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Week Eleventy-Hundred of Lockdown

Whilst the majority of club running action is still local,  the easing of lockdown means that Harriers are again starting to venture further afield ….social media suggests that: 

  • Chris Webb and Tim Budd took in the queues on Snowdon whilst doing an extended version of the Peris Horseshoe
  • Kasia Osipowicz has been providing much Bob Graham support
  • Ian Crutchley, Luke Holme and Paul Skuse have been reccying leg 2 of the Bob Graham
  • Lins Palmer has been running along Offa’s Dyke

Strava Leaderboard

  • Furthest:  Riccardo G – 88m, Chris Smith – 56.2m, Paul Peters – 54.1m, Jess Camp – 51.5m
  • Highest: Kasia Osipowicz – 16,096 ft, Robin Hoffman – 12,388 ft, Chris Webb – 12,290 ft, Paul Skuse – 11,975 ft
  • Speediest (Av. Pace):  Steve Crossman – 6:57/mi, Stevie Knowles – 6:58/mi, Paul Peters – 7:16/mi, Kirsty Sharp – 7:23/mi

Jude’s after-the-event hen run

Earlier this week, our lovely former ladies captain, Jude Stansfield got married to (or, more correctly, formed a civil partnership with) her also lovely partner, Simon and, in a slight departure from the normal sequence of events, Jude had her hen-do-run this weekend.  The blushing bride accompanied by Captain Bridesmaid and a full GDH Bride Squadron appear to have had an absolute riot across Kinder yesterday. The celebration also doubled as the annual club stocktake and, for audit purposes, Jude is happy to confirm that all 4 fascinators are still in full working order and able to withstand winds of 18.3mph (on ‘fuller’ heads) and 14.6mph (on all other heads).   HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, Jude and Simon!

Club Training

More news is expected shortly on club training arrangements however, there are still lots of options to get out and run with other Harriers in the meantime: Wednesday Hills with Matt Crompton; Thursday Fartleks with Paul Skuse;  Wednesday Circuit Training in Manor Park with Chris Smith and also maybe Rob Anker;  Sunday Trail Bashing with Coach J and Dave Chrystie-Lowe and; of course, the ever present NOT Coached sessions ….

NOT Coached Session for the week 3-9 August. Last one ever….???

No, I am not quitting but hopeful that after this week we’ll see the return of “Coached Session” again.  Watch this space and Facebook/Yahoo for updates!! Back to the job in hand, your challenge for this week. Carrying on the “theme” of a little more distance and longer reps. The set this week is 3x 1 mile or, if you regard yourself more towards the “elite” level in the club (or just extremely keen ! ) 4x 1 mile.

  • *1st mile ~10 seconds slower than your 10K pace (6/10 RPE)
  • * 2-minute easy recovery jog
  • *2nd mile @10K pace (6.5-7/10 RPE)
  • *2-minute recovery jog
  • *3rd mile ~10 seconds faster than 10K pace (7.5/10 RPE)

Keen/elite version:

  • *2-minute easy recovery jog
  • 4th mile @5K pace (8/10 RPE)
  • Note: ONLY (!) do a fourth mile if you are confident you can do it quicker than your third!!!

For that all-important warmup:

  • *Baby skips with arm rotation (30m)
  • *3x 30 seconds butt kicks with walk-back. Each rep a little faster leg turnover
  • *Baby skips backwards with arm rotation (30m)
  • *3x 30 seconds Plyometric skips (drive raised leg down fast!) with walk-back
  • *2x 30m Carioca with step-over (once left and once right)

Coach J

In addition to planning the joy that is the weekly NOT coached sessions, Jeroen has also been checking out new kit….

Last week, when visiting a friend, I had the opportunity to finally use an Eliptigo. It is like a “stepper” on wheels. The rear wheel is driven by the steps you take. It is used by quite a few (elite) runners trying to keep their fitness when not able to run due to injury and runners forced to retire from running as a result of injury but not yet completely ready to give up completely. Great fun and very similar to running but….much faster. Easily covered 25k in an hour, even into a strong wind.

Have a good week – keep running and keep staying safe!

It’s the ‘WHAT!!! Garmin Connect isn’t working!!!’ weekly report

Wow what a week…where to start, massive miles, records broken, virtual races – it’s been all go!

Virtual Fell Running Champs – Race 2

So Pete T has been taking part in the Virtual fell running champs  – like the fell champs there is a short, medium and long race. Race 1 had to be 4m with 900ft of ascent, and round 2 had to be 8m with 1800ft ascent – and you have to race between 11/7 and 26/7. You have to plan your own route, and have at least 1 summit or hilltop. 

Thanks to Pete for sending in this report for Race 2:

A day before the deadline, I finally ran my route for round 2 of the virtual fell race, with Lucy providing much needed company, a welcome change to the previous 4 months of running on my own! This had the added bonus that Lucy actually knew where we were going! (** mostly Pete!!**)

After many false starts I was beginning to think that this run was jinxed, but eventually, despite forecasts of thunder we decided to just go for it and run the bloody thing! What a great choice that was. We set off in the rain, trying to decide if we were very stupid, or just a little bit stupid, but by the time we had reached Mill Hill, the rain was gone, and by William Clough, the sun was out and the views were stunning. 

We even threw in a bit of heather bashing towards the end of the run, trying to find a mysterious path down from Twenty Tree Wood, which we were only doing so we could go down and straight back up the hill again to make sure I’d covered enough elevation for the race, a fact we were cursing with every step back up! Particularly infuriating is that when I loaded my run onto Strava I discovered that we’d actually done 1900ft rather than the required 1800ft, so probably could have done without that last hill effort.  Woops! Sorry Lucy! 

Not entirely sure where I am in the standings, somewhere lingering at the bottom I expect, but it was good fun and motivation to get out and run somewhere I hadn’t before. I’m probably going to bottle the last round, as I genuinely think I’ll die half way round! So I will need to look elsewhere for motivation! 

Nice one Pete 🙂 defo been good to get out and have some company and try new routes! Also congrats to Pete on a nice shiny medal for completing the Covid19k challenge! Strava shown Pete’s been upping the miles during lockdown and completed longest runs to date knocking out a couple of half marathons – good running!

Virtual Lakeland 50 and 100

Now despite the garmin outage at the end of the week, it can’t have gone unnoticed that there have been some of our blue and oranges doing some seriously big mileage this week! Why? It’s been the virtual Lakeland 50 and 100 miler challenges this week – now running 50 and 100 miles in a week is good going at the best of times on the flat, but add into the mix trying to get the ascent that these races include is no mean feat…but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Will/Pete W/Luke/Jason/Dan S doing some big miles and some big ascent! Only got one report in from Dan – so just a quick summary from what I can get from FB and Strava from the others – Will and Luke have been over in Wales chucking in some big climbs, and out at all all sorts of crazy hours (as has Pete Wallroth!) to get in their 100miles for the week. Pete got the week off to a flying start by doing 17ish km first thing Monday morning – and however many miles he & the others seem to run, their legs just DONT seem to get tired which is a bit demoralising when we joined Pete and Will for a flat one along the trail (before they headed up Torside!) and the only way we could keep up was being dragged by the dogs!

Thanks to Dan for sending in this report of his running week:

“I’ve had a great week taking part in the Virtual Lakeland 50.  Whilst I was a little dubious about paying £20 for a medal and then going out running on my own, the profits are for charity and I also have some affinity for the Lakeland races having been there the last two years.  Plus it’s been a good motivator to get out and run every day of the week.  I thought I’d push things a bit and go for 100km rather than 50 miles/80km and I also wanted to try and replicate the elevation of the race: around 3,000m.

By today I’d clocked up 105.9km with 3,776m elevation so pretty much what I’d targeted.  Whilst there were a few “filler” runs, had a good few local runs in the hills, a “vulture spotting” long run by Ladybower with Mark D and the rather glorious Eigiau Horseshoe (taking in Carnedd Llewelyn) route with Immy which really helped get some climbing in!

Massive Kudos to Will Mather and Luke Holme who did the 105 miler (along with the ~7,000m climbing) and Pete Wallroth who did the 50 (but also got ~100km throughout the week).  Great week of running!”

As Dan says, massive kudos to everyone who did this virtual challenge! Whilst we are here, whilst not technically a GDHer, felt like I had to mention this – Will Mather dragged his sister on her first fell race last summer, and whilst maybe wanting to punch him at the time…she was a bit of a regular at local races for the remainder of the 2019 racing calendar and well and truly got into running. This week, she smashed the virtual Lakeland 50! Nice one Sonn…wanna join GDH…??? 🙂

Just goes to show, we might not have real races right now but if you fancy a challenge, or need to find your mojo, or fancy exploring new routes, or finding out how hardcore you are -these virtual races and challenges can be great!

Coaching Corner

Well he might be out the country but panic not, here’s your weekly dose of coaching all the way from….Holland! Thanks Jeroen! 

NOT Coached Session of “cannot remember what week since lockdown started”, 27 July – 2 August.

As I am sitting on a park bench in the sun on the course of the Amsterdam parkrun, my thoughts went to the last time I was here, the one, and so far still only parkrun that was ever held, just before lockdown. I may be out of the country but would not want to deprive you of your weekly “quality” set 🤭. 

Time to start thinking about the next parkrun, whenever that may be and prepare for that. So, time to build some distance back into your training and work on speed endurance. And what better way than with a pyramid session. 

But, as this is the first one and to ease you back into it gently, only a half pyramid this week 😅. Here it is:

Run 400m, 800, 1200, 1600 (=1 mile) and 2000m at between 10k and 5k pace, or 6.5-7.5/10 RPE. Run easy 400m recovery after each pyramid effort, not more than 4/10 RPE.

In another format: 

400 hard, 400 recovery

800 hard, 400 recovery

1200 hard, 400 recovery

1600 hard, 400 recovery

2000 hard, 400 recovery

As always, do not ignore that all important warmup. Consider:

*baby skips with arm rotation 

*high knees 3x 30 seconds

*carioca with step over, both left and right


*walk 20m on your toes, walk back, followed by 20m on your heels. 

Coach J

Committee Corner

Thanks to everyone for being patient with us whilst we digest the new EA guidance about a return to training etc. We’ve got a meeting v soon to discuss and rest assured we will share an update with you as soon we have one.

“Get your masks ready” Weekly Report

The GDH inbox has generally been a barren affair during lockdown, but as I donned my mask and peered in this week there were three emails! So here we go!

The Beehive Five

Paul Skuse has been pushing this like he’s got shares in it.  A road 5km with a vomit-inducing climb at the end, starting and finishing at a pub.  What is there not to like?  Various Harriers have been having a go and here is the report:

I’m a bit behind with reporting this. As there’s no real racing, some of us are having a crack at the old Beehive 5 race route (known as the Moorfield 5K (Option 3) on Strava). Steve Crossman held the CR from 2014 back when it used to be a Des race. It is a hard run, no two ways about it. At 5k, you know have to hit it hard from the start but also have to keep in mind that there’s Cross Cliffe waiting for you near the end. If you fancy it, get out and give it a go. You can have as many attempts as you like; give it a recce then get some peers to go head to head and watch those PR’s get smashed.

The first of these pseudo races was about 2 weeks ago. On the start line (the little road just next to the Beehive) stood a socially distanced Steve C, Sean Philips, James Knapper and me. I set off with my usual lack of strategy and pacing and regretted it almost immediately. The pack did stay pretty tight with the lead swapping every 400m or so till we hit D.L. James then pushed ahead showing his brilliant turn of speed.  Steve C, was only just behind him. Sean is only just back from injury and was right in the mix. I was a good 20m behind Sean and maybe 40m behind James by the time we had finished coming down the High Street. Cross Cliffe changed all that. Though James and Steve continued to motor up, someone forgot to explain to Sean how gravity works. He ran it like it was flat and just smashed it.  I was happy to make up some ground on the climb. For me, it’s not the climb that’s the crux of the race but the longer than expected section to the finish line. It is a truly painful 400m. Sean came in with a new CR followed by James and Steve with a new PR (not bad for someone who is older than Methuselah J ). I crossed the line at 20:14 taking 90 secs of my previous best. That’s the value of racing!

A week later and it’s time the second round. Sean and James were back on it but this time with Stevie K. I went to watch this with Lance before doing our J sesh .  From the start, they set of like it was a flat 5k. Lance and I trotted back down to the main road to get a better view of the race. James was in the lead just as he had been a week prior. Stevie was just behind and Sean a fair way back. I assumed he had overdone it and the niggle was back. Then at Cross Cliffe, it all changed again. I ran up it (as hard as I could! )in order to see the finish and was barely keeping pace with Stevie. He is so strong at the mo. And then behind, not only James but the boy gravity forgot; Sean had main huge gains – he must have been doing this pacing business I keep hearing about. Stevie came in at 19:19 (despite what strava says) setting an incredible new CR.  James came in next at 19:35, with Sean at 19:43. All achieved new PR’s. It was an incredible piece of racing. These lads gave it their all; full beans as a wise man might say.

Round 3. I didn’t see this one so need a report from Kate Emily.

Round4.  Friday lunchtime and it was the turn of Ian C, Lance and Burton to show what they could do. I ran as pacer to Burton as he’s not done much speed work of late and we have an actual real race at the end of the month. Whilst getting ready, Burton snapped his laces and then lost the signal for his garmin just as the others set off. We told Ian and Lance to crack on. I stayed with Burton till he got squared away (only a matter of a few seconds) and then pushed on to get back with the others. Ian stuck with Lance longer than I anticipated but when they hit D.L, Lance really seemed to go for it. He was way off in front and looking far stronger than I can remember seeing him. He’s another GDH who has upped his game. Ian is only just back from a bad ankle sprain so to be in the mix at all is testament to the value of all the training he did prior to his accident.

We also have some solo efforts from DCL, Tim Crookes, Pete T, Riccardo and possibly others.

All times are on Strava and i cant get it to copy and paste properly. I also have pics from lance but theyre on FB. Not sure how to pass them on.

There you go folks, if you haven’t already, get out there and do it!

Sikobe’s Sunday

Sikobe ran with a self-titled Mixed-Vet team starting in Simmondley. Here’s the full story:

Travelling west from their meet-up at Simmondley Cricket Club gates at 8:30am on a sunny Sunday morning was a Mixed Vet COVIX comprising Chairman-John, Mem-Sec-Alison, Well-Fair-Kate, and Obi-wan-Sikobe. Making the strenuous opening wriggle up the diggle behind Simmondley Village and the Hare and Hounds pub the quartet made good progress to cross Monks Road at its apex, pausing for the stunning far reaching views back to the Dark Peak (Bleaklow & Kinder) in one direction and over to Greater Manchester in the other. They were soon eating into their main target for the day, a nostalgic trip around the Coombs Tor fell race route (last held in 2012) a 6.5 mile loop into Rowarth and back to Monks Road, via Cown Edge and Coombs Tor. Half way round is the official race start/end at the glorious Little Mill pub in Rowarth – now under new ownership (Iain & Sarah) who are making lots of improvements – so worthy of a trip sometime now out of lockdown; we ate there last weekend and it was excellent. The haul out of Rowarth and back onto the plateau above Cown Edge was made even more rewarding when we bumped into Carl and Beryl coming in the other direction along the Cown Edge Way on a run out to ‘Cannonball Rocks’. Ooh lovely a proper COVIX-6. ‘Where do you mean by cannonball Rocks?’ we asked. Well follow me said Beryl as she scampered off across a field of stinging nettles in the Kinder direction. After 100 yards she dropped over the edge taking us to a semi-concealed but magnificent rock outcrop looking out onto the valley and stream that flows from Monks Road down to Rowarth. A photo and natter opportunity took place before we parted company with the Buckleys and continued on our race route recce round Coombs Tor and Cown Edge Rocks back to Monks Road. For the final descent to Simmondley Village we chose a section of the Herod Farm race route with the lovely blast down the fields onto Simmondley Old Lane. A return to the Simmondley CC start/finish saw a chance encounter with green fingered and on-the-mend Viki Hamilton (collecting seedlings from the July plant sale), plus a warm welcome from Rod Holt who plied the tired runners with the best pot of coffee that the Holts-Coffee-Emporium can make – all in the glorious surroundings of the Holts flourishing allotment. Noon came and passed as we nattered and discussed the latest EA briefings, and we reluctantly disbanded to return to our Sunday chores and chillings. Total distance from SCC out to Rowarth and back was 10 miles; the route can be seen on John’s Strava, but which will include his out and back link-run from Hadfield.

The Moot Hall, Keswick

An iconic spot for many, signifying the end (and start) of the Bob Graham round, Ian Crutchley and Mark Davenport took a selfie after a leg 5 recce today, which only means one thing…… they’re gonna have to do the whole thing!  Get on it chaps!  Apparently they had a bit of trouble navigating out of Keswick, so maybe get that bit sorted before going for the full route!

Yr Wyddfa

Hoping for a soya milk frappuccino at the summit café, Ant and Dec (aka Will Mather and Luke Holme) got their passports out and took a trip over the border to Wales for some UTS prep – getting the mountain miles in!  I don’t know the details, but “the views were amazing” apparently!

The Ups and Downs

What’s the GDH Strava leaderboard looking like?

Riccardo G has cruised in with 111km this week, followed by Will Mather (82.9km) and Shaun Chambers (82.9km).  Jessica Camp continues to clock up the miles with 81.2km followed by Wendy McMahon (79.6km) and Alice Wilson (69.3km).

It’s all about the vertical now though isn’t it? Will Mather (3,289m), Luke Holme (2,992m) and Wioleta Wydrych (2,904m) take the top spots for climb this week.

Next week should be an interesting one with a few GDH taking on the virtual Lakeland 50/100 so expect to see some big numbers on the leaderboard this time next week.  105 miles / 169 km is needed to complete the LL100. Ouch!

GDH Sessions

Will they be back? There’s been an England Athletics announcement which sounds positive, and the Committee are working out what this means for the club sessions.  In any event, officially, unofficially, socially-distanced, limited numbers, whatever it is at the moment, a lot has been going on:

  • Chris Smith led a Wednesday strength session early morning at Manor Park on Wednesday.  There a waiting list which shows we’re all itching to get into some group training!
  • Matt Crompton has been gathering troops for a hill rep session on a Wednesday
  • Chris Smith has also been Lightside hill repping on a Friday, I know because I’ve generally been there with him and it certainly gets the lungs going first thing!
  • Jeroen Peters and David Christie-Lowe push on with the Sunday 10-miler.

Coach’s Corner

A virtual coached session, but you’ll be tracked on Strava so make sure you do it right. Here’s Jeroen’s session for Tuesday!

NOT Coached Session Week 16 of can we still talk of “lockdown”? 20-26 July

The past three weeks have seen a lot of focus on speed, working as hard as 9.5/10 RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) or how hard does this feel on a scale to 10. So this week we are taking it down a little and focus more on Tempo running. The purpose of Tempo runs is to raise your lactate threshold. While lactate is good, too much of it makes you run slower. If you can raise the threshold at which your body produces more than is good for you, you will be able to run faster for longer.

The main set for this week:

16 x 400m with 30 seconds easy running in between (12 reps if you are struggling for time). Your pace is no faster than your 10K pace or about 6-6.5/10 RPE. This means that your first 6 or 7 reps will feel fairly easy. The second half of your set a little harder. Key is that you do not run these faster though as you are pushing that threshold. This is one of those sets where faster does NOT mean better as it will not address the issue this set is aimed at. Working at threshold level should be part of every athlete’s regular program.

As important still is the warmup. Starting with a 10-minute easy run, try some (all) of the following:

  • *30 seconds leg swings back and forth, both left and right. Hold on to something if you prefer.
  • *30 seconds leg swings in front of you, again both left and right leg.
  • *20 metres walking lunges, making sure your upper-body does not lean forward. Walk back x3 followed by
  • *butt kicks, bringing your heels as close to your butt as you can 2x 30 seconds with 30-second walk in between
  • *finish with 30 seconds high-knees, thinking “arms”! Move them keeping your elbow 90°

Anything else?

I don’t even know if I’m allowed to mention it, but, ahem, the 3rd edition of Manor Park Marathon, #MPM, 27 laps of Manor Park finishing with not-parkrun.  August 29th Bank Holiday Saturday, following whatever rules we need to at the time.  Pencil it in!

Please send any stories and pics to

Enjoy the week everyone!


The Weekend Everyone Buggered Off Weekend Report

Whilst some of us have been making up for lost time in the boozers of G Town this week, others have taking full advantage of having a little more freedom, and decided to go run somewhere else. I know, traitors! This has necessitated the use of that thing with 4 wheels, that’s been littering up the driveway for the last few months. I hear there’s been great amusement at Tesco’s petrol station, with people continually getting out of the car to check which side the filler cap is on, then proceeding to misfuel it.

Know Instantly Which Side Your Car's Gas Tank Is on | HuffPost Life
GDH Life Hack Series, No.1 (of erm… 1) – Every car has a little arrow on the fuel gauge next to the pump. The side of your filler cap!

So, who’s been where then? That I know of – Lins Palmer, Tracy Robinson, Zoe Barton, Matt Crompton, Chris Smith, John Pollard and Will Mather in the Lake District. Meanwhile, Immy Trinder in Church Stretton, Wendy Trelease in Yorkshire, the Wasinski crew in Pateley Bridge, Simon Toole in Bolton-le-Sands and Kasia Osipowicz and Lance Hamilton-Griffiths somewhere in Wales.

Strava Leaderboard

“Stravagate” followed after my last report, necessitating this weeks caveat. I cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the following data. Still, always fun to see who’s been banging out the big effort (according to Strava)!

Ladies DistanceJessica Camp (48.3 miles)
Wendy McMahon (43.6 miles)
Lucy Wasinski (34 miles)
Ladies ClimbLindsay Palmer (5,479 ft)
Ree O”Doherty (4,739 ft)
Clare Campbell (4,291 ft)
Mens DistanceShaun Chambers (53.3 miles)
Jamie Helmer (52 miles)
Dan Stinton (44.3 miles)
Mens ClimbJamie Helmer (12,920 ft)
Will Mather (12,720 ft)
Chris Smith (8,819 ft)

Coaches Corner

Thanks to Jeroen for keeping these sessions coming!

NOT Coached Session Week 15 of even less locked-down (week 2 of pubs re-opening)

If you remember the sets over the past few weeks (and done them), you have injected some serious speed into your training. A couple of weeks ago you were going 100m flat-out. Then last week, we kept the “faster than 5K” pace but introduced some distance (3x 1 mile). This week, an unashamedly speedy set. Running 400m reps, faster than mile-pace.

I can already hear the protestations. “Why are we running such speeds? I am not trying to beat Wayde van Niekerk’s 400m world record time (which happens to be 43.03) or even get close to Michael Johnson’s personal best of 43.18. However, running fast gives you a number of benefits such as running efficiency, strength and you engage muscle fibres you do not train enough doing long slow runs but help you prevent injuries.

So, this week’s offer (and challenge) is The Miler’s Special. And it looks like this:

You run 400m at 9/10 RPE or slightly faster than your 1-mile pace, followed by 1-minute rest. Then you run another 400m, as fast as you can 😲 followed by a 5-minute jog (so no static rest!). You repeat this set of 2x 400m 5 times! 😱

Another way of writing this is: 5x (2x400m)

Over the past 15 weeks, it cannot have escaped you, the importance I attach to a good warmup. And if ever this is needed, this is the one. Starting the main set at close to your limit, you MUST do a proper warmup, including some fairly high-intensity drills. Think of incorporating the following:

* 3x 30 secs high knees, each set a little faster, walk 30 secs in between

*sideways Jumping Jacks, each side. Jumping Jacks are when you move sideways, move one foot out and bring other foot near again, Swing your arms in sync with your feet.

*3x 30 secs butt kicks, each set a little faster than the one before. Walk 30 secs in between 

*30 secs karaoke (or grapevines) with step-over, each side. Especially excellent for those who have sat down all day at a desk.

* 4x straight-legged strides

Take a couple of minutes walk to recover from the warmup before starting the main set!

And as always, do not forget to enjoy it! 😂 Coach J

In Other News…

At the time of writing Sabrina Vergee is just a few miles away from completing “The Wainwrights Round”. That’s all 214 Wainwrights of the Lake District, in one go. It’s 325 miles, and 118,000ft of ascent, and I know of only 3 completers of the route previously. Sabrina will be the first woman to complete the round, and for a long time, looked to be ahead of the FKT (new fangled expression I am sure I never heard untill recently, meaning fastest known time) . Looks like she will narrowly miss Paul Tierneys 2019 time of 6 days and 6 hours, but what an incredible feat. It was great to see previous record holders Paul and Steve Birkinshaw supporting her round. Pretty sure Joss Naylor was floating around too. In what other sports do the current record holders actively support someone trying to beat their record?

Frank Fielding took to the Glossopdale running trail, and and had a bash at what appears to be, a National Virtual 5K Race. Clocking in at 22:05. which is pretty dang speedy.

Friday Hill reps with Chris Smith are still on the go, but if like me you find 7am hill reps unthinkable, Matt Crompton has also been doing some hill based cruelty at a more palatable time of day. There’s an early bird Twirly session on Wednesday mornings from the Queens, and seems that the Thursday Social is making a resurgence, albeit with well planned separate groups on 6 maximum. Keep your eye on Facebook, with these things generally operating a first come, first served approach,

But Here Comes the Huge News….

Wiolets Wydrych was looking for a decent plasterer, which acted as a catalyst for everyone else needing a plasterer too.

Guy Riddell got his zipper stuck. On his bag apparently, but seemed very reluctant to let anyone help him, and its odd that nobody’s seen him since the post.

In a spot of spring cleaning, Dan Stinton is flogging a hat, Greg Wasinski a watch, and Pete Wallroth a whole office!

Out and About

Plenty of the crew in and around the Lake District (and Yorkshire)!

On the home front, Dan Stinton, Mark Davenport and Ian Crutchley have resumed their Stone Bothering antics. John Stephenson and the GDH Babes did a nice route up the back of Howden Moor, Pete Tomlin is recceing his medium route for the Virtual Fell Running Champs. Not sure what happened to Phil Swan on Cock Hill, but an image has emerged which appears as if there is some suffering taking place. Last but not least, Tim Budd still hasn’t cut his hair, and whilst the alice band shouldn’t work, it kind of suits him.

GDH Babes (+1) at Shepherds Meeting Stones

Well, that’s about it for this week. Please, please keep posting what your up to, and we really like pictures too! Stay sensible, stay safe, stay respectful.

Pictures rather than words

For a change, partly due to a general lack of racing news and maybe also because I might have just got a license for a new ‘visual communication’ app, I opted to portray the majority of this week’s run report diagrammatically…

and then, to my great excitement whilst I was mid mind-map, a report materialised in the GDH inbox. Many thanks to Pete Tomlin for the following write-up on Round 1 of the Virtual Fell Champs…

This week I did round 1 of the virtual fell champs. Any route of your choice, as long as you met the required length and climb. This round was 4 miles and 900ft climb. I’d plotted a route from aArnfield up in the direction of Tintwistle Low Moor and back down again to Tintwistle. Was a lovely route once I’d got up there, but I did seem to find the climb unnecessarily hard! I was sweating buckets by half way! In the current standings I’m a spectacular 261st place!  This doesn’t bode well for the next two rounds, with steadily more distance and climb. I may yet chicken out of the third round (12 miles & 3000m climb 🤢). I think Riccardo signed up to but I couldn’t see him on the results.  Still time to sign up for the next rounds I think and not leave it to a mere trail runner like me to represent the club in a fell champs!

Some distant yet sociable running fun

Have a good week and don’t forget to let us know about your running and virtual racing exploits (

It’s the Summer Solstice weekly report

And just like that…it’s the 21st June?! Despite feeling like this covid weirdness has been going on forever, at the sametime it seems insane that we are almost in July! Normally i’d be getting all excited for 2 weeks of doing very little work and screaming at the TV whilst Wimbledon is on.

The weekends around the longest day are usually jam packed full of all sorts of races, and any normal Sunday i’d have probably had to start the weekly round up at about 3pm with legs battered and aching, and the weekly report inbox brimming with highlights, lowlights and tales of all sorts of running delights. But this week, as has become the norm, there is one solitary submission from Coach J. You can wait until the end to see what delights he has in store this week!!

So anyway what’s been happening this week then?

Well as we gradually come out of lockdown, and can start meeting up for socially distanced runs we’ve had:

Chris Smith encouraging folk to join him on some Friday morning jaunts up Lightside

More attempts at Oate’s Round Glossop Run – looks like Lizzie Leason and David C-L both put in some fast times at this! If you haven’t already seen it – have a peruse down the FB page for the route/instructions which Ian O shared recently

Matt Cromptons hill rep heroes surviving the best (scariest?) thunderstorm we’ve had in a while

Celebratory 7 milers and 7kms for Mummys Star’s 7th Birthday

Thursday “fartleks” and Thursday road and fell socials

Week 2 of the return of Jeroen & David’s sunday social 

The Munday’s bashing out some big miles marathon training

Some (not)parkruns in all sorts of exotic places (basically anywhere that isn’t Glossop probably counts as exotic right now)

More big Autumn races taking the sensible, unsurprising , but still sad decision to cancel/postpone

Stats geekery

I don’t usually go in for stats geek stuff but Greg’s got strava to crunch the numbers so let’s see who’s done what this week:

Top distance male – David Munday –  108km in 9 runs

Top distance female – Jess Camp – 70.5km in 5 run

Top climber male – Jamie Helmer – 2697m in 6 runs

Top climber female – Rachel Walton – 1508m in 5 runs

Top speedster male – Sean Phillips average of 4.21min/km over 3 runs

Top female speedster – Emma Peters average of 5.09min/km over 2 runs

And who managed the longest run this week? Anthony Walker casually chucked in a 36.8km run!

Nice one folks, but remember, it’s not just about who goes the fastest, highest, or furthest- it’s just about tying up your laces, getting out the front door and enjoying a run whether it’s tarmac or fell, 4km or 40km, 30 mins, or 3h 30 mins.

Missing racing? This might be for you:

For those of you missing racing, Peak Raid are still doing their Summer Series. These are mini mountain marathon style events and there are 3 more left in July, August, and September. To do this you download the map using an orienteering app and that will upload all your timings and route to the race site and work out your points. More details from if you’re interested.

Coach’s Corner

Well what can I say – Week 12 of NOT the Coached session was truly horrific challenging! Coach J is clearly determined to make us fitter and faster at the end of all this 😉 I’m sure we will be glad once we get racing again that we kept this up! Thursday night is the new Tuesday night – well, it was this week, so we headed up to the Derbyshire Level to give 12 x 400m reps a bash. Blimey. Anyone who did it will i’m sure agree it was definitely one of the toughest sets yet, so kudos for getting that one done! We were glad for some GDH support on the first few reps with the unexpected bonus of bumping into Mark D, Rachel W, Emma R, Tracey & Cecil who were off on a social fell run. So whilst I still feel a little bit broken from the last sesh, let’s see what is in store for us this week courtesy of Coach J:

NOT Coached Session, week 13 of significantly less locked-down, 22-28 June

Now that we are a little less restricted by viral guidelines and more people have gone back to work, some may be slightly more restricted in the time they have available for training. Your fitness and race pace do not have to suffer as long as you train smarter and not just more.

This week’s set shows how you can train for a 10K without running 10 kilometers or more in training. It is all about the quality and not (just) quantity:

Run 800m at 10K (6.5-7 RPE) pace, then jog for two minutes

Run 400m at 5K pace (7.5-8 RPE), then jog for a minute

Run 200m at your estimated one-mile race pace (8.5-9 RPE), then jog for 30 seconds

Run 1000m at 10K pace, then jog for four minutes. Then repeat the session. 

Complete this set at least twice but regulars of the Tuesday Sessions can/should do three sets. Note that this is a continuous set!! And make sure that your final 1K is not slower than your first one!

As the intensity is not the highest at the start of the main set, you can incorporate some warmup drills that focus on the range of motion and technique. Done well, they still achieve the main aim of a raised heart rate, increase in core temperature, and generally getting your body ready for exercise without wearing you out. Just some ideas for you to try out:

*Baby skips with arm circles (~20 m) 

*Walk back to where you started the skips but walking on your toes (straight, pointing in and out)

*Backward baby skips with arm circles

*Walk back to the start on your heels, lifting toes as high as you can.

*Carioca (aka Grapevines) with a step-over (20m each side)

*Skip for height, bring the knee up close to the chest and exaggerate arm-swing.


Coach J

That’s all for now folks. Stay well and keep running! Don’t forget if you have any news/updates (generally running related of course but will leave it to the report writer’s discretion…!!!) send it in to

Its another Covid Based Weekend Report!

Having busted my ankle again (no, the other one this time), I’ve been in hiding all week and trying to avoid Facebook and Strava. But then I realised its my report, and I need social media to do it, so resolved to just keep calm and carry on. So I’ll say a big thanks to Strava, Facebook (and Jeroen Peters) for providing the fodder this week. And without further ado…..

Virtual Tour of Tameside

It was the Tour of Tameside weekend, and whilst is was obviously cancelled it didn’t stop a few Harriers and friends from enjoying the race routes. Quite a few out and about doing the Full, or parts of the Tour of Tameside.

Wendy, Nicky and Guy limbering up with some of the HRC crew before Hell on the Fell.

Virtual Fell Running Championships

With no racing, and uncertainty as to when we can race again, some spark at Calder Valley has created a Virtual Fell Championship, and is encouraging clubs nationally to enter. With all proceeds going to Mountain Rescue, they’ve made some pretty flashy promo vids and animations to whet your appetite. We simply need to create our own GDH routes as per the distance x climb criteria for Short, Medium and Long, and then we race them solo within a set time window. We can enter one or all 3 distances, as individuals and/or as teams (mens, ladies, vets etc).

There are no prizes, no medals and no certificates – somehow placings are decided upon, but essentially we’re playing for not much more than Kudos and Pride. Some big name clubs already entered, and we have some interest in the club to step up, but I’d like to see more! You can find out more information here:

At this point we’re gauging club interest, but if you are interested, do let myself or Paul Skuse know this week (if you didn’t already), and we’ll plan it out from there.

Sunday Social

Big Thanks to Coach Jeroen for sending in the following….

With slowly coming out of lockdown, the Sunday 10-mile run has made a tentative return. For those who do not know this non-club run, it is basically David Christie-Lowe and myself running some 10 miles in 90 minutes on the trails round the Longdendale reservoirs, setting off at 9am on a Sunday morning.

It has in the past been very disrespectfully called “vets” run or even worse “running with old men”. We always welcome runner to join us, regardless of age and today, David and I were trumped by the presence of Frank Fielding, making us the young bucks. For some, these runs are just a social jaunt, for others a sustained effort. And for some dipping a toe, or more appropriately a foot, back into longer runs on the comeback trail from injury.

Today was just such a day when it was great to see Steve Page on his first longer run after a long struggle with a foot injury. One thing that has not changed after all these weeks of inactivity, was his inability to run at (our) even pace. The morning ended more in a progression run. But, as we clearly took it too easy at the start, it was still 90 minutes for 10 miles. Not sure how many more times Steve will join us before he leaves us where we belong… way behind him.

Strava Leaderboard

So who’s been banging out the miles and vert this week? Some big numbers as always and great to see a couple of names topping the leaderboards, which haven’t done so before, or not for a while.

Ladies Biggest DistanceNicola Pennington (55.5 Miles)
Jessica Camp (37.9 Miles)
Wendy McMahon (36.3 Miles)
Mens Biggest DistancePaul Peters (57.8 Miles)
Will Mather (47.7 Miles)
Jason Hart (46.3 Miles)
Ladies Biggest ClimbAlice Wilson (4,913 ft)
Wendy McMahon 3,829 ft)
Kate Bowden (3,331 ft)
Mens Biggest ClimbJason Hart (10,318 ft)
Will Mather (10,046 ft)
Luke Holme (10,030 ft)

Coach’s Corner

Thanks once again to Jeroen Peters for providing a new punishment session….

NOT Coached Session week 12 of Lockdown 15-21 June

The past few weeks, the sessions had some static recovery after each repetition, hence the word rep for these sets 😀. Great for working on your speed as you get time to get your breath back and bring the heart-rate right back down before the start of the next rep.

This week, for variety, an interval set. The difference is that you now alternate your effort with a dynamic “recovery” or put in other words, no walking or standing still. An interval set is done continuously! 😱. Intervals are a great way to continue to run at speed, even if your legs are really telling you “no” 😁. It is a bit like that last part of a race when you hear different voices with one telling you to give up and the other encouraging you as the finish is really not far!! 😂

So here we go with this week’s set:

12 x 400m “as hard as you can” but also as even-paced as you can. That means if you run the first one in 1:45, you should run the last one also in 1:45. As a guide, you are probably running at ~9/10 RPE. After each 400m you get a 200m (very) easy recovery jog. 

If you do not do this on the running track, you can adjust the set based on time, eg. 1:30 hard and 1 minute (very) easy recovery jog.

Please do not make the mistake that some made last week by thinking it does not sound too hard. Do it right and it is hard! That is why it is so important to do a good warmup. Run ~1K at easy pace before doing some warmup drills:

*High skips with exaggerated arm swing.

*Straight-knee walk also known as toy soldiers (hands in front of you, arms parallel to the ground. Left foot touch your right hand and r-foot to l-hand but with straight leg)

*Butt kicks (bring your heel up directly under your butt) 3x 20m with walk-back. Each one with a slightly higher cadence.

* Five “short” strides.

Take a brief break before starting your main set.

Enjoy, Coach J

And in Other News…..

Yet again Strava and Facebook come up with some little gems of huge news this week.

Leo Hamilton-Griffiths led his old man Lance over to Higher Shelf, before dazzling him with a bold line back to the Snake Summit.

Manor Park bogs are to open on Monday 15th, which will be a particular relief to Steve Page and Dan Stinton, whom are known to frequent them.

Rick Gwilt dazzled us with some excellent acronym usage, in describing his over 65 training schedule. When I’m that age, if I can run half as well as Rick, and some our other over 65’s, I’ll be a happy man!

The Covid Arms Quiz Night is still going strong, although I have no idea who won last week, or who’s hosting this week. But I do know its at 8pm on Sunday, and its great fun. Just post up on Facebook if you’re interested, or I think you can log in to and use the meeting ID 920 9609 9988

John Stephenson was in the market for a new watch, but then realised he’d just turned off the GPS function.

Ian Oates‘s Round Glossop Run (RGR) has seen some action this week, and I cant wait to have a go at this, once the pesky ankle is fixed. Check our Facebook for details, but this looks like fun!

Ben Robertson has been popping up everywhere this week. No, I do mean everywhere, live streaming his locale in the process which is great to see.

For anyone that missed it, after knocking out some impressive mileage recently, David Munday found time to be interviewed for the “With Me Now” Youtube channel, which is a regular Podcast type thing about all things parkrun. Donning his GDH Hoodie, David spoke really well about mental health in current times, as well as an insight into his parkrun obsession. Well worth a listen guys!

Spice Boys Will Mather, Jason Hart and Luke Holme were banging out some big miles this weekend, doing a double header from and back to Yorkshire Bridge. Approx 41 miles and 9,200 feet later, and I think they’re still on speaking terms.

“But I’m at the top, so where the hell is it all coming from, and why does it look like milk”? A confused Will Mather on Kinder.

Dan Stinton and Mark Davenport were out, doing a big circuit of Kinder Edge path. At 20 odd miles from Glossop, this is a fairly long, but highly recommended technical trail route, but as always, Mark always seems to find a little detour. This time down a manhole in the middle of nowhere to fill their water bottles.

Seems Ant Walker was also doing a round of Kinder Edge path, but I’m not clear if he bumped into Mark and Dan going the opposite way. But I do know he captured some fantastic Stone images, which could be mistaken for animals.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Please, please keep posting what your up to, and we like pictures too, or else we end up with the Spice Boys on the cover every week! Stay sensible, stay safe, stay respectful. Look after yourselves and be kind to others! You are never alone!

The Sunday Report on Monday

I couldn’t truly claim to be British if I didn’t start immediately talking about the weather.  Sometime last week in the Costa Del Glossop I was stretched out in a paddling pool cradling a beer with the glorious sun beating down upon me. Fast-forward a week and I spent Sunday morning with the lad in wellies and a raincoat stomping enthusiastically in puddles.

Harriers have been out and about pounding the roads, trails and fells and, with the lockdown rules relaxed slightly, I’m sure we’ve all appreciated being able to see and run with our friends in small groups.

It occured to me last night that I hadn’t seen the weekly report pop up on Facebook and then I suddenly realised it wasn’t going to because it was me that was meant to be doing it!  So here it is, the MondaySunday Report.

Round Glossop Run

Who on earth would need to go to Sheffield now that we have our own Round Glossop Run?  Ian Oates has set the route which is divided in to 8 legs.  I’ve copied the route below, but you can see the instructions and route in more detail HERE

Team up and get it done!

Random Strava Stalking

  • Luke Holme got accused of cow bothering.
  • Nick Ham is rounding up folks for the virtual Lakeland 50/100.  Don’t forget the 100 miler is actually 105, and from my experience last year, those last 5 miles took me about 2 hours….
  • The Spice Boys (Ian, Will, Guy, Luke and Mark) took on a big loop and visited Grinah Stones and the northern edge of Kinder gathering a load of elevation on the way.
  • Lucy Wasinski seems to have decided that early morning running is the best.
  • Sean Phillips ran faster than Paul Skuse, even though they ran at the same speed together.
  • David Christie-Lowe had a “Quickie before tea”.
  • Tracey Robinson got chased by a sheep.
  • Joe Bowker did a run and took some lovely pics by Hayfield.
  • Kate Bowden went to Marple and didn’t do the Marple parkrun.
  • Ian Crutchley, Mark Davenport and Dan Stinton (me) found out Glory Stones is anything but.
  • Steve Crossman ran loops round Bankwood, clearly he must be missing the Winter Webbinars.
  • Loads of people did “Morning Run” and “Afternoon Run”.
  • A few people seem to be “back” from injury, which is fantastic!

Chart Topping

Some big miles being ground out this week!

  • David Munday 101.3km
  • Jamie Helmer 98.8km
  • Guy Riddell 92.8km
  • Jessica Leigh Camp 67.8km
  • Wendy McMahon 66.0km
  • Emma Rettig 62.8km

Who had the most head for heights?  I think this one could start to get interesting as there seems to be a growing desire to focus on building up elevation.  So much so that people are going back to the 70’s and measuring in feet so that it sounds like a bigger number.

Jamie Helmer (4,521m) and Wendy McMahon (1,680m)  got those quads pumping this week and topped the leaderboard.

Great running all!


Not a chance for a week off when Jeroen Peters is around.  Here’s the NOT Coached Session week 11 of lockdown 8-14 June:

Continuing on last week’s focus on getting a little bit of speed in the legs, just a little more this week. Not so much speed but distance. 

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it (!) is to run 5x800m. Easy enough but for the pace. Try to run these 10 seconds faster for 800m than your usual 5K pace. You may take a 1-minute static recovery between each 800m rep.

The set this week is (again) a little easier to do on the running track but can be adjusted to somewhere that does not have a hill in it. The pace should be around 8 to 8.5/10 RPE. At that pace, you may get a word or 2 out but certainly could not hold a conversation as you’ll need all the oxygen you can get. 

Most definitely requires a proper warmup before you attempt it or else, I will disavow for the state you find your body in at the end. So, start with a gentle jog, followed by:

3x 20m walking lunges with walk-back.

3x 30 seconds butt kicks.

30 seconds high knees (picking up your cadence to fast!) repeat 3x with 30 seconds rest in between. 

Try some short straight-leg strides alternated with normal strides.

Matt Crompton is starting a regular fell/hill training on a Wednesday at 6:30pm.  Obviously all social distancing rules apply, but get out there and make the most of these lighter evenings.

Jeroen Peters and David Christie-Lowe have reinstated the Sunday 10-mile social along the trail.

So, there you go!  Even without any races happening, please send any stories and pics to

Keep your eyes on Facebook to find out any social runs you can join in on.  Enjoy the week everyone!






The ‘was that half-term?’ report

Despite the beautiful weather and the dry conditions underfoot, this may well be the shortest report ever in the history of such things as we swing into week whatever-it-is-now of lockdown. The mailbox ( is bare and, over the last couple of weeks, the GDH Facebook page has taken on the appearance of a buy-swap-sell site, mainly for sports kit unsurprisingly.   That said, as the lockdown starts to ease, there are ever increasing glimpses of more sociable yet generally socially distanced runs and rides and Harriers are still having sunny, outdoor adventures albeit much closer to home than would usually be the case at this time of year. This week’s highlights include:

  • Paul S. and Mark H. having a whole world of watery enjoyment scrambling up Torside Clough 
  • John S. cutting a dash on the fells in vintage pale lavender
  • Dan S. practising his nav and his heather bashing techniques
  • Team Crompton venturing out for some family, half-term hilly fun
  • Emma R. creating her own local aquathlon

In addition to running and, in the absence of what would usually be a calendar packed full of great races, Harriers continue to garden/ draw/ paint/ cook/ photograph etc etc which arguably makes for nicer viewing than the usual sweaty race photos.  

This week’s Strava leaderboard suggests that there is still a significant amount of mileage (kilometrage) happening.  You will probably not be surprised to learn that Riccardo G. remains at the top of the listings this week racking up a mighty 280km. He is followed by Ree O’D  who has completed an impressive 178 km (racing across Europe) and Guy R. who appears to be upping his mileage again with a jolly respectable 121km.

For those of you looking for your next running challenge, Nick H. has been wondering if anyone fancies joining him on the 2020 Virtual Montane Lakeland 50 and 100 (20th -26th July).    If you are looking for something slightly shorter but probably no less challenging, Jeroen‘s weekly NOT coached sessions continue – this week’s session looked like a whole world of pain fun!

And with that….I wish you a happy rest of weekend and some happy & safe running adventures!

It’s Bank Holiday (in case you didn’t realise) weekend report

Yes, we’re into week whatever the heck it is now of lockdown. What was meant to be a summer of racing and shouting about successes and enjoyment of crashing around various courses across the country and world, we are making do with some rather interesting challenges and ideas in our own locales. The virus still stalks the streets (and boating lakes) of the world, but that is no need to be down in the dumps. I’ve attempted to scour all manner of social media feeds, online stalk as many people as possible, and psychically reached out to get a flavour of what has been going on in the world of GDH this week, apologies if I have missed anything, but this is what I’ve come up with…


Hold the press! Forget about viruses, ignore any racing rivalries, there are massive changes afoot in the world of Strava. Unless you live under a rock, are socially isolating to the point of ridiculousness or have spent the last week in a drunken blitz you cannot have failed to notice that Strava is changing how it works. You might not care about it, but you’ll certainly have heard about it. I’m not going to go into a massive amount of detail about it here as so much has been written elsewhere (perhaps the best explanation is on dcrainmakers site), but suffice to say the changes have divided the running/cycling/swimming/rollerblading/people who use Strava world. I suppose that is what you get when something is free for so long and you start charging for various aspects of it. You might think that £4 a month is a lot of cash for a glorified social running thing, you might see it as an entire pair of shoes over a year, so it isn’t worth paying for. Whatever your perspective, I’m sure that the debate will continue in a lively manner for quite some time.

the hills

Cotton grass on the hills- photo shamelessly nicked from Pete W

Picking stuff up

What with the lovely weather recently (don’t look out the window today though), there has been an increase of people heading onto the hills and moors around us. The beauty spots that we appreciate on a fairly regular basis have, on occasion, been turned into rubbish strewn tips by less considerate types leaving crap all over the place. Thanks to the efforts of a number of GDHers, a lot of this has been cleared up- in some cases several bin bags full of stuff. Obviously if you’re going to do such public spirited and well meaning things, make sure you’ve got appropriate gloves/etc on. Ideally we wouldn’t have to do this, but hey… it’s one of those things- but stay safe out there.

Moorland Fires

On the same kind of subject, there have been a few reports of moorland fires being found smouldering away. If in doubt, call it in to the fire service. We really don’t need Bleaklow/Kinder going up in smoke because of a carelessly left BBQ or fag end. Thanks to Ant Walker for sorting one out up by the B29. Don’t just be alert for the virus, be alert for idiots with fire.

Other stuff

Looks like John Pollard has been knocking out some serious miles for the NHS. Strava (yes, yes, I know) says that he was out for a fair old while bashing about the local trails and hills. He clocked in at around 23 or so- nice one John. jp

There seem to be more and more people looking around for weights to throw around at home. If you think you might have some gathering dust somewhere have a dig around, if you don’t want to use them, chances are that someone else will.

The Covid Arms is still doing a roaring trade in obscure quiz questions in lockdown- so come and join if you’re around on Sunday evening and fancy a social zoom.

Motivation – it is getting to the point where everyone is at a different level of motivation on a different day- or even a different time of each day. If you’re just not feeling it, no worries. Accept that feeling for what it is- on another day you may well be raring to go. It’s perfectly normal to be at different levels of motivation given the odd times we’re living through. Cut yourselves some slack and take it as it comes. This too shall pass, and we’ll be out on the hills and roads nattering away like a bagful of nuns before you know it.

If you’re out and about- take care, and enjoy yourselves. (but watch out for the hill goblins- they’re mostly harmless, but can demand photos if you get too close).

hill goblins

Hill goblin in natural habitat.