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It’s the Summer Solstice weekly report

And just like that…it’s the 21st June?! Despite feeling like this covid weirdness has been going on forever, at the sametime it seems insane that we are almost in July! Normally i’d be getting all excited for 2 weeks of doing very little work and screaming at the TV whilst Wimbledon is on.

The weekends around the longest day are usually jam packed full of all sorts of races, and any normal Sunday i’d have probably had to start the weekly round up at about 3pm with legs battered and aching, and the weekly report inbox brimming with highlights, lowlights and tales of all sorts of running delights. But this week, as has become the norm, there is one solitary submission from Coach J. You can wait until the end to see what delights he has in store this week!!

So anyway what’s been happening this week then?

Well as we gradually come out of lockdown, and can start meeting up for socially distanced runs we’ve had:

Chris Smith encouraging folk to join him on some Friday morning jaunts up Lightside

More attempts at Oate’s Round Glossop Run – looks like Lizzie Leason and David C-L both put in some fast times at this! If you haven’t already seen it – have a peruse down the FB page for the route/instructions which Ian O shared recently

Matt Cromptons hill rep heroes surviving the best (scariest?) thunderstorm we’ve had in a while

Celebratory 7 milers and 7kms for Mummys Star’s 7th Birthday

Thursday “fartleks” and Thursday road and fell socials

Week 2 of the return of Jeroen & David’s sunday social 

The Munday’s bashing out some big miles marathon training

Some (not)parkruns in all sorts of exotic places (basically anywhere that isn’t Glossop probably counts as exotic right now)

More big Autumn races taking the sensible, unsurprising , but still sad decision to cancel/postpone

Stats geekery

I don’t usually go in for stats geek stuff but Greg’s got strava to crunch the numbers so let’s see who’s done what this week:

Top distance male – David Munday –  108km in 9 runs

Top distance female – Jess Camp – 70.5km in 5 run

Top climber male – Jamie Helmer – 2697m in 6 runs

Top climber female – Rachel Walton – 1508m in 5 runs

Top speedster male – Sean Phillips average of 4.21min/km over 3 runs

Top female speedster – Emma Peters average of 5.09min/km over 2 runs

And who managed the longest run this week? Anthony Walker casually chucked in a 36.8km run!

Nice one folks, but remember, it’s not just about who goes the fastest, highest, or furthest- it’s just about tying up your laces, getting out the front door and enjoying a run whether it’s tarmac or fell, 4km or 40km, 30 mins, or 3h 30 mins.

Missing racing? This might be for you:

For those of you missing racing, Peak Raid are still doing their Summer Series. These are mini mountain marathon style events and there are 3 more left in July, August, and September. To do this you download the map using an orienteering app and that will upload all your timings and route to the race site and work out your points. More details from if you’re interested.

Coach’s Corner

Well what can I say – Week 12 of NOT the Coached session was truly horrific challenging! Coach J is clearly determined to make us fitter and faster at the end of all this 😉 I’m sure we will be glad once we get racing again that we kept this up! Thursday night is the new Tuesday night – well, it was this week, so we headed up to the Derbyshire Level to give 12 x 400m reps a bash. Blimey. Anyone who did it will i’m sure agree it was definitely one of the toughest sets yet, so kudos for getting that one done! We were glad for some GDH support on the first few reps with the unexpected bonus of bumping into Mark D, Rachel W, Emma R, Tracey & Cecil who were off on a social fell run. So whilst I still feel a little bit broken from the last sesh, let’s see what is in store for us this week courtesy of Coach J:

NOT Coached Session, week 13 of significantly less locked-down, 22-28 June

Now that we are a little less restricted by viral guidelines and more people have gone back to work, some may be slightly more restricted in the time they have available for training. Your fitness and race pace do not have to suffer as long as you train smarter and not just more.

This week’s set shows how you can train for a 10K without running 10 kilometers or more in training. It is all about the quality and not (just) quantity:

Run 800m at 10K (6.5-7 RPE) pace, then jog for two minutes

Run 400m at 5K pace (7.5-8 RPE), then jog for a minute

Run 200m at your estimated one-mile race pace (8.5-9 RPE), then jog for 30 seconds

Run 1000m at 10K pace, then jog for four minutes. Then repeat the session. 

Complete this set at least twice but regulars of the Tuesday Sessions can/should do three sets. Note that this is a continuous set!! And make sure that your final 1K is not slower than your first one!

As the intensity is not the highest at the start of the main set, you can incorporate some warmup drills that focus on the range of motion and technique. Done well, they still achieve the main aim of a raised heart rate, increase in core temperature, and generally getting your body ready for exercise without wearing you out. Just some ideas for you to try out:

*Baby skips with arm circles (~20 m) 

*Walk back to where you started the skips but walking on your toes (straight, pointing in and out)

*Backward baby skips with arm circles

*Walk back to the start on your heels, lifting toes as high as you can.

*Carioca (aka Grapevines) with a step-over (20m each side)

*Skip for height, bring the knee up close to the chest and exaggerate arm-swing.


Coach J

That’s all for now folks. Stay well and keep running! Don’t forget if you have any news/updates (generally running related of course but will leave it to the report writer’s discretion…!!!) send it in to

The go in, go out, stay in, work out, report – or something like that, I dunno check the guidance.

A lot can happen in a week eh. 

Twas the week Boris told us all to “stay alert”,  that we “should” be doing unlimited exercise (that’s gonna be hard – think he meant we “can”), welcome cleaners into our homes, but still not to go visiting your aged parents. Unless of course, you just wanna meet one of them in a garden, just not their garden – a public garden. Or something. Anyway – whatever we think of lockdown lifting, am sure we are all glad for a bit of extra freedom getting out and about for some exercise! I sure am – dog walks AND running – not one or the other wahoo! 

However, this week was also the week that there were a lot of big races that were meant to have taken place, to name just a few Ras y Gader, Hathersage Hurtle, Old County Tops and am sure many more. However, we all had to make do and most of us probably went out and just did something else like a 10k locally, secretly pleased that we hadn’t got to run 20 miles, 37 miles, or up a massive Welsh Mountain…

Turns out that Simon Toole isn’t “most of us”!! This gem dropped into the inbox earlier – get a load of what he’s been at!

“Not the Guernsey Ultra”

So, this weekend we should have been going to Guernsey for a 2 week holiday and today running the Guernsey ultra, a 36 mile race, the first 16 miles on the cliff path and 20 miles along the coastal route starting and finishing in St Peter Port. Training had been going to plan and the excitement building for what was going to be my first ultra………and then.

We all know what happened next, all races cancelled for the foreseeable.

Plan B then.

Determined to do this with the training put in, I decided to run a 3.6 mile loop (10 laps) with the aid station being at home and a finishing time in under 8 hours.

Managed to drag myself round in 7 hours 45, 1st ultra completed, no medal and t shirt at the end, just the satisfaction of completing it.

On seeing my run on strava Will Mather said if he had known I was doing this he would have put a mini-skirt on and cheered me on each time i passed his house.

Thanks for the offer mate but surely no one should be subjected to that no matter what they doing !!!!

Never thought for a minute that my 1st ultra would be a loop around Glossop, but these are strange times.

Hats off to you! Incredible feat – think anyone doing their first ultra as loops of Glossop deserves extra kudos! Great time, and beating your target time as well – what was on offer at the feed station?! 

Quite clearly laps of Glossop has not been enough to put him off as he describes his “1st ultra”  – look forward to more reports in the future!

Coaches Corner

Coach J continues his quest to get us all fitter and not just plodding round the same old routes day after day! Thanks Jeroen – so far they’ve all been great, and very varied. They can definitely be recommended, if you haven’t yet come to a coached session on a Tuesday, but want to get a taste for what it’s all about, maybe now is the time to give one of these sessions a bash on your own and on any day at any time! They can be done pretty much anywhere, but word from the wise – if it’s some flat intervals on offer, try and find somewhere flat – inclines aren’t your friend when going as fast as you can mid way through a 5 min rep! For this week’s session we managed to get down to the Community Running Track and that was ideal with the markers for 1km reps – didn’t see too many people even on a Saturday morning. So get involved!

 Obviously can’t wait until we are all back together on a Tuesday night, but for now – lets see how Coach thinks it is all going and what is in store for us all this week!

Week 8 of lockdown 18-24 May

Despite trying to make the instructions as clear as possible, some are still struggling (no names!) 😨. So this week an even easier set with only 1 distance and 2 speeds. If you still have questions, I will happily explain and provide strictly anonymous assistance so no need to feel embarrassed. 😂

This week is another great set to help build/maintain that base-fitness and… it is simple. It is a Blended 800m set. Blended as it “blends” or alternates 2 different speeds over the same 800m distance.

So this is how that works. You run 800m at ~5K pace or around 7.5 – 8/10 RPE (how it feels to you) followed by 1-minute easy jog. Then you run another 800m at “Tempo” pace or between 5 – 6/10 RPE. This is followed by a 3-minute recovery jog. That is 1 set. Do this up to 4x 😱. There is no walk or break between sets, it is continuous!!

Another way of describing it is: 4 (800m@5K followed by a 1-minute recovery jog, 800m Tempo followed by a 3-minute recovery jog). This is another set you can quite easily adjust to run anywhere with the help of Google Earth as it is run on effort and not a defined pace.

And now a little on the warmup. First thing is, these are essential!! Some people, giving feedback last week, found the set “hard”. But then admitted to not doing much of a warmup, other than a (slow?) jog to the start of where they were doing their session. Recognise that? Well, I can assure anyone that if you start this set without a proper warmup, you will find it much harder than necessary. Apart from that, you are not looking after yourself and run an increased risk of injury.

So do yourself a favour and start the set with a rigorous, 5 – 10-minute warmup that ensures a raised heart-rate and some deep breathing. Include some short (60m) strides, some fast high-knees, butt kicks and do not forget some arm-swings. If you are a little out of breath after, take a couple of minutes walking break before the start of your Blended 800m set. Be kind to yourself 😇

Good luck and enjoy.

Coach J

PS. Don’t forget t get in touch if you have ANY questions (running/training related of course 😁)

What else has been happening?

Mandy Beames found Harry hut trig- nice one Mand!

Amanda Rogers is looking for any trig!

Jacob Stinton has started trail running – yes at the grand old age of 2!

Spiderman has been back running round Glossop

David Chrystie-Lowe just keeps on getting quicker at the Glossop 10k – watch out folks!

The Glass Ankles took advantage of Team Simmo absence at quiz night to sneak a long awaited win – despite not knowing what Chad is (not the country…the other thing!)

There’s been some strava segment bashing going on with various longer segments around 

Glossop trails and hills – some fast times being posted, has everyone been secret training?!

Right, think that’s all for now folks! Have a good week – keep running, keep safe, but most of all STAY ALERT!!!!!!

It’s the Easter Bunny Weekend Report

HAPPY EASTER GDH! Hope it’s been chocolate and sunshine filled! (the latter probably not after about 4pm). It’s not often we get such cracking weather for a bank holiday weekend and whilst it’s a shame we all can’t be off elsewhere having fun, visiting family and friends, going to the beach, climbing mountains etc etc – if you gotta be stuck at home during lockdown, then least the sun is shining – it’s made for some pretty stunning views on the local runs. Hands up who’s mowed the lawn, jet-washed the patio or cleaned out the garage? (*Rob Sheldon, I’m looking at you for the last one, no? Neither did we!)

Well if you haven’t managed to, then no fear. Looks like despite everyone coping pretty well with 3 weeks of lockdown and generally adhering to the guidance, unfortunately we definitely aren’t out of the woods yet. So let’s make the best of it,  plenty more time yet a while to get those jobs done that we’ve all put off for so long!!

In case you’ve been otherwise engaged over the last few weeks and missed it, there’s a, erm, situation going on right now. You can find out all sorts of tosh on the local Glossop FB pages – people deciding for themselves what we are and aren’t able to do, but probs best ignore 99% of what’s said on there and stick with official guidance which, if you want a refresher 😉 it can be found here:

Harry Hut

Amazingly, we checked the email inbox this week and had not 1, but THREE emails for the report! However, we rather enjoyed the report last week, so before we start with the official stuff here’s a brief round up of what GDH have been up to over the last few days or so…

John Stephenson has been disappointed the Belgian study of appropriate social distancing for runners/cyclists didn’t include the risk from double barrelled snot rockets. That one is easy John – any distance is always going to be too close.

Will Mather went on a long run via Jason’s to pick up some pasta. However. this wasn’t just any pasta, this was M&S pasta.

Kate Bowden has a seemingly never-ending number of running shoes – it’s a bit like lockdown, we just don’t know when she’s going to get to her final pair! 

Rob Sheldon spent 3 weeks waiting for a treadmill delivery, then spent nearly as long building it…ok, slight exaggeration, but it was nearly half a day. So he did what any normal person does, got wound up, and went out for a run hah. 

Mandy Beames joined her neighbours for a socially distanced afternoon tea.

Ian Crutchley’s monkey puzzle tree has grown a foot since it went from our garden to his – better soil the other side of shirebrook?

Lance is turning into the local neighbourhood watch and keeps many a runner entertained by waving from his front window where he pretends to be sat “working” at his laptop…

Dan Stinton had a hair cut, but is keeping it hidden under a hat.

Emma Rettig doesn’t spend all her time swotting up for the weekly quizzes, she’s just that good.

Sean Phillips has been squainting – a novel mix of painting and squatting. He chose his garden fence against which to squaint.

Riccardo G is doing 19 miles a day for 19 days (? really?!)

Guy Riddell ordered some beer in the morning, and it arrived by the evening – good that innit.

Paul “i’ve got a technical glitch” Skuse and Guy “stand in quiz master” Riddell entertained a bunch of us week with the Sunday evening quiz that Dan Ellingworth initiated the week before.  Safe to say there were 4 very interesting and very varied rounds, with topics from garden birds, to the Tudors!!  Was a close run thing with the first round being “Guess the Harrier”. Slightly worryingly, when having Pete Wallroth on your team, was us being able to guess that the first mystery runner was in fact, Pete Wallroth! He asked….oh…what IS my favourite race? Well Pete it says here it’s Lambs Longer Leg! Was a close run thing in the end with Team Simmo out quizzing the Glass Ankles by half a point, and 1.5 points behind them were the Funky Monkees.

It really is cracking fun on a Sunday night this, so get involved in future weeks – it just needs players, questions and quiz masters (and some technology whether it’s facebook messenger or whatever the quiz master decides).

Anyway, enough of that …here’s the proper stuff! 

Virtual National Road Relay Championship

Thanks to Sean Phillips for sending in this report:

Well, what is there to say about a virtual 5k? A lot apparently going off the 200+ comments on the Facebook thread!!

For those of you that missed it last week was the inaugural Virtual National Road Relays, usually held in Sutton park in Birmingham, it was now going virtual. Thanks for Chris Webb who spotted it! So time for Glossopdale to jump onboard.

Personal highlights of the registration process:

About half of us who signed up managed to get assigned to the ‘GLOSS’ team, the other signed up but in no man’s land with no team. Apart from the lucky 2 who became GBR!

When this was.. sort of… resolved most of our entries were duplicated.

Harry stole the show in the registration process with 4 entries, one of which entry wasn’t even assigned to run a 5km!

After the registration came the easy part; the running. Strava was awash with fine performances all round and several 5km Pbs!

We then had until Wednesday to submit results onto the website. Some people who ran earlier in the week managed to get their results in okay, but as the week went on the website slowed to a snails pace, with the dreaded ‘server error’.

Eventually 24 GDHers managed to get their results in(I think)!

We managed to field teams in both the Women’s and Men’s categories coming 112/135 in the women’s and 106/118 in the men’s. FAB!

The website loves a category, so a few more GDH qualified in:

Men’s Vets 48/82

Women’s Vets 44/51

Age Grade 118/147

From the website the finishers are:

Paul PETERS 16:59

Sean PHILLIPS 18:00

Chris WEBB 18:13

Daniel STINTON 18:16

Steven KNOWLES 18:18

Harry HAWKINS 18:25

Steve CROSSMAN 18:39

Jessica CAMP 20:17

Guy RIDDELL 20:22

Riccardo GIUSSANI 20:23

Rob SHELDON 20:37

Joe TRAVIS 21:40

Pete TOMLIN 22:59

Frank FIELDING 23:15

Kate BOWDEN 24:00

Ian OATES 24:47

Wendy MCMAHON 25:15

Sarah JOHNSON 25:30

Charmayne BRIERLEY 25:58

Christine PETERS 26:55


Malcolm BROWN 32:12

Mandy BEAMES 33:01

Vicki PHILLIPS 33:43

Thanks Sean, and everyone who ran! Some quick times there, and great performance by the men’s vets team (Dan Stinton, Steve Knowles, Steve Crossman, Guy Riddell, Riccardo Giussani and Rob Sheldon). 

I can’t believe that these speedy times got the blokes 106th….think you were robbed!

Doctors Gate

Grim up North Relay

Our resident marathoner Marie is never going to be one to let the absence of any races stop her! Thanks to Marie for sending in this report:

So…with all races cancelled for the foreseeable, I decided to join the ‘It’s Grim up North’ relay run.

The idea: There are 4 teams of 32 people that each take a turn to run on their day. You don’t know when its going to be your turn until you receive the text the day before & It’s up to how many miles you run. 

I know I don’t have to pay to run in my own back yard…but if it helps to keep one of my favourite running companies going, at this time, then I can spare a fiver!

I got my text on Monday telling me that Tuesday was my running day (damn…a workday 🙄) so, after an early get up & a long day’s work, I did one of my usual short loops & bagged my team (team #2) 5.17 miles. Not massive mileage but it got me out of the door (which was the idea behind the race). Team #4 was in the lead in the last results update published. Its great to keep people motivated & getting out of the door…as I certainly wouldn’t have ran today had it not been for the relay.

Sounds great, nice one Marie!  In case you missed it, Marie has set up our very own relays, and we now have 2 teams of 12 going head to head for victory next week all in aid of Mummys Star.

Looking up Doctors Gate

Coach’s Corner

Well safe to say that there ain’t much normal right now, but the one constant is – Coach J and his weekly sessions! Whilst a lot of us are finding new and weird ways of getting in our exercise fix whether it be yoga by Zoom, PE with Joe, Instagram workouts, punch bag kicking, treadmill building, indoor cycling, swingball, stair climbing, fridge raiding etc, Strava shows there are also a good number of us still doing the weekly coached sessions. Big thanks for Jeroen for putting these on and giving us absolutely NO excuses not to maintain some kind of fitness! Here’s an update from Coach J:

OT Coached Session week 4 in lockdown 13-19 April.

After last week’s rather short but sharp session, this week the opposite. That is, only as far as the length is concerned. Like last week, there is a slight sting in the tail-end of the set, not unlike last week, as some can testify to 😅

This week is a great set for the combination of distance and speed. It is a little longer than we would/can normally do on a Tuesday. But, these are unpredictable times and that warrants an unpredictable set. 

10K Progression interval

2x 2000m @10K (target) pace with 3 minute recovery between reps

3-minute recovery

1x 1600m (1mile) 

3-minute recovery

1x 800m

2-minute recovery

2x 400m with 90 seconds recovery between reps

2-minute recovery after the set

2x 300m with 90 seconds rest between reps

2-minute recovery after the set

2x 200m with 90 seconds between reps

Each set is run slightly faster than the one before, starting at 10K (target) pace.

If you decide to run this set on the Running Track I suggest the following: 2000m sets start and finish at Marker #7. After second, walk to #9 in during recovery for 1-mile set as start and finish there gives you 1 mile. Then carry on rest of the set from #9

Don’t forget to warm-up properly before you start. After your warm-up run/jog, try some of the following:

  • Baby skips with arm circles 
  • Walk on your toes 
  • Butt kicks
  • Walking on your heels
  • Karaoke (grapevine), with a step over (= high knee when leg passes in front)
  • Running backward
  • Karaoke as above but other facing the other way.
  • Do each for about 20m.

Enjoy, keep safe and post any comment or feedback. Any questions, just get in touch!

Coach J

Thanks to everyone for contributing some news this week and great to see everyone still managing to get out walking/running/cycling. I think that’s a wrap for now folks. Keep supporting and inspiring each other, we’ll get through this! And if you missed it – Stay Home. Save Lives. Protect the NHS. STAY SAFE!

Chew Valley – wow (Courtesy of Chris Webb which I nabbed off FB!)

The post rain race rush

So after rain, rain, rain and more rain, this week has finally bought with it some better running weather! And not just for those off enjoying their running abroad (no names mentioned Sean & Vicky Phillips and Chris Smith). There have been plenty of miles put in by a lot of people this week – marathon training is definitely in full swing! Good work GDH.


Big thanks to Laurie for having put together the Glossopdale Parkrun competition – this week saw a bunch of GDHers go off to Oldham to bag their “O”. Meanwhile, somewhere over in Holland, Coach J celebrated getting one year older (and wiser?) by partaking in one of the Netherland’s newest parkruns in Amsterdam! Guessing most of the Dutch courses will be PB courses…?

You can view the consolidated club report here:

And report from Jeroen…the Peters family went away for a double celebration this weekend. Most importantly, Coach J’s first birthday celebration back in his home country for 30 years and the first ever parkrun in Amsterdam with another Peters, Eva, in overall control as the Event Director.

And what a morning for such a celebratory run! Frost on the grass, clear blue sky and glorious sunshine streaming through the trees of this beautiful park. But we were not just there to admire the surrounding area but on the hunt for multiple (age-grade) records. And we succeeded, as in Chris and Emma did.

Emma broke the 21 minutes barriers for the second time in as many weeks, coming home in 20.34 and first u24 female, taking that age-grade record. Beating me by almost a minute in the process.

Chris was not to be outdone and came home first 55-59 female taking that record in an amazing 26.07 and a 71.22% age grade, her first ever over 70% age-grading. My only claim to fame was I beat both of them in the age-grade category, second male in category with 21.27.

Saddleworth 10 Reservoirs

Simon putting into practice a carefully planned nutrition strategy…

Thanks to Simon Tool for this report.

This was the first staging of a race organised by cragg runner (Alderman’s ascent) and my word it is a beast of a route. It is down as a 24 miler but is more like 26. Myself and Nick Ham were the only entrants from GDH . I ran with a work colleague, Paul from Mossley running club. The idea is that you follow the route to 10 reservoirs around the area , each with a checkpoint. Setting off from the Dysart arms toward Dovestones,  Yeoman hey  and greenfield  ressers ,all on path and trail and very pleasant.  Then the fun starts,  river crossings,  steep rocky climbs , slippy flagstones and bogs , one of which I fell into, waist deep (nice) . Black moss ,swellends, blakeley, wessenden and wessenden head ticked off the list before we head up the moors towards black hill. It was whilst up on the tops that the wind and rain started and conditions were pretty miserable until we got down to crowden . One more resser to go and we head up to chew reservoir , a tough unrunnable section , climbs bogs and plenty of snow. After chew we are homeward bound through the woods (part of the Dovestone diamond route) , hurting now as we finish back at the Dysart arms and a welcome meal and a pint. A tough race but enjoyed it and still managed a smile at the end.

Paul P at Lancaster

Every year Lancaster uni puts on a super friendly track meet, and it’s a great chance to try something new. I wanted to try my hand at a 1500m but with it being 30 mins before the 5000m I stepped down even further to the 800m. Since I had no idea what 800m pace was, I ran without a watch and just felt it out. I managed to hang onto the fella in front for the first 400, and by 500m my lungs were on fire, my vision was starting to go hazy and I felt light-headed. I managed to hold on strong for the last few hundred metres, even starting to catch the guy in front. He must’ve heard me coming though because he did just enough to hold me off. I finished in 2:09.6, just under the 2:10 target I’d set myself, but the main takeaway is that a 4-minute mile is stupidly fast.

I had about 3hrs until the 5000m started, but I spent most of that time stood up helping with field events, so by the time 5000m came around my legs were still not fresh. The first 2-3 laps my legs were like jelly, but once the lactic shifted my race head was back on. The lead pack of 3 got away from me around 4 laps in, and I knew 2 of them would beat me but after another lap 3rd place fell off the lead pace aswell. He probably had around 50m on me, but I resisted the urge to sprint back to him and instead gradually reeled him in over the next few laps. With just under 3 laps to go, I caught up to him, and instead of sitting back with him for a bit I decided to take a risk and blow straight past. I felt good for the last stretch and finished strong for 16:14 (3rd place), about 10s ahead of 4th. All in all a nice confidence booster and a good marker to move on with for future training. Might even do more middle distance if the chance presents itself…

I promise my next race will be back in blue/orange though!

Chester 10k 

Nick Dove and Rose Greenfield had clearly got their racing legs back after James Thorn as they were both racing too. Jonothan Haggart also did the 10k and sent in a report.

I did the Chester 10k this morning.  Didn’t see any other GDH, but that’s not a total surprise given my position off the back of the pelaton. I am not in good shape at the moment so my aim was to run 5k without a walk, then it became 6, then 7, 8, 9 then 1….not quite.  There was a nasty hill towards the finish that forced a stroll.  A nice run though, and I’m pleased with my efforts.

Peak Raid 3

John S and Lins P crossed the great divide to take on the Peak Raid 3 Round 1 event based in Bamford. These events are a series of 3 hour navigation challenges set on paths and trails in various areas of the Peak District.

At the start Lins quickly decided on a clock-wise route and I went anti-clockwise.  My choice meant walking through the village of Shatton and then climbing Shatton Moor to the radio mast, familiar territory for anyone who’s run the Wolf’s Pit race. That warmed me up and given the sunshine I remained toasty for the rest of the day even in the cool breeze. The navigation was relatively easy as it only uses public rights of way, but sometimes a path on the map is not so obvious on the ground. I managed to walk and jog round and was happy with 280 points given current state of fitness.

Lins route choice and fitness proved superior and she covered more miles and scored 320 points. As we left the event centre we were both second in our category but there were many runners still on the course.

A decent supply of tea, coffee, sausage rolls, crisps and flapjack helped us re-fuel at the end. Really looking forward to the next one and hope to see a few more from Glossopdale there. They are a great way to try out navigation skills one might have picked up during last years GDH Nav Training, give me a shout if you’d like to have a go, I’d be happy to guide anyone for their first foray.

The Resolution Run

The Barlow Rolls contingent were out taking part in the Resolution Run (charity run organised by the Stroke Association) at Heaton Park this Sunday morning.
Cath and the boys took on the 10K while I went longer and did the 15K. Cracking runs all around with both boys finishing well inside the hour, and with Ethan doing his first ever 10K and managing to finish 3rd! The sunshine lasted for the first 70 minutes, but then gave way to rain and hail to make for a cold, wet, and ouchy last lap.
A challenging, undulating, course over a mixture of terrain consisting of a twisty-turny 5K lap. It was very well marshalled and we got a shiny medal at the end. Yay!
Ethan – 53.42

Wyatt – 57.22

Cath – *a smidge longer than the boys*
Laurie – 1.39.52

Firefighters 2UP duathlon

 Nick Lord was up near Rivington doing a 2 person team duathlon – not taking it in turns to bike and run, but having to stay within 50m of your team mate the whole way round! Being in that part of the country you’re gonna get some hills so looks like there were cheeky ascents on the 5km run, 37km bike and 5km run! Good work guys!

TransGranCanaria Mountain Marathon

Chris Smith was getting his dose of early Spring sunshine and was over in the Canaries running a Mountain marathon – guessing having emigrated from the Lakes down to Glossop – the 700m ascent in this mountain marathon was probably nothing for Chris!

SELCC Heaton Park

Fresh from his MACCL v60 wins, David Chrystie-Lowe was gunning for more XC prizes this time in the SELCC league. Despite the recent weather and the regular XC usage it’s getting, somehow Heaton Park stood up to this and conditions were surprisingly! Just warming the ground up ready for the next day’s Resolution Run (see Laurie’s report)

Ian Roberts Memorial Fell Race

Pete Wallroth was over in Marsden getting his hill legs back on this 10ish km fell race – by all accounts thoroughly enjoyed it and one to keep our eyes on for next year! Chris Jackson was also there, presumably running in the blue and orange…!!

Irwell 20

Strava reveals Andrew B was over doing the Irwell 20, in cracking time – but perhaps not one to rush to do unless you are after a pre marathon 20 miler (which is probably the point to this race) – as it was “grim and just a boring 20 miler”!! Needs must sometimes eh – but must be a great confidence boost flying round that course!

What else has been happening this week?

Tuesday saw another double up coached session – something for everyone, and to satisfy those living at the extreme ends of Glossop (ok, not that extreme but if you’re driving, Shirebrook to Simmondley can seem like they might be at opposite ends of the Earth!). So it was great to have intervals on Dutch corner on Shirebook, and some reps for the marathoners down on the Glossop running track. Janet Dove’s initial enthusiasm for the coached session turned to disappointment when she realised it was 6.44pm and she was in the wrong place having meant to be at the Glossop running track 😉 made the best of it though and blasted round the Hammer session. Jeroen has posted an updated list for sessions over the coming weeks – but don’t forget to keep an eye out for those weeks where there are 2 sessions happening in different places! A big thanks to Jeroen, Charmayne, Chris etc for enabling such a great variety of sessions to take place.

Thursday social runs are also flourishing! This week saw some fell, some fartlek and Plod Squad out and about.

Glossop Community Running Track

And a quick reminder that the Glossop Community Running Track (orchestrated by your own coach J) will be taking place Sunday 15 March at 1400. Special guests from Team New Balance who will also be running a training session for anyone who wants to join in!

Thanks to everyone for sending reports, photos and for being out and about enjoying the miles! Have a great week – until next time.

It’s the “well of course the weather it s**t, it’s the weekend of the Trigger and the Spine!” report

Well, as sure as day follows night, you could probably have pretty much guaranteed the weather this weekend as soon as the weather gods knew the Spine and the Trigger were happening. They were kind though and they let those running XC this weekend off with a dry day! But sure enough…as it started to get light this morning you could hear the rain lashing on the windows. Such weather was, i’m told, enough for Ian Crutchley to contemplate getting his waterproof trousers out….previously the weather has never warranted them, except for one occasion – which was truly one of life’s biggest undertakings in brutal conditions – yes, jetwashing the flagstones in his garden on Shirebrook. Anyhoo, what became of our hardy (crazy) bunch of fellow club runners…well you’ll have to read on to see how they, and the other weekend racers, fared!

Cross Country – MACCL

Thanks to Chris Webb for sending in this report:

“Another new venue for the 2019-2020 season and this looks like being an excellent addition to the series. A lovely route around some areas of Tatton Park I hadn’t visited before with the odd boggy section, lots of fast running and views across the mere (if you had the energy to look around!) There was a large field but only the ever-present David Christie-Lowe, Pete Daly and I made it down from Glossopdale and it was a chance for David and Pete to renew their rivalry. At Wythenshawe in October Pete came out on top by 49seconds but a few weeks later at Kenworthy Woods David took the honours by 23 seconds. This time round the fast running seemed to suit Pete but he slowed on the final lap and David sensed weakness…it wasn’t to be though as Pete held him off by a mere 18 seconds this time to take the tally to 2-1 for the series. David also occupies 2nd V60 overall in the league, what a cracking season he’s having! I had a decent enough race; I found the flat, fast course tough going but the one long hill (by xc standards!) on long laps 2 and 3 seemed to be too much for those around me so I gained plenty of places and tried to hold on off the top on the long, flat section. This is why xc gets you fit, or at least that what I was telling myself as my legs were screaming at me…

Definitely one to run next season if they include it again. Lots of runners seemed to bring their families and combine it with an afternoon out at Tatton Park. Also, thanks to Ben Robertson for some excellent support on course. Childcare duties prevented him from racing but he took the kids with him and they had a cracking time splashing about in the mud by the looks of it! Check out his videos of the race on the GDH Facebook page.

63rd Chris Webb 36:07

324th (25th V50) Pete Daly 44:54

334th (4th V60) David Chrystie-Lowe 45:12 (I think, the results got David confused with another runner!)”

Full results here:

Thanks Chris for sending that in – and great to hear of the friendly competition between Pete and David – some cracking running there! Rob Sheldon and I will attest to the type of season David is having at the mo…pretty much saw us off at the coached session on Tuesday eh Rob!

XC poster boy in action again at Heaton Park


Thanks to Paul Skuse for sending in the report from today’s Trigger. First, though, for those who you who don’t know what this race entails i’ll give you an intro – it runs from Marsden to Edale and is entirely self navigated. The linear route is 21miles with 1650m ascent – so chuck into that having to pick out your best race lines, getting lost and whatever else – and the distance can soon mount up! Not one for the faint hearted, but perhaps one for those who fancy some decent training and recce-ing over December/early Jan….hmmmm.

“If I say cold, wet and claggy, I think I’ve covered all the key points. I really enjoyed it, just a fun day on the hills with some mates. I was gutted that Pete W had to sack it off at Torside. An old injury was plaguing him and was getting progressively worse so he made the right and sensible decision to call it a day. If you’ve ever been in that situation, you’ll know how tough a call that is to make. Guy did a cracking job as he hadn’t really trained for this but just got out there and gave it his all, which it turns out is just the right amount for completing the race. My favourite moment of the day was the stream crossing at Crowden Little Brook. The water was in full flow and moved with a force that belied its small size. I slid into the water, threw myself onto the big rock and scrambled out. I showed Luke the where’s and the how’s which he failed to follow and opted instead for the feet in the air and head and body fully submerged approach. I can’t believe he got out, shook himself off and just carried on. High drama and comedy; this race had it all!

Ian C, Dan S and Mark D were in full race mode. They’d put some serious graft in these past few weeks, checking various line options and doing general recce work and so rightly deserved their brilliant results. Also big thanks to Ian for helping with my route work prior to the race and sorting the taxi. Stuff like this is key to making GDH what it is.

Zoe was clearly feeling left out so decided to go for a couple of duckings herself. I think a few bruises are expected in some hopefully well-hidden areas.

No idea about Tim C but I expect no less than greatness. He’s a top fell runner so should be on in his element on the Trigger.

I know Robin enjoyed the race but can’t add anything beyond that. Good meeting you – hope to see you out running soon.

Sarah A was 1st GDH lady. Still not had a chance to say hello so will sort that soon.

Thanks to all the supporters who came out on such a grim day.

Coastal Trail Series (Anglesey)

Meanwhile over in Wales in this weekend, it sounded like the weather was not much better than the Peaks!

Thanks to Chris Smith for sending in this report of the Coastal Trail Series.

“This was my second race of the season with a three hour drive out to Holyhead on the island of Anglesey in Wales.

I really like the Coastal Trail Series events. Lots of amazing locations and four different distances to choose from (Ed – a little peruse of the results shows Chris was doing the half marathon distance). The EnduranceLife crew do a fantastic job of making it a great day out with banging music, a slick registration and good signage. The website is well thought out as well, with all the information you need in an easy to navigate format.

The weather was pretty horrific with almost constant rain and winds of up to 50mph. At some points the winds were so strong you could barely move forwards. I often found myself jumping in the air and landing somewhere else. Despite that, the course was a lot of fun, running along coastal trails, dodging foam and spray along the clifftops, trudging across pebble beaches, sprinting down country roads, and shlopping through muddy farms. Throw in a handful of old battered stiles and some brambles and it was close to being an army assault course.

The pack headed out on a steady pace and I was happy to lead for most of the race stretching out the field on the first major climb, but messed up with some poor route decisions ending up in second place by two minutes. Legs pretty torn up from brambles and gorse bushes, but very happy with my silver medal and a prize pack worth £50.

Will definitely be signing up for more of the CTS events!”

Great running Chris – impressive podium spot (in 2h 13m 44s and easily ahead of 3rd!) and some fab goodies by the sounds of it! Gonna have to look into these races – they sound fun 🙂

Cross Country – Lancaster style

Whilst the Trigger runners might have been having second thoughts about their choice of race this weekend, Paul Peters delight at a XC race to kick off the NY is entirely genuine! Thanks Paul for sending this report in from his XC race:

“There’s no better start to a new year than a XC race. I found myself trecking over to Burnley for the 4th Mid Lancs race of the season, racing in Towneley Park. Top course for those of us (like me) who can’t actually run on anything that’s not tarmac, since its not technical, and the weather is usually fairly kind. The rain managed to hold off till the journey home, so I was hopeful of a good performance, and set off predictably fast.

Luckily everyone sets off too fast in XC and I wasn’t the worst offender so I managed to pick up a few slowing runners after the first km. About 3km in I could see the leader (a fellow Lancaster Uni runner), and by my counting, I was sitting in 14th place, 5th counter for the Uni team (my happiness at seeing so many of our good runners out overwrote my competitive jealousy to beat them…). As the race unfolded, I could feel myself starting to flag but there was one or two lads in front I had my eye on. As we went through about 5km, I overtook a fellow uni lad, and in turn got overtaken by 2 other runners.

Nothing much really changed for the next 4km, I ran solo, battling strong winds in parts, as I narrowed the gap to some people in front, and fell further behind others. The last km, I could see a Blackburn lad chasing me down, uncomfortably close for my liking. My quads were about to leave me for the day, but I wasn’t going to lose my top 15 finish! It took some grafting on the last incline, and a very scared final straight, but I held him off for a strong finish.

By my accounts, 15th place overall and 4th uni team counter. I’m hoping it was enough for the team win, since we had 5 of our 6 counters in the top 18, and it would set out title attempt back on track, but I’ll have to wait for the official results!”

Cracking placing Paul – for anyone who has ever done (or been subjected to?) XC – it really is fast and furious and massively competitive so a 15th place overall is blooming fantastic!

Parkrun corner- plenty of GHDers running all around the country again this weekend and some great times as well! The consolidated report can be found here –

Other news:

XC match news – 2 things from Chris and Kirsty:

  1. There is one cross country left in the Manchester League on Saturday 8th February at Heaton Park.

2. Venue change – SE Lancs XC – 18th JanThe race will no longer be at Tandle Hill and will instead be at Heaton Park again. The message below is from the league secretary.

“Tandle Hill is a swamp (think of a bad year at Glastonbury!) – stream flowing around entrance area. Met with Brian this morning – he stood in field just over stile and sank almost to top of his wellies!. We tried to think of alternative ways to cope eg wood pallets on the ground, but deemed it too dangerous – even further into start area was horrendous.

I contacted Heaton Park and after a couple of hours they had checked the park route and said we could have our event there. There may be some course changes due to the Event from Christmas just being dismantled.

So, RACE 3 is still JAN 18 but back at HEATON PARK”

The AGM is fast approaching – Monday 27th Jan, half 7 in the Oakwood pub. Everyone welcome and encouraged to attend! The deadline for motions for the AGM is 18th January, please email those to Also if you are interested in being on the committee please send your interest into

Champs races – in case you have put the champs dates in your diaries already – please note the date of the Whaley Waltz has changed and will now be on 1st August – it’s been updated on the website and FB.

Right, that’s all from me as my tea is going cold – well run and raced everyone! Hope you’ve all warmed up now!

Minutes AGM 2019

Minutes of AGM 2019 Glossopdale Harriers 30th January 2019 – The Oakwood – Glossop

Apologies: Christine Smart, Kate Bowden, Anthony Walker, John Ryan Preston, Claire Campbell, Phil Swan, Josie Swan, Ezme Brack, Andy Brack, Frank  Fielding, Darren Clarke, Alice Wilson, Clive Hope, Bill Buckley, Cheryl Stitt, Jackie Sheldon, Paul Skuse, David Christie-Lowe, Jonathan Haggart, Laurie Barlow, Darren Ashworth, Julien Minshull, Mary Jeal, Ella Thompson, Sikobe Litaba, Rod Holt, Steve Crossman, Joe Travis, Emma Rettig, Charmaine Brierley, Emma Peters, Dan Ellingworth, Alan Critcher

Attendees: Rebecca Ashworth, John Stephenson, Alison Holt, Andy Burnett, Caity Rice, Guy Riddell, Luke Holme, Mark Davenport, Tim Culshaw, Joanne Brack, Lucy Wasinski, Jude Stansfield, Matt Crompton, Tim Budd, Rachel Walton, Lynne Taylor, Ben Naylor, Elanor Swan, Caitlin Swan, Chris Webb, Charlie Eaton, Imogen Trinder, Steve Page, Ian Crutchley, Daniel Stinton, Jeroen Peters, Zoe Barton, Andy Oliver, Greg Wasinski, Phil Swan, Josie Swan.

Minutes of AGM 2017 – 2018 agreed

Chairperson’s Report – John Stevenson

John S thanked all those present for attending. 2018 has seen good growth within the club again. There has been lots of running and social events. There has also been a good attendance for the champs 2018 with more than ever competing. We hope that this year’s champs will be inclusive enough for everyone. John S commented that 2018 had been a tough year for the club and committee, firstly losing the Chair John Hewitt and secondly losing Nev McGraw. John S mentioned that this has been a challenging time but the club reacted well in support for the families involved. John thanked the club for this support. John S thanked Tim B for all his hard work in compiling the weekly report of club activities, all have enjoyed reading this weekly treat. John S reported that Tim B had now managed to build a group of people that were willing to support in the creating of the weekly reports that are a great way of finding out amazing things that members have been up to! Thanks to Dan S, Steve P and Ian C for their input so far. 

Secretary’s Report 2018 – 2019 – Rebecca Ashworth

The Committee have formally met on 7 occasions in 2018 not including the AGM

In February we met to discuss the ideas that club members had emailed to the Club Secretary regarding spending some of the growing club funds. The Committee discussed all the proposals and suggestions thoroughly, some of the suggestions we had already purchased, such as flags and banners. The Committee agreed with the suggestion to purchase a pop up tent. Also we agreed that it would be a good use of club funds to hire the open air swimming pool at Hathersage for members and their families to enjoy. Dan Ellingworth kindly arranged this. At this meeting the Committee also agreed to fund a Ceilidh/band for the Summer party – Ben kindly offered his workshop again and all who attended had a thoroughly super time. It was also agreed that the club would fund navigation training on the hills for members that were new to this and were keen to learn some navigating techniques. Jude our Women’s Captain did a fine job of arranging this and, 24 attending in total of the club members enjoyed some excellent tutoring by Tim and Lynne

Sadly our former Chairman John Hewitt passed away on 15th March, John was passionate about his club, fell running and comradery between rival clubs (John encouraged and fully endorsed members to get to know other clubs, spending time and revelling in the banter, persuading people to try races) he was an inspiration to all that had the pleasure of spending time with him. John embraced our welcoming, friendly club. As a Chair of the Committee we miss him deeply, when we struggle to make decisions, you can often hear one of us say would John H approve? We then refer his character to guide us in our decisions, when we’ve answered this, we have an answer to our issue.

We next met on 22nd March, sadly we had received the devastating news that John had passed away that week. We agreed to rename the Shelf Moor race the John Hewitt Memorial Shelf Moor race and that an article about John should appear in the autumn edition of the FRA magazine. Additionally we also agreed that there was to be a one minute silence at the start of the Herod Farm race. Decisions were also made regarding Northern Athletic Association request for affiliation, we agreed that GDH would not affiliate at this time as we have never participated in any of their events and therefore it would be an unwarranted expense

We again met on 30th April to discuss the inheritance the club had received from John Hewitt and how we could best ensure that we did the right thing. It was decided, after much discussion and deliberation, that the kit would be itemised and we would hold a silent auction at the Summer party and money would go to the club funds. Additionally we had been informed that Carnethy wanted to donate a trophy to the club to be awarded in John Hewitt’s name. The Committee agreed that the trophy would be awarded to a member of the club that was new to fell running and enthusiastically embraced it as John had. GDPR was also touched on and a date agreed for the Swimming party.

The next meeting was in July and was prior to the Summer party where we set about itemising the kit for the silent auction, discussion around organising a band and Ben cooked us a delightful dinner!

The Summer party took place in August the on the nearest Saturday to John Hewitt’s birthday. It was a great success again, attended by old and new members and their families. Many thanks to Dom and Ben for letting us use their workshop/home. Thanks also to Tim and Lynne for organising the ale and all our wonderful members that attended and brought food to the bring and share. All was delicious.

September and tragedy hit our club once again, this time with no opportunity to prepare ourselves for another loss of one of our members, Nev McGraw was one of our longest standing members and

was tragically killed whilst out doing what he loved, running. Again this was a terrible loss to our club, we had lost another passionate member who loved to share his passion of running, always encouraging, enthusiastic and inspirational and supporting everyone that put on a pair of running shoes. He had many of us chase around the local area trying to keep up on his mystery running tours on Thursday evening club runs.

The next meeting in September was regarding the Club Championships for 2019. The Committee agreed that we would appoint a Committee member to support them, a presence for the Champs Coordination Committee to consult if required regarding race choice, expectations and moreover to affirm our backing, so that choices can be fed back to the Committee so we can endorse their selections. Every year we have a group of 3 members to select races for the Champ races, any member who would like an opportunity to take part in the selection group can approach a member of the Committee/email me. We also discussed renaming or reviving a race in Nev’s memory.

24th October we met to discuss the Champs races and agreed guiding principles for the Champs Coordination Committee. Also agreed was a name for the trophy kindly donated by Carnethy to the club to name and award. We all agreed that it should be called the Spirit of John Hewitt Award.

27th November the main agenda for the meeting was the Christmas shenanigans and prizes for the Champs, definitely the easiest meeting of the year.

I just wanted to give a special thanks to the Alison, the Membership Secretary who has stepped in to take the minutes of a couple of meetings when I have been unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

Treasurer’s Report – Zoe Barton

Zoe mentioned that the club had inherited £500 from John H and the Committee managed to spend some of the money as promised. At the start of the financial year 2018, GDH had £5031.74 in the account

At the close of the financial year 2018, GHD had £ 4093.04 in the account

Money spent

A new tent for XC and events: 302.49

Pool Party: 150

Band for Summer Party: 500

Relay entries for Hodgsons and FRA Relays: 485 

And 440 for flags and coasters, which belongs in last year’s account but worth mentioning as it came out of the account in FY 2018

Income summary:

Herod Farm Race: 238

Shelf Moor Race: 231 

John Hewitt bequest: 500

Sale of J Hewitt’s equipment: 116.29

Membership Secretary – Alison Holt

Update for GDH Annual General Meeting for the year ending 31 December 2018

Membership Statistics

AH reported that the Club membership had continued to increase during the year:

As at 31 December 2018Prior Year
Total membership:241213
Total female:9483
Total male:147130
EA Registrations:11095

Membership Fees 2020

AH reported that the Glossopdale Harriers subscription for 2020 will remain unchanged at £10 (£5 for unwaged).  The EA registration fee had increased by £1 for the past few years but had remained the same for 2019 (£15). The Club will continue to provide a £5 subsidy to those members who want EA registration so GDH plus EA registration in 2020 will be £20 (£15 unwaged).  Junior membership is free alongside active parent membership of the Club.

Membership Fees for 2020 proposed and approved.

Coach Report 2018 – Jeroen Peters

In my report last year, I was able to boast about an increase in participation at the Coached Sessions on the Tuesdays. Not only can I report that this growth has continued, indeed it may even have accelerated. It also proves to be a major reason for new members joining the Glossopdale Harriers. The number of runners turning up for these session now often exceed 30 and has even reached the dizzy heights of 40 turning out for a hill-rep session. But an increase of attendance is not limited to the Tuesday sessions, Chris Webb’s XC sessions during the XC season which run in Bankswood Park in Hadfield on a Wednesday are showing a healthy increase in runners attending, with great feedback of these mudfests.

The growth of these sessions confirms that there is a desire for organised training sessions. The reasons that runners give me are various and range from :

* It is motivational to come out with others

* Wanting to run faster (don’t we all?)

* Improve running technique and posture

It is in particular with regards to the latter, running technique and posture, that I have introduced changes the sessions over the past year. Many years ago now, the sessions were still called “speed sessions”. The focus on a range of running sets working on increase of VO2Max, endurance and pace. Now, there is also attention for other aspects that have a huge impact on a runner’s performance. They include the importance of a good warmup, injury prevention, core strength, posture and gait, as well as the important basic ABC’s that are the foundation for any physical activity: agility, balance and coordination.

As many regulars can testify, this may occasionally lead to some strange glances from passers-by when we engage in drills as well as some entertaining videos from David Munday. And as entertaining as they are, they also are testament that these sessions cater for a wide range of abilities. Again that is very positive as they are aimed at all members.

However, I am also increasingly aware that this creates an issue. Currenty, I run these sessions largely on my own, with most welcome support from Charmayne Brierly. Her assistance allows me to give a little more one-to-one feedback. I would love to be able to do this more and have the time to answer questions and queries from many runners both during the sessions and after and indeed consider putting on another Coached Session each week to offer the opportunity to attend for those who are not able to make the Tuesday. This will however depend on members being prepared to help and commit. Not necessarily every week but on a kind of rota, as an assistant coach. The club has the fund available to help with training and if you were interested, please come and speak to me.

The new markers for the trail in Simmondley is still in the pipeline. Unfortunately, I missed the cycle of funding and by the time everything was ready, a number of councillors who had promised funding, had already committed their allocation for other community projects. However, they have all reaffirmed their support. I will have to explore if we can go ahead later this year.

And finally, last year I mentioned that had signed up for another Distance Running Coaching course, run by England Athletics. I passed this on 24 June last year, at the first time of asking

Women’s Captain Report 2018 – Jude Stansfield

Women’s membership has continued to strengthen in 2018, as has training, racing and winning, alongside organising, supporting and socialising. We made another good effort at the British Relays in Grasmere. Thanks to runners Zoe, Becky Smith, Rachel, Alice, Jo, Charmayne, Ali, Lins and I and especially to Tim Culshaw and Andy Brack for stepping into the team. Ladies, I’m hoping we can get full teams when closer to home this year!

Well done to the many women and girls who have been turning out regularly for all the fantastic training sessions, parkruns and races. The group camaraderie is good to get out for. Yet others have been further afield racing long distances alone in our colours: such as Kasia in Wales and Scotland, Jenny in the Alps, Lucy in Derbyshire, Sue Clapham all over the country (we’re never sure where) and Marie who has amassed an amazing 16 marathons over the year – including the 4 in 4! Well done all for representing GDH.

Jo Brack has been an outstanding all-rounder this year, well done in our championship and also to Immy, Emma, Ali. Likewise to Kirsty who continues to excel at cross-country. The girls are getting faster and gaining many prizes, well done to all the junior girls and boys and Josie on her 50th parkrun this year. I think we also had the first GDH FV70 win this year from Beryl. It has been great to see the GDH family growing and widening in age and family activity and support going on. I’m sure it’s a double-edged emotion having your daughter beat you, but well done to Emma Peters for managing that in 2018.

This year I hope to organise more navigation training for members. Huge thanks to Lynne and Tim for training 24 members last year, 18 of which were women. And there has been great feedback from the 3 days:

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I felt everything was covered.

At the beginning I was a bit confused but by the end with lots of practice I understood.

I enjoyed the course and now need to put this into practice.

Really enjoyed the course and the way that you both delivered it!

I promise to practice!

Overall it was a really enjoyable course and has really given me the appetite to practice some navigation and get out into the hills.

I would certainly be interested in attending any further course you may be running.

The course was great and can only be improved by having follow up courses which are in line with this learning i.e. future dates to help with goals.

I know many have put their new skills into practice and I hope all our members can have the confidence to train and race on the fells.

Thanks to women members who are doing a lot behind the scenes, especially Becky and Ali; also Rachel as RO and Emma now doing champs.

The GDH family is a supportive and inspiring club to belong to. Even those who have flown our nest continue to inspire us; flying British colours, or flying along the Pennine Way. Well done to Caity and Jasmin. Thanks to everyone for being

inspirational, to those we will always remember and to our new and young members.

Men’s Captain Report – Tim Budd

Captains log- stardate -303919.56985667185

Rather than go into full on drone state and give you a list of EVERYTHING that happened in the last year, I’ve made up a short list of notable things that we should probably muse upon and consider as inspiration for the next year’s worth of derring do. 

Thanks to the Hodgson Brothers relay team, Immy Trinder, Dan Stinton, Chris Webb, Mark Harrison, Jamie Helmer, Paul Peters, Mark Davenport (and me) – Special mention to Immy who hopped down a hill due to a dodgy knee. 

Thanks to the FRA relay team – Paul Skuse, Andy Oliver, Jamie Helmer, Julien Minshull, Andy Fox and Greg Wasinski at the relays. Indeed, thanks to the rest of everyone that was there who managed to get Greg to the start line in time for his leg. 
A massive thanks to the often under mentioned Jeroen and Chris for their various (and nefarious) training sessions 
Thanks to Charlie for organising the “annual” Glossop/pennine challenge. We’ll win it one day. 
Congratulations Ben Tetler with his stonking results this year, and how can I not mention the man whose name I seem to have typed more than any other this year: Tony Hillier – just too many V70 prizes to mention!
Steve Crossman – an excellent foray into Ultra running, debuting with a 1st place at the Oldham way ultra.

I should certainly mention Andy Burnett for his ceaseless promotion of Target Sprint -his running has certainly come along due to the extra incentive from the competition, not only that, but he has been instrumental in bringing Paul Skuse on-board with the whole thing who ended up taking Bronze in the English Champs. Speaking of Paul, I can’t really not mention his frankly amazing morph from ultra-runner to 5k and Short Fell run V40 prize winner. Superb racing this year from him. 

Long distance-wise we should certainly be taking inspiration from Kasia and her epic Paddy Buckley earlier this year, battling around in very hot conditions, she showed absolutely indomitable spirit. Dan Stinton needs a mention for completing the Lakes in a Day in pretty disgusting weather and Chris Webb should also be mentioned not only for his completion of the Ronde Del Sims on his 3rd attempt, but also for dragging me around the Ramsay Round.

No report could be complete this year without talking about Paul Peters and his constant upward trajectory. His training is certainly paying off, and we should all be inspired by his his awesome and well-earned 5 and 10k times. 

I’ll finish by saying thanks so much to those that have stepped in to help with the weekly reports, Dan Stinton, Ian Crutchley and Lucy and Greg Wasinski. Not only that, but thanks to all those who send in reports and photos on a regular and not so regular basis – it really helps a lot. 

Thanks very much, this has been a lovely stint as captain, but I feel that it is time someone else took the reins, good luck to whoever they may be. 

Herod Farm Race report 2018 – Sikobe Litaba

Sikobe’s 4th year as RO of this event. This (2019) will be his last and 5th year as RO. 

We are looking for someone to take over RO – to shadow Sikobe in 2019 and take over for 2020

2018 race: 110 runners entered and over 20 GDH members kindly volunteered to help.

Financials: Takings £330, Outgoings £92, Profits to GDH £238 to Club Account by BACS on 19/7/2018

BACS transfer to Glossopdale Account.

HF 2018 net proceeds. Amount £238=00

2018 Race accounts as follows:

Takings:      £330 (£3 x 110)

Expenses:    £92

Balance:     £238


£20 race numbers

£10 printing / photocopying

£60 Club wear – 4 x fascinators – Race/GDH club property in safekeeping with Alison Holt

£2  Stationary

sub-total £98

Shelf Moor Race 2018 – Rachel Walton

Rachel reported that she is standing down – Emma Rettig taking over

This was the first year of the race being renamed – John Hewitt Memorial Shelf Moor Race

Well supported by volunteers as usual

Weather good – special mention to 2 ‘nuns’ that ran – to be encouraged at further events

(see Treasurer Report for finances)

Election of Officers

All the committee were willing to remain apart from Tim – standing down as Men’s Captain

Matt Crompton offered to step in as Men’s Captain – Becky A proposed – Alison H seconded – all approved

This meant there was a vacancy for an ordinary committee member – Tim Culshaw put himself forward – Caity R proposed, Tim B seconded


Lucy W – requested details of RO role – Alison H mentioned that this job description had been posted out when Sikobe announced he was stepping down – Becky A will request Sikobe repost the details again.


Its the “hand me another mince pie, Christmas isn’t over yet” report

Always a funny week Christmas eh. I mean, what day even is it? Will the in-laws ever go home? Are there any more non coconut or strawberry creme quality street left in the tub? Have we really got to have another day of leftovers…those sprouts aren’t any more appealing when they are 4 days old, and cold. I wonder if anyone is even running (apart from Will Mather)…that Strava feed looked pretty quiet on occasion. Anyhoo, here we are – quick bite of mince pie, a check of the phone calendar and turns out it’s the 29th, and a Sunday – so here goes for the weekly report of Christmas week. One of what, 2 weeks of the year when it’s possible to do more than one Parkrun?

Christmas Day – Glossop Parkrun
Breaking with tradition and not putting this in with Parkrun corner, Christmas Day Parkrun gets its very own slot. Massive kudos and thanks to the RD and all the volunteers for giving up their Christmas parkrun for the rest of us to burn a few calories and have some fun. You’ve probably seen already but Glossop smashed it’s previous attendance record with 195 runners and walkers taking part!!! wow! Three cheers to Paul Peters who broke the 17 min barrier and whizzed round the course in an impressive 16min 57. My dog fancied her chances at keeping up but luckily was somewhat hampered dragging a Christmas pudding but nonetheless keeping up with her tradition of getting a PB every time she parkruns – here’s hoping that she stops soon, my legs can’t take it. Jeroen got his 100th parkrun, congrats 🙂 and Holly Munday fresh from her win at the reindeer challenge improved on her Glossop parkrun time by a massive 11min50!!!!!! Well done to all runners, elves, volunteers, spectators, puddings, dogs, and santas.

Star and Garter Boxing Day 5k

So whilst some of us could barely drag ourselves out of bed and pull on the running gear, some GDH thought it would be fun to a do a race over in Stockport! No official report but strava suggests Mandy Beames and Tony Hillier were there. To be fair from Mandy Beames Facebook feed it sounds like it was a right hoot. 5k with lots of mickey taking from the support crew and the odd beep of a car horn from Jess Camp as she drove to the Boxing Day sales (who thought that was a good idea eh Jess 😉 )

Poses almost perfectly mirror images!
Tony made sure he got a race number in the v70 category

Ribble Valley 10km

It’s a rare Sunday that David Christie-Lowe isnt seen on the Longdendale trail at 9am, and knew something must be up when he wasn’t in attendance! Ah ha- today he was doing the RIbble Valley 10km!

Chris Webb had obviously finished his prep for the AL/rounds event weeks ago (must be the teacher in him!) and had time for a quick race earlier and sent in this report:
“Fast and furious racing on the road this morning at the Ribble Valley 10k. Incorporating the North of England 10km Championships it drew a strong field so the 3 Glossopdalers who headed to Clitheroe would hopefully be dragged to some fast times…and likely a disproportionately bad placing!  The race is run along closed country lanes which, bar the odd undulation, are pretty flat and is reasonably picturesque for a road race. I’ve no idea how Nick and David got on but their excellent times – see below – and photos (David never misses the chance to whip out his winning grin for the cameraman!) suggest they fared better than me! I knew my race was heading south when I was feeling the pace after 2km, my legs just didn’t seem to fancy it. Anyway, good to be out running fast and I would recommend the race as either a way to burn off some Christmas excess or target it as an opportunity to pick up a PB.”

Nick’s laces didnt get the memo they were meant to be orange not red
Were they trying to slow people down? the size of those chips!!

175th: Chris Webb: 36:39

251st: Nick Lord: 38:47

469th/7th V60: David Chrystie-Lowe: 44:08

Cracking times there guys! Sounds like it was a blooming strong field!

Adlington Winter Warmer 10km

So for those who didn’t go to Ribble Valley there was something a bit different going on – thanks to Pete Tomlin for sending in this report of a very fun sounding race!

“Think it was only me and Nick today. Really enjoyed this race. You had to predict your time and weren’t allowed to carry a watch or GPS. Was quite refreshing to just listen to your legs rather than watch.

Beat my predicted time by nearly 2 mins, so happy with that.”

Will’s day 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29

Blimey, when you look at it like that and realise the miles this guy has had to do this week, crikey. So for him the running hasn’t stopped this week and looks like a good number of GDH have kept him company out on the roads, trail and fells. He’s done loops of Glossop and Hadfield on Xmas day, lots and lots and lots of loops of Manor Park yesterday, and is probably going a tad loopy with day after day of what is now an ultramarathon a day. Will – you’re smashing it! Not long to go, and the whole of GDH is behind ya!!

Parkrun corner

We’ve had a few tourists this week including at Wanaka and Fontainebleau as i’m guessing Family Munday ticked off an “F”? The consolidated club report can be found here:

What’s up next?

NYE – Wormstones fell race, from the Beehive pub at 11 (someone correct me if i’m wrong!). Please turn up even if you don’t wanna race – it spells the end, yes…the actual END, of Will’s 500 mile challenge for Mummy’s Star. That deserves some cheers alright.

NYD – Parkrun – your chance to the do the double. Remember, no Marple this year after Glossop, it’s Hyde at half 10 after Glossop at 9. Why not get your year off to a great start eh 🙂

Hit the Trail – first champs race of 2020 next weekend, wahooo! If you aren’t entered already, sorry but it’s full. Having said that, you can transfer places so keep your eyes peeled out for people getting rid of their places.

Clash of the Titans – you must have heard about this, I “think” Skuse might have mentioned it. Anyway, get your popcorn and foam hands ready, and get yourself down the tip tomorrow night at 7, Sean and Paul are fighting it out to see who can will have the Strava segment crown – will Sean keep it? or will Paul fresh from his sub 17 parkrun reign supreme. Whatever you do, DON’T take your car down the lane with your strava running and mark it as a run…..

Well folks, that’s a wrap (geddit?) from us. Been a pretty amazing 2019 for everyone, here’s to a happy, injury-free, adventure filled, PB-smashing, hill-conquering, full-beans giving, runnable, whatever-your-personal-challenge -is-overcoming, 2020!

It’s the Pinch Punch 1st of the month report

Good riddance to November I say – the mist, the rain, more mist and more rain. Hurrah for December! Lets hope today sets the scene for the rest of the month, cos if it’s like this, I cannot wait! Marginally worried by the chat at Old Glossop Xmas market of people asking each other if they are ready for Christmas yet?! Don’t wish the best part of the month away – mince pies, mulled wine, more mince pies and more mulled wine! Thanks to everyone who sent in reports this week, made life a lot easier seeing as was still sat in the pub at 5pm!

Manchester indoors

Paul Peters found himself closer to home this weekend and picked the one weekend the sun actually shone to go for a run inside! Thanks for sending this report in Paul:

“This past Wednesday I decided to have a change in pace (literally) and have a go at some middle distance at an indoor athletics meet in SportsCity. Having never raced indoors (in a 200m track) or anything under 5km, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was a super friendly day. I was worried I’d end up lagging behind a bunch of 4-minute milers but fortunately I wasn’t too out my depth.

I originally went down just for the 1500m, and got super nervous as I got to the start line. But I settled into a rhythm, tucked just outside the leader (rookie mistake, should’ve kept further inside or overtaken sooner). I went into the lead with 3.5 laps to go, feeling confident and not fading yet. With 400m to go a Liverpool fella came round with an insane burst of pace and destroyed me to finish 1st, and I came round second in 4:23.93. In hindsight I could’ve given a little more in the middle but I’m more than happy to put down a baseline that fast!

After that I caught the racing bug again, and managed to sign up for the 400m aswell last minute. I was even further out my depth here, and even attempted a proper crouched start, not that it helped all too much… Finished just under a minute in 59.33

After a little confusion I then ended up running the 800m leg of a relay (800m, 400m, 200m, 200m) at the end of the day. My legs weren’t sore, but they were tired in a much different way than I’m used to, and they felt heavy lining up for the last time. I surprised myself by managing not to finish the 800m leg in last, coming past the 5th placed Leeds lad in the last 150m, and as I passed the baton the ref shouted out 2:12 so I’ll be taking that as my unofficial PB!

Overall a great day, would absolutely recommend giving middle distance a whirl if you happen to get the chance sometime.”

Great running Paul, I like the sound of only running for a few minutes but I bet that’s pretty painful!

Paul outsprinting Leeds to the finish…and the girl in the hoody was struggling to stay awake

Peak Raid

Seems like not everyone was running the Gravy Pud today and a car load of GDH went in for something a tad longer, thanks to Jude for sending in this report:

“A small group of GDH went over to Great Longstone for round 2 of Peak Raid. A beautiful morning and stunning views watching the frost evaporating in the winter sun. Six of us hit the trails and dales and all made it back with plenty of points:
Lynne (I’ve got 2 more events today to get back for) Taylor – 180
John (what tunnel) Stephenson – 235
Jude (first time caution) Stansfield – 245
Nick (not repeating last week caution) Ham- 275
Dave (magic string magic route) Hogg – 295
Andy (perimeter bagging) Oliver – 340

A great event all on paths. Vegan cakes and massage at end. Round 3 Grindleford Dec 15th.”

Great points tally everyone! Bet you are glad you made the Peak Raid call Nick – big total!

Not sure which of the camera shy GDH it was with the invisibility cloak on, do you think they realised it didnt cover their feet?

Gravy Pud

It had been the talk of the town for a few weeks, and there were a flurry of last minute entries…it was as if people knew the sun was finally gonna shine! Thanks to Paul Skuse for sending in his half cut report…aiming to get the report out pre-9pm so only a minor bit of editing took place 😉

“This is what a local fell race should be. There was a plethora of harriers out today (if I didn’t say hello earlier, “Hello.”) We had seasoned veterans, happy plodders, race freaks, social runners and a few race virgins.  Conditions were near perfect, only a touch of frost and some deceptively slippery leaves were there to ease back the pace (for me at least – Crossman was racing in full XC mode and just beansed it). If you had a reason for not racing today, fair play; for anyone who just couldn’t  be bothered, you missed a belter!  Oooh –the results have just come in.

Caity was first as Ribble but in a GDH vest so that’s what counts for me. (40:58 –First Lady)

Joshua Southall came in second for GDH on his first ever race. Top lad!!! He’s one for James Knapper and Sean Phillips to put in the crosshairs. (41:24)

Steve Crossman managed to leather me despite his old age and odd route choice ( he also took V50!) (41:31)Top effort bud. You’re flying.

I need to improve my handwriting as Paul Skipe ?? came in at 41:13.

An injured and unattached Chris Jackson got 43:06. This is how good he is when he isn’t even trying!

Dan S  (a name Im starting to fear) had a fair old ding dong with Lance H and the two came in respectively with times of 43:39 and 43:48. You can’t beat a bit of team rivalry to up your game.

My mate Rob S came in next (47:01), ran past the finishing line and wasn’t seen again. We were drinking beer and eating cake in the pub matey boy!!

Ian C got a PB (I think) with 47.27. Top effort! No one rocks the GDH vest like Ian!!

Pete ”Pornstache” Wallroth  was just behind with 47:43 (It’s December –shave it off!)

Guy Riddell was seen out in daylight which must surely be a shock to his retinas and came in at 48:12

Another PB for Tim Crookes who looks magnificent in his new GDH vest -48:44

Alex Critcher has been clearly putting the graft in with Steve Page came in at 50:10

Joe Gavin got 52:45 and a smile on his face. That’s a win.

Si “The Lynx effect” Toole  came in at 52:57. He looks like Blofeld and smells like a teenager 🙂

Laura Macfarlane got 53:18 Im not sure we’ve met, I’m a face rather than a name person.

Wioleta rocked up beaming –that’s what the game is all about. She came in with a time of 56:01

Mrs Science Rachel W was in at 56:22 but didn’t look sweaty enough for me. Come on, get your sweat on!!

John P got 57:43. This lad is a machine and races more than most of us can dream of. Kudos.

Donna Brierley came in at 01:03:35. The name sounds familiar but I cant put a face to it. Say hello next time.

Tracey Robinson came in at 01:05:19. I didn’t even see you till the end. Hope you had a good one. You always smile so it’s hard to tell.

Wendy McMahon got 01:07:44. I didn’t see you at all. Did you go to the pub? Hope you had a good one.

It was good seeing Paul Amos back on it. He just needs to give his Liam a little nudge to get back out with us. His time was 01:12:25. Nice one matey boy.

What a belting morning!”

Blimey what a turnout! Great running GDH! Some storming times there! Clearly getting in some sneaky practice ready for it being in the champs race in 2020. Full results can be found here:

PIcture paints a thousand words – GDH at its brightest best! Wioleta had sensibly ignored the alleged kit requirement, and Pete getting into the full blue and orange spirit, feet and all!

Santa Dash

Thanks to Mandy B for sending this report of the Tintwistle Santa Dash:

“I’d decided a few weeks ago to have a bit of a giggle at this one as it was for charidee and did so fully; meandering round the 5k route in about 35 mins whilst shouting, “Ho-Ho-Ho” at bemused dog walkers at Bottoms Reser. It gets rather warm in Santa get up I tell you!
I’d marshalled at Gravy Pud this morning and mentioned to Tracey Robinson that there was a 3k route, and a chance for her to take the ‘first finisher with dog’ prize. With an hour to the start, off she popped home to get Cecil…. and got lost on the way to the start.
Togged up in our suits we were off, Tracey hooning it down West Drive like a rocket. Unfortunately for her she was actually too quick for one of the marshals and did an extra .5k whilst being guided back on course by another bemused marshal as her and their nav skills failed. She lost first place but still ended up winning the dogging contest. 
I’m so impressed with her performance after also running the Gravy Pud that I definitely won’t mention her further nav error on the way back to Glossop this evening. Well done though Tracey!”

Well run you 3! Glad you are keeping up the GDH tradition of some absolutely first class navigational skills Tracey!

Cecil looking a bit bemused at being dognapped by 2 Santas

Other races and stuff

Marie Williamson ran the Oulton Park GP marathon, 10 laps of the track. Slight Garmin error means we don’t know her final time but either way a great effort on yet another marathon outing for Marie!

Ellen Wilson did the Percy Pud 10K over Sheffield way. Photos made it look fun, but don’t know anymore than that…

Guy Riddell completed his plan to run every day in November. And by day he probably means morning. The sort of time of morning that most of us aren’t really aware exists.

Parkrun Corner

Well the big news was, Glossop parkrun was ON!!! Whilst others were getting cancelled for ice and flooding (ok that was in Tewkesbury) no such need here! Over the border in Marple, Paul Sinton Hewitt was in attendance squelching his way around Brabyns! Well done to everyone who did a Parkrun and hope the cancellations didnt skupper too many plans. Consolidated report found here:

Oliver Mather did Marple junior parkrun, after ice skating over puddles to get to the start, he did well and being careful not to trip over the frozen mole hills, it made it round in 11.35! Nice one Oliver!

In other news

Will’s 500

So it can’t have gone unnoticed that GDH’s resident running loon today started to embark on something pretty epic. Running 500 miles in December – starting today with 1 mile, then another  2 tomorrow, 3 the day after…yeah you get the picture. When everyone else will be wondering what outfit to put on for their NYE night out, Will be wondering whether any of his running kit will be clean enough to wear for one last epic 31 miler to see out the year. This is all in aid of fundraising for Mummy’s Star – and it probably goes without saying that Will will no doubt be keen for support in chucking some pennies in the pot, and keeping him company on some of the month’s 500 miles.

Club AGM

Word on the Street…or word from Jeroen at Old Glossop Xmas market anyway, is that this year’s AGM will be held on 27th Jan at 7.30pm. No word yet on venue, but one for the diaries. I’m sure you’ll get something official from the committee soon, but for now put it in your diaries. (Oakwood…. …Oakwood)


So you probably haven’t missed the announcement of the 2020 champs races. The chatter is all about which races you’re gonna do. Some of these races sell out super quick, so if you want to do them – don’t hang around or you will miss your chance! Steve P has been busy rallying the troops and posting links to Hit the Trail and Wrexham half…or you can just google them if you can’t find the link.   There will be FB event pages and links on the website for each race so keep your eyes peeled. The races aren’t updated yet for 2020, but check the website out for how many count in each category and for the overall champs.

Marathoners and marathon wannabes

So today the ballot entry opened for Snowdonia road marathon which takes place Oct 2020. The ballot is open for a week and entries announced sometime in Jan i think. It’s a seriously fab race, hilly, but not overly so….views are stunning and the main roads are closed so you get to run up the road to the top of Pen Y Pass which in itself was pretty cool. So much good support on the way round and not sure i’ve finished a long race absolutely buzzing, but definitely was after this one. Not sure why i’m trying to sell it as it already had 265 people put their names in 10 mins after the ballot opened, it’s gonna be tough to get a place!!

And on the marathon theme…the club has 1 place for the London Marathon. If you want to have a go, then email club sec at The draw will be made at the Christmas Party.

Glossop Community Running Track

It’s like waiting for Christmas this but it seems like there won’t be much longer to wait! News just in from Coach J is that The Glossop Community Running Track is progressing well. The markers are ready, the information panel looks brilliant and marking the course will take place soon, then 2 weeks after that the actual markers will be installed. Official opening will be in January probably.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for this! Be amazing to have a fully marked trail for us and the rest of Glossop to use – no more squinting at what your GPS says, or telling a fib about which tree you thought Jeroen said was the end (or is that just me haha). 

Don’t forget, it’s Tues trail fun at Simmondley, and Wednesday sees the return of Chris’s Bankswood park torture-fests. Right, that’s a wrap I think! Finishing with a picture of the views out on the hills today because….well….just because. Enjoy.

What a view.

Records tumbled, PBs smashed and mud spattered pretty much everywhere…apart from in Manchester maybe.

Well where to start! Actually, I reckon that’s fairly easy, because whatever camp you sit in (he’s amazing/it was too artificial with too much technology), it’s pretty awesome that we saw Kipchoge not just break, but pretty much smash the 2h mark for a marathon on Saturday morning! Saw a stat that only 5 parkruns have been run quicker than he was doing 5kms – now that’s impressive whatever your opinion on the whole thing! Think it left a few folk feeling inspired…he’d barely finished and Pete Wallroth was lacing up his shoes and rallying the troops for a run! Back on home turf, cos we ain’t all in Vienna this weekend, GDH had our own records to beat…and that you did! Read on to hear more about the mud, the hills, the flats, the miles, and the fun that was had!

Langdale Horseshoe

Thanks to Chris Webb for sending in this report from the Langdale Horseshoe, a bit of an epic race 21.1km with a mammoth 1450m climb!

” Langdale marks the end of the big Lakeland races for the year and always draws a great field. This year there was a record turnout of over 400 on a lovely autumn day (it did tip down for the first 20mins, and Bowfell and Crinkle Crags were in clag….but it was sunny otherwise and I class that as lovely!) with 4 Glossopdalers on the start line. It’s a great route with a long climb out of the valley up and round Stickle Tarn before summit inn Thunacar Knott; from there is either fast, boggy descents or rocky climbs and traverses with some sneaky nav around Bowfell and the Crinkles (obviously, that’s where the clag was). I was having a decent race and fancied myself to break 2:30 despite the ropey conditions (I think my best is low 2:20s) but made the mistake of following Paul Tierney off Crinkle Crags. The guy’s done the Wainwright’s and lives in Ambleside, he’s a safe bet to know a good line was my thinking…not so – cue a lot of swearing on his part. It only cost a few mins but that did for the 2:30 target. Alice was running whilst Tim looked after Edith and by the sounds of it had a cracking run, spending plenty of time on her backside (if you’re not falling you’re not going fast enough) and romping home past Team Culshaw at Blea Tarn. Robin and Sarah were there too but I didn’t see them, sorry! Their results are below, it looks like they had a romantic run round together. A quick plug for those thinking about Lakes races for 2020; Langdale was the final counter in both the Lakeland Classic Trophy (a great series of the best longer and harder races in the Lakes: and also the Lakes Grand Prix (shorter, slightly less arduous races but all great: – both series are worth considering or using to choose good race options in the Lake District.”
Chris Webb: 41st in 2:33:01

Robin Hoffmann: 186th in 3:15:28

Sarah Andrew: 187th in 3:15:36

Alice Willson: 328th in 3:52:14

We’ve also had a report in for a very advanced for age Edith- On Saturday mummy (Alice Willson) ran Langdale Horseshoe. Me and daddy started a walk but Joss Naylor thought I was a boy and told us it was too rainy for him so we stopped. I told mummy that the best way to move around is rolling, so she rolled most of the way. Now she has a purple bottom. Chris Webb (41st, 2:33), Sarah Andrew and Robin Hoffman (17th woman, 186th, both 3:15) did very good running. Mummy finished a very tough fell race 47th in 3:52.

GDH’s most hardcore supporter come rain or shine….Edith

Manchester Area Cross Country League – Match 1 Wythenshawe Park

No intro necessary as the write up says it all! Big thanks to speedy Steve Crossman for sending in this brill report!

“XC returned this week meaning that Winter is just round the corner! Conditions for the first race of the season were pleasantly mild & dry, although underfoot was a touch ‘sticky’!

Wythenshawe is renowned as the fast & flat venue, a gentle introduction into some of the more traditional venues.

Wendy Trelease, running her first XC, was the only GDH female competing. Wendy waded, & waltzed round the 4.5 mile course in 41:02, finishing 145th out of 283, in 21st position in her age category. Judging by the comments on Strava, Wendy indicates it’s the ‘hardest thing she’s ever done’………we’ll check on that after the remaining venues!!

The magnificent 7 GDH Hunks that turned up to race the 5.5 miles, all performed admirably in a tough and high standard field of 402 runners.

Simon Toole, popped his XC cherry, finishing with a big smile in 48:27, 341st & 35th MV50

Pete Daly, running on his home patch, cruised round in 43:22, 238th & 22nd MV50

John ‘The Rocket’ Stephenson, steamed round in 51:54, 373rd & 11th MV60

The evergreen Frank Fielding, sporting his GDH retro vest, glided round in 46:14, 301st & 5th MV65

Steve C, 38:19, 103rd & 3rd MV50

David Chrystie-Lowe, chauffeur to most of the team and designated bag drop car, demolished his rivals to run an impressive 44:13, 257th & 3rd MV60

Alex Critcher, now utilising the infamous Beetroot Diet, put his worries that he was haemorrhaging behind him, to beet (Ed: *eye roll*) round the course despite IT band issues in 47:04, 319th & 54th MV40

It was great to see Start2Jog at the race, complete with a tent and a strong showing from their runners in both the female and male races.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Julian Goater in his book The Art of Running Faster, ‘Racing XC can help you become a better runner on any surface by pushing against your limiting factors: It is enormously effective in developing strength, skill, stamina and psychology – mental toughness and stickability are improved too…’

With that in mind, hopefully we can drum up more support for these cracking events. I believe you can enter on the day for the South East Lancs League (1st match at Heaton Park on the 19th Oct) and also you can come and dip your toe in at Chris Webb’s Wednesday Evening  XC Training Sessions, starting soon in Bankswood Park”

Absolutely cracking GDH, great work! Well folks, if that does not leave you inspired…then I dunno! I’m sure Kirsty Sharp will be able to give any more advice/help if you’re tempted with South East Lancs League. Keep your eyes peeled on the FB page where Chris will post details of his Wednesday sessions. Alex C —Daily Mash said Kipchoge credited beetroot shots with his impressive performance, so look forward to seeing how XC round 2 goes 🙂

U didnt believe it when Steve said it was muddy?
see – it doesn’t release it’s victims…you’ll have to wait til next time to see if this Buxton man made it out alive….
aaaaah- u just need to round,not through! easy!

Lakes in a Day

Given the conditions of last year, and Dan Stinton’s tales of the event, i’m surprised anyone would want to ever sign up for this 😉 but it obviously didnt deter 2 of our hardened runners – or perhaps they just didn’t speak to Dan! Big thanks to Els Swan for sending this in – hopefully written from the comfort of the sofa with her feet in some snuggly slippers.

“Lakes in a Day (LiaD) is a 50 mile traverse  with ~4000m of ascent starting at the very top of the Lake District at Caldbeck and finishing at the very bottom, in Cartmel, taking in Blencathra, the Helvellyn Ridge and the western shoreline of Lake Windermere on the way. 

Rich Martin and I were the only Glossopdalers in attendance this year. The race is a tough one with the vast majority of the climbing in the first half. Happily the conditions were much kinder than last year’s Day in a Lake with minimal wading and only light buffeting on the tops. 

The official results are not out yet however based on the event tracker, I finished as 14th Lady (4th vf40) in 14:46 and Rich finished in 16:47, a big PB in comparison to his reccie timings.  There was some great racing at the front of the field apparently with Ricky Lightfoot taking the overall course record, finishing in 8:47 – about the time some of us mere mortals were coming down into Ambleside with another 20 miles to go. He also bagged £2,000 for the course record – or about £222 / hour. Nice if you can!

As always, I need to say a massive thank you to Phil and the girls for their support on the day and also for their tolerance of my increasing levels of catastrophising over the last few weeks; encounters with angry cows; complete nav failure; falling off Halls Fell etc etc.  Interestingly, there was a possible catastrophe which wasn’t on my list – getting between a low flying goose and the lake on which it was planning to land. I will know for next time. 

Many thanks too, to Dan Stinton and Emma Rettig for their advice (Ed – ah so they did speak!) based on having done this race before: don’t scrimp on kit, eat lots and keep going til the finish (all wise words) and to Rich and his running partner, Matthew, for letting me tag along with them over the Fells. 

The race is really well organised with brilliant feed stations, live tracking and the option of changing into dry shoes and socks at Ambleside as the terrain changes from fell to trail – bliss, briefly. As the organisers say “a day never to be forgotten”. 

Absolutely brilliant Els and Rich (and Matthew) – incredible achievement. (and well done to all the supporters – not always an easy job in itself!). Perhaps if you’re after your first 50 miler, this is one for you with a good number of GDH veterans there to give advice!

hmmmm those hoods don’t make it look like the conditions were that kind?!

Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon

Now this has been the talk of the town for some weeks, a bit like Chester marathon there were a good number of GDH targeting this race, all hoping for a PB on this fast course. Happily, today dawned not exactly bright, but definitely not p*ssing it down like it seems to have done the past couple of weeks. Thanks to Paul Peters for sending in this report:

” I’d set myself a pretty ambitious target of 73 mins, and while I’d had a few setbacks in training I wanted to give it a whirl, so I “merrily” set off at target pace. It was all going well for the first 12km or so, almost too well… As I was making my way through Sale my watched beeped for another km, and I did a double take when it was suddenly 10s slower. It woke me up and the next one was on track, but from then on it was a losing battle. 
The last 7km or so was just a mental battle, stuck running by myself, overtaking one person for every 10 that went by me (all wearing their new Nike shoes I might add…), and gradually drifting slower and slower. I finally crossed the line in 75:11, initially a little disappointed. After actually looking at the splits though, I didn’t actually fall off as badly as it felt, and I just overestimated where I was at, and I’m new very happy with my new 4 minute PB! 
Massive thanks to coach J for the pep talk and personal bag drop duties, and to Wendy (I think?) for the on course cheering! And well done to all the other gdh runners out there today.”

Wow fast running Paul! Great work – meanwhile minutes later, others were battling it out and smashing their own PBs!

Jessica Camp – 1h 32m 48 (massive 5 min PB!)

Mike Greenhalgh – 1h 34m 29

David Munday – 2h 45m 32

Susan Moore – 2h 45m 32

Alison Holt – 1h 53m 43

Ian Oates – 1h 44m 59

Steven Rea and his mum- 2h 47m 30

Looks like Coach J’s tuesday sessions are paying off – PBs a plenty! So you know what you gotta do – buy some Nikes, and come on a tuesday and you’ll be flying 🙂 I’m sending my Brooks back…who recommended those?! no, i’m not getting into that conversation again haha.

Rowbothams Round Rotherham

No report from this one, but Strava shows Nick Ham did this 81km epic trail – his 13th go on this. Sounds like the weather was better than normal, but it was …unsurprisingly muddy!

Petzl Night Trail – Coed y Brenin

No report from Claire, but having spied something on FB, and having manned the feed station twice, and ran it once, I can defo write something about this fab event!

Set in the beautiful forests at CyB, this 3h night event starts at 6pm in the light and finishes in the dark at 9pm. Running solo, or in teams of 3, you run 3k laps of the forest with the aim to do the most in the 3h. There’s music, beer, food, fairy lights, glow sticks…it’s seriously good fun! Claire Campbell, feeling brave, entered as a solo which is no mean feat as the temptation is to shoot off quick like the team runners do, but with 90m ascent per lap, it soon saps the legs! Anyway, she clearly paced it perfectly, and i think was 5th female overall and bagged 2nd V40!! Nice one Claire. I reckon this would be great to get a bunch over for this next year – it’s brilliant.

Go Big More fell race

Thanks to eagle eyed Ian for spotting this for me – Steve Knight was out racing this 13 and a bit mile fell race – and pretty darn speedy he did it too! Just over 7 and a half min miles with 500m elevation – that got him just outside the top 10 – well done Steve!

Parkrun corner

See here for the consolidated club report.

We also had this report from Emma Peters travel the long journey south!

“Exciting times for parkrun in the North East with the addition of yet another new parkrun in Newcastle. Jesmond Dene parkrun had their inaugural run this week, making it my closest parkrun at less than 1.5km from my house. Joe Travis was up in the area for work again so the 2 of us ventured over to check it out. There’s some nasty climbing in the first couple of km, followed by some flat loops at the top of the park before a long descent to the finish. Joe finished 10th place in 21:30 and I was 2nd lady (21st overall) in 22:51, setting this as the SW20-24 age category record to beat. Would recommend as an alternative to Newcastle’s Town Moor parkrun if you’re ever up here and missing the hills of Glossop.”

In other news

Hopefully you all saw this on FB – big thanks to Tim Budd for setting up this self-timed nav challenge thingy with checkpoints, where you make your own route between them (that’s kinda it right?!). He’s sent in this :

“Update on Winter TT (FrostbiteTT/nav)10 people had a bash at the first of the routes- “huts and springs”. Times ranged from just over an hour to just over 2 hours.
All were done in daytime, and there weren’t too many navigational howlers. Almost everyone ended up getting the bonus nav point of Hazel’s well.
So well done to (in attempt order), Dave Hogg, Mark Davenport, Ant Walker, Catherine Cleary/Ann Shackleton/Lynne Taylor- joint effort, Andy and Jo Brack, and John Stephenson.

I have a number of the gpx files to look at the different lines people took overlaid on each other, which makes for quite interesting viewing I’ll put a link to it on the facebook page…. because there is a new course out tomorrow. “

Good effort guys -and there’s something to look forward to on a Monday – Cheers Tim!

That’s all for now folks. If you haven’t already, get your torches charged cos it’s definitely that time of year. Jeroen has put the details of the next 8 week cycle of sessions on FB and on the website, so you’ll find all you need to know there. Early bird entries to Manc mara close this week if you fancy a fast and furious spring marathon – there are already a good number signed up. Recces – there are various Trigger recces, and 4 inns recces going on over the next few months, so look out for those (Zoe Barton) – you don’t have to be racing to join them, sometimes a good excuse for a long run with company! And a good chance to have a dabble in the fells if roads are more usually your thing – Wendy M and co looked like they were having fun on Paul’s 4 inns tour.

Podium places, PBs and trail fun a plenty!

After the racing, walking, eating shennanigans of last week – you would have thought people would need a break! But the racing continues! Thanks to everyone for sending in their reports and pics – made getting back at 6pm from a weekend in the Lakes a lot easier 🙂 Wait to be amazing and impressed by what your club mates have achieved this week!

Trunce Series

Well all good things have to come to an end, and this year’s Trunce series finished on Monday. Great to see a few GDH have regularly made it over on a Monday night to get to these. And Trunce regular Caitlin Swan sent in this report:

” I have really enjoyed this year’s Trunce Series because it is a challenging route with lots of ups and downs (and lots of river crossings for the seniors).  The races attract lots of runners meaning that it is always a tough field to beat.  Whilst the races are hard, they are also very sociable and some of the fancy dress for the last race was amazing.  Unfortunately for me, I seemed to get slower as the races went on so I am very happy to have placed as 3rd junior girl overall.  Hopefully next year I will be able to get more PBs and a higher place.  50p from the £2 race entry goes to Woodhead MRT and the 2019 series raised £1600 in total which shows its popularity and it all goes to a good cause.  I would recommend Trunce as type 2 fun on a monday night.  The 2020 dates have been released as:  March 30th/ April 20th/ May 11th/ June 1st / June 22nd/ July 13th/ Aug. 3rd/ Aug. 24th/ Sept. 14th”

Great running Caitlin, 3rd place overall is fab! And we saw the gorgeous trophy you won as well 🙂 Hope that will take pride of place! Well run to all the GDHers who took part in any of the Trunce races. For those of you who like some number-geekery, Els sent in this:

Harriers putting in an appearance at this year’s trunce seem to be:

Caitlin Swan7
Phil Swan6
Ian Crutchley1
Matt Crompton1
Adam Crompton2
Pete Wallroth1

Zoe Barton1
Maria Williamson1
Dez Mitchell2
Will Mather1
Josie Swan1
Wendy Trelease1

The fancy dress on the last race looked hilarious, as Rachel W said, not often you see a leprechaun being chased by a skeleton!  Again, big thanks to Els Swan for collating and sending in this collage of pics from the Trunce races, great photos!

Fat Boys Stanage Struggle

Matt C had rallied the troops for this and a few headed over to Hathersage for this cheap and cheerful race, and thanks to our racing regular Paul S who sent in this report:

” What a belter of a race! Leaving the dreary clag of Glossop and racing under azure skies, sometimes you can’t help but smile. If you don’t know the race, it has a fast, flat trail start with a couple of pace wrecking cattle grids. (I saw one lad leap across. No chance of that with me. If in doubt, mince it!) The path heads into some woodland and gradually ramps up until all of a sudden you’re on top of Stanage Edge. Then head left along the edge (which is harder than it sounds when jostling for position) till just beyond the trig, then it’s down a short, rocky, heathery path (I lost 5 places on this, Lins gained 9!!) Then 3 lumpy, humpy but very runnable fields with some steps up at the last one then a final tarmac descent and the final short climb into the school field.  Job done.  I really enjoyed it but I’ve got to say it was a little more technical on the descent than I remembered – not Ben Naylor rough but just enough to mess up my rhythm (I’m all about the rhythm J )  I wish I knew what time Lins got for the descent segment but she didn’t Strava it. Thanks to Lins for driving me and Tracey over. Andy Fox was also out racing but I’ve no idea how he or anyone did. And extra kudos to Tracey for not throwing up 🙂 ”

Another runnable classic this one, with a bit of additional mincing! Sounds fun – well run you all!

Harrow Half Marathon

Presumably not running with a sack of coal this week, but definitely running in the blue and orange was Glossop’s fell (and trail…and road!) speedster. Thanks to Steve C for sending in this:

Caity Rice running in GDH colours was 3rd Female, 41st overall at todays Harrow Half Marathon in 01:29:32

Wow speedy work Caity! Congrats on the podium spot!

Great Westmorland 13k trail

Well, I reckon, that John Pollard may just be up there in greatest number of races run this summer! Yet another race report swung it’s way to us…luckily didn’t go the wrong way at the gate hehe. Thanks John!

“A change for me this weekend, crossing the M6 & running, still in Cumbria, but in the northern Pennines between the Lakes & the Yorkshire Dales…the old county of Westmorland, a race organised by Howgill Harriers with a view of the Howgills from the Lune & Eden valleys. Easier than running those said Howgills, which are bloody steep and all pretty much look alike to me, so too easy to get lost.
The field was swelled by about 40 entries from the ubiquitous Chorlton Runners, who have this weekend for their annual club get together away.
At registration I asked about the likelihood of ‘going wrong’ as the course was totally unfamiliar. “You can’t get lost, it’s all marked, and I’ll be sweeping along anyway” said the lovely lady. Ok cool, makes a change from those pesky fell races where you have to think as well as run.
So after watching the junior races, and a Canicross event (new to me, where dogs tied to their owners ran a 5.5k trail course) 120 runners or so set off up a steady incline into a stiff breeze.
Enjoyed this, especially as the climbs were all, to quote a seasoned Glossopdaler, ‘runnable’. And towards the end there was finally a fast descent along the narrowest of walled tracks lined by vicious stinging nettles you could not avoid. Still smarts now.
It was along this path, while hunting down two guys in front that the frantic patter of faster runners behind me started to appear. First one set, then another, then more, until us slower fellas had to step aside about ten times for the plummeting fast lads. Why, I wondered.
Well apparently a sizeable number at the head of the field had ‘gone wrong’.
Somewhere at a marshalled gate the boys had gone right, not left, as the marshall was on her phone(and was distracted by a toddler too), and despite evidence of some flags the peloton carried on like sheep, fast ones.
Took them a while to correct this evidently. And the moral is…..
All of us got rewarded at Crosby Garrett village hall with a free packed lunch, cakes tea…and apologies. Brilliant race”

Sounds right up my street this type of race- thanks for this John! Glad you made it back without a detour!

Lake District Mountain Trial

So not sure how we missed that this, and the Cumbria Way Ultra were happening just where we happened to be staying in the lakes this weekend! Langdale was a popular place for running it seems this weekend. Thanks to Alice Willson for sending in this (not -shouty -enough -about their -achievements- race report!):

“Family Willson Culshaw had an ambitious outing to the Lake District Mountain Trial in Langdale. Baby Edith currently refuses bottles, so we had to work the timing out around her feeds. After a super early start for Tim, the latest start for me and some grandparent babysitting in the middle, we successfully managed to keep Edith relatively content. Tim had a storming run and came in 3rd overall, winning 2nd prize (as one of the people who beat him was a child so he got upgraded). On my first solo nav event, and in preparation for the OMM with Zoe Barton, I was pleased to discover I could navigate adequately, and came in 1st solo woman. Sighs of relief all round! “

Errrr wow!! congrats to this fell running super couple! And congrats to the Grandparents as well – that’s some serious brownie points! Zoe B – you picked your OMM partner well 🙂

That babysitting malarkey must have been a doddle for the grandparents!

Snowdon Skyline

Well Strava shows that Kasia has recently been putting in some pretty hardcore training and spending a few weekends up Snowdon. Today she showed that was well worth the effort, and SMASHED the Snowdon Skyline coming an incredible 2nd place lady! That’s nearly 3000m ascent over 36km – and takes in Crib Goch too. Huge well done Kasia! The question is – what next?!


Consolidated club report can be found here.

Big congrats to Oliver Mather who got a new PB today at Marple Junior Parkrun – well done! Watch out Will – gonna have to up your game!?

In Other news

This week, the mens V40 category gained another member 😉 whether he has painted the ceiling yet and got a new sofa sorted yet as penance for his running exploits remains to be seen! Happy Birthday anyway!

Thanks to Charmayne who has been doing a cracking job holding the fort whilst Jeroen is off on his jollies, albeit perhaps slightly aghast at the number who keep turning up week after week ;). No slacking off this week guys, the club Chairman is on duty no less 🙂

Charge your headtorches, keep up the running, and thanks for the news!