch the facebook space. Tuesday and Thursday runs/sessions are still on, and Chris is doing some spectacularly festive XC session on Wednesday, so get along to that.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like….. the weekend report.

No snow on this weekend this year – so the vast number of races that were cancelled this time a year ago went ahead, which was good news for a lot of us. The local one a lot of people entered went off without a hitch for the 3rd year running (well don Steve Pepper for the “organisation”. There were roadies out, XC stuff and all kinds of bits and bobs. Don’t expect much from me next week as it is the Christmas party on Sunday. Hope to see you all there.

Shittern Santa Saunter

The Santa Shittern Saunter was ever so slightly more organised this year than last year. Nigh on 100 people gravitated to Howard Town Brewery for some beer. The race was a minor inconvenience for some in order to get to the bar, however, it seems that the vast majority of the Glossopdalers that came, enjoyed the bogs immensely, snaffled as much Chilli and Beer as they could, and were the last bevvy of people to leave the bar at the end of the day. A massive thanks also, to those that volunteered – and to the Brewery for letting us run a race from there.

Results are below –

16 Dan Stinton 46:45
23 Mark Davenport 48:44
28 Immy Trinder 49:33 (2nd Lady)
34 Harry Hawkins 51:29
42 Matt Crompton 53:29
49 Luke Holme 55:24
52 Ian Oates 55:37
53 Clive Hope 55:41
54 Zoe Barton 56:11 (1st FV40)
65 Steve Page 59:36
66 Pete Walroth 59:41
69 Dez Mitchell 1:01:11
70 Beccy Smith 1:01:23
76 Lindsay Palmer 1:03:57 (1st FV50)
77 Rachel Walton 1:05:37
78 Emma Rettig 1:05:41
88 Kate Bowden 1:12:57
94 Julie Eyre 1:18:35
96 Neil Shuttleworth 1:34:54 (1st V70)

Glossopdale won team prize with Dan, Immy and Mark.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stockport 10

Thanks to Guy for his Race report from Stockport: While the fell runners were playing in the brewery, a sub-division headed to Stockport for the rather excellently crafted but rather unimaginatively named Stockport 10, a 10 mile race in Stockport. Unusually for this race there was no rain, no wind, and it wasn’t even that cold. Usually (for me) I set off way too fast, 6:40 per mile first few miles. I was actually first Harrier until about 6 miles in when Richard sidled up to me, but I was flagging by then and just hung on as best as I could. Was a lovely morning in the sunshine and I improved on my previous best on this course by over 4 minutes so delighted with that.

Chip times as follows:
128. Richard White 1:09:11
166. Guy Riddell 1:10:18
261. David Chrystie- Lowe 1:14:28
343. Alex Critcher 1:17:47
389. Tony Hillier 1:19:57 (1st V70)
394. Nick Ham 1:20:01
569. Philip White 1:24:41
824. Amanda Holtey 1:36:35
972. David Munday 1:56:41

stockport 10

1 picture, 3 harriers. Nick Ham hunting down Tony Hillier as Guy, um… Guy? Heading to the pub? yes. probably.

Tatton Yule Yomp

Ellen Wilson headed out for the Tatton Yule Yomp – and from the pictures on strava (Sorry, I cant copy and paste theme onto here) it would seem that she was running around with her other half? She certainly looked perfectly comfortable with the pace, while the other person in the selfies looked a little less so…  – 10k in just over and hour, and Im sure there were mince pies at the finish….


Not a local one this week – but Paul Peters was out doing XC at Hyndburn this weekend – just getting back into the lovely wet and muddy racing, away from the vagaries of tarmac. He didn’t tell me how well he did, though by all accounts it was a “decent” place even with a slow course and a fair bit of single track where overtaking was less of an option than it could have been.


This week, sibling rivalry dictated that it was Josie Swan’s turn to get a PB (and also beat Old Man Swan), as her sister salved Phil’s ego by trotting in behind him. Don’t worry Dad. you can still beat at least ONE of us on any given day… Young Ms Caity Rice also gained a PB and was first home to boot, and I’m certainly going to give her a mention as she is still down as Glossopdale on the Parkrun list. (even if she was heavily assisted by Joss) (the dog, not the fellrunner).

Other Stuff

Ohh. Um. Party next weekend – Sunday morning there will be a bit of a social run  – 1015 from the turning circle, Fancy dress encouraged. (it will be fell oriented). I might suggest a meeting point/time if anyone wants to walk onto the hill – let me know if you do. We should be back off the hill after a couple of hours.

The Christmas Party will be in the Scout hut in the afternoon… um? 2pm? 3pm? I can’t remember what we said it was going to be. I’m sure that someone will tell us on the comments on facebook. Bring some food with you. Becky will almost certainly be bringing a Pavlova Jeroen will almost certainly be bringing a cheesecake. Savoury and Sweet things are always most welcome. There will be a selection of beer – I have no idea how much its going to cost, but it isn’t much. There will be presentations, lots of chance to chat to everyone you haven’t seen in a year, and then I suspect a number of people will go on to another pub to lose the rest of their evening (and potentially the rest of the year…. Daz) to running related talk and japery.

Daylight? Nope. Not til March. Weekend report.

Stuff happened, things going on. People are out on the hill, others are running on the road, everyone seems to be having a good time in the gorgeous weather we’re having. It’s december, get your new year resolutions in early – get out and run. Thanks to Laurie and Lynne for their contributions this week.


There were a good few people out at XC this weekend, with the ladies numbers increasing week on week. By the last meet we might even have more than 5 in the race. Blokes were a bit down on previous weeks – perhaps because of the threatened rain. As it was, the weather was fairly benign, the ground was pretty firm and worries of epic amounts of mud was unfounded. The course seemed to favour the fell runners over the sheer outright flat speed of the roadies, but it was the hot vimto and chocolate orange brownies that really made the day. Thanks to Tall Chris for coming out to support and shout at us around the course.


170th Jo Brack 45:31
194 Kaylea Haynes 46:50
208 Charmayne 47:32
218 Jane Mellor 48:12
48th team


37th Chris Webb 39:47
44th Tim Budd 40:10
104th Sean Phillips 42:53
161 Jamie Helmer 44:39
180 David Chrystie-Lowe 45:17
398 Andy Burnett 56:45
404 John Stephenson 57:43

23rd Senior team
39th Vets team

Gravy Pud

All in for this traditional blast around the local area of Tintwistle and Arnfield. A decent number of harriers were out and about, including – but not limited to to following people that I have seen on strava, or have seen on a picture….

Pete Wallroth, Ian Oates, Steve Pepper, Luke Home, Guy Riddell, Steve Crossman, Phil Swan, Malc Brown, Rach Walton, Ian Crutchley, Neil Mcgraw, Rob Sheldon, Kate Bowden, and featuring John Stephenson as tail runner. I’d love to give you some kind of idea as to placings/times etc. but they aren’t out on the website just yet. I’m sure that they’ll be along in a bit.Gravy Pud

Fleetwood 10k

Paul Gatley appears to have managed to do the Fleetwood 10k. Out for a run – see there is a race about to start, leg it back to get some cash to enter and then blitz around it in 47.06. Job Done. Nice one Paul.

Junior Parkrun

There was a cracking showing of Harriers at Marple junior parkrun this morning, and all siblings too with both Swans, both Cromptons, both Wallroths* and both Barlows out doing their thing. Some fantastic PBs too! I found it particularly sweet that Martha dropped back to assist Merlin with his inhaler before charging off again, and Wyatt chose to lope alongside Naomi because she’d injured her ankle but wanted to run today


A chilly damp Glossop parkrun this weekend to run round the freshly leaf-swept course. Plenty of harriers running but only one PB going to Lance Hamilton-Griffiths. Huge congratulations to Laurie Barlow running her 100th parkrun, and coinciding with the completion of her ‘Firsts’ run streak – running on the first of each month for the second year in a row. Consolidated report is here.

Other Stuff

It would be remiss of me not to mention the Shittern Santa Saunter which is on next Sunday. Chilli, beer, running, from a Brewery. What more could you need? See you there.

You all should know that the Christmas party is on Sunday 16th December. There will be a bit of a social (fancy dress, no doubt) run in the morning, followed by a general eating/drinking/socialising thing in the scout hut in the afternoon.

There will be a Solstice run on the 21st December – it’s a friday, but there will still be people heading onto the hill for a nip of whisky etc. Route will depend on the weather. I’d quite like to drink whisky somewhere sheltered.

Chris’s XC sessions are still going ahead – oh- and as we mention it, there are actually only 2 MACCL meets left. Get your groove on!

If you’ve read this then you’ve probably seen Emmas post on Facebook – if you haven’t – it is regarding next years Championship….. The Champs for next year are almost ready to go however 2 races for road/trail are confirmed – Hit the Trail in January and the Trafford 10k in March. These races are popular (and rightly so, they’re ace!) so we recommend that you get your entries in early.




Snow? Snow. Weekend report.

Things and stuff this week. No idea what I’ve missed. No idea what is going on this week. I’m sure it’s all lovely.

Heaton park 10k

Mother and son duo Harry “I’m really new to this” Hawkins and Kate “Did I mention my kate and harrysprained ankle?” Bowden ran the Heaton Park 10k this chilly morning. A 2-loop route with a long steepish hill but weirdly no fun descent to make up for it. Harry (1st ever 10k) sped off achieving a chip time of 42:47, Kate plodding behind eventually finishing in 53:52, first VF45. A fun friendly event we both enjoyed.

Wilmslow 10k

There look to have been a fair number of people at the Wilmslow 10k as well this week. Everyone was getting their legs going fast in order to keep a little bit of warmth flowing through their bodies as the winter begins to draw in. With such a lovely flat course, of course fast times ensued:

36:32 Steve Knowles – 4th overall

38:06 Nick Lord

38:35 Kirsty Sharp

41:52 Steve Page

44:57 Joe Gavin

48:03 Tony Hillier 2nd V70

51:49 Wendy McMahon

1:00:46 Kaylea Haynes

Barnsley 10k

Not wanting to do a 10k that everyone else was doing, Paul Drury was over doing the Barnsley 10k. Hilly? Flat? Windy? I have no idea. However, he did manage to get a course PB of 55:58.

Famous Grouse

Run from a pub, up a hill, back down the hill to the same pub. Classic fell racing tactics to get as many people as possible to a small race in a village on the edge of Derbyshire. Unfortunately it may well be the last of the Famous Grouse races as the pub and surrounding area is apparently being sold off for housing. The hill is still there though. A few of the blue and orange vests were out – results below. Mary

34 Pete Wallroth

48 Mary Jeal

50 Andy Wilkins

56 Lins Palmer

62 Beryl Buckley

Spyvelo 5 and 10k

You’d think that there being 2 races, this bit might be about a few people, some of whomdouble trouble did one race, some of whom did the other. You’d be wrong. It would seem that Claire Campbell is taking a page out of a number of peoples books, and isn’t just doubling up on races in a weekend, but doubling up on the same day. Superb XC racing from Claire, not only doing both – but having to get to Tapnell farm do to them as well…. in Derbyshire terms, it’s like having to get to Two Fence Clough in order to start the race. yep – pretty much a near mythical place that everyone thinks is in a different place.

Hardwolds 80

I have literally never heard of this until I spotted that Steve Knight had done a monster run this weekend. Essentially it is an 80 miler from (somewhere I’ve never heard of) Hessle to (somewhere I’ve never heard of) Filey along the Wolds way. (again – something I’ve never heard of). From the stats – 130km or so with nigh on 3k of ascent, it looks to be a pretty Nails race, and the fact that Steve completed in 17:48:51 a kind of indicates that he did pretty damn well. Nice one for keeping that under wraps, and I hope you had an excellent day in the hills. (Wolds).


Caitlin Swan smashed her PB at Glossop parkrun this weekend -a 20:54 for her this week, coming in first female (and within 50 seconds of Old Man Swan’s PB as well). Christine Peters also came in with a PB at 27:30. For the consolidated results go here.