Fell Champs


FELL CHAMPS 2014/15/16/17


1 point will be awarded to the first back in each race, then 2, 3 etc. The lowest scores from 5 races will count.


Month Date Race Distance Category
February 3 Mickleden Straddle


BL Fell
March 17 Wolf’s Pit AS Fell
April 6 Chicken Run


BS Fell
May 4 Bollington Festival 3 Peaks


BS Fell
June 30 Bakewell Pudding CM Fell
July 11 Aldermans Ascent AS Fell
August 7 Cracken Edge BM Fell
September 7 Bullock Smithy 56 miles Fell
November TBC Peak Raid O Fell
Any time N/A The Trunce BS Fell

Mickleden Straddle

Men’s Results Ladies’ Results
Matt Crompton 1 Wendy Trelease 1
Will Mather 2 Jo Brack 2
Ian Crutchley 3 Charmayne Brierley 3
Anthony Johnson 4 Lindsay Palmer 4
Pete Wallroth 5
Jason Hart 6
John Stephenson 7